Navy and White

White jeans are a classic wardrobe staple for numerous reasons. They can be dressed up or down and worn all year round on sunny days. I know of several very stylish women who only wear jeans if they are white.

A navy cashmere sweater with white jeans is a timeless look. The classic combination can be paired with a variety of accessories to dress it up or down. My dark navy cashmere sweater is a size medium. It is here. Note that with a shorter top, I wore lower heels.

The jeans are less than seventy dollars and available in five neutral colors here. They are also available in ankle, regular, and tall lengths. The description mentions skinny jeans, but the legs are much more forgiving than any I’ve tried in the past. With my muscular calves, I can never put on most skinny jeans. I am five feet six inches tall and wear a size six in slim-cut jeans. I ordered these in size twenty-nine, ankle length. They are very comfortable and not at all see-through. I appreciate that the legs don’t bell out at the hemline.

The bag and the shoes are a couple of years old. A similar tote is here. Similar shoes are here. I always wear the ultra-low-cut no-show socks here with loafers. The socks don’t slip off my heels, and they make the shoes so much more comfortable.

Evenings are chilly here, even in summer, so I always have a large scarf with me.

The Infinity watch is here. Mention the code, Susan, to get 20% off. Similar earrings are here. The statement bracelet is here. (Use the code SAS10 For $10 off any item) A similar ring is here.

The jeans here are the only thing I’m wearing that is new. They were an affiliate gift from Everlane. The shopping links in my posts may result in a small commission for me at no additional cost to you.

My daily skincare and makeup routines are here and here. In these photos, I am wearing the lip color Currant here.

Mr. Mickey’s broken leg is healing well, and he is very much looking forward to going on an outing as soon as it is possible. We promise to take lots of pictures to share with you. Thank you for your kind and encouraging comments. He has enjoyed reading them very much.

  1. I am so sorry but must have missed hearing about Mr Mickey.s broken leg. I hope the healing is going well. Thank you for your posts. A real bright spot!

  2. What a lovely elegant outfit. You have such a wonderful skillful way of adding just the right accessories. Excellent news about Mr Mikey. Our very best wishes to him for a continuing speedy recovery.

  3. I’m so glad Mr Mickey is recovering. It’s not a good time to be hospitalised with anything just now. Hopefully we’ll all be out and about soon.

  4. Prayers for your Mr. Mickey. What a sad time in history to be going through a broken leg and rehab. Bless you both.

  5. I love everything in this post! So glad to hear Mr. Mickey is on the mend! Hope to see pictures of you two soon on one of your outings. Be safe!

  6. That is good news about Mr Mickey! I hope he can feel all the prayers going up for him (and you). He has quite a fan club.
    Love this outfit! The accessories are spot on, and navy blue and white looks crisp any time of year.

  7. Great outfit and lovely accessories as well. Sending best wishes for Mr. Mickey’s smooth recovery.

  8. Good news on Mr Mickey! Navy and white is always a classic together. I’m on the ‘look-out’ for white jeans; the link has only 4 colors… white is the one missing. I think you said they’re new to the line so I’m hoping it’s added soon. Maybe you’ll update us?

  9. Mr. Mickey, get well soon and remember to do your physical therapy!
    Love navy and white and you do a wonderful job accessorizing it well, just as you do every outfit.

  10. Your attention to detail is exquisite. I love the explanations of why and how you put an outfit together. I’m glad to hear Mr. Mickey is healing nicely. Enjoy your day.

  11. I look forward to your posts and have really learned a lot over the past couple of years. The bag you are carrying here was my first purchase on your recommendation. I have since purchased two more in other colors but the salmon one is a real beauty and goes with more than I anticipated. I’m also using some BeautyCounter. Oh, that balm!!

    Very best wishes to Mr. Mickey. The Susanafter60 ladies love him!! Such a terrible time for this to have happened. When I read about it I felt as if it had happened to one of my family. You are both strong and loving people so I know that you will come through this even stronger. Mr. Mickey, come back to us soon. You are our Dapper Dan !!

  12. Yea! I am so glad to hear that Mr. Mickey is getting better. All the blessings to you both. Thank you for what you do.

  13. I so enjoy your adventures with Mr Mickey. Glad to know he is recuperating1 Your posts have been a tremendous help as I navigate my 60’s (currently 67 years old) – I have been inspired to pursue healthier eating, and am learning how to dress appropriately for what feels like the first time. Reading your posts has truly been an adventure for me – Thank You for sharing. Shelli Johnson

  14. I love the navy and white combination! This is another beautiful outfit. I was wondering if these are the white pants you were modeling in your other post with the stunning white outfit. You had mentioned that they weren’t available yet. So just curious if these are the same white pants. Thanks!!! Have an awesome day!

    1. Thank you, Jane. Yes, this is look number three out four I will be showing you using the same jeans. I’ll recap on Wednesday and show the final elevated white denim look.

  15. I am a loyal reader of your column. I never miss. Going all the way back to the beginning of Fifty Not Frumpy. In today’s post you mentioned that since you were wearing a shorter length top, that (of course ) your shoes would be a lower heel. Could you explain the theory behind those proportions? Once you point something like this out, I can usually grasp the reasoning. But today I could see that it was a good balance, but I’m not sure why? Thanks. And all the best to you and Mr. Mickey.

    1. I have relatively short legs, so when my top is longer and covers the upper portion of my legs, that makes them look even shorter. If I wear nude heels, it helps to make my legs look longer than they are. Thank you for following my blog. I hope this explanation helps you.

  16. When checking the link to the bracelet – that looks like YOU modeling the bracelet on their website! Correct? How fun. Your hair looks longer. Was photo taken awhile ago?

    Such good news about Mr. Mickey’s continued recovery. Thanks for keeping us all posted — we are interested!

  17. I can just see Mr. Mickey in a matching outfit wearing his navy blazer and white slacks and pin striped shirt taking you out to lunch when he is walking again. You both have an elegant sense of style and complement each other perfectly.

  18. I always look forward to your blogs, thankful Mr. Mickey is doing better. Looking forward to your adventures!!! Have a safe week.

  19. Love your post today–so helpful to have many ideas for white jeans!! Very happy to hear Mr. Mickey is doing well-wishing him a full and speedy recovery!!

  20. Hi Susan,
    What size is the face on your white watch? They come in 32 mm and 36 mm for women. Thanking you in advance, Jo in FL

  21. Hi Susan,
    Looking good as usual and I really like the white and navy with a touch of orange. Please let Mr.Mickey know I’m wishing him a speedy recovery from his broken leg.
    Be well and stay safe!

  22. Mr. Mickey. I’ve been laid up with bilateral knee replacements and also a full leg cast for a ruptured Achilles tendon. I know how tedious and difficult it is to have reduced mobility. Therefore, I’m sending a happy wish for rapid healing and getting back on your feet. If there is one thing I learned, it is to follow the post-operative instructions to the letter and participate fully in physical therapy. It will facilitate healing. I guess the silver lining is that you wouldn’t be going out much anyway, right now? God bless and Stay Well! A reader from rural NE Indiana.

  23. Susan and Mr. Mickey, may God bless you both for this time you have together at this time. It’s nice that you have each other during this time.
    I have truly enjoyed the adventures you share, plus all the tips that Susan shares also. B. Fisher

  24. Love the classic Navy with white . .always looks so fresh! Keep us posted on Mr. Mickey’s recovery. We are happy to hear he is improving – that is marvelous good news. Aloha from Maui.

  25. Susan, I love your look today…head to toe!! I’d love to know which scarves you have available! They always make your outfits look wonderful and seem very versatile. Also, so glad to hear that Mr. Mickey is on the mend!! That’s great!

  26. I must confess that all this seclusion and bad news is beginning to get me down. All this great advice we’ve received over the years on how we can look our best and go confidently out into the world with a smile and the right color lipstick – all for naught in these sad and scary days. I really have so very much to be grateful for but I COULD use a little lift. SO – Friday is going to be “feel Good Friday” and I’m going to make sure I exercise enough, prepare a healthy menu for the day and then paint my toenails and do a facial mask accompanied by some soothing music.
    I think it’s important for us to come out the other side of all this with the health and resources to deal with whatever is in our futures AND still looking good, like you do, Susan, with that gorgeous scarf and bag.

  27. So glad to hear Mr.Mickey is healing well.
    You certainly look crisp and elegant in the white jeans and navy sweater…..classic!

  28. So very, very pleased to hear about Mr Mickey. Hope he is soon back travelling again when allowed and he must be right for the Santa Claus appearance again.

  29. Hello Susan, thank you for contacting me. When I didn’t hear from you I honestly feared the worse.I have no idea why I wasn’t getting your blogs, but my world tilted a bit because I enjoy them so much and I love reading the comments from your lovely group of readers.
    To Mr Mickey,I’m so sorry about your accident,I’ll bet your chaffing at the bit to get on with things,but getting well takes time.So many people have sent sincere love and good wishes to you,myself included that I hope you take strength from them all.
    Susan as always you look beautiful,whatever your wearing.xx

  30. So sorry to hear about Mr. Mickey’s broken leg. I must have missed a few posts. I hope it wasn’t a bad break and it heals well. Well, at least he knows he is not alone being forced to spend time inside during this Covid 19 pandemic!

    Take care and get well soon.

    Marie Duncan
    Barrie, Ontario

  31. Sending best wishes to Mr. Mickey. I hope he is on the mend and healing quickly. I miss seeing your lovely trips. You two are so sweet.

  32. Hi Susan, sending all best wishes to Mr Mickey for a speedy recovery and of course to you. Loving this look. Bernie x

  33. Very smart outfit, yet so simple!
    Great news about Mr Mickey, I hope he continues on this good path!
    Take care, everybody!
    Beatriz Empis
    Cascais – Portugal

  34. What great news about Mr. Mickey! I can’t wait for him to make an appearance in your WONDERFUL blog!!! Have a GREAT day!

    Cindy Smith

  35. Susan, you look wonderful. I love the simplicity of the outfit, yet it is dressed up a bit with the accessories. One question: do you wear a cashmere sweater year round? I was wondering the other day if I would look funny wearing my cashmere pullover. Wasn’t sure if it was a fashion faux pas or not.
    So glad Mr. Mickey is progressing with his leg. Summer will be here before you know it, and the two of you will be out and about. Best wishes, Sir!

    1. Thank you for your good wishes, Billie. I do wear a V-neck cashmere sweater whenever it is chilly in spring or fall. On a few summer evenings here in the mountains, I’ve also worn them.

  36. Prayers for continued healing for Mr. Mickey…and you look fabulous in navy and white. I have always loved navy, even when you couldn’t find many things in navy – like navy sandals. I love them because they go with blue jeans which is what many of us that are isolating wear most every day since we can’t go anywhere but to grocery store!

  37. You look so wonderful and you did it in only a few key pieces. I love the dangling earrings. I could see this outfit change a bit with your favorite pair of sneakers too.

    Thank you for the blogs. They make me feel like I’m not stuck inside and get me thinking about outfits to wear when it turns warmer here.

    Hello to Mr. Mickey. Think positive thoughts and heal that leg. Praying for you as I send this.

  38. Like everyone else, I am sheltered in place here in California and have not been getting dressed to go out. I am living in a selection of yoga pants with little or no make-up. When my partner called me yesterday using google duo, a face time app, I was aghast at seeing myself on the screen! I am newly retired and clearly haven’t adjusted to not getting fixed up for work each morning.
    When I read your post this morning, I was inspired! I ordered the shapeez bra/tank and a Valentina Signa top in navy (Everlane is sold out of the sweater until August). I have NYDJ in white and am excited to put the whole outfit together. I absolutely love the crisp look of navy and white!

    Our body dimensions seem somewhat similar–large chest, slim hips–and so your outfit suggestions are very helpful and easy for me to follow.
    Thank you for writing your blog! I’m not sure where I’m going in this outfit, but I’m sure to feel great in it!
    Lisa L.

    1. Most of what I wear is rather basic and classic. Look for something similar in your size range and then follow my example for accessorizing. I wore a 1X when I was in my 30’s so I know how hard it is to find solid color well-cut items in plus sizes.

  39. Hello Susan,

    For some reason I am unable to open the link to the white pants. I think the problem could be at my end. Would you please post an address that I can cut and paste? Thank you. ~ Barbara

  40. Now that we are washing our hands more, my hands are very dry and rough. I use a scrub and tons of hand lotion, nothing is helping. I have heard that many lotions have an ingredient of glycerine. Is that an alcohol? Have you researched the hand lotions? What is your recommendation?

    1. I have been using a lot of Beautycounter Hand Cream. Some hand lotions indeed have alcohol, which dries your hands and makes you use more of their product, but glycerine is not the same as alcohol.

  41. Susan,
    Thank you for reminding us that classic style is forever. Your outfit could have been worn 60 years ago by Jackie Kennedy and been just as elegant. White and navy are always sophisticated, but you made it your own by adding this amazing silk scarf and coral bag. Quintessential Susan!
    Take care of each other.

  42. Love, love your style. I have a question about your shoes. How do you keep them clean? Do you clean them after every time you wear them? And how or what do you use. I walk alot and can’t believe how dirty my shoes get. Laura

    1. I don’t walk very much in my dress shoes, but I do clean them with a damp paper towel if they get dusty from being out for the day. We are a driving community, so I have to make an effort to walk more than from the car to a building.

  43. Would love to order some of your ultra-low cut no show socks. Can you tell me how to get some?
    I love your blog and the clothes you wear as well as your stay at home make up routine.
    Thank you so much,

    Susan Harris

  44. My day is not complete without reading your blog. For the first time in my life I have confidence in coordinating clothes, accessories and shoes. I am now trying to add to what I already have and spend less money.
    Thank you!

  45. I like very mucho your outfit. I’m 64 years old. I am your fan. I leave in Cuernavaca, México.
    Thank you for your bloger site.
    Inspire me to look better y may appearance. Sorry for my English, is not to good.

  46. Susan

    I love navy and white (or grey). However, I just cannot wear white jeans before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. I am so glad to hear you say it is the right thing to wear. Where did I ever get this idea??? I have many pairs of white pants that I should be wearing.

    You look great with gray hair!

    I enjoy your emails.

    Nancy Miller

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