Linville Falls Winery

Blue skies call for an outdoor adventure along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Visiting a vineyard is a fun way to relax on a terrace, enjoying the sunshine and the majestic view beyond. The Linville Falls Winery opened in October of 2012 and is located at Blue Ridge Parkway Mile 317. It is also close to Blowing Rock, NC, so we finished the day in the park watching the parade of people passing by.

The Linville Falls Winery.

We always have some food with a glass of wine, so we purchased some locally sourced goat cheese and artisan crackers to enjoy with our excellent reds. I prefer a heavy body red, so I tried the Cabernet Sauvignon. Mr. Mickey enjoyed the Petit Verdot, which is a light body, dry wine. Both wines were excellent.

The following photos were snapped in Blowing Rock, NC.

The flowers, verdant green forests, and mountain ranges are a pure delight in summer. For more info about things to do and places to visit in the high country, visit

I snapped the photo above from the car as we drove near Grandfather Mountain. I hope you enjoyed seeing the photos from our delightful day. We dressed in layers to stay warm since the temperatures barely reached seventy for the day. The mountain air is often cool, so if you visit, be sure to bring a jacket or sweater.

My white denim jacket is old from Talbots. A similar white top is here. The navy polished denim slacks are also from Talbots. A similar scarf is here. A similar orange bag is here. Similar nude flats are here. Similar sunglasses are here.

A short jacket is more flattering on petite frames or those of us with short legs. The proportions are more pleasing to the eye when the full length of the leg is showing.

The timeless classic pieces I show you may have been purchased months or years ago. I try to find something similar to share a link for. If it isn’t the exact item in the link, you may find something very similar if you look around on the site. This is especially true of Talbots. (They often have great sales too!) Shopping links on my site may allow me to earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

A summary of my recent outfits is here.

  1. Beautiful photos, Susan! Lovely to see the gorgeous countryside, and I especially enjoy the close-up flower shots. Very useful style tips, as always, thanks.

  2. Looks like you and Mr. Mickey had a wonderful day! So nice to see your smiling faces. Hope to visit the Blue Park Ridgeway area soon. Thank you so much for posting.

  3. Hi Susan! What beautiful scenery and the flowers just speak to me, telling me to add more color!!

    Could you tell me the brand of the shoes you’re wearing? The styling is unique.

    You and Mr Mickey look wonderful and relaxed. Thank you for your very helpful posts!

  4. Love your tip for those of us with short legs. I am 5’5″ but have short legs. It has taken me making many fashion mistakes until I realized I needed shorter tops and jackets. Thanks for your posts. Love them.

  5. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos! What an amazing adventure for you and Mr. Mickey to share. It’s so hot in Florida right now; wishing I was up at that beautiful winery!

  6. Everything about this posting is amazing Susan!
    The winery, the flowers, the little waterfall, your outfit (perfect, as always) all speak to me.
    We are just coming out of our latest stay-at-home order here in Ontario but stores are still not open, nor is patio dining permitted yet. We’re hoping we’ll be able to re-enter life again in a couple of weeks as more & more of us receive at least our first dose of vaccine.
    A day trip to a winery is now top of my wish list! Thank you for always inspiring us!

  7. Beautiful photos Susan! Thank you again for sharing so much of your life! I reside in Ontario and we are still under “lockdown” rules. It is so wonderful to read your blog and enjoy your adventures with Mr. Mickey. You both, as always, look wonderful and I can hardly wait for everything to reopen so I can dress up again and go on adventures of my own!! Your fashion tips are great and have inspired me to rethink my own wardrobe and clothing purchases.

  8. What a delightful post, thank you. Susan, how do you decide if you will wear nude colored shoes with dark pants or black or navy shoes?

  9. That is an absolutely perfect camellia. So nice to see people out and about without mask. The photos are breathtaking. All that beautiful color. My magnolia tree and sweet olive is in bloom here on the coast. The smell is so sweet. You a,ways look beautiful and so does aMr Mickey!

  10. So nice to see you both out in the sunshine enjoying yourselves and in such lovely settings! Your outfit is smashing! I surely like the short white jacket as I too, have short legs and am only 5’4″ tall. I found a similar denim vest (blue) in the girl’s department at Target. I fit into the large or xtra large items there!

  11. While I enjoy all your columns, I especially like the ones where you discuss proportions, 1/3 and 2/3 rule, tips for busty girls, etc. I am always learning! I make far fewer mistakes in my wardrobe choices and, thus, save myself money! I am one of those gals that, if it is not flattering or comfortable, it gets donated. Keep up the good work!

  12. I love your area and escapes to see beautiful places. You always look very pretty too!

  13. What lovely pictures. I love the white jacket and I have been wearing mine a lot lately. Say hi to Mr. Mickey!

  14. Beautiful! Love the shorter jacket on you (rather than a conservative, longer blazer). The sweater in your last post looked fabulous ! So enjoy reading your blog!

  15. Classic and classy. I love to shop but l also love to use what’s in my closet putting a new spin on pieces, and giving them new life. You help inspire me.

  16. Hi Susan,
    Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing your day with me.
    Sending you a joyful day,

  17. Ahhh! Susan….We took our first trip to the Blowing Rock area two years ago June! Loved the gorgeous flowers in
    B.R. We also went to Linville Falls Winery. Being from California wine country, I love a big Cab. We moved to the North Georgia Mountains three years ago, I miss the Napa and Sonoma county wines. As always I enjoy your adventures and
    classy style. Think it’s time to go exploring again.

  18. What a delightful outing, it is so fun to share your day trips and vacations! The botanicals are so beautiful and the scenery just gorgeous! I really like your tip on the shorter jacket for lengthening the legs, I have a short waist and hope this idea will work for my short legs as well. I just love everything you post and never miss a single one, thank you!

  19. You are in one of my favorite places to visit. Love Blowing Rock and Grandfather Mountain. We used to attend the Highland Games there.

  20. On the Talbots site is a navy and white scarf that is very similar to the one you are wearing. It is called Botanical Floral Oblong Scarf.. The scarf is 72 in long. Is this the length of the scarf you are wearing? One of the comments concerning the scarf is that it is bulky. Do you have any suggestions when wearing a scarf in warmer weather? Is fabric important?

    1. I found the link to the same scarf I’m wearing. It is here. I find it to be a good summer-weight scarf. The more you wear it, the softer and more supple it becomes. I’m happy with it.

      Fabric weight in scarves is significant. I want them to be soft and supple, no matter the fabric, but a heavier weight such as twill silk or cashmere makes winter scarves warmer.

  21. Dear Susan,
    Thank you so much for posting the lovely pictures from your travels and outings. I get excited when I see your mail coming in. I can hardly wait to open it to see what you have been up to. Thanks for making my day brighter with each of your posts.

    Pat Perkins in Mississauga, Canada

  22. Can you detail Mr. Mickey’s wardrobe when possible? He always looks great and I can pass it on to my husband.

  23. Loved the pictures and websites! Thanks for the suggestions about Boone, NC. We may add that to our late summer itinerary.

  24. Always enjoy your pictures. You are always a beauty. Many more happy trails to you and Mr. Mickey !!!!

  25. Hello Susan

    Love all your posts. I would like to know how you get a proper amount of protein in your diet.

  26. I was surprised to see your image being used to sell a bra. It is a foreign company. The caption is godideal_us
    It gives your name as Brenda Grace.

    1. I did not authorize that company to use my images, nor do I endorse that product. I only wear bras from Thank you for letting me know about this.

  27. Dear Susan
    I have discovered your website in just the last few years, and must say how much I enjoy it. Your fashion choices
    Both clothing and accessories, casual or dressy are exactly the style I look for. And you show them perfectly. I think
    All women in their fifties,sixties and beyond can see how good they will look in the colours and styles you pick.
    More than this , as I sit here in Calgary Canada I enjoy the many photos of your outings to beautiful parks, gardens
    And eateries. I hope you will continue to share with us, whether regularly or at special times during the year.

  28. Southern summers can be so hot and humid. Do you wear the same kind of bra that you usually wear that covers your torso all through the summer, or do you wear something different and cooler?

  29. Hi, Susan!

    You have been a very busy lady these past couple of weeks, road tripping around the South Carolina Lowcountry and now the Appalachians! This is exactly what I hope our lives will be once my husband retires.

    Your photos of the mountains and winery make me wish I was there. It looks like you had the perfect day for your trip. I love that area of the North Carolina and am putting Linville Falls Winery on our list of places to visit.

    You’ve styled the ideal ‘dressy casual’ outfit for a scenic drive and the relaxed sophistication of the winery. Your orange bag adds a great pop of color. Whenever I think of an orange bag my mind goes straight to the Hermès Birkin (which I don’t have and don’t ever plan to), but lately I’m seeing orange bags everywhere!

    A friend in my lunch group reminds me of you. She’s got a great sense of style (used to work in the fashion industry) and is always well put together, including a different colorful handbag every week. I use color in my art, but play it safe with handbags, sticking with neutrals (black, burgundy, gray, navy, nude, brown, straw/raffia) with a couple reds for a color pop. You’re inspiring me to be brave and go with the orange, and maybe eventually cobalt, purple, etc…

    I completely agree with the need for dressing in layers in the mountains. Morning and evenings still have a nip in the air, even in later spring.

    Wishing you a week filled with blessings!

  30. If you find any pointed toe (slightly pointed is ok) toe sneakers, will you let us know? I am stuck in tie sneakers (or the like) but there seems to be a leaning towards blunt toes. I feel like a third grader in them! Thanks. (Googling too)

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