The Weekend Celebration

We spent the weekend at the Omni Grove Park Inn, celebrating the 18th anniversary of our first date. We hope you enjoy seeing these snapshots of our fun getaway.

We packed old favorites in black, gray, and white to mix and match as was appropriate. We enjoyed a lovely lunch on Friday while waiting to check in at 4 pm. My striped cardigan (Ivory/Navy) is here. The trouser-jeans are here. All the other items are more than a year old.

Mr. Mickey is the only man I’ve ever known who wears button covers.

We enjoyed lunch at Edison’s, which is located inside the resort. I had the pasta dish and added grilled shrimp to share.

Mr. Mickey had their famous Smashed Burger with fries.

The Bourbon Banana Pudding was delicious!

The next morning, we dressed for the day and visited the Marketplace to get coffee and something light for brunch since we had reservations for an elegant dinner.

These crazy socks were a gift from his daughter, Regina. Look closely. She customized them with our picture on the website here.

I packed one pair of black trouser-jeans, one pair of black dressy slacks, three black tops, one vest and one cardigan. I took two bags, one pair of heels and one pair of booties. A few pieces of jewelry, pajamas, makeup, and toiletries all fit in a rolling carry-on or a hanging bag. All of our items fit neatly in the two pieces of luggage. We’ve become masters of packing light.

My dramatic strand of cultured baroque pearls is here. (Use the code SAS10 for $10 off any one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.) The other strands of pearls are several years old from Nadri via Nordstrom.

On Saturday evening, we enjoyed a delightful meal at Vue 1913

We received several compliments as we walked down the wide hallway to the restaurant. It always makes our day when people tell us we make a good-looking couple.

Mr. M. said to tell you the Deviled Eggs and Caviar were delicious! He forgot to take a picture before diving in.

Each of us ordered the Lobster Conchiglie pasta. It was so good!

We shared a delightful dessert that reminded us of a deconstructed Snickers Bar.

We watched the sun setting below the mountains from our table. Our waiter surprised us with glasses of champagne and a small chocolate treat to celebrate our anniversary.

After dinner, we strolled down to the Great Hall to enjoy the live entertainment for the evening. This young man was so very talented!

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  1. WOW! You two, indeed, make a lovely couple. I am so envious.

    One question: is the striped cardigan the ivory/navy worn over black? Thank you in advance.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I first bought the ivory/navy (it’s very dark) so it looked fine with black. I like it so much, I came home and ordered the black/ivory one as well.

  2. Forgot to say, I have several sets of antique sterling button covers that belonged to my grandfather. I wear them on shirts and jackets. They certainly give a nifty boost to anything!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I love the Grove Park Inn. A great place to celebrate an anniversary or anything really. You both look great.

  4. We enjoy celebrating our anniversary there, too!
    Happy Anniversary. Wishing you two all the best!!

  5. Heading to Asheville in April for our 10th Anniversary and I said to myself ” I need to find Susan’s posts about the area.” Lo and behold! We plan to dine at the inn at Biltmore but hope to get over to the Grove Park Inn for drinks based on your recommendations and photos. Thank you and happy Anniversary to you and dear Mr. Mickey.

  6. Happy Anniversary to you both!! You look happy, healthy and beautiful. I especially enjoyed your special socks Mr. Mickey! Nice touch.

  7. Happy Anniversary!! You are a wonderful couple and I’m happy to see you got to get away for a beautiful weekend!
    I love that creative dessert presentation.

  8. Celebrating 18 years of being together is certainly a good thing. You both look elegant in a sophisticated manner. Thank you for sharing packing information proving you can pack light and not give up style. May you be blessed with many more years and so glad you found each other.

  9. One of my all time favorite places is the Omni Grove! I just love it. You look beautiful as always. I am a lover of pearls and yours looked striking against the black. Robin

  10. Those are the best socks ever on Mr. Mickey. They made me laugh out loud. Congratulations on your anniversary and as always I enjoyed your photos.

  11. Congratulations on your 18th Anniversary. Thank you for sharing your time with us as you celebrated. You make an elegant couple with those socks that are so much fun! I bought a pair of wider legged pant and am still not loving them. They look good on taller women, but just not that great on a shorter gal like me. I also never went for the slim legged pants. I guess I’m sticking with the good old straight legged. Keep showing us over 50’s how to live our best life. Wishing you a week of good adventures!

  12. Sounds like a fun weekend. You both look fabulous as usual! Love love the fun socks Mr. Mickey is wearing.

  13. So happy you both are happy, healthy and celebrating! My husband and I enjoyed our 40th anniversary dinner at the Omni Grove. What a view!

  14. The Grove Park in is a perfect place to celebrate a special event like your 18th first-date anniversary! It’s a complimentary venue to your and Mr. Mickey’s style and elegance. They should put a photo of you two in their marketing materials.

    And Mr. Mickey’s customized socks are very cool!

  15. I have a pair of Button Covers that I acquired in a jewellery auction lot. I didn’t know what they were until reading your post about Mr Mickeys button covers! Mystery solved. Thanks

  16. Thank you for taking us along on your very special weekend! You are indeed a handsome looking couple and your chosen location looked absolutely lovely. Then there was the food… I could almost taste it! So nicely presented.

  17. Precious pictures and outstanding clothing outfits, especially the socks and button covers – what sweet memories both of you must have. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  18. So elegant. As I would expect from you and from Mr. Mickey.
    But that divine vest has to be the creme de la creme.
    Happy 18th. And thank you for sharing it with us.
    We’re coming up to our 49th wedding anniversary. I suspect a montage of our fashion over the weekend will be a little different to yours, but I might do it just for fun.

  19. Mr Mikey and You make a red carpet classy couple.
    Where does one buy button covers?
    Happy 18th Anniversary!
    What brought you together?
    Fun to hear the story!

  20. Congratulations on your anniversary! My partner and I also celebrate the day we first met – coming up for 25 years next month. Loving the socks – brilliant!

  21. Congratulations on your anniversary. What a stunning place to spend it too. I love visiting the USA via your photographs.
    I now have to Google button covers……..

  22. You two are always so elegantly dressed……….and YES, I believe Mr Mickey’s button covers !! If anybody would have them, he would !

    My husband and I enjoy the Grove Park Inn, too. Over the years, we’ve always celebrated Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve and Roger’s family on Christmas Day. His Mother died first and when his father died in the October before Christmas, we knew it’d be too sad to celebrate Christmas without his father with us (we have no children). SO we opted to spend Christmas Day and a few days afterward at the Grove Park. We even swam in the Grotto Pool, and later ordered lunch and wine as we sat in lounge chairs by the outdoor fire, wrapped in provided white terry bathrobes. It was such a treat ! We love making memories with each other.

    Love to both of you, Connie Briggs (your traveling friend in SC)

  23. Hello Susan!

    How about that adorable animal print clutch? Still available? Ones like it?
    Have enjoyed your blog for a long time now. Thanks for all your wonderful, sensible advice.


  24. Wow! What a swell looking couple! I love Mr. Mickey’s impeccable taste, I have never seen button covers! The socks are the bomb! What a special unique gift! You both are so perfect together and I love seeing your adventures! Happy, happy Anniversary to you both❤❤

  25. Happy Anniversary! You both look fab and the socks were the star of the show. The food all looks so good and I’m sure you both enjoyed every bite.

  26. Every day is a gift and I certainly enjoy reading about how you two make the best of yours! Congratulations to you both on 18 fun and adventurous years together and for taking us along the journey. Love both your outfits – especially the classy button covers – but I have to say that the socks take the cake. Clever daughter! So glad you found each other. Cheers!

  27. You are such a lovely couple . I lost my beloved husband 18 months ago and seeing you and Mr. Mickey
    Enjoying each others company always makes me smile
    I am so glad your health has been restored and you are enjoying your life and each other

  28. 18th Anniversary Congratulations!! Thank you for sharing lovely photos of your weekend celebration!

  29. Well, you two DO make a lovely couple! I enjoyed sharing your celebration, love the socks, and the smashing outfits. I like the longer hair, too, Susan.

  30. You do make a lovely couple. So glad you had this beautiful time together “Happy Anniversary Blessings”!

  31. May you have many more beautiful memories! Two fantastic,k ind good people. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR GREAT PICTURES.

  32. What a lovely couple on a lovely evening! Happy Anniversary!! I used to be very good at packing light, but not so much anymore. I’m always afraid that I will need something that I didn’t pack. And even though I try to bring travel-size toiletries and makeup, by cosmetic case is always so heavy. Any suggestions?? I am going to Europe this summer for 3 weeks and have to pack for all kinds of weather! Yikes.

  33. Thanks for sharing your # 18 with us. So happy for you both! Style and grace…you make it look easy.

  34. Happy Anniversary! So happy for you both. Those socks are the BOMB! I giggled when I saw them. What an awesome gift Mr. Mickey got from his daughter to celebrate the two of you.

    Spring is just around the corner and I am looking forward to more posts from you. Thank you again.
    Patty V

  35. Congrats! You both look very dapper..such a lovely setting. Thank you for sharing…love the purse & pearls, Susan!

  36. Congratulations! You both look fab & elegant! Sounds like a very memorable weekend celebration!
    Mr. Mickey’s socks are so fun!

  37. Wow and double wow on both of you. Mr. M looks like he lost weight and really looks sharp. And you, Susan, ALWAYS looks exceptionally nice. You two do look great and make a very nice role model for us to follow.
    The food and surroundings were lovely an so glad you shared the pictures. Makes me want to visit those places and try the food too.
    Take care and once again, thanks for the trip we took along with you, wink!
    Clara from Iowa

  38. Happy anniversary! It’s so wonderful that you met each other so many years ago. Continue to enjoy life together; you definitely make a beautiful couple.

  39. Susan, what a lovely anniversary you two enjoyed and you DO make a fine looking couple. As a long term follower I have often wondered how you two met. Would you share that with us sometime? What a fun gift from his daughter…

  40. Dear Susan and Mr. Mickey, happy anniversary! Thank you for all the photo’s. It is so very nice to enjoy this weekend with you both. You look happy and distinguished together ! I wish you a long and happy time together in the future , may God bless you!

  41. Congratulations! This posting was so uplifting & positive! Made me happy to see you both so healthy, vital and happy!

  42. Happy Anniversary to such a handsome couple!! Great pictures of you two–especially those awesome socks, Mr. Mickey!!!! I’ve never heard of button covers; I learn so much from y’all.
    Best wishes for many more adventures!

  43. Wow, you are such a lovely couple. It’s especially nice to see you enjoying life.
    Love love love the socks.
    Thank-you for sharing your weekends.

  44. Thank you for your openness and sharing. You both radiate peace, contentment and joy. Congratulations on your 18th anniversary.

  45. How perfectly celebrated!!!!!! I’m enchanted by the love shown in Mr. Mickey’s socks. From the snappy evening bag to the beautifully curated pictures – I enjoying sharing the “journey”.

  46. You too have fabulous sartorial style! (Is that even a word that can be applied to women?) Love Mr. Mickey’s button covers – so elegant, but I can’t imagine how one one put them on without help!

  47. Happy Anniversary! Handsome couple dressed to the nines-is right!
    You both look wonderful! I hope you are doing well both of you in your health as you look so good,
    happy, enjoying life as you should be. Thank you for sharing-most enjoyable.

    Nancy Neupert

  48. You two “do it up” right! Happy 18th Anniversary of dating! Your weekend looks like it was wonderful, and of course you were both impeccably dressed for the occasion! I love Mr. Mickey’s socks. What a great idea. I’m so glad to see this blog and that you’re out and about, celebrating and healthy enough to do it!
    My husband and I just got back from a getaway similar to yours. Great hotel, food and atmosphere. It does the soul good.
    I can’t wait for the next one, and I’m sure you must feel the same.
    Love to see your blog Susan, For some reason, they go to my junk mail folder and I have to hunt them down. Don’t know how to fix that, but I’m always so excited to find them wherever they are!

  49. Happy Anniversary!!!! So wonderful to have followed your fashion and relationship journey these many years – found you when you were blogging under Fifty not Frumpy!

  50. Congratulations on your anniversary may you have many more. It’s so nice to see you two together looking so healthy and happy

  51. What a wonderful weekend celebration! You both looked fabulous! I was at the Grove Park Inn last year with a dear friend–it’s lovely and has historical character. It was a highlight of visiting Ashville.
    I’m a little envious of you two. I wish my late husband could have enjoyed the Inn with me. Grateful for all the celebrations we did get to enjoy.

  52. Happy Anniversary to a very special couple! May you have many more happy, healthy years together. I, along with scores of people, are thrilled to follow your adventures. Thank you for graciously taking us along. It’s always a pleasure!❤️

  53. I don’t get out much but so enjoy your posts that I feel like I’ve traveled in your pocket :0 You deserve all the compliments you both receive. Looking forward to many more of your adventures.

  54. Beautiful and classy duo. Congratulations on your anniversary .

    PS: if you go to a restaurant in Italy, never, never, never ask for cheese on your pasta with shrimp, or seafood…… the chef will look at you like you were a sinner

  55. You have many anniversaries you can celebrate: first date, (congratulations, by the way), perhaps a commitment anniversary, the moving in together anniversary (should be coming up), plus birthdays and some I’m not aware of I’m sure. You are a great looking couple! I remember when my husband was in the hospital the nurses would comment on our love for each other and how long we must have been together. Little did they know we’d only been married 3 years (it was a second marriage for each of us) but definitely were in love. I lost him before our fifth anniversary. Enjoy every reason to celebrate!

  56. The pics portray a lovely couple who truly enjoy being together. Happy anniversary and hope you share many more.


  57. You both look so lovely, as always. Congratulations on 18 fun years together, and wishing you many more to come in the future. Love reading your blog, been following for a few years now, it’s always great . Thankyou for sharing your journey.

  58. WOW! First, congratulations on your 18th anniversary together! And what a handsome, beautiful couple you make! Your attention to detail on your appearance certainly deserves the compliments you received.

    I want to thank you for showing me that with just a little planning and attention to detail, I can be the best version of myself. My husband just passed away but that is not going to be used as an excuse to give up on having a positive image.


  59. Hi Susan you and Mr Mickey make a beautiful couple and looks like you truly care deeply for each other. My husband and I will be Celebrating our 48th anniversary on the 4th June 2024.
    I enjoy your posts of the two of you on your outings and always looking so elegant and happy. May you both enjoy many more years together.
    PS I live in East London South Africa.

  60. Hi Susan and Mr Mickey, where do I start to comment on this fabulous, deliciousness, gorgeousness post ! lol Have to admit the ‘socks “ are jaw dropping
    What humour ! Brought a big smile to my tired face and body as tomorrow the last day of my Radiotherapy . Every one in the hospital has been so kind and caring but I am glad it will be over . The tiredness has been the big factor , I nod off at drop of a hat. I have been late reading this lovely post and am in my bed ready to sleep.
    Thank you both for letting us in on your adventure, I love them ,also it’s a sign of Spring and Summer when you are out and about on your travels.
    It’s been a wet miserable winter in U.K. but onwards and up wards .I wonder what treat you have in store for us next time . Thr banana desert looked divine.
    OK have a great weekend both and thanks for everything it’s a wonderful thing you do and it makes a difference. Even if it is crazy socks !
    Take care Pamela Wales UK.

  61. I will second the comment: you and Mr M do make a very sharp couple! How nice to celebrate your anniversary in style and at such a beautiful venue. Just love the fur-trimmed vest & the animal print clutch. The grouping of pearls seems to ground your black outfit in a lovely way.
    I thought of you yesterday, Susan. After pulling into a parking spot at the local grocery store, I noticed that the car next to me had Tennessee plates. That’s a rarity because I live in SW Ontario, Canada. I was reminded that I haven’t commented in a long time and this blog post was the perfect opportunity to do so.
    Cheers to you & Mr M!

  62. Susan, you look terrific! Your skin is glowing. What type of foundation, bb cream or tinted foundation are you using? I need help in that area. Thanks

    1. I don’t use foundation or tinted moisturizers. I have been using Beautycounter skin care since 2017 and it has made a significant difference in the appearance of my skin.

  63. Hello again, Susan. I am a little late posting this comment but since I liked your posts so much I sometimes read them again. I think this is one of my favorites. I’ve read each and all of the comments on this one and I agree with all. You two look lovely and better every time. Mr. Mickey’s picture by himself is the best one of his I have seen here. Elaine said, “Thank you for taking us along on your very special weekend”. Yes,I thank you as well, it’s such a nice treat and inspiration!

  64. Any chance you have links to the flutter sleeve black top and the black top you wore under the “fur” vest? Happy Anniversary!

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