The Same, but Different

If rain is falling or the weather turns cool, a shirt and slim-fitting pants always serve me well. For most of my adult life, this has been my go-to dressing formula when the weather is too warm to wear a jacket or cardigan. Of course, I wear loose-fitting floaty dresses when the weather is sweltering and humid, but that only lasts for a few weeks here.

The fabric and cut of the pearl accented blouse over slim-fitting black ankle pants (the pants here) and animal print pumps elevate this look. Unique jewelry and the orange straw clutch made the combination work, even for going out to dinner.

The beautiful pearl and silver bracelet above is still available here. (Use the code SAS10 for $10 off any one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.)

Sunday afternoons are more casual and relaxed, so white jeans (here) and espadrilles (similar shoes here) with any shirt (similar shirt here) are a good choice. I am comfortable and appropriate whether we visit friends and family or go out for vegetarian pizza and a drive through the country.

During the week, I sometimes run errands or check on my parents, but primarily I am working around my home or relaxing while reading a book. Soft, comfortable, easy-care neutral basics always serve me well. Olive or brown jeans are great neutrals, but they aren’t good colors near my face. Olive pants (similar here) with navy, pink, white, or black shirts can work with my cool coloring.

Since all the items in this post are more than a year old, I’m sharing where I usually shop. Similar elements are herehereherehere and here. The pink oxford shirt is my most recent purchase. I bought it here. I purchased my first oxford shirt in 1973 with babysitting money and have been wearing them since. I hope that my posts help you discover some new combinations in your closet.

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  1. Susan, the white blouse is lovely! Where did you get it? I tried each of the links.
    It is a blouse I would wear frequently.
    Thank you again.

  2. Back to the pearl necklace….thank you so much for always answering my questions. First I called the local jewelry store and inquired about a 60 inch pearl necklace, with pearls 8 mm in diameter. The price range was pretty high. So I went to Amazon and found what I was looking for, 2 necklaces 30 inches long. The description said, that they can be connected to make one 60 inch necklace. So, that is what I was looking for. The price was reasonable. I placed the order and now I am anxiously awaiting the shipment. Will let you know how I like them. Thank you for coming up with such great ideas.

  3. Appreciate so much your continued efforts to blog on fashion/lifestyle for women. Have been following you for years and always pick up a tip or two even now. It was devastating to lose Brenda Kinsel (RIP) but comforting knowing you also show everyone how to care for themselves and their style. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Susan,

    Loved these outfits. I have so many clothes, but am terrible at putting them together for a good looking outfit. You almost always manage to nail it and look stylish, modern and put together. Thank you for these outfit suggestions. As you have shown, when in doubt, go back to basics and add some nice accessories…and look great.


  5. Would love to know who makes that blouse. So pretty. Am hoping to be able to find it online somewhere. Thank you!

  6. Hello Susan,
    The dog days of summer are here ( 102 heat index today) and fall can’t come soon enough.
    I also purchased that same pink oxford shirt and love it. I actually purchased 2 white and 2 pink because they are so classic and easy to wash and wear. Looks like they now have blue in stock and I’ll be getting that one too! I even wear them with a strand of pearls and a cardigan. Once again, it looks like we have twin hair stylists from different mothers. My last haircut was really short so I’m waiting for it to grow out a bit so that I can try again…sigh.
    Take care and stay cool 😀

  7. I just love that first look! I bought that blouse (in the blush color) right after you first posted it on your blog (had to hem it of course, being a petite). But you just gave me great inspiration for how I will wear it next. It’s all about the little accent pieces and pops of color! I am presently packing for a week long trip to Lake Lugano/Como and with each outfit I think about bringing, I ask myself if and how Susan would style this!

  8. How do you find button down oxford shirts that fit over a larger bust? Do you buy larger and have them altered? I love the look of an oxford shirt but can’t ever find one that I am comfortable with the way it fits across the bust!

    1. I always look for a relaxed fit. The slim or classic fit shirts never work for me, nor do curvy jeans. It took me a while to figure out what those terms meant, but it made all the difference when I did.

  9. When I looked at the button down oxford shirt earlier today, the Cotton Candy in a Petite Medium was available. This afternoon it was crossed out. But the Arctic Blue is available and I placed an order for that color. It was fun reading your post today. Thank you so much for bringing back a wonderful place in time and to make me aware it’s still around and available. It was the early 1960’s and I was in high school. I loved having a white button down and a pink. But it was the very small pin stripe pink and white that I still remember most from so long ago. I’m so looking forward to receiving my order soon. Thank you for brightening my day!

  10. What brand are your slim fit ankle pants? The first link was for Macy’s but I was unsure of the brand. Thanks so much for your insights, I enjoy them!

  11. Always love your posts. You always inspire me to look my best. Since retiring and then the Pandemic it’s been easy to do the bare minimum. Thank you!

  12. Love your soft full fringe in last photo , makes you look younger . Prefer it to the side swept fringe .your casual outfits are very smart.
    Take care Pamela Wales UK.

  13. Do you wear linen tops? I want “to like” linen especially in Houston high humidity, but so far haven’t got there. At 81 I always buy cotton with a V neck. I love button shirts, solids or small print or small checked.

  14. I love the white blouse in the top picture. When I tried the links they did not take you to the specific item, just to a store. Would it be possible to get a link for the white blouse.

    Love every blog entry. I have learned so much and applied so many of your ideas.
    Thank you,

  15. Today I bought a straw tote bag (not pictured in this post but in others ) An style inspiration of you ,Susan .
    So happy carrying it immediately .

  16. Susan, this post is such a good example of how modern one can look in classic clothes with stylish, modern accessories. Actually, each of your fashion post demonstrate this!
    Two questions, what is the brand name of the olive ankle pants? And were they purchased at Macy’s? Thank you for teaching us.

  17. Hi Susan,
    Your new hair style is very slimming and compliments you nicely.
    I’m glad to see from your blogs that you and Mr Mickey are doing well

    Blessings to you,
    Brenda Done

  18. Susan,
    I bought one of the little travel kits from Beauty Counter and I don’t have a clue what some of these products are or how to use them. I’m used to cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Can you help me here?

  19. Great looks! I love them all. I wish that white blouse was still available. It’s beautiful. That outfit is perfect for going out for dinner, as you said. I just really like how you put things together and always look just that! Happy weekend!

  20. Really like each of the outfits posted. That soft white blouse is beautiful, love the slim pants and those shoes are awesome! I’m so sad that I can’t do high heels any more. I think I need a couple of oxford shirts, hehe. Thank you Susan.

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