Spice Up Your Jeans

Denim jeans are, without a doubt, my all-time favorite clothing item. Like a good friend that you can always count on, denim always gives me confidence. I can easily pair them with almost any top or blazer.

White denim, shades of blue, black, coral, and olive are in my collection. (Nary a pair has a rip or tear in them.) I wear jeans almost every day and for nearly any occasion. I reach for the white and light wash jeans all summer long because they are cooler to wear in hot weather.

Add a sparkly camisole, a couple of shiny statement rings, and heels with a bit of bling to turn a slim-fitting pair of white jeans into evening attire. My satin lapel blazer by Ralph Lauren (similar here) was the perfect topper for the evening. The Kenneth Cole Reaction bag and shoes are several years old. (Similar bag and shoes) My jeans are by Liverpool Jeans Co. here. The cami is from White House|Black Market (similar here). Links in my post may generate a small commission for me at no extra cost to you.

I got my hair cut recently, which seemed shockingly short at the time, but I have decided I like it better at this length for summer.

A bright red lip, black mascara, and dark gray eye shadow smudged into the lash line gave me a bit more drama for an evening look. As I age, skincare is vastly more important than makeup. The best line I have ever used is Beautycounter, so I signed up to be a consultant a few years ago. Here is my website. Use the Contact tab above to email me. I’ll be happy to help you with formulas or colors.

Even if there is no special event coming up in your life, put on something sparkly, add high heels, grab a friend and go to a favorite restaurant to sip a glass of champagne, share an appetizer and celebrate the weekend. It will lift your spirits and make you feel as if you have escaped the ordinary for a couple of hours. Cheers!

  1. Absolutely love this outfit! I wear jeans to work every day – dressed up or down, I think they look as put together as any “Dress Pant” (old school term) outfit does. And I especially WHITE jeans! How do you keep yours from looking “dingy” … I add bleach to my wash when that starts to happen, but after a while, the difference in my “older white jeans” and a new pair I’ve added for the summer is glaringly obvious. Crisp, white jeans are awesome – just wish I could keep them looking new!

    1. I wash all the white jeans and shirts together in cold water, then dry them for only a few minutes. I hang them on a rolling rack to finish drying. I haven’t noticed dingy. When I dry clean or use too much detergent that can happen, so I’ve learned to be more careful. I also don’t dry clean anything now.

  2. Beautiful outfit! I love the way the sparkle of the sandals echoes the sparkle in the top. Also, the hem of your white jeans is absolutely perfect with the sandals! I find this is so hard to get right – so often it is just slightly off. To me, that is a major part of why this outfit is so lovely – it is perfect from top to bottom!

  3. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for flat shoes that would dress up jeans? I have foot and knee problems that preclude high heels. I am always searching for new ideas! I have mainly been wearlng ballet type or low sandals for the most part!

    1. Look for low or flat sandals with a block heel, some embellishment or metallic color. Here is one example of great evening sandals that can be worn for dressed up daytime looks as well.

  4. Love your hair. Getting mine cut tomorrow. Thinking of going shorter. Do you have a natural wave or curl?
    Thanks for your great info.

  5. Susan, I need your diet. You look so lovely in your pictures and I feel like a frump. I think we are very close in age. I am 5’8″ tall and even when I dress up I feel unattractive.

    1. I try to eat less quantity but much better quality of food. Each body is different, so we should take the time to determine which foods allow us the best health. In the past few months, I have had to make several changes, and I’m much healthier now. I’ve eliminated grains, beans, and nightshades. I eat mostly cruciferous vegetables, tubers, and leafy greens.

      1. Hi Susan, you may have shared it before but what do you usually eat for breakfast then? Your approach to food and eating has influenced my decisions and they are better for it. Thank you so so much!!

        1. I often have a sweet potato sliced with walnuts and blackstrap molasses for breakfast with black coffee and a glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon.

          1. That sounds wonderful. I’ll bet the molasses and pecans would be great over a bowl of blueberries. You inspire me to try new things.

  6. Love your look. I wear jeans every day too usually dark blue or black. They are comfortable and look great with a nice top and some jewellery. (I work from home)

  7. I need your feet to be able to wear those glamorous strappy sandals! I love how you dressed up my favorite item of clothing, white jeans!

  8. I’m with you, Susan! I absolutely couldn’t live without my jeans.

    I like your new hair length. It suits you and will be very nice for summer.

  9. Jeans are my favorite clothing piece too! I love to dress them up as you’ve done here. They can go almost anywhere!

  10. Susan,
    Are most of your jeans Liverpool or all different brands?
    Of your Liverpool collection, are they all the same style?
    Was going to try a pair, how do they run?

  11. Thank you for your inspirational messages and for sharing wardrobe tips. I too applaud the no distressed look with jeans. I don’t look frumpy but I also don’t opt for super youthful trends. I do like the raw hem on one pair. That’s about as far as I’ll go! I can’t wear high heels but i found some pointed toe sling backs that stand in for them!

  12. Elegant look, Susan! Love the short hair and you in the heels. Very classic and sophisticated look.

  13. thank you for the reminder to “dress up” our white jeans. I have a pair i love and in turn i find myself never wearing them because of the fear of getting them dirty….so instead they just hang in my closet. I need to drop the fear and just wear them.

    1. I have that same fear about my beautiful white shirts. I can just see coffee or cranberry juice on them. : )

  14. I am always inspired by your attitude. If nothing special is on the horizon, then make something. Make your life, don’t leave it to chance, or to others. “Get up, dress up, show up.” Live your life, I need reminding sometimes.

  15. Super advice Susan and admiring your satin lapel blazer. Re jeans; I must admit I do own a pair of washed and distressed blue denim ones (high rise waistband, skinny, ankle length) which I like. They also have a lower raw-edge hem and their symmetrical small patches of shredding is about 1″ above that . I do wear them for casual wear and often pair them with a pinstripe, cream ‘n blue (fitted, mid waist, self-covered buttoned) cotton blend blazer; ‘nude’ open-toed wedge/ankle strap sandals and a coordinated handbag. (Depending upon the weather, I may add a camisole to the equation and jewelry accessories vary.) All said; do appreciate your expertise and demonstration as to how a conventional pair of jeans can be fashioned into classy evening wear so am definitely going to give it a try. -Brenda-

  16. I was uncomfortable wearing jeans to church until you showed us how to dress them up without looking tacky. Thank you for your style guidance!

  17. I just discovered your website and have enjoyed watching your videos on YouTube. Which style of dark denim Jag Jeans do you wear in your videos? Purple Poppy has three styles to choose from.

  18. I recently found your web site whilst browsing for fashion ideas. It is the most informative and interesting site that I have found. Your story is so interesting and your accomplishments are inspiring. I am a decade older than you but have always. and still have a very keen interest in fashion. Your simple but creative way of dressing is amazing. I live in Melbourne Australia where our lifestyle is very laid back.
    I always have problems with my wardrobe when travelling overseas, taking too much, not wearing alot of it. Your website has made it very clear that you just DON`T need to take a massive suitcase full of `in case` I need it luggage. Thank You so much for your excellent advise. I will keep watching loyally. Best wishes Jill.

  19. I just found your sight on You Tube and subscribed to your blog. You are so cute!! I like your style, its similar to mine. Thank you for your tips!

  20. Susan what type of bra do you wear under the pretty cami? I have purchased and love the Ultimate by Shapeez.
    You have helped me sort out excess clothes and make my wardrobe with basics and tops and jackets! I am loving the simplicity!
    Thank you, Susan, for your advice.
    Rose Blake

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