An Evening Look

We enjoyed a delightful date night dinner at Gourmet and Company on Friday evening. As my elders used to say, “We had a cold snap.” The temperatures dipped into the forties in the evenings last week, so I reached for something warm to wear.

The tiny embellishments on the ruana meant that a necklace would have added too much. I chose instead to wear plain silver teardrop earrings (similar here) and a bold bracelet in silver.

The unique bracelet is one of my all-time favorites. It is here. (Use the code SAS10 For $10 off any one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.)

Ruanas are a lovely alternative to a jacket or cardigan on a cool evening. The ruana is here. The navy shell is sold out now, so here is a similar top. The navy pants are here. Similar nude sandals are here. A similar silver clutch is here. Tennis bracelet here.

I rarely wear black anymore, so navy has become my favorite dark color for evening. The lip color I’m wearing is Orchid: Cool Berry here.

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  1. Like you, navy is my go to now instead of black. Your complete look is striking but I am missing the food pics.

  2. I have been hesitant to try ruanas because I am concerned they will slip off my shoulders every time I move. Do you find they slip easily with movement? Is there a trick to keeping them on your shoulders?

  3. I concur with Cindy D. .. and some of us need regular motivation to stick to our salads. (Just kidding…sort of 🙂

  4. You look stunning. Black is one of my “go to” colors. Did I miss why you no longer wear black? Love your adventures!

    1. I still have a few favorite black pieces, but I am not buying black to wear near my face now. My coloring is fading, so it can seem too harsh, especially during the daytime.

  5. You always look Elegant, Classic, Stunning. a woman of Intelligence, class and grace. you have taught me so much about How a woman can present herself with sophistication and understatement .

  6. I actually broke down and bought a nice camel ruana and it immediately got too hot for any wrap.. We missed spring and went straight to summer. But it will still be in style in the Fall. You always look perfect.!

  7. Thankyou Susan, great tips and ideas always, what I love about this post is if the garment has enough embellishments you dint need to add further, the simple drop earrings are perfect. What an easy tip to remember Thankyou

  8. I really like that you showed A FULL BACK-SIDE VIEW of this outfit. I have a request you do more of that when presenting your outfits. In this post it shows so well the length and flow of the Ruhana and the height of your shoe heel.

    One thing I have done as a major change in my dressing, thanks to you, is the color selection of shoes. I tended to do too much matchy-matchy and drawing too much attention to the shoe — often making my leg length appear shorter. But choosing neutral colored shoes really makes a difference. Thank you, Susan.

  9. You always have such sensible advice for us! I’m a totally different color wave….I wear all warm colors because my skin tone is that of a near redhead. In my later years, I’m not comfortable wearing black near my face and have chosen shades of brown. My accessories are almost always gold. Having said all of that….your advice is always right on target for me. I just adjust the colors.

  10. Absolutely stunning, Susan. This is exactly the look I aspire to achieve. I’m rather short and broad shouldered so I don’t like jackets accentuating my “broad ” look. And I prefer an interesting bracelet to draw attention. I’ve already taken your “nude” look of shoes at the bottom. Lastly, I am a fan of the “uni” color look. Hoping it helps me look longer and more lean. I’m in my early 80’s, still striving to look my best.
    P.S. am attending a gala wedding soon, on a California beach. My dress is simple navy, (looking for a wrap), simple gold necklace, and nude, mid heel sandals. Fun, here I come!!!!!

  11. Susan:
    Not so long ago, at a posh hotel dinner in Russia, a lady wore white jeans, a white top, a jacket, and a lot of gold everything else., e.g., accessories, etc. She managed to dress-up the casual and looked quite regal and elegant. I wish I took a picture! I suspect you’ve done something like this already. Could you point to which entry? Like many many others, I am an fan of yours! Thank you for all you do. Very well done.
    Kind regards,

  12. Love the embellished ruana. Your whole outfit is very elegant & yet looks effortless & stylish. Maybe it is just my eye but to me the color looks like a purplish navy & not a true navy. A beautiful color in any case ! I like embellished tips for the very reason you mentioned. Person does not need to add much jewelry.

  13. Once again you’ve styled a gorgeous outfit that fits the occasion perfectly. Navy with silver accessories is a stunning combination. I have silver teardrop earrings also and find them extremely versatile. I hope you and Mr. Mickey had a great date night!

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