Let’s Go For A Walk

It’s no secret that my favorite form of exercise is a long brisk walk. On Thursday, I decided to go downtown and visit Founder’s Park for my morning walk. It is a community park & green space offering walking paths, sculptures, and bridges over a winding creek. I brought my camera so that I could capture some of the views along the way.

Please keep reading to learn how you could win one of my most often worn bracelets!

My cotton tee is about three years old. Similar here. Similar white jeans are here. Similar shoes are here. My favorite no-show socks are here. A similar hat is here. Similar sunglasses are here. I’m not wearing any makeup, but my sunscreen is here.

Chunky Big Link Bracelet

My friend Suzanne from Beauty In Stone Jewelry allows me to give away a Chunky Big Link Bracelet (here) and one of her new mask straps (here). Whenever you shop at Beauty In Stone Jewelry, use the code SAS10 for $10 off any item.

Leave a comment below to enter to win both the bracelet and a strap in your choice of color. Tell me which color you would like. The next photo shows the mask strap in beige. I’ll randomly choose one of the comments and announce a winner on Monday.

Beige Mask Strap

That’s my beautiful friend Suzanne in the photo below, showing you how the mask straps work. She is wearing a royal blue strap.

We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Links in my posts may provide a small commission to me at no additional cost to you. I do not do advertising, sponsored posts, or accept gifts in exchange for reviews.

  1. Hi! I enjoy your blog. Please enter me in your contest. I like the beige mask strap. Thank you!
    From Susan, also over 60!

  2. I have been eyeing that bracelet forever, LOL. I am thinking of buying it for my daughter next month when she turns 40. She’s a bracelet wearer, silver only, and likes them chunky. She is one of my most treasured “loves”. Thank you. I like the royal blue.

  3. Waking at 5am and finding one of your new posts infuses me with a burst of energy for the day. But your Give-Aways are like being a kid again, waking to a birthday surprise! I love love love the big link bracelet in silver, and the mask strap in Dark Brown!! Have a lovely day!

  4. I love your blog! Thanks for sharing your life with your readers. Reading your blog on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays is one of my early morning rituals. You are so sweet to offer give aways to your readers! I like the grey strap.

    Kim Jones

    1. I look forward to your posts and am glad you are back feeling better. I also like the beige. Debbie

  5. Susan,
    I have so enjoyed reading your posts! I have struggled with bra issues for years and just got my first Shapeez. So far I am enjoying it as much as I can enjoy a bra! I, also, am on a journey to a healthier me. I have another 50 pounds that I need to loose. I am not concerned about being slender as I will always be a curvier girl, I just want to be heathy.
    I have enjoyed your transparency and letting your readers know your struggles. That is, how as women, we need to communicate with one another.
    Thank you.

  6. What a beautiful place for a walk, it is nice to have a change of scenery sometimes. I enjoy your blog and have gone and read all the older ones. The strap in gray and the bracelet is lovely and goes with everything!

  7. You look so nice to be working out. I enjoy your posts each day and have been working on reading all of your old ones. I would chose beige for the strap. The bracelet is very attractive. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  8. I love the bracelet! Thanks for all of your great advice – I always look forward to reading your blog!

  9. Thank you again for offering a lucky fan the opportunity to win the lovely bracelet and the mask strap. I would like the beige strap. The mask straps are a wonderful idea since we will be wearing masks for the foreseeable future.

  10. What a nice way to dress up a mask and keep it handy at the same time, and I would choose the beige for a first one so it would go with everything, but have a feeling I’d be ordering more colors!
    I found your blog a couple of months ago and appreciate all of the practical advice you share that helps all of us over 60 live our best life – thank you!

  11. I love your choice of accessories and I would love the chance to own the link bracelet. My colour choice for the mask strap would be beige.

  12. I look forward to reading your blog. The bracelet is lovely, and I really like the beige mask strap. Thank you for another give away opportunity.

  13. You look lovely as always! I am a bracelet wearer and would love to win the bracelet and a black mask strap.

  14. Such a lovely place to walk! Would love to win the mask strap in gray and the versatile chain bracelet!

  15. Love the bracelet! I would enjoy the mask strap in black. Johnson City looks like a great place to live and retire. Thanks for your blog. It’s refreshing!

  16. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for giveaway. I enjoy reading your blog so much and have learned a lot from it.
    I like the beige mask strap.


  17. What a pretty park! I’m up early to take a brisk 3.5-mile daily walk before it gets too hot and humid here in Naples, FL. Our sunrises are late here, so timing is everything. I’m so glad you are feeling better and back to your daily routines. Your blog is inspiring, and I appreciate that your links always work. Thank you for your giveaway offer. That bracelet is lovely, and a black mask strap would go with most of my masks.

  18. Susan,
    Thank you for taking your time to help and encourage ladies over 60 on dressing stylish and simply to keep from looking “frumpy.” I like the way you also show us where to find the styles as that’s why I don’t care to shop and try to put things together to look right! I just have to follow the links! I always look forward to each of your posts! No one does it quite like you!

  19. I found you again.. after losing track on Facebook. You are an inspiration to me.. I am turning 60 tomorrow… I hope I wear it half as well as you. I think your jewelry is lovely – I especially like the blue mask strap… I am an RN and work in LTC.. masks are part of the uniform now. What a great idea! Enjoy your weekend Susan.

  20. I just received the pearl earrings on wishbone wire that I ordered using your code. They are stunning! I would be delighted to have the gorgeous bracelet and the mask strap in beige. Thank you Susan!

  21. Love these! I would choose the mask strap in royal blue. I work for Fresenius Kidney Care and this is our company color!

  22. I love the park pictures! So peaceful! I walk every day and enjoy the opportunity to get outside and relax. I would wear the mask strap in beige. Thank you!

  23. What a beautiful park to walk in. I love to walk as well. I would love to have the mask strap in brown, as well as the bracelet.

  24. Your scenery photos are fabulous as always, what a great walking path! If you happen to stop on my post would really appreciate the mask strap in beige. Thank you and your friend Suzanne!

  25. What a beautiful place to take your morning walk! Thank you for sharing it with us. After seeing your pearl bracelet from Beauty in Stone, I ordered one for myself and couldn’t be more pleased with the quality, The link one would be a great complement to it. Have a peaceful weekend.

  26. Love your blog and timely information, Susan. The mask strap reminds me of the chain I used for my glasses before I wore contacts. What a brilliant idea! I like the royal blue. The bracelet is lovely, too. Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

  27. Such a beautiful park. You always have wonderful give aways. I like the beige mask holder and the bracelet is beautiful.

  28. What a lovely park to enjoy your morning walk! I also walk every morning. Would love the beige mask holder! The bracelet is stunning. I wear a bracelet every day. Have a great weekend.

  29. Susan
    I would love the bracelet for my daughter and the face mask strap
    I look forward to reading your informative blogs

  30. Thank you for your blog, Susan! Always inspirational!! Looove the bracelet and the strap … beige please! Thx!!!

  31. Such beautiful scenery for your walk. I turned 67 on August 4 and the bracelet and beige mask strap would be a great birthday present. Once I reached a certain age I decided to celebrate Birthmonth instead of just Birthday.

  32. What a great idea with a mask strap. Please enter me in your contest, the bracelet is lovely. Thank you for your excellent blog!

  33. Thank you to these ladies for such lovely comments on my jewelry! I really enjoy doing the give aways and I am honored to be part of your blog!

  34. I love Suzanne’s jewelry so please enter me for the bracelet and the mask strap in royal blue. Thank you, Susan.

  35. The bracelet is beautiful, I would love to be fortunate enough to win it! The mask strap in beige would be a perfect neutral for me.

  36. Susan, I am inspired by your healthy lifestyle, fashion sense and warm personality. I have purchased several of the items you have recommended and have always been pleased with them.

    Thank you!

  37. Thank for this post. I never heard or saw a mask strap before. Love the beige which will go with anything.

  38. I love the mask strap haven’t seen those before! The Founders Park scenes are so calming to see and would be a pleasant walk. I’ve never worn a bracelet like the chunky one you show but would love to be the chosen one for it. Susan you inspire me so much with your strength and positive attitude. I love your blog and it keeps me focused on the ways I can look my best ! I’m 75 going on 50 and widowed and love life! Keep up the good work! Virginia in Arkansas

  39. Love the idea of a mask strap. We’ll be seeing a lot more of those. So practical. Beige goes with everything. Silver bracelet is a classic and easy to put on. Goes with everything, classic.

  40. Walking is my favorite exercise, too ! Would love the mask strap in beige so it goes with everything. LOL…I have been trying to match my masks to my outfit colors each day. The bracelet is beautiful…thanks for the chance to win!

  41. Please enter me in your drawing. I would chose the lavender mask strap. Thank you! I also really enjoyed your post about shoes and heels and vamp. It really helps me choose shoes (especially flats) that elongate the leg so I don’t look “stumpy” I’m 45 and I enjoy your blog. I have learned quite a bit about proportion, good for all ages.

  42. I love the bracelet! And what a great idea for masks! I’m forever having to dig through my purse to find mine

  43. What a great idea. I would love to have one in beige. Thanks for the opportunity to win the bracelet. It is beautiful.

  44. Love the bracelet, definitely stopping in to visit her website!
    The nave blue strap is so pretty! What a great idea!!

  45. Like the mask strap in beige. More neutral. Do you have a link for the mask she is wearing?

    Beautiful park for a walk.

  46. What a neat idea the mask strap is. Love the beige color, a good go with anything and of course the bracelet has always been a favorite.

  47. I would love a black mask strap! They are very unique! You are blessed to live in a location that has great year round weather!

  48. Love following your blog even though I’m not 60 yet! I’m definitely a bracelet girl. Would love the face mask strap in royal blue which would match my uniform perfectly. I’m a nurse in a doctors office and have to wear my mask all day except for lunch. Thank you for your tips

  49. Susan, I very much enjoy your blog. Thank you for your positive outlook and great advice. It’s a joy to read your blog.
    Thank you,

  50. Love the mask strap idea! Perfect for a no fumble way to carry the mask as well as less contact with it. I enjoyed the lovely view benefit of your walk.

  51. I am a regular supporter of your blog. Your wardrobe suggestions reflect perfect understated elegance. The gray mask is quite a classy accessory! I would be thrilled to win the chunky bracelet!

  52. Thank you to you and Suzanne for offering us the opportunity to win her lovely jewelry. I like the grey mask strap. I love your blog and have learned so much about styling my wardrobe.

  53. Susan, you always bring light to my day. I will be turning 72 in two months and still put on my makeup and try to look my best for my darling 77 year old husband. 🙂 Silver is the perfect accessory with grey hair. Love the bracelet and mask in beige. Thank your friend for this fun give away.

  54. I start my day with your blog posts and have been doing this for several years now. Thank you.
    The bracelet is lovely and I like all the mask straps but my favourite is the beige one.

  55. What a lovely park you have in your town. Susan, your posts are so inspirational to me. I can no longer walk very far without pain due to knee damage from too many years of over-exercise. I value your common sense approach to diet, exercise, and fashion even more because of this. I hope to have a knee replacement next year and look so forward to hiking again. Thank you for the awesome give-always. I would like to be entered in the bracelet and mask strap give/away (beige). I would love to gift the bracelet to my good friend who loves silver and just was laid off from her job after 42 years with the same catering company. It would brighten her day I know. Have a wonderful day!

  56. I think the big chunky bracelet in Antique Silver is beautiful! I don’t go many places these days where I need to where a mask. No indoor restaurants or stores (except groceries) just yet for me. Glad you have recovered well from your Covid ordeal!

  57. That bracelet is so beautiful and versatile. I’ve always admired it on you. Love the look of the mask strap, too. Would be nice to wear to my library job in Rainbow City, Alabama. Such nice gives!

  58. I’d LOVE to win the beautiful link bracelet! The mask strap is such a great idea! A grey mask strap would easily compliment my grey hair! But I wear a lot of lavender and purple so the lavender would work just as well!

  59. I would love to win the bracelet and mask strap (gray-silver color). You are fortunate to have such a beautiful park to walk in. Enjoy your weekend

  60. Thank you for sharing the beautiful sights from your walk. My morning walk is my favorite time of day. I absolutely love the beige color.

    Have a beautiful weekend!


  61. Loved seeing your pictures from Founders Park. Thanks for posting!

    You are always my first read of the day, like checking in with a dear friend ❤️

    BTW, I’m a silver/blue kind of gal.

    Warmest regards,


  62. I love the bracelet!!!! Working in healthcare, I would love to have a mask strap. I like the beige you have pictured because it would match with everything I wear.

    Please stay safe!!!!

  63. Your photographs from your morning walk are beautiful and your regular blogs continue to inspire me to lead a healthier lifestyle. A big thank you for that. I love the silver chunky bracelet and have noticed it often. A mask strap is a brilliant idea. Instead of losing your mask in your bag, or carrying it around you can be super organised and ready to be ‘masked’ at any moment. Brilliant. Love the beige one. Glad you’re feeling better.

  64. What a beautiful park! I’ve had my eye on the Beauty in Stone wire drop pearl earrings for quite a while and finally ordered them. They arrived just yesterday, and I love them.

  65. I have got to start walking every day!! You and your friend are so beautiful! I love the bracelet in silver and the mask holder in beige!! What a great idea. Thanks you so much!!!!!

  66. Beautiful photos Susan. I love taking photos and posting or sending them to friends and family ..it’s my Photo of the Day. It encourages me to be aware of nature. As always you look sharp…even while walking! I just love the bracelet…a nice statement piece. What a creative idea for the mask jewelry.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  67. I started following your blog this month and I have really enjoyed your inspirational insights on living life to the fullest in the season beyond 60. My dear mother who is 95 has always told me “every age has its blessings”. A heart of gratitude spreads joy. Have a blessed day! Rhonda in Richmond

  68. Your photos inspire me to find the lovely gardens in town. I “invented” a mask strap a few weeks ago but mine is beaded and the clips are like roach clips. I reused an old eyeglass chain. I would love the grey strap to go with my grey hair. I hope you are doing well, Susan.

  69. Susan i would love to take a walk with you.
    Such a beautiful park.
    You have helped me in so many ways by shopping my closet.
    I’ve put together outfits that my friends say are so cute and updated.
    I look forward to each blog.

  70. I’ve always admired that bracelet when you wear it, it’s such a beautiful design. The mask strap is brilliant, I’ve had a hard time figuring out what to do with mine when I take it off in the car.

  71. Thank you for the opportunity to win that gorgeous bracelet. Since I’m now sporting my gray hair, I only wear silver-toned jewelry, so this bracelet would be a great addition to my collection! I would also love a mask strap in gray. Your friend Suzanne is beautiful, by the way!

  72. I really like this bracelet. You are so good at mixing the new items with the ones you have had longer. You are a source of encouragement for us. Your time and expertise are valued.
    I would like to win the bracelet and the royal blue mask holder. What an easy solution to keep the mask cleaner.

  73. Always enjoy your posts. If I were lucky enough to win the Beauty in Stone gift, my color pick is the royal blue.

  74. Susan, I’m camping at Edisto Beach, SC and love reading about your life and what you do to stay happy:)
    Your friend’ s mask holders are so cute. I am a nurse and Royal blue is my color choice since it would go with my scrubs!

  75. Thanks again for your style tips and links to amazing products. I have seen you wear the bracelet and have always considered it very stylish. The mask strap is unique and the blue is very pretty and would be my pick if I am lucky enough to be selected. Have a great weekend.

  76. What lovely photos. I never think of driving somewhere for my walk!
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter the drawing. The mask strap is a great idea! I think it would make a great gift.
    On another note, I have a question/request for you. I read the other day that you drink up to a gallon of water daily. I am trying to increase my daily water intake, but I rarely drink more than half of the water in my 64-oz pitcher! Could you tell me (us) how you did it? Thank you.

  77. Beautiful photos! I’d love to win the silver bracelet and black mask necklace! Thanks for the opportunity!

  78. I would like the beige mask strap if I win. The bracelet is gorgeous as you are Susan. I’m pleased to see you wearing a Tribal top and happy to see that they sell on Amazon. It’s hard to find a boutique that carries Tribal I. The small town I live in. St. Simons Island.

  79. I love the bracelet and have been eyeing it for awhile, and thank you for this opportunity. Have been a follower of your blog for years, and so enjoy every article. How lucky you are to have such a beautiful spot to walk…..what I would not do for such greenery here in Phoenix! Thank you

  80. Susan, I love your blog look forward to it. As a teacher, the strap for my mask would really be helpful…and stylish!

  81. I have never seen a mask strap. What an excellent idea as the elastic straps can dig into your ears when worn for a long time.
    I love your bracelet. It is very unique!
    Isn’t it hot where you live? I notice you always wear 3/4 length sleeves.

  82. I read your posts all the time but rarely comment
    Would love to win the bracelet and mask strap in beige. Have a good weekend.

  83. I love the look of the bracelet and the mask strap is such great idea. I’d love to have it in Royal Blue (and several other colors — I feel a collection coming on…). Every time you post photos and stories about your life in Johnson City, it becomes more and more appealing. One more hurricane coming through here in Wilmington, NC and I might become your neighbor!

  84. Thanks for sharing your morning walk pictures. I always look forward to reading your blog. I like the beige strap.

  85. Thank you Susan and Suzanne for the opportunity to win the Chunky Big Link Bracelet and the classy mask strap. The strap will allow me to always know where my mask is. No more searching in my purse!
    Enjoy a wonderful weekend!

  86. Good morning Susan. Founders Park looks beautiful. I’m a walker too but usually just around my neighborhood. My hubby and I can get in three miles several times a week. If I’m chosen I love the turquoise strap. What a creative idea. Have a nice weekend.

  87. What a great place to walk! The mask straps are such a good idea. I like the beige one. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  88. I love the bracelet very much and the mask strap is a great idea. I would like it in black. I follow your blog now for a while and i love it. I am glad you feel better again. Thank you!

  89. What a gorgeous park – makes me want to take a walk! Love your hat, too. Just wanted you to know I’ve deleted all the other fashion blogs and only read yours now. It is so inspiring.

    I like the mask strap in either color!

  90. I would love to win the beautiful bracket and mask strap. I would give the strap to my daughter who is a nurse. She until recently has been taking care of
    Covid patients. I would like the royal blue to match most of her scrubs.
    Thank you for posting all the beautiful pictures on your walk. We all need more beauty in our world.

  91. What a beautiful place to walk. So peaceful!! If I am lucky enough to win, I would like to have a red mask holder.

  92. Susan, the mask strap is a lovely way to dress up our newest fashion accessory. So glad you are feeling better. You look great. And thank you for continuing these interesting give away contests. Best!

  93. Great idea from Suzanne who by the way looks amazing also. The mask necklace in gray would complement the chunky bracelet. What fun.

  94. Your park looks like a lovely place to walk. I am also a walker and walk my two dogs every morning as soon as I roll out of bed and do a few things. We usually walk about 2.5 to 3 miles in my lovely neighborhood with lots of trees and three ponds.

    I immensely enjoy your blog and try and use all the tips. Thank you!



  95. The park you went to for you walk was just lovely! You’ve inspired me to find a park and go for a long walk.

    The bracelet is so pretty. I love the idea of a mask strap, instead of holding it, or laying it down. I believe I like the grey strap the best. Thanks for the opportunity!

  96. I enjoy your fashion posts, but I also enjoy when you share pictures of places you have visited. Especially now during this time that travel is limited. A mask strap is a very clever idea. I like the beige one since it would coordinate with so many outfits. The bracelet would look great with all the fall outfits we will all soon be wearing.

  97. It’s a great day for a walk! I think the bracelet is beautiful and the beige strap is lovely!
    Have a great weekend!

  98. Good morning Susan, it’s a beautiful day here in Ohio, and today is my birthday. But I am not well today. Started with a low grade fever, aches and chills. Called the doctor, going for a Covid test, hope that’s not it. Will enjoy your beautiful pictures, and Suzanne is beautiful also.
    I’ve not heard of mask straps, what a wonderful idea, I love the royal blue. Hope you are feeling better now. Have a blessed day.

  99. The area you live in is so beautiful. I enjoy all of the pictures so much.
    The bracelet is my favorite. Simple, elegant, and silver which works best with my skin tone. I have not seen a mask strap before but love it! What an outstanding way to keep your mask handy while doing errands. Black would be a good choice for me.
    Thank you Susan.

  100. What a clever idea!!! A mask strap!! love it in beige. Masks will be us a for a long time; might as well look stunning!!
    Enjoy your blog Susan!

  101. I always look forward to your emails and photos…..they are always so Informative, beautiful and inviting! Would love to be a winner. What a clever idea for a mask strap…black would be my choice…goes with everything .

  102. Hello, I would truly love the bracelet and mask strap in black. I seem to wear a lot of black. LOL You are an inspiration! Thank you.


  103. Thank you for another charming draw, Susan. The mask strap is such a novel idea & medium brown would be my choice. Family & friends always look to see what bracelet I’m wearing each day, so of course, I’d love to win this gorgeous link bracelet.
    I always enjoy your photos like the ones today that offer a virtual travel experience. The photos of Mr Mickey’s garage just floored my husband and me!.
    You look so smart & pulled together today and always. Luckily, the colours you wear are best on me, too.
    A thought-would you do a post on letting one’s hair go grey? I haven’t had a colour done on my darker brunette hair since January. So now I’m debating on whether now is the time to go grey (am your age). Many thanks and keep well, Susan.

  104. Hi Susan-it is so good to see you feeling better. I have been praying for you. The mask strap is a wonderful idea. I would love to be entered in the contest. I really like the black as an option. Have a great weekend.

  105. Even with no makeup, you are a true beauty. Thank you so much for all your tips. I would like the strap in beige. I look forward to your posts daily! Cathy Belew.

  106. Good morning! The location for your walk this morning is beautiful! I’m also a walker but not as dedicated as you. The bracelet is one I’ve liked each time you’ve posted it and would love one in silver. Royal blue is my favorite color. My closet seems to reflect that quite easily.
    Have a wonderful day.

  107. Thank you for this offer! The mask straps are lovely & I like every single color. Turquoise is my favorite.
    I’ve been sewing a few mask lanyards for my grandchildren with break-away clasps for them.

  108. I love your blog and thank you so much for sharing such great information! Your give-aways are a nice bonus and I would be happy with either item. I appreciate your hard work on this blog.

  109. Such a serene place for your walk. So beautiful, you don’t feel like you are exercising. I’d love the bracelet and the mask strap, but if you choose my name please give to another follower. Thank you for your generosity and the blogs. I’m very inspired.

  110. I had never heard of mask straps until now, what a wonderful idea as I can’t tell you how many masks I’ve misplaced. I love all the mask strap colors but the Navy would coordinate the best with all my masks. 🙂

  111. That is a beautiful place to walk, I’m so jealous! We only have what I consider one safe place to walk in my area but it doesn’t look like your park. My dream would be to live near something like that! Hopefully when we can travel again I’ll visit the park. Thanks for sharing and thanks to your cute friend for the mask strap idea and bracelet.

  112. The bracelet is gorgeous and the mask straps is a wonderful idea. Thank you for the opportunity to win these beautiful gifts.
    Janie Kirk

  113. Hi Susan What an absolute great idea – the mask straps are. Great gift idea as well. I like the beige one, but any color would look just great. The big Chunky bracelet is beautiful. I wear mostly silver jewelry, so it would go very nicely with my other jewelry.

    Again, thank you for your posts. I’m 71 and I follow your great ideas.

  114. What a lovely place to take a walk! Would love to win the bracelet and a royal blue mask strap. Thank you!

  115. Give aways are always so exciting! I have loved this bracelet since the first time you shared it. Not sure why I haven’t purchased it yet. The mask strap is a great idea! Can’t wait to share the concept with my daughter-in-law who is a nurse so, of course, has to have her mask always available.

    Glad to see you are feeling well enough to get out for a lovely walk. Thanks so much for sharing the lovely pics. It’s so hot and humid here in FL, my exercising is limited to the house and son’s pool.

  116. Love your posts as always. What a lovely place to be able to go walking. You take really nice photos too. Many talents. I love the beige strap. Thank you.

  117. Susan, I do not wear bracelets so please do not consider me. Thank you. But am writing to hope that you are feeling well again. Do so enjoy your site.

  118. Hi Susan! I have enjoyed following your blog over the years. I have really enjoyed the pictures of your day trips as well as your vacations. Once this virus situation is under control I hope to be able to visit some of the beautiful places you have highlighted.
    I love both the bracelet and the mask strap and would like to be entered in your drawing. Medium Brown is the color of mask strap I would prefer. Thanks!

  119. I also find walking in my local park so refreshing. Love seeing how the colors change seasonally. Well…I now have another jewelry site to go and explore. Thank you! What a great idea for the face mask. Lavender would be my pick. That bracelet is unique and I love it. I’m off to go browsing now.

  120. I have not seen mask straps before! I am a teacher and will definitely look for one as that will be really helpful. Love the beautiful bracelet, classy and stylish just like you!! Glad to see you looking so healthy and getting back to your walking.

  121. What a lovely spot for a walk! I can see why you chose it.
    I love her jewelry! The bracelet is one I’ve coveted. I would choose navy for the mask strap. How cute and stylish!

  122. What a beautiful park! I love your blog and if I’m lucky enough to be picked I’d love the cobalt blue necklace.

  123. I love the bracelet and face mask strap. I would choose a face mask strap in beige. Thanks for all the tips you give each day. I look forward to reading your blog every day!

  124. Love the bracelet and the mask. As I am 71 I will be wearing a mask for the future so I appreciate the mask strap as jewelry!

  125. Your park is a beautiful place for a morning walk.

    What a great idea regarding the mask straps. If I’m the blessed winner, I’d prefer the beige one.

  126. What a lovely place to walk.

    Love the bracelet and mask strap. If I won I’d like the royal blue.

    Have a blessed weekend.

  127. Read your blog every day! Thank you for all the great ideas!
    Love the mask strap. Black would be my preference.
    Thank you!

  128. Yes, a favorite exercise for me also is a brisk walk. You look so healthy and happy, what a beautiful place for your walk. Do you like to change up your places you walk very often? You mentioned you walk in your neighborhood. Is that because it is the fastest and easiest to get your daily walk in?
    I have a question about the pants you wear. Do you find your pants get stretched out in the knees? I find I have to be careful about how much ‘stretch’ they have in the fabric content. But even so, soon even my nicest and most favorite pants (white denim and blue denim) always get stretched out in the knees. If this happens to you, is there a solution (iron them?) or do you send them to the donate box if they lose their shape in the knees? Thank you for all your advise!

  129. Beauty, inside and out. One we wear for our own pleasure and one we wear to protect our loved ones and neighbors.


  130. Both pieces are quite striking and would be a wonderful addition to my collection. I am impressed with your friend Suzanne’s company and work and hope to acquire some pieces soon.

  131. The bracelet is lovely and the beige colour strap would be perfect with my winter coat. Enjoyed your park pics!

  132. Thank you for offering a chance at these lovely prizes, Susan. The beige mask strap would be very versatile in my wardrobe.

  133. What a beautiful place to walk! Your photos are lovely. Such a thoughtful giveaway as well. Good to see you looking healthy and enjoying the day!

  134. Susan – I would love the bracelet! I wear one (several) every day with my watch and would feel undressed without them. This one is beautiful! Beige is my color of choice for the mask strap – what a clever idea!
    Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  135. Love your blog. I’ve followed you for years and enjoy all your posts. Beige would be my color choice.

  136. Susan,

    Look forward to reading what you are up to each day. Would love to have the bracelet and mask strap in beige.


  137. The bracelet is beautiful! My favorite color mask strap would be turquoise…to me turquoise is practically a neutral! Thanks for offer this give-away. Good luck to all!

  138. What a clever idea! Need a couple of mark straps as apparently masks are the NEW accessory! And the bracelet is a timeless piece – so pretty!
    BTW, Susan, Sheecs are amazing! You always provide great recommendation! Thanks and glad you’re feeling better!!

  139. Susan,

    I admire your taste so know that I would love a bracelet and mask strap – the beige color would work perfectly with most of my outfits!

  140. I wear a lot of taupe/black so the tan mask strap would be perfect. Also-what a good idea! Would love the large link bracelet too if luck should shine on me.

  141. Lovely, lovely bracelet. I am a big silver fan and would love to win . I’d love a mask strap in grey. As always Susan you look lovely. Stay healthy.

  142. I love the strap idea! I’m forever looking for my mask or dropping it on the driveway when I get out of my car. I prefer black but would love any color. Thanks!

  143. I enjoy reading your posts and hearing of your adventures. We also share the same birthday!!
    I find your fashion advice very helpful and informative.

  144. I have always admired that chunky bracelet and the royal blue mask strap is perfect! It’s a great idea.

  145. A mask strap, great idea. I recently bought one of her beautiful pearl lariats, what a great addition! I’ve got to get out tonight and walk. Its been so hot here and fire all around me.

  146. Susan, you are giving your usual fashion photographer, Mr. Mickey, a run for his money. I would enjoy the gray mask strap and the bracelet. If I win them, I shall respond to the inevitable cries of admiration and the question “Where did you get it?” with an enigmatic smile and “Gift from a friend.”

  147. Susan,

    Even though I’m 61, I want to be like you when I grow up!! You have given such invaluable fashion and health advice! I have not seen the mask clasp, what an amazing idea!!! Thank you!!

  148. I would love to win the bracelet and a black strap: I never miss a blog and I have learned so much about clothing, style, and living with an attitude of grace. I hope I am selected.

    Laura Clevenger

  149. What a great idea to use on a ‘shopping day’ when the mask is on and off many times! I love the gray one!
    Thanks for this post Susan!

  150. Lovely park for a walk, I still can’t believe the crazies ran you off of FB, the creeps. Glad they can’t chase you off your blog. Needless to say, but you know I will, that bracelet would look great in my wrist. Best to you and Mr. Mickey

  151. I would like to be included in your drawing for the Beauty in Stone bracelet and the mask strap (royal or navy blue). I recently ordered the silver and freshwater pearl bracelet and also a dark blue beach glass/gold wrap bracelet from Beauty in Stone and absolutely love both! Thank you Suzanne, for bringing my attention to this jewelry art!!

  152. Thanks to Suzanne and you for the chance to win the lovely chunky bracelet and the awesome mask straps. Both would be great.
    It is a blessing that you Recovered so well. You look awesome.

  153. The park is beautiful!
    If I won, I would choose the navy blue to match the scrubs that I now wear to work for my pharmaceutical sales job. It would really dress it up!

    Have a great weekend!

  154. Hi Susan, it’s good to see you out and about again. Thank you for taking us along on your walk, what a beautiful place to explore! I hope you have a wonderful day, please stay safe. Maura

  155. Wish our skies were bright like yours but we have major wild fires here but not evacuated yet and we still have power. Would love to make that bracelet mine

  156. Hi Susan, I am so happy you are feeling better and spending time outside. You look beautiful! I would love to win the bracelet and a beige mask strap. Thank you for your kindness.

  157. Love the mask strap! Haven’t seen those before. I’m not picky about a color, but I might like either that are shown – beige or navy. I also like red too!

  158. I have been following you for years and do so admire your classic elegance. You keep everything simple and minimalistic, which is what I aspire to do without much success. I love the bracelet and think the mask strap is both beautiful and unique. Should I be randomly selected, I would like the mask strap in beige.

  159. Hello Susan, What a beautiful area for a walk. The photographs are wonderful. The park looks great! I so enjoy your website. It has given me so many ideas for fashion as well as health and beauty. I am a 68 year old who thanks you for sharing all of your photos and ideas. Have a blessed day. Susan Frankenstein

  160. I enjoy following all your posts.i love your fashion very similar to my style. I would love to win one of the beautiful bracelets. So happy you are doing so well after a COVID 19.❤️

  161. What a good idea to have mask straps! I would like one in lavender, or aqua or blue!
    Thank you!

  162. Hi Susan! I enjoy seeing pictures of your part of the country. It is so green and lush! It is very different from where I live in Southern California.
    Thank you for sharing!

  163. Hi
    Susan, thank you for this contest. I have admired that beautiful bracelet for a long time! I appreciate your blog so much. I was just wearing your black and white sleeveless vee neck top yesterday I purchased from “your closet” and thought of you. Oh, I like the face mask necklace in beige. ❤️Mary

  164. Susan, Thank you for being such an inspiration. Especially with our COVID “lockdown,” it is tempting to stay in bed or grunge around the house all day. But then I think of you, stylishly dressed and prepared to go wherever the day may take you. Please enter me in your drawing for the bracelet and the mask holder. Have a wonderful weekend and keep your pretty pictures coming. Janet Mitchell, Plainfield, IN

  165. I would love a Mask Strap in the color Turquoise! That way I will always be adding a splash of color to my outfit. Thanks!

  166. What a great idea! No more trudging back to the car because I forgot my mask! I have been eyeing that bracelet forever! Thanks for your inspiration.

  167. Ooooooooh!!! I wondered how the mask strap worked!!! So glad you showed us! Such a great idea – I would choose red or pink. Your posts are an inspiration. Time for a walk for me!!!

  168. Hi Susan…. I have never heard or seen a mask strap… how very clever… if I win , I would pick the beige… thank you for all your posts ~
    Warm regards~
    Gail Pawl

  169. Love the bracelet and would love to wear it. I would like the mask strap in royal blue. I met you at Hilton Head several years ago, and I want to personally thank you for being an inspiration to so many people. So glad you survived the virus.

  170. The Bracelet is lovely, the mask strap is ingenious, love those creative people making lemonade out of lemons!

  171. The park is awesome. Beautiful way to begin your day! Reminds me of the information you share with us. Fortunately, I have been smart enough to heed your advice and enjoy some of the products you suggest. Happy to hear your health continues to improve.

    My choice would be royal blue.

    Thank you.

  172. I love chunky bracelets. The one above is so unique. I sold sterling silver for many years. I always love the larger pieces. I would love a beige mask strap. I always look forward to your emails. Keep them coming.

  173. I always look forward to your posts! And I’ve long admired that bracelet. Love the silver and the beige for the mask strap. Happy weekend!

  174. I always enjoy your posts, Susan. Thank you for the blog and the good advice about so many things – makeup, fashion, health, food, etc. Mr. Mickey is a lucky guy. This is another good giveaway for your followers. I love the tan mask strap. What a good idea.

  175. The bracelet is beautiful, and the mask chain is ingenius. I’d love to have one of those in blue. Thank you for offering a fun giveaway.

  176. As always your giveaways are wonderful! Love, love the bracelet, and would love to have one of the mask straps in beiges. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  177. You are looking so slim Susan…..thank you for reaching out to us about the bracelet!

    This is one I would love to own
    I like the beige Mask Strap.
    Thank you

  178. That’s something I’ve never seen before. Most clever idea I’ve seen in a long time. Please put my name in the drawing for your giveaway. I like the beige strap. Love your blog. I am also a Susan over 60!!!

  179. What an absolutely delightful & creative idea for masks! Love the bracelet too. I tend to wear bracelets & earrings everyday. This would be wonderful to win. Thanks for the opportunity.

  180. What a beautiful place for your walk! I would love the bracelet and mask holder in grey. Thank you for the opportunity, Susan.

  181. I love your blog, you’ve inspired me to renew my self confidence! I just ordered your skincare products and they should be here on Monday!!! I would love to be entered in the contest, from Elaine…over sixty for sure.

  182. Hi Susan. Thanks for sharing the beautiful scenery along your walk. The bracelet is so pretty and the mask strap is a great idea.


  183. What a great idea the mask strap is – I’d love it in beige as it would match pretty much every mask I own. Thank you for your wonderful blog.

  184. Hi, I would like to say the bracelet would be great for fall. I’d like the turquoise strap.
    Thank you, Shirley Bridgford

  185. Loved all the beautiful pictures that you shared……everything is so green and lush. You live in a beautiful place. Enjoy your posts very much. A mask strap…great idea.

  186. Oh my founders Park is gorgeous. Tx for taking a walk together. Cute mask strap, great idea. I love the natural one. Enjoy your weekend.

  187. I love the royal blue mask strap, and the bracelet is one of my favorites that you wear ! I always enjoy your blog !

  188. Hello Susan,

    I “met” Susan over the phone, many THANKS TO YOU, and love. love. love her and her jewelry!!

    I would LOVE to add this bracelet to what I have already ordered from Susan, and the mask attachments as well…white/ gray, please ❤️

    Loving you from Texas

  189. Headed to JC to visit my daughter and her family. They move to JC in July so they are still learning the area. We’ll add this lovely park to the list. Thank you for sharing this lovely resource!

  190. Founder’s Park looks like a lovely place to walk! Walking is my exercise of choice–2 1/2 miles every day, seven days a week! I love it! Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  191. Hello Susan.. Thank you for the beautiful pictures. I love the silver bracelet and the beige mask strap.

    Stay safe.

  192. Hello Susan
    I would love to win the blue mask strap, what a clever idea to make mask wearing a joy, not a chore.

  193. Founders Park looks like a lovely place to walk.
    I would love to win the bracelet and mask strap in beige, or black
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  194. Your morning walk was lovely. Makes me want to move there. So peaceful looking.
    Thank you for giving us a chance to win the bracelet and mask strap. I like the royal blue.
    Take care.

  195. I love the idea of a mask strap. Very clever. The bracelet is beautiful too!!! I really enjoyed the pictures from your walk. In these past few months as we have slowed down the pace of life, it has been a blessing to enjoy all of God’s creation.

  196. Your blog with pictures are a great thing to see and read specially at these times. I really enjoy it. Sure hope I win the bracelet and the mask holder. The beige will work for me for all my outfits!

  197. Please enter me. I really enjoy it. Sure hope I win the bracelet and the mask holder. The beige will work for me for all my outfits!

  198. Hi Susan, so glad you’re feeling better enough for a good walk. I’d love to enter the drawing:
    1) bracelet… The 8 inch one (only skinny things on me are my wrists)
    2) mask : beige strap is great.
    Keep up the healing; you’re an inspiration to all of us struggling with Covid

  199. Susan,
    Such a lovely park. One of our reasons for relocating is that the area where we live offers nothing but busy, noisy heavily trafficked streets. And combine that with the smoke from the fires (again) I now find myself wearing a mask just to go into my own back yard. I’m so happy you are out and about and restored to health.

  200. Love your photos. Thanks for sharing. What a cleaver idea of creating a mask strap. Like the beige one.

  201. ?The park looks like a great community resource. What is Yee-Haw? I’d love to win that bracelent, and the mask strap in beige would be great!

  202. You manage to look great in white pants and a colorful tee! It always looks fresh and stylish. I love the lavender mask strap. What a great idea!

  203. Lovely pictures on a beautiful morning walk! Walking is my favorite exercise and activity too! I love the bracelet and love the strap in the beige color shown! Thanks for sharing!

  204. Love your column. Have been reading daily since your Fifty, not Frumpy days. Would love to win the Chunky Bracelet.
    I seldom wear necklaces but always wear a bracelet or two. I think the mask strap is a great idea. Beige please. Wish my garage looked like Mr. Mickeys. My husband who passed away earlier this year enjoyed wood turning in his retirement and I’m still trying to empty our garage.

  205. Susan what a beautiful area you live in, I’m ready to move there. Your walk are always so lovely.
    You have been such an inspiration for me, it’s always a joy to see where you are heading for dinner with Mr Mickey and what you are wearing.
    I am so glad you are recovering from the virus, when I read what you went through It makes me wonder if I wonder if I would survive it.
    I had a beautiful Cardigan Corgi that succumbed to cancer this last March and I’m still struggling to move even a little beyond it.
    I would love the bracelet so put my name in the hat.
    Bless you and keep up the great work.

  206. Hi, I found your blog last year. I am turning 63 on Monday. I recently retired and I am trying to start a wardrobe with basics that Can be causal or dressed up when I need to. I really like how you talk about building your wardrobe with basics. You have given me some great advice by showing how to start with a simple basic top and bottom then by adding scarves, jewelry pieces and shoes to finish off your outfit. Please keep posting I look forward to them.

  207. Love getting out early in the morning for my walk in our neighbourhood. We have 100 year old elm trees that create a canopy of shade for a pleasant walk on a hot sunny day. Beautiful bracelet and would love a black strap if I’m chosen. Carole – Winnipeg, Manitoba

  208. Hi Susan, I so enjoy reading about all your travels. You have some beautiful places to visit. I have gotten many ideas about choosing my clothes from you. I would love to have a bracelet like this one and the navy mask strap would compliment pretty much all my clothes. Thank you, Patricia Wilhelm

  209. I have loved that bracelet since you first started wearing it. Suzanne does lovely work. If chosen, I would like the beige mask strap. You truly live in a beautiful area and so much to do. Have a great weekend!

  210. Hello Susan
    I would certainly enjoy the beautiful bracelet and the snazzy face strap (turquoise). I look forward to receiving your blog and look for it each time I open my mail tab. Many thanks Gail Johnson

  211. Thank you today for the lovely photos of your park, I find it interesting to see the area, a lovely park, the pink echinachea blooming is exactly like the one in my yard blooming also …. and we are thousands of miles apart!
    thank you for your blog and this opportunity to win a beautiful prize. (beige please)
    Ann Lee S
    Vancouver island, B.C. Canada

  212. I look forward to your blog posts and appreciate your positive outlook on life. I too am an avid walker and weather permitting, try and get out early each morning before I start my day. My daily walk refreshes me, lessons my osteoarthritis symptoms, and helps keep my weight under control. The silver bracelet is lovely, and I like the gray mask strap. What a great item!

  213. Hello, Susan,
    I don’t care much for the bracelet or mask strap. I just wanted to say that it’s good to see You recovering well and enjoying yourself.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  214. Wow!! You are so lucky to have such a beautiful place to walk! I walk daily but always the neighborhood, so my view doesn’t change often. I love the bracelet & if chosen in silver & mask cover in beige. Will you not be happy when the mask are no longer needed!?

  215. The bracelet in antique silver is beautiful.
    The royal blue mask strap is my favorite.
    You live in such a pretty town.
    Take care!

  216. My birthday is 2 weeks from today. I’d love to receive that bracelet and the mask strap in royal blue. Thank you for the chance to win.

  217. Would love to win either. You are so inspiring. I have been wearing Dutch Tulips on my toes this whole summer.

  218. What a beautiful city you live in! I have a ticket to Nashville in September, however I’ll probably need to cancel due to a very inconvenient back issue. That would be my first time to TN.
    The mask strap is a great idea and I love the gray color. Thank Suzanne for such a nice offer and thank you for your posts!

  219. The mask strap is lovely! I’m currently using a promo lanyard but not as classy. I’ve always loved the big link brackets and you have convinced me they are timeless. Long live the links!

  220. You look so comfortable and healthy! Happy to hear you are enjoying the weather and walking again. I’ve always admired your bracelet so I’d love to add it to my collection. Thank you again for your posts!

  221. Susan, what a great idea using a mask strap with a mask! Thanks for sharing.
    Glad you are feeling better. Take care.
    Anne Clark

  222. I so enjoy seeing your email in my inbox! Thank you for all the motivation to look my best even if its just for me. The mask strap is an awesome idea. I would love to win a gray one.

  223. Susan I love your style in clothing and jewelry. I bought my first French Kande necklace this week and would love to have this gorgeous bracelet. I am a nurse and work 40 hours a week in a mask. The holder is a neat idea and would be put to good use. I’ve been reading your blog for years and have gotten so many great ideas! Thank you!

  224. You look great for your walk! Such a pretty park with lots to see.
    The bracelet is beautiful and I think the mask strap is genius. I think my preference would be navy blue.
    I look forward to reading your blogs, always such great info and tips!

  225. I love both the bracelet and the strap. My favorite color is royal blue. I look forward so much to your posts! It’s so nice to read about positivity in this day and age. You are much appreciated ❤️

  226. Thank you and Suzanne for being so generous to us your readers
    I would love to win the beautiful bracelet

    Theresa Harrison

  227. The gold bracelet and beige mask strap would go with everything. Clever idea, that strap. There are places we must take our masks off, and they are so easy to lose. Nice to see bracelets for small wrists.

  228. What a unique idea for keeping your face mask handy and clean. Also love the chunky bracelet.

    Thanks for sharing.

  229. I’m glad you are feeling so much better ! I enjoy reading your posts and seeing how you style your outfits. I hav pinned many of them to use as a reference. Thank you for the time and thought you put into each post.

  230. Hi Susan,
    I have loved the chunky bracelet since I saw on you the very first time. Please enter me in the contest. Thank you.

  231. You look so cool & your pics are really nice. It’s still so hot & humid here in Texas! Love the bracelet and the mask strap in black. Have a great weekend!

  232. Susan royal blue in the mask straps would suit my liberty print masks. I bought our masks from an Aussie supplier who is a farmers wife making an extra dollar during the drought which is still lingering on here. Glad to see you looking well and out and about again. Keep walking. We do every morning. But rather chilly here in Australia. Take care xx

  233. What a beautiful park and great photos! I love the Chunky Bracelet – in fact I put it on my Wish List on Suzanne’s site when I ordered two pearl bracelets that you wore in earlier posts. The mask strap is a great idea. The blue or black ones would go with most of my masks. Thank you for your wonderful posts and inspiration always.

  234. Thank you for this opportunity, Susan! I am a bracelet lover and that one would fit perfectly in my bracelet stack! The black mask strap would be my choice.

  235. Beautiful bracelet. I have the lariat necklace and love it!
    The turquoise mask holder would be beautiful.

  236. Absolutely beautiful place for walk it looks so relaxing.
    I would love to win the bracelet and the mask strap
    (the color what the lady is modeling ).
    Recently (with your help, thank you) I order the tinted moisturizer, it feels very good on the skin . Do you ever put some makeup over or do you use only the moisturizer?
    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  237. Mask straps are a wonderful idea! I like the navy or the beige one.

    I love the bracelet but I do not wear silver jewelry. Beauty in Stone does have a lot of things that I like and have bought. It’s an excellent company to work with

  238. Hi Susan
    How lovely to see you out and about again, its 6am here in Uk and still quite dark, checking my emails was a
    distraction to doing my Leslie Sansome walk exercise but now feel I must motivate myself. Take care, the mask strap would be lovely in navy
    Best wishes

  239. The sculptures in the park are wonderful. What a great place to get some exercise and view nature’s art as well as man’s. Thanks for sharing!

  240. From your photos on the blog post today, it was a glorious day for a walk through the park. I am sure you enjoyed it! The offer of a giveaway is quite nice. That Beauty in Stone bracelet would dress up any outfit, and the face mask strap is a great idea. I especially like the turquoise one. Thank you for the opportunity to win them.

  241. Beautiful pictures. The world is still a lovely place amidst all this chaos. I would love to win the bracelet and a beige mask strap.

  242. Hello Susan,
    Love the bracelet and mask strap in beige. What a fabulous idea having a strap to hold our masks, especially when we buy take away coffees. It saves holding the mask and the coffee and authorities can see that you have a mask around your neck. It also enables removal and reattachment without touching the material, just holding the ear elastic.
    The bracelet is beautiful and I love the fact it can be worn casually or on special occasions. Will keep my fingers crossed!
    Thank you,

  243. I love your blog! I look forward each day to see what new things you have to share, your photos, where you shop for items. Your blog is so versatile & informative.
    Yes I would love to receive the bracelet & mask strap in beige!

  244. Dear Susan,
    I came across your blog while looking for classic fashion ideas for women over 50. I am 61 years old now and have read all of your after 60 blogs. I love your style. I have taken your advice and created a wardrobe that is comfortable and looks put together. I am so glad that I found your blog. Thank you for sharing your experiences. If I win the bracelet and mask strap, I would like the strap in beige.

    Martha Adkins

  245. I have not seen a mask strap before. I like the Royal Blue and would live to have one!


    Loving the bracelet too!!

  246. You look the picture of health and have a glow about you. You are very inspiring. Love your blogs.
    I prefer gray strap but any colour would be a bonus.
    Judy Webb

  247. I have walked in this park. What a great way to get in the daily walk! In a time of such turmoil in our country, places like this park provide a place to clear the mind and reflect on what is really important in our lives.

    This is my favorite piece of jewelry that you wear. I would love to win this beautiful bracelet.

  248. Love to read your blog posts ! Thank you for sharing your walk photos – you are blessed to have such a beautiful place to walk.
    Please enter me also – I like the beige strap for the masks ( goes with everything) and the bracelet is super cute !
    Enjoy your weekend

  249. A mask strap—what a great idea! I always worry about contaminating my mask when I take it off and put it in my purse when I’m out. Thanks for all the great posts.

  250. What an interesting walk!

    There’s not much we can do about what’s happening around us except being fiercely mindful of COVID safety for all.

    However, waking up and going for a walk with you brought me joy and helped to relieve my stress.

    Thank you!

    Thank you for making my day!

  251. Looks like a lovely park for a walk. Too cold and wet here in country New South Wales Australia at the moment, but spring is hopefully on the way.. love your blog Susan. Regards Bev.

  252. I love reading your posts. They give me inspirations for my own wardrobe and jewelry. I live your pictures of the sites. Adding to what little I have is difficult living in a small town. Not many places to shop. Online shopping is all I really can do now. Thanks for your links!

  253. Hello from Highlands, NC. Love your posts. I appreciate this chance to win a bracelet and a beige mask strap. Thank you.

  254. Hello! I love following your blog and would consider myself very blessed to be gifted with the bracelet and mask strap. The bracelet would coordinate nicely with items that I own and I know I would enjoy wearing it. The mask strap would be immensely helpful as I have two young grandsons that I am frequently with. I would love the ability to keep my mask nearby and hands free. Thank you for your consideration!

  255. I would love to win the bracelet in the 8 inch and a black mask strap. They’re both very pretty.
    Have a good day.

  256. You look so much better than I do when I go for a walk. However, I live in West Houston and it is so hot and humid here, even early in the morning. Ha! We, too, have many nice walking paths that our county maintains.

    I like the beige mask strap. What a good idea.

  257. Hi Susan, It’s so nice that you go out for daily walks. My late mother and I started walking together when I was a child. Walking was a great way for us to bond as I grew up and we talked about many things in those times.

    When my husband and I married 45 years ago we also began almost daily walks that continue to this day. When the pandemic started we felt we had to give up our neighborhood walks as neighbors wanted to chat without masks even though we wore them from the beginning every time we walked. So we found a local college that is closed to students and it has beautiful trees, birds and lovely breezes most days to walk by ourselves for 45 minutes daily during this pandemic.

    We also recently took up waling along the French Broad river on the trails at the Biltmore Estate. The sunflower fields are just lovely right now. Walking has been a wonderful bond for our marriage all these many years. I admire you and how you live your life. Please enter me in your drawing and thank you very much for your encouraging post..

  258. Hello Susan,

    You look lovely as always! I look forward in reading your emails. Great idea for the mask since we have to wear them. Love the bracelet.

  259. What a lovely park! Such a beautiful place to walk and spend time.
    The mask holder is a fabulous idea. I’d love to win the beige one.
    I’m so happy that you are feeling better, Susan. Your face looks radiant.

  260. Thanks for sharing your lovely fashion advice and beautiful photos. Would love to win the bracelet and mask strap!

  261. Hi Susan, I am enjoying your blogs. I just turned 61 and have had a lot of health problems. I have grown my hair back after losing it to chemotherapy. I am now starting to feel like myself again and found your blog. I love your style. Even your casual style is neat and matches so well. I am learning a lot from your blog on trying to dress more fashionable. I would love to win the bracelet. The masks straps are lovely too and a good idea.

    Thanks for considering me and keep blogging please !



  262. I would love to win the link bracelet. I don’t have one. I, too, don’t feel dressed if I don’t have at least one or two bracelets on. Thank you for this opportunity. I love the bridge mask strP. These are truly unique!!

  263. Susan, I appreciate that you always look lovely wearing clothes from your closet. The mask holder is very clever. Would like royal blue. Thank you

  264. Walking has been my favorite exercise over the years offering fresh air and lively sights ! Thanks for sharing your shots of Founder’s Park! What a dear sharing~the beautiful bracelet and mask chain which I’d enjoy in blue or in any color except beige! Thank you!!
    Bonnie Kelley

  265. Your photos are amazing. Where did this interest come from? Have you taken classes or are you just naturally talented? Whatever the case, I always look forward to your documenting your trips and adventures and sharing your photos with us. Thank you,

  266. Thank you, Susan for inspiring me to get out of a rut of wearing the same things over and over. Now I even wear some of my beautiful jewelry and dress more creatively. If I am the lucky winner, I’d like a Mask strap in navy.

  267. What a lovely park to take a walk. Yes of course sign me up to win one of your give aways. I love the bracelet and the mask strap is a good idea and I never thought of it. Thank you once again for the blog. Have a great weekend.
    Patty V

  268. What a beautiful Park and beautiful friend! That park offers a lot to view and would certainly not be boring!
    Have a wonderful day!

  269. Pictures are beautiful! What a lovely park to walk around in. The mask straps are a great idea, would love to have a royal blue. Love the chunky bracelet.

  270. What a terrific idea to use mask straps! I would use a black strap the most. Love the bracelet. Would wear it everyday. Thanks, Susan, for another post that starts my day on such a positive note!

  271. What a clever idea and so pretty and practical. Sure beats putting your mask on and off with possible contaminated hands! So glad I recently found your site Susan!

  272. What a beautiful park to walk in. I live in a rural area so I walk on the road but it feels somewhat unsafe as it’s isolated and drivers are not always paying attention. Still that walk gives me time to reflect and essentially meditate. I’m grateful that I am healthy and able to walk without difficulty. Thanks for sharing your lovely park.

  273. The mask strap is a cool idea….white would be my choice or a neutral. I have long admired the bracelet – it would be a small miracle if l won it,
    Thanks Susan for all the helpful tips along the way!

  274. Love the chucking bracelet . It would look so nice on my wrist. The strap idea is genius, now that we are wearing masks as a necessary accessory. I would prefer the beige color as a more neutral choice for different color masks. Thanks for the great blog!!!!!

  275. Thank you so much for your insightfulnes! Love the mask strap! I now have a new jewelry shopping site! These would make really nice gifts! I love silver & have a 6” wrist! I think any shade of blue or neutral would be fine!

  276. I just turned 60 this year and pray I will live it as graciously as you do! There is nothing like a brisk walk to energize the day!

  277. Hi Susan, I ve read your blog off and on for a couple of years. Your return to health was motivating to me as I found myself quite isolated after my divorce. I never did much about that as I felt I needed the quietness to recover and find my way back to my real self. I still have not managed the diet and weight loss but am finally making strides. Just want you to know your work has been a pleasant help to me. Unlike your other commenters, I don’t want to win the bracelet as it’s way chunky for me and I can’t imagine actually keeping my mask around my neck. But hey…the idea of being myself with fashion is one great one that I’ve gleaned from your blog too, so thanks for all your fun and informative postings. Have the best day, to you and all the great ladies here.

  278. Susan,
    I have admired your fashion esthetic, business sense, perseverance, and strength for several years. I appreciate the extraordinary amount of thought and planning you put in to the information you share with your readers. Your approach to life’s ups and downs is to be admired and imparts a level of trust in the qualities mentioned above. I would like for you to know that I consistently look to your posts for so much more than “Outfit of the Day” insights- although they are always spot-on in my book! Thank you!

    Wishing you continued good health and happiness!

  279. Since I have following you, I have revised my wardrobe to make things simpler and looking classier. So glad you are well and are out and about. I have already ordered a gray mask strap – what a great idea! Stay well.

  280. Hi Susan, thanks for sharing your everyday life full of tips and suggestions for our age group. I am soon to turn 65 and enjoy reading your blog. You share a nice variety of everything from fashion to fun, diet, exercise and everyday life. Beautiful bracelet and I never saw a mask strap but it looks like it will be very useful and pretty to wear. Looking forward to more! Enjoy your day! You look fabulous!

  281. I love your posts and always learn so much. I’d love the beautiful bracelet in silver and the mask strap in beige.

  282. A mask strap is a wonderful idea. Since I’ve not been out a lot I may have missed seeing this new invention? I saw “sunny yellow “ as a color option. To me, yellow is such a light, bright and optimistic color. I need that color to help me maintain that energy of optimism on the days that just, well, seem gloomy. I’ll wear it proudly with my navy, red, and yellow cloth mask!!! And the bracelet is just icing on the cake; a reminder to get up each morning with a smile on my face, a spring in my step, and happiness in my soul.

  283. I really enjoy your blog. I am 67 and get lots of fashion inspiration from you. I love that mask chain! I would want one in black if she has that color.

  284. Hi,
    I have made several purchases from Suzanne after you featuring items on your blog. Everything is beautiful and I would love to win the bracelet and mask holder in beige!
    Have a wonderful day!

  285. LOVE the bracelet and since I wear a mask all the time while out would put to great use the beige strap!

  286. I love the pictures of the park, especially the zinnias since they are a favorite of butterflies! The mask strap seems like a very handy item. I like beige.

  287. I love that you get out and appreciate nature and that you look lovely doing so. You are a lady of my own heart.
    If I were to win I would choose the black mask strap. Fall and darker colors are coming for me.

  288. Hello Susan! I absolutely love the bracelet, I’ve been looking at it for awhile waiting for the right time to make it happen. I have a lariat necklace from Beauty in Stone that I recently purchased and it’s my favorite!

    I always look forward to your posts for reasons that I’ve recently shared with you. Love whenI see a new one I my in box!

    Cathy Coffman

  289. Enjoyed your pics, beautiful. Thank you. I would love to win the chunky bracelet by Suzanne!
    Blue mask strap.

  290. Always enjoy reading about your fashion advise. The bracelet featured in this post is darling! I hope I’m the winner. Thanks

  291. What beautiful pictures of your beloved home town. I’m originally a TN girl, but live in GA now. Today is my birthday so what a treat it would be to win the lovely bracelet and mask strap. I wear a lot of black so if perchance I was chosen, that would be my choice of color. Thank you for your great blog!

  292. What a beautiful park. Thanks for sharing. I love to walk outside in nature too. Mask straps…great idea! Especially like the vibrant royal blue & versatile silver bracelet. Diane–also after 60 🙂

  293. Hi Susan! I have been following your site for about two years now, and I learn something new everyday! I’m so glad you are feeling better! I love the silver link bracelet, and I think the mask strap is ingenious! I think I would get the most use out of a gray one. Thank you for continuing to post informative fashion and nutritional advice during these difficult times, and doing so in such a creative and caring way! Stay safe! Kathleen

  294. I have purchase a couple of pieces from Suzanne and love wearing them. I would like the mask strap in gray and would love wearing the bracelet. I have admired the bracelet when you feature it in your blog.
    Stay safe.

  295. I love the link bracelet and would wear it often. I would like a blue mask strap. Thanks for entering me in the drawing.

  296. Here is my entry for the bracelet and mask strap. Not sure how that strap works but I now have 5 masks and always wear mine when I’m out. Good to see you’re feeling better!

  297. Facebook or not, Susan, your followers are loyal. You still brighten my mornings. Thank you for the giveaway…black.


  299. I have never been one to give much thought to what I wear. Accessorizing? Ha! I could never relate to the magazines. I am at the crest of sixty and cane across your blog a few months ago. I look forward to your new posts. You have made me realize that I can be comfortable and fashionable. Just taking the extra effort has made me feel better too. Thank you so much!

  300. I love the idea of a face mask strap! Never saw them before. I wouldn’t care which color – they are all so clever!!

  301. What a great idea to have a mask strap! I love Suzanne’s in blue. And that bracelet! I have had my eye on that for months. Have a wonderful day, Susan. Glad you are feeling better!

  302. Your photos are beautiful! I like the mask strap in Grey and I love the bracelet. Glad to have a new place to shop. Thank you for sharing.

  303. Love the article highlighting area walk in your city. The Founder’s Park is lovely nice touches here and there of colour.
    Enjoying your blog.

    Linda Z

  304. Thank you for sharing part of your world. It is enjoyable seeing where your walks take you . I would love having that bracelet and a blue mask strap such as the one shown.

  305. I am entering to win the beautiful bracelet and the mask strap in black. The mask strap is a really neat idea. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  306. Love love this bracelet. So versatile. The mask necklace is perfect. What a great idea. I love the navy. I wear so much blue. I’ve traded black for blue being 70 it just looks better with my coloring. Thanks for this opportunity. I enjoy your blog. It’s good to be able to relate to someone more my age. Thanks again

  307. I have recently found you and am really enjoying your posts! It is a hard decision on the mask strap as they are all beautiful but I think I will go with the yellow. I tend to wear dark coloured tops and the yellow should show up nicely! I am trying to accent with yellow as I love it but it isn’t the best colour for me. Also I LOVE the bracelet!

  308. I appreciate that even when you go for a walk you do not look frumpy! Thank you for being such a good example of how to be a lady at all times. Should I be selected to win, I would like a black mask strap. Thank you.

  309. I think the mask strap is a great idea! If you’re out and about and can take your mask off safely, it’s right at hand when you need to put it back on to help keep others safe. As an 81 year old woman who still enjoys life, thank you for an always interesting blog. Nancy Laird

  310. What a lovely gesture to offer to your viewers! I love the chunky silver bracelet and the mask holder is brilliant! Perfect for teaching all day! I love the beige and will pass on to all my teacher friends! Always love your posts and your beautiful pulled together, yet comfortable look!

  311. I just love this bracelet and would be so happy to win one. Thank you so much for your inspirational posts. Dianne

  312. Hi Susan,

    Greetings from Massachusetts! Hope you are well!
    Thank you for offering the bracelet and mask strap giveaway. If I am lucky enough to win, would love the mask strap in pink to go with my new purple/pink framed glasses!

    Thank you, stay safe stay well . . . Julie Johnston

  313. I always enjoy your great photos and the bonus of a giveaway! I like the gray strap and the silver bracelet.

  314. Susan, I absolutely love the bracelet! I’ve looked at it many times in the pictures you post, so thank you for the opportunity to win one. Since being back at work, I now see the need for a mask strap…I cannot tell you how many times I’ve begun to leave my classroom after a virtual teaching session only to get to the door and have to turn sround to get my mask. Brilliant idea! Thanks for all you share with us!

  315. Hi Susan! Stumbled across your blog recently and absolutely love it and you!!! I will be 62 yrs old soon and have recently decided to let my natural silvers shine through! You are giving me inspiration to do it because your silvers are gorgeous! I also love your fashion, clothing tips….etc. You have great, classy, timeless style!
    All the best! Judi

  316. That bracelet is gorgeous, and the mask strap is such a great idea…I would opt for the beige strap so that it blends well with any outfit. Love your articles.

  317. Susan, I am a new subscriber and enjoying your posts. Seeing how you have transformed yourself with diet, and exercise is inspiring! Thanks for sharing the secrets to your success. The mask strap is an ingenious idea! I would love to win one in turquoise. Looking forward to reading your future posts!

  318. You inspire me so much. I love your blog. I’m 73 live in Fl. and trying to decide what I want to do with the rest of my life. I’m stuck. Too old to go back to work and don’t have the income to move into a place by myself. Your blog gives me hope. I’m so happy for you because I see a woman that is strong and outgoing. Please don’t stop the blog ever.

    1. What makes you forget the time? That must be the thing you are most passionate about, so put your energy into that. I’ve always said that if you do what you love, it never seems like work.

  319. I have been following you for quite a while and look forward to your posts. I think that you are a classy, elegant woman and I want to emulate your style. I love your and Mr. Mickey’s relationship and enjoy your posts about your date nights and travels. I would love to have one of the bracelets and a red mask strap. Stay safe, healthy and blessed.

  320. Hi! Newly moved to TN from WI and found you on Pinterest. Both your pictures and your lifestyle are uplifting and encouraging at this time in my life. Engaging and positive! Just what we all need now!

  321. Susan, your articles are always informative and a joy to read. The bracelet and mask strap are beautiful. Turquoise would be my mask strap choice.

  322. I would love to win the beautiful bracelet and a royal blue mask strap. Thank you for the opportunity. Sue Love

  323. Beautiful park. Looks different from the Founders Park in Islamorada FL in the Keys. I take a beach yoga class there when we visit every February . Would love a blue mask holder.

  324. Wow! That bracelet and mask strap would really add pizazz to my outfits and my spirit! It’s still so hot in Texas that I can’t get out much, and, as we approach six months of quarantine, I could really use a lift! The mask strap is genius and I really want it!
    Thanks, Susan, for brightening our daily lives.
    (I’m older than you, but wear much of the same styles and want to look cute when I go out!)

  325. Let’s walk!!
    The bracelet is gorgeous, and a medium brown mask chain would work well with my colors
    Enjoy your day, Susan. Always like reading your positive posts!

  326. The bracelet is beautiful! I would like the beige strap as it would match everything. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  327. Susan I look forward to your blog everyday. You have inspired me to dress nice everyday and not just if I am going out somewhere. I love your style and that chunky bracelet is gorgeous. If I win I would like the mask strap/glasses strap to be gray…. to match my recently natural colour. Thanks!!

  328. Love your blog! The masks straps are fantastic. My grandkids have some and at six years old ( twins) it’s a life saver for my son and daughter in law! I like the neutral one as it would go with everything! ❤️

  329. Would love a chance to win the bracelet and beige mask strap. So often I walk out of my office only to turn around because u have forgotten to put in my mask. The mask strap would be ideal. I get you in my email every day and read faithfully right after my daily prayer email . Glad you are past the Covid scare. No fun

  330. Love the bracelet. Great design. The mask strap is a wonderful idea. I don’t like them bunches up around my throat when I have it off.

  331. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures Susan. It’s good to see you looking so well. Hope you are feeling as well as you look. <3

  332. Good morning Susan. What a beautiful place to take a walk. I so miss all the greenery after moving to Arizona from the East Coast. And now with 112 plus degrees every day (hottest summer ever) in Arizona walking outside is totally out of the question. I have been making masks for my family and friends and have made several using very pretty gray fabrics, so I think the turquoise strap would work very well. Glad you are back to healthy. Thank you for all you do for us!

  333. I would love to win the bracelet. It’s a beautiful bracelet meant to be worn daily- just lovely. I would love a face strap in black. Thank you.

  334. I like the beige mask strap too. I look to see if you have things every single day, as I’m sure a lot of your other followers do to!

  335. The bracelet is gorgeous.. I could use some new jewelry to lift my mood during these difficult times. Also, I like the beige maskstrap! Thanks for your continued positive and uplifting emails and stay safe and well!

  336. Beautiful place to walk! I live in rural Arkansas but I don’t have a view this beautiful. Love the bracket and I have ordered the wishbone earrings. Love them also.

  337. How nice of you to do this giveaway! If I was picked I would enjoy the silver bracelet and beige strap. Thank you also for introducing us to these beautiful pieces.
    Lisa Corn

  338. Great casual outfit. Thank you for sharing pictures of your walks and drives. It is great to visit new places via your photos.

  339. Love the royal blue color! Thanks for thinking of us for the great giveaways. Favorite bracelet too!
    Always like your fashion ideas.

  340. I recently discovered your blog site and enjoy it so much that I have already recommended it to two of my friends.
    As a blonde with various colors of masks, I would like the black mask strap.

    Even though I never win in things like this, I appreciate the opportunity.

  341. Thank you for sharing your walking tour. What a lovely park.

    I love the bracelet. A beige strap would work for me.

  342. How lovely Susan! That bracelet is beautiful and I would love to be the owner of such a lovely piece! The mask strap in royal blue would be my choice! Thanks again for all you do and I hope you are well and back to normal.

  343. Susan, I too am a walker. The pictures from your walk in your community are beautiful. They may not be what I see, but I am reminded that we can each find beauty wherever we are. (Just like in people!)

  344. You’re walks are inspiring and I always enjoy you’re beautiful photos!!!
    I love the bracelet in gold… 8”
    Very classy looking.

  345. Susan, thank you so much for your blog and the content. It always gives me hope I will get to the point where I can go back to rehab and walk again. The devil seems to get in the details when I think I’m starting to improve. Give the items to someone who can wear and enjoy them outside in the world. With a lot of prayer you can overcome anything. Your blog is my glimpse back to a place I dearly love. Thanks for your willingness to share with your followers.

  346. Love the bracelet in silver and what a neat idea the mask strap is!! I’d love that in beige to coordinate with most outfits. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I love your very helpful posts!!

  347. I walk every morning with a friend and we both enjoy looking at the beautiful gardens we see along the way.

    The mask strap is such a clever way to keep the mask close by when needed.

  348. Love the bracelet. So unusual & updated.
    The neck strap is a fantastic idea. Now I won’t need to search for my mask.

  349. The mask holder is genius and beautiful!
    Thank you Susan for always sharing the best with us. I appreciate your posts.

  350. Love this bracelet and what a clever idea for the mask straps. Thanks for sharing and thanks Suzanne for the giveaway.

  351. Grateful you are feeling well enough to go on longer walks. Thank you for the encouragement. The chunky silver bracelet and the blue mask strap would be my choices. Thank you for this

  352. Hi. I have been reading your blog for, I’d say, 6 months. It is so enjoyable and informative. I am 61 years old and no one has sat by my side and explained clothing/makeup to me. No one. You have given me the confidence I needed to change many of my ways. Ever if I don’t win – thank you.

  353. What a welcome give-away. I actually saw a news reporter , recently, with one of the mask straps. It intrigued me an now I understand it. Great idea, especially when stopping for a meal away from home. I really like the beige one

  354. The mask strap is such a brilliant idea! It is one less thing to hold in your hand and keeps the mask handy. I would love to have it in beige. I just received my four mask set from Shop My Fair Lady and I love them. Thank you so much for scouting such wonderful finds for your readers! I certainly appreciate your passion, knowledge, and willingness to share. You enrich my life!

  355. Susan — so enjoy your posts. Glad you are feeling better. Love the bracelet & royal blue mask strap.

    Gave my mother one of your silk scarves for her birthday. Huge hit!!!


  356. Hi Susan, what a great idea for a mask strap. Much better then pulling my mask in & out of a zip lock bag, in my purse.I notice you wear the sliver bracelet a lot, very pretty & versatile. The black mask strap & silver bracelet, would be much appreciated.
    Thanks again,

  357. I love the mask strap! How inventive. The bracelet is beautiful as well. Thank you for your inspiring posts.

  358. Who wouldn’t want that beautiful bracelet!

    Like Susan , I have a wardrobe of masks that I like to coordinate with my outfits. These mask straps are brilliante!!.
    What a great way to keep the mask handy and clean.

    I would be proud to wear any color of that mask strap but I guess if I had to choose it would be pink.

    Thank you so much for all of the fashionable inspirations.

  359. Susan, I am new to your blog and LOVE it.. My husband and I used to visit Tennessee often in previous years and have many fond memories of our visits there. I love your style and your helpful comments . I am 80 years young and still enjoy good fashion and learning about interesting parts of the country. So much beauty!

  360. Wow!! Love love love the pictures of your walk in the park!. I’d love to have a park like that one nearby to walk. Love your blog! Thanks for all the links.

  361. Thank you for the opportunity to receive the bracelet and beige mask strap such great ideas and design. Appreciate all that you contribute to us Susan ❤️

  362. Walking is my favorite form of exercise too! I listen to audiobooks or podcasts while getting in healthy movement.
    I would choose a pink mask strap because I just found out my breast cancer is back.

  363. I would love to win something new and something that shines. In addition to Corona keeping me locked up at home, I have now broken my foot and am confined to the sofa. (12 weeks total) I need some cheering up.
    Rozanne, a fan of your style

  364. I very much enjoy your jewelry collection and recommendations. I plan to get a pearl lariat necklace that you featured. Thank you for the giveaway. If selected I would select the grey colored strap. Enjoy those walks!

  365. The mask strap is a brilliant idea. Even if I’m not selected a winner, the idea is certainly a “winning” one and I will be looking at purchasing one for myself. If I’m in public, my mask is either dangling from one of my ears (when social distancing isn’t a problem) or in my hand ready to don when heading into public places.

    The chunky link bracelet is gorgeous and would look great on any wrist. The jewellery that you feature is always tasteful and your blog is one of my favorites!

  366. I really enjoy your blog with help being stylish without being a slave to fashion all the time! Your jewelry is always classy and the mask strap is genius! I think I would like the black strap, please.
    Thank you again!!

  367. I really enjoy your blog with help being stylish without being a slave to fashion all the time! Your jewelry is always classy and the mask strap is genius! Black is my choice.
    Thank you!

  368. WOW a jeweled mask strap is a fabulous idea.. My choice of color is navy blue. Susan, I am go glad that you are back to good health and thank you for sharing that journey with us….. inspirational!!

    Sharon Burkhardt

  369. So thankful for your uplifting blog showing us how to still have style and grace in this chaotic time. Love both the bracelet and mask straps!

  370. What a lovely place to walk!

    I’ve long admired that bracelet. I think the gray strap would be perfect.

    Thank you for such an awesome giveaway!

  371. In these crazy times, your blog is a breath of fresh air. It’s very calming. I’d love to have a chance to win the bracelet. I’ve been wanting to purchase it for awhile, but I’ve put myself on a “spending diet” lately. The mask strap is a wonderful idea — I’d love one in gray. Blessings and Peace. Sunny

  372. Hi Susan, just love the bracelet and the mask strap in royal blue (my favorite color !) is genius! So glad you are feeling better. Thank you and be well

  373. Really enjoy reading your posts. I immediately understood why you DON’T use Facebook anymore. I’ve been off for about 8 years now and don’t regret it at all. Who needs the worry and bad posts. I like the links to similar products at all price points. The bracelet is beautiful and I would LOVE a total blue mask strap. So glad you have recovered from your illness. Have a blessed weekend.

  374. Hi Susan, Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. You inspire so many of us to live healthier and happier lives. Your park is beautiful. I would walk there often if I lived there. I would love the mask straps in royal blue.

  375. What a beautiful park for your walk and that really is the best idea…sunscreen and no makeup while getting healthy too. Nothing like fresh air to lift spirits and evaluate things.
    Would love to have a chance for that bracelet.(and a blue mask strap, that I find very interesting and unique) I am tall, almost 6 ft and the delicate bracelets tend to get lost on me. Actually glad that there is now a trend for combining several.

  376. Happy Saturday Susan,

    So thankful you are on the road to recovery. I would love to be entered into the drawing for the Chunky Big Link Bracelet and mask strap in beige.


  377. Suzanne is a lovely young lady…and creates lovely jewelry. Your walk was beautiful! Nothing like green grass and flowers to wake up the soul. Thank you, Susan for the photos.

  378. The bracelet is stunning and the mask strap is an awesome idea! I love the royal blue. Thank you for your blog.

  379. You live in a beautiful community. I can see why walking is your favorite form of exercise. The mask straps are genius!! And the bracelet is gorgeous! Have a good weekend!

  380. How kind and thoughtful of you and your friends to share the beautiful bracelet and mask necklace with us. Thank you!

  381. ‘Thank you Susan and Suzanne for the chance of winning these lovely gifts. It’s such a nice bonus to the blogs I enjoy so much. I am partial to the beige but will happily enjoy anything I am sent. Fingers crossed! 🙂

  382. What a lovely park for your morning walk! I would love to be lucky enough to win the bracelet. The mask holder is a great idea! A lavender one would be perfect. And I hope you are having a wonderful weekend too!

  383. The bracelet is so pretty and I love the mask strap in the beige! What a wonderful way to add a little fun to the masks!

  384. You have a lovely friend in Suzanne. She looks like a pretty and happy friend. I would love either color of mask guard and I’ve been admiring that bracelet from afar for many years. Thanks so much!

  385. Beautiful photos.
    Please enter me for the chance to win bracelet and /or
    Grey face mask strap.
    Such a great idea.

  386. Love the bracelet and black mask strap …what a great idea! Thanks for your posts and the giveaway. I, too, had Covid a little over a month ago. Mine wasn’t nearly as serious as yours, but I’m thankful to be well and out and about a little again.

  387. Afternoon! The bracelet is stunning and I was just telling someone that I should devise a way to use an eyeglass strap on a mask! Great minds! Happy to still see your posts on your blog.

  388. The mask strap is a great idea. I’d never seen one before. Beige would be my color of choice. Fingers crossed today is my lucky day.

  389. I love your photography. It is so nice to see beautiful pictures of nature while we are all mostly housebound due to the pandemic. Your classic elegant style has always been my wardrobe of choice. At 80 years old I’m still pursuing that style. Would love to be the recipient of the bracelet and would choose a beige mask strap.

  390. Hi Susan,

    I started following your blog about six months ago and can’t wait to receive your email each day. You are an inspiration to me as I navigate my way through my sixties. I find your style to be simple yet so elegant. And, I also find it very helpful that you provide links to items similar to what you wear in your photos. Have you always had a flair for fashion? Or have you learned some lessons along the way?

    Keep up the great work you’re doing. You have a big fan in Cincinnati!

    All the best to you,


    1. I’ve always been a fan of making the most of a small investment in basic clothing items. When I was in high school, I bought my school clothes with babysitting money, so I learned to buy things I could wear in several different ways.

  391. Love your simple classic style….I have begun the process of culling my clothes to emulate your style! I would like the beige strap color….and LOVE the bracelet.

  392. I’ve just recently found your blog. I am in my early 50’s but am looking to you for a great example of how to look good while navigating the adventure of aging. That beige mask strap is very pretty and would be my choice if I were to win the giveaway.

  393. I wrote a comment this morning. I’m sure. But I must have put it on the wrong blog. But I don’t see it now. Nevertheless, I love the pictures of the park. Great choices to capture on camera. I’d love to be near a park to walk like they one. Just lovely. Look forward to your blogs and thank you for the links.

  394. I love all the silver jewelry you show in your blog and I would wear the 8” bracelet with pride. The mask strap is the best idea I have seen. I live in the Nashville area where mask are required and it is still so hard for me to remember. I find myself going back to my car often for my forgotten mask. If I am the lucky winner I’d like it in beige. Thanks! I truly enjoy reading your blog.

  395. The mask strap is practical and cute. I am not a health care worker, but I will be 70 soon and help my 92 year old Mom with errands and medical appointments. We are both at risk and are conscientious about wearing our masks. The strap would be so helpful when I am on the go. A black strap would go with my masks. The bracelet is totally crave worthy and I have been admiring it ever since you acquired it. I would be thrilled to win it!

  396. Conheci o seu blog há pouco tempo, gostei muito! Você tem muito bom gosto! Gostaria de ser sorteada. Saúde! Parabéns e continue!

  397. While older than you, my mid 70’s have arrived, so much of your style is timeless. Love learning and applying. Would love the bracelet. Love the pictures of your walks. Thanks for sharing your knowledge

  398. Hi Susan, love your blog. Thank you for sharing your life with us. What a beautiful bracelet to be giving away to one of us who would enjoy wearing it. Beige in color would be great. Thank you!

  399. I enjoy the pictures you posted! They give me a lift. What a clever idea for masks! I would love to win a mask strap in lavender! I love the big chunky link bracelet too! I would love to win it in silver! Thank you

  400. Beige strap.
    I so enjoy your blog. We are built alike so your tips have been life changing and money saving in selecting basics for my wardrobe as well as my jewelry. I was sorry to see your clothing lines go but love the HERE links to similar stuff. You have made entering my 60s fun.

  401. Susan I look forward to each of your posts. The mask strap would be an amazing help especially while I’m at work. I would love the navy.

  402. Thanks for the great posts, always enjoy your fashion posts but also the travel pictures, even if it’s near or far from your home. Never thought I would enjoy being an armchair traveller, but this virus has made most of us travel this way! I would enjoy the navy mask strap, thank you!

  403. Please enter me in the give away. I would like the gray mask mask strap. The bracelet is beautiful. I enjoy your blog and am happy to see that you are feeling well and back to good health.

    Loree Watson

  404. I have discovered Suzanne’s lovely jewelry here recently, purchased several pieces, and love it. I was just thinking I need a mask holder that coordinate with my necklaces. I’d love to win a tan one.

  405. The chunky bracelet would be an elegant accessory on anyone’s arm—especially MINE! (Pick me Susan!)
    And the mask strap idea is innovative; I’ve not seen that before! Perfect solution for keeping tabs on your mask! And I love the royal blue…and your blog.
    The best to you!

  406. What a beautiful place to take your morning walk. I enjoy walking as well and love to walk by our beautiful river. It is fun to walk different places to get a change of scenery. Thank you for offering a give-away. If chosen, I would like the mask strap in beige. Glad you are getting better with each day!

  407. HI Susan, It’s so nice of you to have a give away. I love the silver bracelet. It’s classic and modern at the same time.

  408. Great walking site! I enjoy walking by our beautiful river. Thank you for offering a nice give-away. If I were chosen I would like the beige strap for the mask. Thank you.

  409. The bracelet is beautiful and who knew that a mask strap would be something we all would want! Thanks for sharing.

  410. I absolutely love that bracelet! Winning it would make my day. Beige would be my choice for a mask strap.

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  412. Hi Susan…Thanks for sharing your photos. I can easily see why you would choose to walk at Founders Park. What lovely views. A bracelet is the one accessory I seldom go without. I would cherish having one of your choosing to add to my collection. The mask strap is certainly a fabulous, practical piece in today’s world. Thanks for the opportunity to be included in your drawing. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Enjoy life.

  413. I love your blogs. They are so motivational. This one inspires me to start walking. The photos of the landscape are beautiful. Please enter me in the drawing of the bracelet and neckstrap in black. Thank you and stay safe.

  414. Love, love, love your blog! I’m entering to win the bracelet and face mask strap in navy1

    P.S. I live in Phx, AZ and would love suggestions for clothing to wear in the desert. We’ve had the hottest summer on record this year!

  415. I look forward to reading each of your blog posts and have fine tuned my wardrobe with your advice….Your travels with Mr Mickey have taken me places that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise….I miss the road trips….Thank you for the opportunity to win the bracelet and the mask strap….The beige mask strap would work perfectly with my soon to be turning 70 year old complexion…..Stay safe….Thanks again

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    Thank you.

  417. Can you please tell me where you got your white hat? I had a similar one and loved it, but now I need a new one.

  418. Hi Susan. I am 70 and live in Oregon and always enjoy your posts and the helpful information you post. Glad to see you’ve recovered from the bout of pneumonia.

    My current companion is a dappled dachshund and we walk 2-3 times per day. Wonderful exercise.

    I love the bracelet and will take the stap in beige.

  419. I love the bracelet. I wear so much silver jewelry and the beautiful silver chunky bracelet is one that can be worn almost daily, either by itself or stacked with other bracelets.
    I have never seen a mask strap. What an awesome idea and the royal blue one is beautiful!!!
    How sweet of you and Suzanne to bless a reader with these gorgeous creations!!! Thank you from whoever is the lucky winner.

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    Thanks for the fun contest. I am so glad to see you are recovering from that dreadful COVID experience.

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    Thanks for the tips and links. Also, thanks for the walk through the park. What a lovely place to escape.

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  429. Susan, absolutely love your site! Delighted I came upon it. Hoping you are feeling stronger every day, great to see you posting again!

    If I were to be the winner of the mask strap (and what a fabulous idea), I would choose the blue.

    Take care.

  430. Hi Susan

    I find your blog inspiring for women of a certain age, as the French say “d’un certain âge”, who enjoy being themselves and open to new ideas. There’s no better day than today, a new start.

    Thanks for keeping us motivated to be our best.


  431. Love the blog! Love your ideas and especially the mask holder and bracelet will go nicely with some of my ensembles!