White Jeans and a Blazer

My power look has always been a combo with a blazer and heels. It feels great to put on clothes that make you feel ready to take on the world…even if you aren’t leaving the house.

I wanted to show you one more look featuring those white jeans here. A slim-fitting pair of white jeans with a tailored white shirt is the start of countless comfortable combos. The secret to the perfect white shirt is to find one with darting like the one here.

A similar blazer is here. The white blouse is here. ShoesBagBelt

This time, I added a couple of pearl necklaces, tucked in the shirt, and added a belt to define the waist. (This works well for me when I am wearing a blazer and only this tiny portion of the waist at the front shows.)

I try to match the tone of the accessories worn close together. (The belt and the bag are very close in color.) Shoes that match my skin tone with white pants always elongate my legs. If you also have legs that are short in proportion to the rest of your body, remember that tip.

In this example, I bought two of the same pearl necklaces and joined them together to make one extra-long one I could wrap several times around my neck.

This series’s goal was to show you how I style the same white jeans differently in elevated looks. I hope it was helpful to you. The recap below shows you four ways to style the white jeans here. Keep scrolling down to view the previous posts and find the links to each recap photo’s items.

Thank you for your kind comments, and welcome to all the new readers of this blog.

  1. It looks fantastic but when I go to do it, it’s almost like I go brain dead. You look awesome

  2. I am so glad that I found your page yesterday. You are beautiful in all of the pictures and I especially love the outfit with a blazer. Appreciate very much that you include fashion tips,

  3. I love white (and all the looks you’ve shown) but for some reason when I put on a white near my face (as in a white top) I hate myself in it and feel like I look washed out. I’m a darkish blonde, on the fair side, with green eyes. Do some people’s coloring preclude them from wearing white?

    1. Yes, as in all colors, certain tones will be more flattering on you than others. If you have a golden undertone, ivory and cream colors will be much better choices for you.

      1. I read somewhere, don’t remember where, that if you are wearing white, it should not be whiter than your teeth! I too look washed out in pure white – in fact, last time I wore a top in white with some color in the pattern, people were saying I looked so tired!

  4. Your outfits are stylish while comfortable and easy to put together. It is such fun to read your blogs each week! Thank you for making an effort to keep in touch with all of your readers and lifting our spirits.

  5. Hi Susan, I am using quarantine/ unemployment time to peruse Fifty, not Frumpy. Thank you for leaving the site up; it comes in handy on rainy April days.
    I hope Mickey is comfortable and on the road to recovery.

  6. Susan, thank you for continuing to educate me ALL. THE. TIME. I appreciate the pictures accompanying all your posts and the time and energy you put into them. I have learned so much from you and it has helped me have more confidence in my clothing selections. Thank you!

  7. I love all the looks. This is the style I wear most often. Always classic look. Never goes out of style.

  8. Gorgeous outfit…and the previous one! Can we talk about what you are doing with your hair these days when no hairdressers are working? It looks lovely. I think we have a similar cut…definitely color. It would be nice to do a piece showing the original cut and how you’ve been coping with no trims…or do you trim your own neckline? Your hair looks like you came straight from the salon. In my humble opinion, it the best cut ever.

    1. Thank you. I haven’t trimmed it, but the secret is in the styling. Sometimes it behaves well, others, not so much. My last cut was in mid-February, so it has grown out some since then. Here is a post to show the cut from all sides.

      1. Thank you SO much for being so kind as to responding. I can see the slight difference in our cuts. Mine was “stacked” a little higher in the back when I also had my cut in early February, which is why yours is behaving better, and the reason I’ve had to do little, careful trims at the neck. Thankfully, my husband is pretty good at it. Yours looks gorgeous. Hopefully salons will open soon, but it is beyond me how they will practice social distancing between the client and cutter. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  9. Love turning on my computer and yes, there is a blog from you, especially now when self quarantine is keeping most people away from others and your blog gives us an uplift for the day. I am amazed being reminded to “dress up” at home even when no one will see you as it truly does give, at least me, a different perspective and another uplift to boot. Thanks for the tips and know you are at least giving one person a smile each day you blog, me!

    Clara from Iowa

  10. Your looks and combinations are always well put together and classic. I love your blog. You keep me on task trying to always look my best no matter where I am going. Thank you .

  11. Thank you for continuing your blog through this difficult time. I really appreciate it!
    Could you share your work out clothes?
    I walk around my neighborhood and follow a yoga and cardio routine daily. I would love to see your choices for your workouts.

  12. As always you look like a million! And speedy recovery to the most admired man in the tri-state area! I was wondering if you could do a blog or two on details, like how to keep a stand up collar standing, how to roll up sleeves that don’t look messy, how roll jeans hems or not and any other details and suggestions to polish a look. Thanks as always for showing us how to use and reuse your classics.

  13. Hi Susan, I love this look! Actually, all four are winners. Thank you for this series of posts. I am inspired to wear white jeans now! Would you mind replying to let us know if you buy earrings that come with the big clear plastic backs, or if you change out the original backs with the ones shown in this post? I notice the white pearl earrings in the second post in this series has a similar looking earring back. They look like they would be more comfortable than a small butterfly back, and also give some support, so the earrings don’t droop forward.

  14. Thanks for continuing with your website during these times. I felt a little unproductive when we all started staying home. Now, I get up and get dressed. Starting my day ready to go mentally has done wonders for my personal goals, like reading and blogging.

  15. Susan, you look stunning in this beautiful blazer-blouse combo with white denim. The pearl necklace adds that little bit of sophistication along with the lovely bag and heels. Thank you for sharing the multiple ways to wear white. I have enjoyed them all!

  16. Love your blog and how you explain your fashion choices. As I review my overflowing closet I’m trying to follow your advice to have a core of multi-use solids. Right now I have great selection of black jeans and pants but mostly print tops as that has been my answer for creating interest. Now I know how much can be done with a scarf! Thank you!!!

  17. I’m so happy the Mr Mickey is on the mend. You can’t keep a good man down. But…. since he can’t go anywhere now, it’s the best time to recover. Chin up!!

  18. Great series – I love each individual outfit, and they all work together to show the versatility of the jeans. Excellent tips on the belt under the blazer, darting on the shirt (and I know WHY) and the color of the shoes.

  19. Love, love that classic blazer power look .. even though I have been retired for 10 years now, I always try and find an excuse to wear a blazer . . it looks so sharp . Pairing it with French Kande necklaces, of which I also have, is a super idea. Mahalo!!

  20. You always look so classy & well dressed. Before I buy anything now, I ask myself-would SUSAN wear this?
    I wish I could find a button down shirt that fits my narrow shoulders & did not gap across my generous bust line. The closest I get is a shirt that only buttons down halfway, tunic style. Anyway hope Mr. Mickey is healing well. Look forward to more of your adventures together.
    Thank you

  21. Once again you have pulled your look together with a few accessories and a timeless blazer. I could see this look with a scarf from your collection too. I could also see a color pop on the top with one of your tops from a previous blog. When you invest in the right pieces the combinations are endless.

    Thank you for showing another idea. Praying that Mr. Mickey is doing well with PT and healing.


  22. LOVE the white top – nothing better than a crisp white shirt like this one (although I’m not much for ironing so i struggle after the first wear unless i let the dry cleaners press for me 🙂 )

  23. Really enjoyed this series. I look forward to reading your posts and trying the tips.
    Take care of yourself and hope Mr Mickey is doing well.

  24. Reading the reviews of the white shirt from Talbots, lots of complaints about it being too sheer. Did you find that problem? Does one have to wear a camisole under it?

  25. Love the total look except for the necklaces . Two of them! The blazer has many shiny buttons, the belt, the earrings, plus the necklaces just too much. But loved the shoes.

      1. I have no problems with this look, even the two necklaces, but I always thought of you as the Queen of Minimalism. We all have our comfort level and it is that level to which we should pay attention, not always a strict rule, extending as much grace as possible to those who may disagree.

  26. Susan, could you tell me the name of the company for those pull on no zipper jeans? It’s not been too long ago, but I can’t seem to find them. I put several pair in my cart, but I don’t remember the company so I’ve really screwed this one up!! Thot I was so smart…………..snort snort.

    If you can help me, I would be grateful.


  27. I have been buying blouses from Foxcroft for several years.
    They are made extremely well of nice quality fabric. Many styles have darts which I find flattering. They laundry well and like nice for years. Love your sharp blue and white looks! Nothing looks fresher in warm weather.

  28. I love the looks of all the different ways to style yourself while wearing white pants. Additionally, you look awesome. I am inspired…

  29. Classy! This is my favorite look. I’m going to have to save my pennies for that necklace. Thank you for taking the time to answer all of our questions and giving references on where to buy. Just another reason why you are my favorite blog.

  30. Love the blouse! Wandered what size you are wearing as I am also well endowed in the bust area? Love your blogs and style! So very helpful!

  31. I love your style and all your outfits. Finally I have found someone who wears everything I would wear.

  32. I’m so excited to have found your site. I look forward to jazzing up my wardrobe. I’ve been in a funk .. lots of clothing but lousy at accessorizing. That makes us look sharp!

  33. REally love your site. I am 59 and need to grow up and change my style– and hair color! You have a lot of inspirational and chic looks….thank you!

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