Nourish and Move

A nearby neighborhood has steeper and more numerous hills than my own, so I walked three miles there on Wednesday. My Fitbit tells me the route is comparable to climbing ten flights of stairs. So, since the sun was shining and we had temperatures in the sixties, I was compelled to be outdoors after three days of rain.

This is an example of how my outfit morphs throughout the day. I often tweak the looks to be more appropriate or comfortable for what I am doing. If you want to see a post about the transition of a basic combination, let me know in the comments.

The jeans and shirt are what I wore to take my mother grocery shopping earlier in the day. I removed my jewelry, switched loafers for sneakers, a cashmere sweater for a hoodie, and added a ballcap and sunglasses to keep the sun and my hair off my face. The excellent new lip color is Cherry here. My priority is comfortable shoes and a hat, but I usually wear street clothes to walk in the neighborhood.

What is your favorite exercise? I move purposely for at least thirty minutes daily but try to stay active all day, rarely sitting for long periods. I enjoy various activities, including walking – Pilates – yogaweight training – swimming – biking – hiking – beachcombing.

Friends still ask me, “What do you eat?” More important is what I don’t eat because I eat a wide variety of vegetables, whole grains, fruits, wild-caught fish, full-fat plain Greek yogurt, and lots of other delicious, whole foods. So what do I never eat? That list includes processed foods, fast foods, refined products, pre-made items, and vegetable seed oils. I also avoid salty, sugary, or fried foods and most food-like products in the center of a grocery store. Typical meals are pictured below.

Grazing or snacking all day never allows the gut to rest and energy to be redirected toward healing and cell replenishment. So I don’t snack and usually eat only two early meals daily. I intend to consume whole food in its natural state, meaning I try not to cook it or add many ingredients. However, the entire digestive tract needs to be fed, not just our taste buds. Fermented foods such as kimchi, yogurt, tempeh, and sauerkraut are excellent for your microbiome.

Above is another typical meal. But, again, the key is consuming fiber, highly nutritious foods, and fermented foods for a healthy gut and overall health.

Butterhead lettuce is the salad’s foundation; toppings include kimchi, sliced cherry tomatoes, cannellini beans, baby peas, and a soft-boiled cage-free organic egg. I top salads with fresh ground pepper, Himalayan salt, aged balsamic vinegar, and extra virgin olive oil.

Most of my meals at home are Nourish Bowls. They start with a bed of dark leafy greens; baby kale and arugula are favorites, and I eat beans daily. Beans provide protein, fiber, folate, iron, potassium, and magnesium while containing little or no total fat, trans-fat, sodium, and cholesterol. Saute mushrooms, sweet onion, and garlic until tender and fragrant, then add the drained and rinsed beans to warm them. Room temperature is best for your body. I don’t use ice and always let hot foods rest before consuming them.

I also often have a bowl of oatmeal (recipe here) with blueberries as breakfast.

I constantly seek new information about health, nutrition, fashion, trends, and aging. Sharing what I’ve learned with you gives me purpose and pleasure. I may earn a small commission from my shopping links at no cost to you.

  1. Good Morning, Susan! Nourish and Move is a perfect title and says it better than an entire book on nutrition and exercise. You have helped Mr. Mickey adjust his A1C (or is it his blood sugar — or both??). I am wondering if you make special meals for him or he eats the same nourish bowls?

    Thank you.

    1. I don’t prepare special meals for him, but he has improved his A1C and daily glucose readings. He eats oatmeal with me in the morning before he leaves for work. He still works four days per week with his daughter, who purchased my company, We both order a salad, an appetizer, or wild-caught fish with vegetables when we dine out.

  2. Susan, seeing the photos of your nourish bowls and salads is fabulous. They all look delicious. It really is true that we eat with our eyes. I am curious about the kimchi. Do you purchase that already made, and if so, do you have a favorite brand? I love all your posts and the encouragement you share with all your followers!

  3. Your meals look fantastic, and gave me some inspiration for making my own nourish bowls! I do have a question about kimchi. I understand that consuming food that has been fermented has a lot of benefit for our gut health, but the concern I have is for the amount of salt it contains. What are y our thoughts on that?

    1. The sodium concentration of kimchi is only 2-5%, and when I make sauerkraut, I only use one tablespoon of Celtic sea salt for a whole cabbage. One study found that eating kimchi daily helped people lose weight and lowered their blood pressure. Another noted improvement in blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

  4. Thank you for this valuable information, Susan. Do you share your recipe for sauerkraut? I really enjoy it and grew up eating it. The only kind I have ever he was canned.

  5. Thank you for showing the nutrition bowls. Although there is a lot of variety in each bowl, the prep looks minimal and easy to do. I can see how these would be nutritious and filling. I’m always looking for new ideas, like adding fermented foods. I usually prepare a half recipe of quinoa with lentils and onion. I keep it in the fridge and add that to my “nutrition bowls” of greens and vegies.

  6. Can you tell me more about your ‘Spicy Garbanzo Beans and Caramelized Onions’? They sound yummy. What spices do you use?

  7. I so enjoy your posts Susan. You have inspired me with food, clothing, and skin care. I want to add beans to my diet, but I’m not sure how to go about adding them. Do you use canned beans? I am familiar with pork & beans which I assume is something you do not eat. Any suggestion will be welcomed.
    Sandy Baron

    1. I only buy Eden Organic canned beans. I find them at my local health food store and some grocery stores. Here is their website. There are recipes on their website, but I open them, drain and rinse, add some spices, olive oil, and fresh herbs if I have them and then add them to my salads.

  8. Your nourish bowls look delicious. Does Mr. Mickey also eat as you do? As always, thank you for sharing your good information with us.

  9. Thanks for sharing your exercise/fitness routine and nutrition. I work out/move/exercise every single day for at least 30 mins. I vary what I do–I walk, run, do pilates, yoga, strength training, barre classes to name a few. I have to vary it or I get tired of the same things. I am constantly working on my nutrition to tweak it. I tend to be a comfort food eater when I’m stressed. I’m also working on reducing my stress with mediation and reading and some other calming methods. Always a work in progress.

  10. Susan, thank you so much for your wonderful tips on wardrobe planning and proper nutrition. I have to say you are the only one online I follow for these things.

    Your faithful follower. Have a good day and rest of the week.

    Pat Perkins

  11. If, when and how often do you have wine ?
    Always white ? Or do you d red as well.
    I assume no animal protein, (to the exclusion of fish) ?

    1. I rarely have white, but a small glass of good red wine is a pleasure sipped slowly as one relaxes at the end of busy days. I prefer not to eat animal protein, but if that is what the hostess serves, I will have a small portion.

  12. Thank you for the post. I enjoyed seeing how to make sauerkraut as it was a staple in our diet when I was young (Dad’s German). I would also enjoy seeing top 10 of 2022 in your post. I would like to see how you transition from day clothes to liven it up for a night out to a restaurant. Also if you have learned any more scarf tying tips to show us.
    Thank you and hi to Mr. Mickey.
    Patty V

  13. Your meals always look delicious. I keep moving in that direction but lots of don’ts still appear.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  14. Susan, you are obviously a very disciplined person. Do you eat these foods because they taste good or because they are good for you? The reason many people fail in changing their diets is because the food is not pleasing to the palate. In reading the list of foods you eat, did a doctor recommend them or did you arrive at them by trial and error? It looks like the combination of goods provides the nevessary amino acids. Can you address these questions in a future blog? I would like to improve my eating habits, but these foods do not seem pleasing to taste, so I would probably fail miserably.

    1. I eat for the health of my body, and I’ve researched to determine what will serve me best. Taste is learned and can be altered, so I don’t eat for taste. However, nothing tastes better than fresh vegetables served with good olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar.

  15. Thank you for the photos of what you eat and in how you combine what you eat. I’ve been a long time follower of your blog and have read all of your posts about a healthy diet but,for some reason, this blog post with the labeled photographs spoke clearly to me. And, yes please, to a blog post about the transition of a basic combination of clothes.

  16. Thank you for sharing this. So you eat these meals earlier in the day then basically fast the rest of the day? I do like the idea of eating earlier rather than later because it seems it takes awhile for my food to digest. I like what you said about kimchi because I do have high blood pressure which I’m having a hard time to control. I’ll give this a try. The only problem I have when I eat like this is major bloating. But the eating sounds helpful.

    1. My body adjusted to the change in food choices, and the bloating and gas subsided after a couple of weeks. If I eat an evening meal now, I don’t rest well and have strange dreams, so an empty nighttime tummy serves me well.

  17. Hello Susan, always a pleasure to read your wonderful posts. I particularly love this post about eating healthily. Would you recommend a brand of good olive oil, the one you use, and also the brand of the balsamic vinegar? Thank you for sharing!

  18. I would love to see a post about the transition of a basic combination outfit! I also walk the neighborhood but usually wear leggings. Would love to see your ideas!

  19. Hello! I never comment on posts, but THANK YOU for today! Sometimes I need to do the “switch up” on outfits during the day keeping the base layer in tact; your descriptions help. FOOD! I wrote down your “not eats”…a great place for me to start! Thank you and Happy Friday! ~Kari

  20. Thanks to you I too have adopted the non processed way of eating. You are an inspiration. I will soon begin my 80th year on this earth and feel very healthy. Keep up the good work.

  21. I’ve been waiting for this updated post on what you eat in a day. I’m finally retiring next month after working 50+ hour weeks and plan to reboot my nutrition plan. Thank you for your posts!

  22. I am sooooooooo impressed! Thank up for the uplifting ideas, and a food regimen to emulate!!!! Willow dog and I hike the rocky desert, and I will start an exercise class (soon, I promise). I like to read and to play the piano so I balance these sedentary hobbies with gardening.

    Your have inspired me to be my best self in my mundane errands, knowing this brightens our world. Casual is great, but too often, we Americans veer to sloppy – NOT Susan followers. . Have a very blessed January, every one!!

  23. Perfect timing! I have been having a difficult time finding my aged balsalmic and along comes this post! I just ordered from the link you provided! Can’t wait!
    Thank you!

  24. Jason and I often joke that if we had a chef, we’d have her make delicious, healthy meals three times a day. It always seems so labor-intensive to create healthy meals all the time.

    Yet, looking at your creations here, I see how delicious and simple it can be. Thank you!

    I was diagnosed with acid reflux this past year, and the prescription I was given to control it had the unfortunate side effect of causing quick weight gain. It is so hard to back down that kind of weight gain, and as long as I took the medicine, I wouldn’t be able to. So, I’ve turned to natural digestive aids and am trying to change my diet. So far, it’s working, and I’m losing weight which also helps with the reflux, because I’m MOVING more.

    When the weather is good, I get out and walk, most often long doggie walks on level ground. I wish I had stairs! But when it’s cold and rainy, I do 30 minutes of stretches and plies and kicks at my (portable) ballet barre. I also ask Alexa to play certain songs that I know I’m going to want to “move” to. It’s so much fun just to dance!

    Finally, I don’t always just walk from room to room. I chasse, move my arms, do a few pique pirouettes. It’s all movement within movement, and it’s effective in making me feel happy, as well as great cardiovascular exercise. I just did a treadmill test for a cardiac checkup, and the results were, as the cardiologist said, “Excellent!” He told me 30- and 40-year-olds couldn’t reach my level. (I’m 68). So, MOVE is a great mantra for staying healthy!

  25. Thanks for all the excellent advice you give us! Yes, I’d like to see you do a discussion on the transition of a basic outfit. I have thought about downsizing from my home, but I realized that climbing the stairs, housecleaning and doing some of the yard work keeps me from sitting for hours on end.

  26. Great post as usual Susan. I was wondering if you have any soup ideas to share? My husband and I eat soup often in the winter. My concoctions always contain some kind of bean and vegetable. Also, I would love to see the transitional outfits. As for exercise, I love strength training and hiking through our many wonderful parks.

  27. Hi Susan, Greetings from Massachusetts!

    Thank you for your “Nourish and Move” article. Would love to see your outfit transition from shopping with mom to taking a 30-minute walk.

    Now that you and Mr. Mickey are living together, how do your eating habits align with his? Do you find yourself making a meal for yourself and another for him? Does he make his own meals? Do you shop together? Our grown kids are out of the house and I’m trying to prepare healthy meals but my husband has different tastes than I do. Do you have any advice?

    Keep up the great articles! . . . Julie Johnston

    1. Hi Julie, Stay tuned! That article about the transition of an outfit is coming soon.
      We don’t shop together, but he eats whatever I serve. We enjoy the same fresh, natural foods, making it easier for everyone.

  28. This is the perfect way to show what you eat and immediately I had the same for dinner and absolutely love it.
    I would like to ask you if you have any information or personal knowledge about wheatgrass juice .

    Thank you very much. H.

  29. Susan,

    This article was very, very helpful to me. I have been trying to reverse the beginnings of cardiovascular disease and have been following the suggestions of a preventative cardiologist at Mayo’s Clinic who communicates online. Dr. Joel Fuhrman (the doctor you mentioned) seems to have the same opinions as Dr. Kopecky, but goes into greater detail regarding diet.

    I plan to order one or more of Dr. Kuhrman’s books although they were written a few years ago. I have always been healthy and trim eating what I wanted, but after some medical tests a few months ago, I am making some big changes.

    I follow you mainly for the great fashion advice! Most of my clothes are classic in style, but I try to combine them with modern, interesting accessories.

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