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The dark clouds are evidence that we didn’t have a sunny day for the summer season’s traditional start. There were no backyard cookouts or pool parties this year. A quiet afternoon at my home with wine and cheese was on the list.

I’ve started carrying a leather zipper pouch that fits inside my tote when I run errands. It holds keys, a small cardholder, tissues, and glasses and prevents me from carrying a handbag or tote into stores for now. I tuck it under my arm for almost hands-free shopping. A similar pouch is here.

I wore a pearl lariat necklace here and pearl stud earrings (similar here). A similar ring is here. A similar bracelet is here. (Use the code SAS10 at Beauty In Stone for $10 off any item)

The sandals are from Dillard’s last year. I found a similar pair here.

A variety of olives, French Camembert cheese, warmed just enough to make it soft, a bottle of Malbec from Argentina, and a loaf of warm Focaccia bread makes a lovely light meal.

In honor of the day, I served a traditional American dessert, apple pie topped with Madagascan Vanilla Bean Gelato. I picked up all the items for our meal at The Fresh Market earlier in the day.

This very comfortable lounging at home look included a skirt, which is on sale now (here). My cotton tee is several years old. I much prefer the top here with this skirt.

  1. I love this look on you. So simple, coordinated but classy. A picture I will copy for my records to wear.
    Thank you again for all your helpful hints, both in fashion as well as foods….

    Clara from Iowa

  2. Lately I have been having trouble attaching some of your photos to my Pinterest board. It tells me “sorry, but there is a problem on our end”. I have not had that message come up with any other items that I may want to pin to any of my boards. I was hoping the message would eventually go away but hasn’t.
    Your outfits and tips are so inspiring that I would love to keep them where I can refer to them at a moment’s notice.
    Just wondering if anyone else has this problem

  3. Love the maxi skirt outfit, looks cool and elegant! A great look for summer and one that I favour, with a well chosen top, even though I am 5’2”.

  4. Oh my gosh, I got my first 3 pairs of Sheec Socks yesterday, and I love them. I’m so glad you told us about them. I’m going back for more! Thanks, love your outfit today!

  5. I’ve got the same skirt and wear it often…perfect for a whole day outfit. Running errands, lounging at home,date night,etc.
    I love the jewelry you’ve chosen for this outfit, classically beautiful. How do you store all your jewelry and accessories to make pairing with outfits easier? I find that I am wearing the same pieces, too often ignoring the jewelry that might be a better choice.

  6. Wow! I love how you can put together outfits that look amazingly stylish, with everyday things we likely already have in our closets. The Lariat pearl necklace is stunning on you and really pulls your outfit together. And your meal looks so delicious. Thank you for sharing your Memorial Day with us, Susan.

    I’m also going to start carrying a smaller pouch inside my handbag. It’s a wonderful idea! Thank you again.

  7. I can never see any videos. The only video I see is the capsule wardrobe packing one. Please let me know, what am I supposed to do.

  8. I don’t usually comment, but I just wanted you to know that I look forward to your posts. I have gotten many good ideas for outfits (I have found things in my closet that I had forgotten all about until I saw you wear something similar and style it in a really great way). I also truly enjoy just reading about how you spend your time. The wine and cheese “meal” sounds perfect. Keep posting!

  9. I love this look! Had I not read that this was an entertaining at home post, I would’ve thought you were in one of the fine restaurants you’ve posted about in the past. I continue to enjoy your posts and they are especially appreciated during this time of “staying home”. Some of the restaurants in my area have begun to reopen and we’ve ventured out a few times.

  10. Great idea for a light meal. I think I can hear soft violin music in the background!!! Your ideas and creativity inspire me. Thank you for embracing loveliness and elegance, and sharing it with all of us.
    Always the best to you & Mr. M.

  11. How do I buy Beauty Counter (Countertime) products so that you will get credit for it. You mention clicking on a link, so far I haven’t seen the link you are talking about???

    1. Whenever you see highlighted words in my text, it is a live link. When you click on it and wait for the new site to open, you will be able to make the purchase, and I will get credit. Thank you!

  12. Lovely day at home! I love the long skirt, it’s very chic! Blue skies are ahead for all of us!

  13. Hi Susan, I tried to use your suggested coupon code to order the skirt but they would not accept it. (I tried twice.)
    They captured my email from a previous purchase (suggested by you) so this may be the reason.
    I tried to use their chat session to contact them when I purchased but, while the chat box came up, there
    was no place for me to start the conversation. (Tried that several times.)

    I’ve had trouble with giving you credit for my purchases, not only here but with BeautyCounter as well. I go the
    extra mile (and endure the frustration) so that you can get credit. It irks me that it’s made so hard to do this.
    I would not have purchased these products were it not for you – you are helping drive their sales.

    If you want to “duke it out” with them, be my guest.
    This Chico’s sale for the skirt (which looks great on you, by the way!) was purchased today.
    Bloggers are great “influences” and should be given credit.

    Not sure I can pull off the look with my 5’2″ height but the skirt looks very fun and comfortable. Anything cut on
    the bias is almost always flattering but if the length doesn’t work for me, I could always cut it shorter (if there’s enough flair at whatever length I choose). I often have to hem my clothes, anyway.

    Keep helping us “older” women looking our best.

  14. Always looking good. I carry a Coach Messanger bag crossing my shoulder or you can carry on one shoulder. It’s hands-free and less likely to put it down on a store counter. A pouch fits inside for cards, etc. and so does a Coach wristlet.
    I enjoy reading your posts and seeing your wardrobe. It makes us all feel better on these days and brightens the picture to see how others manage their days in our new world.

  15. Thank you for sharing your fashion and entertainment style. I have been following your elegant fashion tips and now plan entertain following your elegant entertainment suggestion of of imported wine, gourmet cheese ,olives , warm Focaccia bread and a sweet.

  16. Susan,
    You ALWAYS manage to make casual look elegant.
    Thanks for showing us how to put it all together. When we finally get out, we will look so savvy!

  17. I have found long skirts quite impractical in my windy location, where they have the effect of becoming sails. Yours is nice. Here, they fly up as and hit me in the face, so I’ll take a pass. Wide-leg pants are my alternate choice.

  18. Question please. I have a bright red purse that I love. Matching shoes ( flats) or neutral. ? I am 79 ( can’t believe it!) I don’t want to look like mutton dressed up as lamb!

  19. You are such a beautiful woman Susan! What a great outfit and great colors!
    A toned down look, but you give it class!

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