A Week of Looks

I recreated some of my everyday looks from the past few days to give you ideas for casual fall outfits. As always, these pieces are not new, so I will try to find something similar to share in a link. You may already have some of these items in your closet since they are all classic basics.

Knit SweaterWhite JeansSuede BootiesBagScarfNo-Show Socks

I rarely buy cotton knit sweaters, but this one has a V-neck and is dark navy, so it is suitable for the sunny days when I wear white jeans. The colors in the scarf bring all of the elements together in a cohesive way.

CardiganTeeJeansBagShoesWatchNo-Show Socks

An open cardigan is easy to style, and the burgundy color complements every pair of jeans I own. The animal print loafers are great for fall. To keep this look from becoming too busy, I added the black crossbody bag and a watch with a black band.

JacketTeeJeansBootsBagScarfNo-Show Socks

I wore the white on white with a denim jacket to the grocery store on a sunny afternoon with temperatures in the sixties.

VestTeeJeansSneakersBagNo-Show Socks

I am a huge fan of vests and wear one almost every day during cool weather. A long-sleeved tee, jeans, sneakers, and a vest are perfect for relaxing or working at home, going for a walk, or a quick trip to the Post Office. I often wear a vest as one of the layers under a coat when the weather gets colder.

VestTeeJeansSneakersToteNo-Show Socks

The tote bag is the one I bought at a consignment store last year. I have the same vest above in several colors. It is so warm and cozy!

ShirtJeansLoafersBagNo-Show Socks

I enjoy wearing a durable denim shirt when I am cooking or doing housework. They are comfortable and acceptable if I need to go back to the grocery store for a forgotten ingredient or answer the door.


The look above is my exercise uniform. I am wearing hiking socks since I just returned from a four-mile walk in the neighborhood. I almost always wear a hat to keep the sun and my hair off my face. The same type of look is also what I wear to work in my flower gardens.

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  1. Love all thee looks, as I am retired and love casual but stylish outfits. Have everything to recreate most of these looks. Thanks for the suggestions.

  2. Love the last picture with the gray vest! I have all of those pieces but never thought of putting them together!

  3. I love it when you put the photos side by side. I have a folder of your outfits on my desktop. I love looking at them for inspiration. Thank you.

  4. I love wearing my vests like you, it adds a third layer to my outfits
    and they are comfortable to wear it in my home
    my cardigans replace blazers for me now too
    thank you for sharing

  5. I’m impressed that none of these outfits, particularly things you wear around the house or for a walk, contain work-out pants! I don’s stay in PJs all day but I am usually in something soft and either stretchy or loose (top & bottom) when I am not going out! I do wear slip on flats as I am no longer comfortable barefoot on hard floor surfaces. Oh, and for those who haven’t tried Sheec socks/liners or Shapeez bras–just do it. Took those recommendations from Susan and there is no going back!

    1. Thank you, Jacki. When I walk, I carry mace, my phone, keys, tissues, and sunglasses, so I miss the pockets when wearing leggings. I also feel as if I have forgotten my pants.

  6. I love all your looks as usual Susan! My favorites are 2, 4, 6 🙂
    I’m a more casual type personal and these are my choice styles for the day to day 🙂
    Autumn is my favorite season of the year!Thanks for sharing!

  7. I absolutely loved the three pictures with you in white jeans. Keeping them for my photo album to remind me of those looks. I would look twice if I saw you walking down the street in any one of those three outfits. Casual but “put together well”.
    Clara from Iowa

  8. A million thanks for this post! I would feel put together and comfortable in every outfit. Did you size down for the fleece vest as recommended on their website? Thanks

  9. Thank you so much Susan for showing us a week’s worth of outfits. You have given us some great wardrobe ideas. I love how you pull each look together with your amazing eye for the correct accessories.

  10. Do you find that some platform shoes, like the sneakers, aren’t flexible for walking? Love the look of them but feel like I’m clomping as I walk! Also need the arch support that a flat platform doesn’t always have.

  11. I love your style! You have great color schemes and always look put together. I’m spending the winter in Florida and wonder if you have suggestions for how to dress in extremely hot weather. Thanks !

    1. Look back over my summer attire to see how I dress in hot weather. I find that loose-fitting, lightweight dresses are the coolest items to wear. Instead of bright colors or white dresses, you may find that light-colored neutrals such as blue, pale gray, or coral feel more appropriate for the winter months.

  12. The hat! I keep looking for something similar, but can only find floppy. Where can I find a hat like that? I have saved all of your posts for many years..
    Thank you. MARY

  13. Thank you Susan; always enjoy your thoughtful posts. I’ve learned so much from you and am now a huge fan of Covered Perfectly tops….and panicked when I thought they were going out of business. I was so happy when you had posted they were bought by someone who will carry on.
    I also enjoy your photos from your outings with Mr. Mickey, they always look so enjoyable!

  14. I have enjoyed your posts from travel to outfits to recipes! The one thing I can not do and wonder how you change purses everyday. I end up so disorganized and always missing essentials!


    1. I store items in small different colored zippered pouches. I don’t need to take everything with me most of the time, so I grab only the pouch I need for short trips to the grocery store, etc.

  15. You look great Susan. I wanted to take a minute and tell you how much I appreciate you and your style inspiration. Often I copy your ideas and mostly from my closet. Your commitment to look your best and your approachable classic look is my goal. Thank you for setting the bar.

  16. Thank you for being real about what you wear as you go about your day. All of these outfits are good for doing daily chores and running errands. The key is you look put together while accomplishing those tasks. Always an inspiration for upping my game!

  17. Thank you for reminding me about vests being so comfortable. I love them, but really wanted a red one … ordered one from Macy’s just now, thanks to your recommendation! I also ordered a long cardigan which will feel so wonderful this Winter. Your outfits are so similar to what I prefer, and that red vest really fits the bill. Keep up the good work, Susan.

  18. I have learned great fashion tips from you! Can’t believe the image difference a v-neck versus a crew neck can make. I could never understand why wearing crew necks just didn’t look quite right! Thanks!
    The air horn is a very good idea, wherever you go (mace/pepper spray isn’t legal in many places).
    We have bear, badger, coyotes and wolves on the mountain property where we share our home with nature.
    None of those have ever bothered us and we see them frequently when hiking our land. We know their habits and pose no threat to their young or their food. They are most delightful neighbors.
    Cougar, too, are here. But, they have different habits from other wildlife and are bolder around us. The air horn is the best tool for alerting them that we aren’t interested in their company on our walks!
    Great for getting human attention if you are in trouble.

  19. Susan, how can I wear my white or cream jeans in Northern climate winter weather without looking like a giant snowball? The weight of the denim is fine, but melted snow and slush if grey and then there are the number of layers I need to keep warm. I love what you do with your clothes, but MSP is on the 45th parallel and winter lasts forever.

  20. Love the varied fashion ideas! I’m built similar to you, but shorter! Bigger up too and small on bottom and legs! What size did you order in the Harrington denim shirt from Amazon ?
    Thx! Enjoy your ideas!

  21. Susan-
    A couple of years ago you featured Cole Han pointy toe loafers that you purchased in black, navy and taupe. I purchased all 3 as well and found that due to my hammer toe they are too tight in the toe box. I noticed this year you had purchased the Sam Edelman Lorraine loafers and the toe box doesn’t look as pointy. I love the look of the Cole Han as they are very classic but they hurt my feet. Can you comment one which shoe you prefer?
    Thanks, I love today’s post with the side by side comparison.

  22. I noticed more conversation about shoes and comfort, that is my problem. I just ordered the padded Sockshion from Sheec which says it is for high heels. I don’t have any high heels now but am finding my once comfortable flat shoes hurting my feet more and more. I’m hoping to wear this sockshion under the Active x high cut sock for loafers. After I placed the order I thought it may end up being too thick in a flat shoe?? I wanted to ask if anyone has tried anything similar.
    I wear good walking shoes and thicker socks but have about worn my feet and bones out from so much walking over the years. It has been my routine nearly all my life but I am feeling it in my bones more often. I have to wear an arch support insole in all my shoes also, even house shoes. My steps have dropped to between 7,500 and 5,000 because of pain mostly on the ball of my foot. Has anyone tried anything worth sharing for dress loafers? I have bought many styles and good brands and after wearing they all cause the same pain. I only thought of the sockshion pad when I looked on Susan’s site today. I have been wearing the wonderful Sheec for a good while thanks to Susan.
    Now my feet in dress shoes feel like walking on bones with no padding. Appreciate Susan’s or anyone’s tips or experience. Thank you.

  23. I love your blog. You prove that we older gals can still look stylish. I stay away from white though. I’m such a slob. Keep it up

  24. Hi Susan,

    Greetings from Massachusetts!!! Just want to take a quick moment to thank you for your Week of Looks and all the great information provided as well as the multitude of casual looks that can be easily pulled together.

    Thank you for sharing!
    Julie Johnston

  25. Kathy (with the painful feet): get thee to a good orthopedist or podiatrist. You might have a neuroma that is contributing to your pain. I have had these in both feet and the surgery to remove them was a 100% cure.
    As Susan says, the soles of our feet lose padding (fat & muscle) as we age.
    Custom orthotics can help, too, designed to the type of shoes you wear the most (and, can have extra padding added).
    Silicone ball-of-foot pads offer excellent padding, exactly where you need it. They have an adhesive side that “sticks” to your foot. But, the pads easily come off at the end of your day. A quick rinse cleans them & renews the adhesive, ready to wear again!

  26. Hi Susan, I copied your look yesterday and wore my new olive jeans with a denim shirt half tucked in the front. I threw a moto jacket on and went about my day feeling stylish and confident. Thank you for the suggestion; so simple yet I hadn’t thought of wearing the two together. I thoroughly enjoy your blog; thank you for continuing to share your days with us. -Nancy

  27. Leslie, thanks for your suggestion and advice. I need to follow it! I was diagnosed with Hallux Rigidus a few years ago by Podiatrist and it actually improved and has nearly disappeared with care. I have even wondered if it was misdiagnosed. At that time I was x-rayed and no other problems appeared but that has been awhile and neuroma could be a possibility. I am investigating the silicone ball of foot pads you recommended.
    Thanks again,

  28. How refreshing to encourage us to “shop our closet”! I know I already have a number of things that can be combined in different ways with other things and still look current. Thank you!

  29. Susan, I love the fleece vest idea – does not add bulk. You always look like a million bucks!! I have a question – when you visited Savannah, at what bed and breakfast did you stay? I am planning a trip for late April. Thank you.

  30. Thanks for the simple, but classy casual outfits. In Central Texas I wear a jean jacket and an olive green lightweight hip length jacket. It has a drawstring to cinch in the waist a bit and pockets. Most casual jackets are too boxy for me, as are vests, and I’m finding long sweaters don’t hang well. It’s a challenge when your figure changes. I’m taking into account your advice on shoes that have two piece construction and some support and no more ballet flats. Loving the beautiful and vibrant trees along the Blue Ridge in your previous posts.

  31. Dearest Susan, I love you and Mr Mickey! When I first started following you, I thought that with all the problems in the world, so much concern about the shape of our heels or the location of our “girls” was a bit frivolous. But I paid attention, bought a few new clothes and cosmetics and debuted the new me at a small supportive social group and a family dinner. I was extremely surprised and touched by all the compliments and attention I received.

    I blow dried my silver hair, wore very light makeup, such as you describe wearing at home, and my outfit was casual as you are showcasing in this post.

    So, I wore my medium dark Talbots crop jeans, a dark blue long sleeved blouse – old, probably from Wal-Mart and a red white and blue patterned jacket in the style of a jeans jacket which I bought on eBay! I tucked the blouse in, and wore a very narrow red belt(great sale at Macy’s) and small, red bead earrings with that sort of fish hook attachment. Shoes were Bob’s by Sketchers, navy with a little embellishment. I’ve had the shoes for a while. The most expensive item was my purse, a cognac leather Fossil brand cross body which I bought a while back at Macy’s. A lot of words to describe a pretty simple outfit. The jacket was the statement piece.

    I love my little red white and blue jacket. I wear a lot of red and blue, so for me it will be versatile. However, I have gotten a couple other patterned items that I now see won’t be so useful. So, heed Susan’s words about busy patterns.

    I had to laugh over the post about looking like a big snowman in the white jeans jacket. I got one, too. I tried it on and all I could see was a huge marshmallow with my head on it. I was expecting to look like Susan! My regular jeans jacket is great.

  32. Susan I visit your website occasionally and decided I needed a refresher course. My style is more informal than yours but now that I’m retired as well I’ve found we have some of the same things in common. In the last year I’ve lost 35 pounds and am determined to keep it off this time. Emphasis on this time! I just finished a major overhaul of my closet and realized that I had so many things that just didn’t look/feel right any more. I’m trying to be more selective in what I buy and really think through my purchases. I struggle between being boring and wearing the basics, and being flashy, which I’m not! How do I strike a happy medium? If it helps my favorite store used to be Chicos. I still love their things but my style now tends to be more casual and comfortable. I am shopping now almost exclusively at jJill.

  33. Like Kathy, I have lost weight over the last year. I started a plant based diet in Sept 2020 and have lost 28 pounds. The weight loss was the genesis of my renewed interest in clothes. I am also a bit unsure of exactly what my look should be.

    So, today I tried styling an expensive blouse that I bought from llbean quite a long time ago and never managed to make work for me. The blouse is a conservative dark plaid. It is a woman’s size and and at 5 feet nothing, I need a petite. I tried half-tucking which was only ok. I thought about your red vest which I love on you and probably would like on me. I went to look at the petite vest you recommended and can you believe that very vest was on sale for $9.95 on Macys Black Friday sale? I’m sure you can believe they didn’t have it in my size. I went back to my mirror and tried to figure out what to do. The garment is so long on me that it looks like a tunic and the narrow part where my waist is supposed to be is way too low and hangs up on my bottom and hips. What worked is belting the blouse loosely and blousing it a little over the belt. I think yo did that with a denim dress. I had on my black jeggings and the blouse has a black background and suddenly the proportions were just right! I was so excited. Then I noticed the 8 white buttons marching down my front… I ordered some nice pewter buttons on eBay with which to replace the white buttons. And my jeans jacket and my red longish sweater both work with the outfit. I feel like I solved a puzzle. Plus, now I know what to do with any too long tunics that cross my path. Of course, the buckle on my belt is gold. Can’t have everything.

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