The Retirement Party

It was an honor to help Mr. Mickey celebrate a new chapter in his life. After more than forty-four years of owning his industrial supply company (the last of many businesses he has owned), he visited his warehouse one last time to turn over the keys to the new owner.

One of Mr. Mickey’s favorite combinations for me to wear is a blue top with white pants. The pants are from Liverpool Jeans a couple of summers ago. The top is also a couple of years old, as are the shoes, so I’ll link to similar items that are still available.

TopPantsShoesBangle BraceletLink BraceletBold BraceletWatchEarringsRing

He is looking forward to tossing that walker aside soon.

It was a bittersweet moment when Mr. Mickey handed over the keys to his last building to the new owner, John Speropulos.

During a non-pandemic time, there would have been a big party with two hundred of his closest friends to celebrate this momentous occasion. We made the most of the situation.

Later in the evening, he arrived at my home for celebratory French Champagne and sliced warm baguette. I also served sharp cheddar cheese, Stilton cheese, hummus, apple butter, fig and walnut jam, and olives. Dessert to go with our last glasses of champagne included chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Congratulations, Mr. Mickey! I hope you enjoy your life of leisure. You have certainly earned it.

  1. I agree with Mr Mickey Susan, the blue and white is a fabulous combination for you.

    Congratulations to you Mr Mickey and I wish you, and Susan, a wonderful shared retirement full of health, happiness and shared adventures xx

  2. Congratulations, Mr Mickey, and welcome to another great chapter in your life. Best wishes from Australia xx

  3. Congrats to Mr. Mickey! Praying this pandemic is over soon and you and he get to travel and enjoy doing all the things you want to do!

  4. Congratulations Mr Mickey !
    Best wishes for a long and happy retirement !
    Susan as ever you look fabulous and that was a nice lockdown party
    Enjoy a nice week-end
    Kindest regards from

  5. Congratulations and Happy Retirement to you Mickey. I hope you enjoy your leisure days and maybe soon have a big party!

  6. Congratulations to Mr. Mickey! I retired from teaching 3 years ago after 42 years in the classroom and have never been more busy. Life is great and it’s great being able to do some things I want to do. Good luck and God bless. It looks like the celebration was great that you planned, Susan.

  7. Congratulations to Mr. Mickey–a lovely gent with great taste! Your spread looked delicious. Yes you do look fabulous in cobalt and white. I love that Clara Sunwoo top you linked to, but I wish they would put info on sizing, especially the length of their tops. I think I will write them.

  8. What a lovely party! Taking a page out of your book.

    Also — a thousand thank yous for being the site we all go to — not only for your tips and tricks — but for a refreshing pause in the midst of this present situation.


  9. Happy Retirement to Mr. Mickey! The celebration you had looks delicious, love fig jam! Best wishes to you both!

  10. Perhaps, soon, you and Mr. Mickey will be able to travel to a special place you both enjoy to celebrate a late retirement together. Picking a date will be no problem since he retired, wink. Except, sometimes you become even busier when retired than when working, just differently!
    He is so lucky to have you as you make all the major life events special however you can during this pandemic time. Not everyone would do it so elegantly for two (except perhaps me, grin). Anyway, thank you for the wonderful pictures you share as well as all the great advice you pass on to us.

    Clara from Iowa

  11. Congratulations, Mr. Mickey! Now on to the next adventure! Here’s to many years of exploring new places, meeting new people and just enjoying life with Susan.

  12. I”ve learned it’s not what you retire “from” – it’s what you retire “to” that counts. Make every moment together beautiful. It doesn’t matter if it’s grand or small. Congratulations to Mr. Mickey and you.

  13. Congratulations to Mr. Mickey. I know the two of you will have many things to explore. You always find such interesting things to do. Best wishes for many years of fun together.

  14. Congratulations Mr Mickey
    This a really nice post, the outfit as well as the celebratory dinner. You shine with love for your life and those in it…thank you for sharing

  15. Congratulations and many happy years in retirement to Mr. Mickey. My husband also retired during the pandemic. It also was not the send off we expected but he is really enjoying this new chapter in his life. Hope the same for you both

  16. Congratulations to your partner in life. When we are free to party once again, I’m sure you and he will celebrate in fashion. I so enjoy reading your blog and seeing pictures. It has made me realize at 68 I need to change my style a bit!

  17. Many best wishes for Mr Mickey. You close one door, but opening another will refresh your soul.
    Susan, always the caring and supportive friend to Mr Mickey, your intimate retirement party was so gracious and very delicious, too.
    I heartily agree with Mr Mickey; you look wonderful in blue and white.
    With very sincere wishes from a now very hot & humid Canada!

  18. Love the outfit, great summer colors. Thank you for all of your posts. I agree with Belinda, great tips and a break from our situation.

    Congratulations to Mr. Mickey.

  19. I’ve often thought of getting shoes like that but I don’t know what happens when they get wet. Do they hold up in wet weather, and how do you clean them? Happy Retirement to Mr. Mickey!

  20. Congratulations Mr Mickey! Happy Retirement ..enjoy. The celebratory party for two looks wonderful.

  21. Love your blue and white outfit. I have your same coloring and white hair so it’s a good look for me too. I prefer a bootcut pant or straight leg pant. At 78 I’m over ankle or crop pants. Although I’m a lot older than you, your style sense inspires me. Thank you. And congratulations to Mr. Mickey on his retirement. Enjoy!

  22. Susan, I have been following you for a long time now and I must say that you and Mr. Mickey just keep getting younger looking! I feel blessed for all the inspiration you have given through the years and wish both of you happiness in your retirement years! You live in such a lovely area of the country and my husband and I have visited Asheville several times on our way from Pennsylvania to see our daughter in Alabama. I hope one day soon you and Mickey will be able to show us more of the beautiful towns and restaurants in your area. Many blessings to you both!

  23. Congratulations to Mr Mickey! I wish you happiness and fulfillment as your new door opens!
    Susan, that shade of blue and white are your best colors. You look wonderful. What a nice way to celebrate in these different times.
    Much happiness to both of you.

  24. Well, CONGRATULATIONS are certainly in order for this adorable man who has been your adorable sweetheart all these years!
    May GOD bless him without his walker SOON!
    May GOD bless both of you with many more loving years together and in good health!!!
    We ♥️♥️♥️ you both in Texas

  25. Wow.! What a momentous occasion that maybe can be celebrated at the volume it deserves in the future. But …your at home celebration looks amazing and I know Mickey was very appreciative and excited. Retirement is a whole new ball game and I wish you both well! I love your cheese solections that include the Stilton which I always serve for a party and everyone loves it! I especially like the mango and the pineapple flavored ones.
    Happy retirement!

  26. Retirement is bittersweet! Mostly I love it, but occasionally, I wish i had the structure and excitement of work.
    I hope Mr M enjoys every day!

  27. Congratulations Mr Mickey!!! Happy retirement to you both! Looks like a lovely celebration
    Susan I love your blog and your insights are helping me refocus my wardrobe and style. Thank you

  28. Even in a pandemic you and Mr. Mickey are making the most of life. Congratulations to Mr. Mickey and to all the adventures that await!

  29. Congratulations to Mr Mickey on his retirement! Congratulations Best wishes for an amazing post-retirement life. (And that he won’t need that walker much longer).

  30. What a beautiful and elegant celebratory repast!! Wishing you and Mr. Mickey many exciting adventures!!

  31. Have a wonderful retirement! Glad you are looking better, and good luck to the new owners of your company.

  32. Congratulations on your retirement. Well deserved. Hard after all the years of investment. Thank goodness you have a wonderful lady to share some time with.

  33. Congratulations Mickey! It has been a joy and a blessing working with you and your employees over the years. Please enjoy this new season in your life. You are so deserving.

  34. Congratulations to Mr. Mickey! This is the beginning of another chapter in Mr. Mickey’s life.
    Susan, thank you for sharing this post and continuing to inspire us. Blessings to you both.

  35. Congrats to Mr. Mickey! I can’t imagine continuing to work at his age but maybe that’s what has kept him sharp and healthy. Prayers for continued good health and more drives in that fabulous car of his.

  36. Congratulations to Mr. Mickey. It is a bittersweet moment when retirement time arrives. It’s especially bittersweet since we’re in the midst of a pandemic. But, Susan, you really made Mr. Mickey a very special retirement dinner. You look absolutely lovely in the royal blue top.

  37. Hi Susan ,
    Congratulations Mr. Mickey now you and Susan can travel the world. That is once we are over this pandemic.
    Susan you look beautiful in blue and white two of my favorite colors.

  38. Best wishes to you and Mr. Mickey as he enters the next chapter of his life. You will find yourselves busier than ever, but in a good way! My husband and I retired ten years ago at age 57 and have savored every moment. You look lovely as always. It’s nice to see someone who dresses well in clothes that are appropriate for the occasion and that flatter her body type, coloring, etc. So many people wear clothing that is lovely, but just not on them.

  39. So happy for Mr. Mickey. You will have to have the big par when this all over.
    Stay safe.

  40. That was lovely. Thank you for sharing this special occasion with us. Congratulations Mr. Mickey ! All the best to the both of you lovely people !

  41. Please give my sincere Congratulations to Mr. Mickey on his retirement! What a lovely way to celebrate under this rare circumstance! I think it’s so wonderful that you and Mr. Mickey enjoy your days together and share some wonderful travels and experiences. I know firsthand that retirement is bittersweet, but looking forward to this next chapter in retirement too.

  42. Retiring is often bittersweet, but tell him he will be entering a new chapter of his life ! When I’ve experienced any of the big changes (chapters) in my life (divorce, moving, changing jobs, etc), I’ve never looked back or second-guessed my decisions. I think that’s the secret of a happy future !! Tell him to have a great one !!

  43. So excited for Mr. Mickey. Congratulations!
    Retired and loving it here.
    Great outfit, Susan. The celebration meal looks delicious too.

  44. Mr. Mickey has a lot of fans here!
    Soon he will be off the walker and hopefully in his car on his way to another fun trip with you. Retirement is bitter sweet, your intimate party was ideal. Enjoy your time together.

  45. Congrats Mr. Mickey!!! Best wishes in retirement! Don’t be sad… you have more time to enjoy your weekend car rides with Ms. Susan!

  46. He is quite a remarkable man! I wish him all the best! Your celebration looked exquisite!

  47. Welcome to the next chapter in your life Mr. Mickey. Wishing you good health and many happy times.

  48. Congratulations to Mr. Mickey. I’m happy that he has you as a wonderful, caring friend.

  49. Our destanation is not the important thing but it’s the journey and all the things we see and people we meet along the way. The best is yet to come I’m sure. You two will have more time to spend together doing exciting things. I think retirement is the best of life for which the first was made. Congratulations on your retirement Mr. Mickey!

  50. Wish you the very best of everything good in your retirement. Susan can always give that big party you deserve when we all get back to normal. I will be looking forward to many pictures . Good health to the both of you. Joy

  51. Wishing both you and Mr Mickey a happy and healthy retirement. I look forward to reading about your adventures over the coming weeks

  52. Congratulations to Mr. Mikey and you. I pray both of you enjoy your new freedom, and once this virus-thing is over, you can travel and enjoy your tine together.

    Question: What is the silver item behind the olive dish? I inherited one from my family but have no idea what it is or how to use it. Is that the dish you used to serve the hummus?

    Love your blog ….
    Denise T.

    1. The item behind the olive dish is a decorative brass lidded compote. I have collected many brass home decor items because the company which I sold a couple of years ago, specialized in brass stampings for the jewelry industry. It is my way of paying tribute to the metal that changed my life.

  53. Love your royal blue top with white pants – you look awesome, as always, Susan.
    That just happens to be one of my favorite combinations too. A close second is black & white paired together.
    Congrats to Mr. Mickey – he can now enjoy being retired and continue being spoiled with you. Those chocolate covered strawberries look wonderful, as well as everything else looked so good!

  54. Congratulations to Mr. Mickey. Now you can work on retiring your walker. Looks like you had a wonderful dinner to celebrate your hard work. People like yourself usually don’t really retire – they just find different things to do or the work finds them.

    Enjoy your meals and drives together.

  55. Congratulations to Mr. Mickey! Retirement is wonderful! Enjoy!!!

    A Susan fan,
    Lily Bildwin

  56. Congratulations and warmest wishes to Mr. Mickey on his retirement. I hope your leg will get stronger day by day and before long you will be able to throw away the walker. May God bless you both.

  57. Congratulations Mr Mickey!!! There will be a time for a larger celebration, but this one had lots of love, the best gift of all.

  58. CONGRATULATIONS MR. MICKEY!! May you have many special times in the years to come. God bless you and keep you; God make His face to shine upon you and give you His peace.

  59. Congratulations to Mr. Mickey on his retirement. I look forward to the day when you can share your adventures out and about again.

  60. Hey we are going to the GrovePark Inn in 2 weeks for my birthday.
    Could you share places to eat and shop in Asheville?

  61. Hi Susan, I’m late reading this but want to say Congratulations to Mr Mickey! Loved reading about this

  62. Congratulations Mr Mickey! What a special congratulatory meal you prepared Susan. Continued best wishes in the next chapter of your life Mr. Mickey.

  63. Congratulations on your next chapter Mr. Mickey! I love Susan’s beautiful celebration dinner! What a fantastic day!

  64. Congratulations to my other cyber friend! I feel like I know you and just love your sense of style. Enjoy your retirement Mr, Mickey.

  65. Congratulations Mr Mickey on your retirement!!!!
    Enjoy your new phase of life in good health! You and Susan stay safe!

  66. Mr. Mickey, you are a leader in your community and a mentor and friend to many people. I hope you look back on your career with pride and satisfaction. Congratulations.

  67. Happy retirement, Mr Mickey. May you have many days in the sunshine, eating good food, enjoying good wine and with great company.

    1. We are outside, there was no else around, but John and he is wearing a mask to protect Mickey. I do wear a mask when I enter a building or enclosed space with other people around. When it is necessary and helpful, I wear one.

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