What do you eat?

In the past six months, I have lost about fifteen pounds. Some of you noticed and asked about the changes in my diet. Today I’m sharing what I eat now and why I’ve changed my choices again, but first, a summer outfit.

My new haircut from every angle. I almost always tuck it behind my ears.

You may not care for them, but culottes are infinitely more cool and comfortable in the heat of summer. I do not wear skirts, short dresses, or shorts, so this is my hot weather look. They look best with short fitted tops and block heels or high wedges.

We were blessed with full sun and temps in the eighties at last. I wore this look to visit my parents on Sunday and a quick trip to the grocery store. I’ve linked the same or similar items below. Affiliate or referral links in my posts may generate a small commission to me at no extra cost to you.


The photo above shows a typical lunch. The dish includes baked sweet potato slices, walnuts, watercress, broccoli, olives, and sauteed onion with hemp seeds and chives. The salad bowl pictured is nine inches across and two-and-a-half inches deep. I eat two small meals per day. Breakfast might be slices of warm sweet potato with blackstrap molasse, walnuts, and pecans or a soft boiled egg and avocado slices, or I may have coconut milk yogurt with fresh berries. I do not snack.

The following lists include the foods I can eat without issues. (I never eat fast or processed foods.) This first group must be steamed, sauteed, baked, or roasted: Brussels sprouts, onions, asparagus, bok choy, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, sweet potatoes. Beans and lentils that have been pressure cooked only. (Eden Organics are.)

Celery, carrots, jicama, beets, radishes, watercress, and other dark leafy greens. Spices and herbs. High-quality olive oil, aged balsamic vinegar, coconut butter, coconut oil and ghee (clarified butter), and goat cheese. Olives, avocados, dark chocolate, walnuts, pistachios, macadamia nuts, and pecans. Fresh and in-season dark berries and dates, figs, or prunes in small amounts only.

If you have food allergies or sensitivities, you know that certain foods are triggers. The process of discovering which foods cause me problems included eliminating all of the foods that are known triggers. As I gradually tried those foods again, it was undeniable which ones I can no longer tolerate. My issues return when I eat peanuts, grains, and nightshades. The allergic reactions I’ve experienced include a full-body rash, sinus headaches and stuffiness, aching joints, inflammation, and digestive issues, including bloating, back and abdominal pain, as well as insomnia.

I share my journey to help you become more aware of things that might be affecting your health. Please do as I have done and consult with your physician before making any significant changes to your diet.

  1. Almost 5 years ago I quit eating all grains, dairy, and even fruit. I stick to protein and veggies – mainly wild-caught fish, grass-fed beef, pasture raised organic eggs, and chicken. I’m a big believer in coconut oil. I do use a bit of butter from grass-fed cows. I gave up grains due to pain from inflammation. I just feel so much better. I eat more often than you do to keep my blood sugar level, though.

    1. So it sounds like you’re more low carb than Susan. This is the only way I can eat without feeling like I’m sooo hungry. Can you give me any more tips?

  2. Hi Susan,
    I do not see fresh fruit on the list, except dark berries and dates, figs, or prunes
    Do not consume apples, bananas, apricots, pears, watermelon, cherries, melon, or grapes…?
    Thanks for sharing your choices.

    1. I eat fruit sparingly and only once in a while. The sugar in fruit is fructose which is not (like glucose) used immediately for energy. Instead, it goes straight to the liver to be stored as fat. This was beneficial in the old days when people did not know when their next meal might be and stored up for times of famine – just like hibernating animals do. It sure tastes good, though!

    1. Dear Susan, I was having serious stomach issues, it got to the point I couldn’t eat anything. I did like you I went on a serious elimination diet and discovered that I had a real problem with dairy & gluten. Within 2 days of being on the diet I felt like a new person.
      I love the outfit on you as you are taller, I tried the culottes on me they looked awful but I am short. I don’t wear shorts, dresses or skirts as my legs look awful, I’m still trying to figure out what I can wear for the Kansas City heat.
      Love your new hair style!

  3. I love your style and how well you take care of yourself. But I think you are doing yourself a disservice by not wearing skirts. With your beautiful figure, a pencil skirt would look stunning on you!!

    1. I used to wear pencil skirts often. It isn’t my shape that is a problem; it is the prominent veins on my left calf that make me very self-conscious about showing my legs.

  4. Coconut oil is so nutritious but I gain weight on it even though I use only little. Where do you use it?

  5. I feel this is an extreme form of limiting food and dieting. The symptoms you describe can be caused by many things, not necessarily allergies. Have you been allergy tested? I will no longer be following you. I do not feeling that you portray a well rounded lifestyle. But hey, it’s all about personal choice.

    1. The only reason I eat this way is that it provides me with the best health. I am answering questions about what I eat with the guidance of my Physicians. I don’t feel limited at all.

    2. You’re joking right? Exactly what would you consider “well rounded”?!?!

      Umm let’s see…she eats healthy, looks beautiful, has a heart of gold, has an amazing career, has tens of thousands of followers on several Social platforms, has a dashing man who adores her, and travels frequently… yeah what a terrible life…

      1. Some people cannot appreciate what others can do to make their life better. Maybe they are jealous of someone’s success because they don’t have the discipline or strength to make changes to their own lives. Anyone who can help others in life, no matter how small, is a selfless soul who is appreciated by those who choose to accept that help.

    3. After years of similar issues, I too did a full elimination plan in an effort to feel better without going down the full medical route and all it entails. Feel 100 percent better! Yep, routine allergy testing found 0. As an aside, I celebrate 40 years as a nurse soon. Here’s to you finding what works for you also.

    4. Suzy Broadwell. All I see (as a diabetic) are wholesome, healthy food choices. Continued success, Susan. Your lifestyle is grounded in good food choices, exercise and fun! My best to you!

    5. Suzy, Susan looks beautiful and healthy. She is sharing her diet change because she was asked, she is not saying anyone else should follow it. It is personal to her. Why would you say you are unfollowing Susan because you don’t like her diet? Haven’t you disagreed with a friend but remained friends? I think your reaction is extreme.

    6. So someone unfollows you because she doesn’t like what you eat? That’s laughable. I never fail to be amazed at the small minds of some people.
      I eat certain things that my husband can’t eat, and vice versa. Susan wasn’t advising that you or any of us eat what she eats. She was answering a question about her personal life. Get a grip!! Sorry, I don’t mean to sound argumentative; it’s just so ridiculous. Bye bye!

    7. Suzy: Many health issues related to food (heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, not to mention all the auto-immune diseases) are not typical “allergies” and won’t show up with testing. That doesn’t mean all foods are good for us just because one isn’t allergic to them! I think Susan’s way of eating is not extreme at all – it’s similar to how our ancestors ate for 200,000 plus years. The Standard American Diet (SAD) has become so far out of whack that it just makes this diet look extreme. Hooray for you Susan! I will keep following your blog and glean information and inspiration so that I can lead a healthier lifestyle. Thanks for all you do and have a wonderful day!!
      P.S. Obviously Suzy doesn’t know much about nutrition and doesn’t keep up on the latest research.

  6. Well it must be working beautifully for you because each year, you look better and better .
    Thanks for sharing ..

  7. Susan,

    I suffer with migraines that are food triggered. I understand the need to reevaluate your diet with your doctors supervision.
    Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  8. I choose not to eat processed foods or red meats and have a sensitivity to dairy and wheat so I eat similar to you. I’m interested in why you choose ‘beans and lentils that have been pressure cooked only’. Would you be willing to share the reasons or a link where I can read more? Thanks in advance!

    1. Pressure cooking removes the lectin hull on beans and lentils. Read the book “The Plan Paradox” by Steven R. Gundry. He is a former cardiac surgeon and currently runs his own clinic, investigating the impact of diet on health.

      1. Yes! I thought her diet reminded me of The Plant Paradox. My husband and I have been following it for about a year and have had success with improving our autoimmune problems. My husband is now seeing a functional medicine MD to hone in on fine tuning with testing and I’m impressed with how similar the Plant Paradox plan was to the dietary plan provided by his doctor. She was pleased that he was already avoiding most of the inflammatory foods she wanted him to try eliminating.

    1. I take Vitamin C, B-complex, D, magnesium, and Krill Oil. My Physician suggested I take these specific vitamins. Vitamin D deficiency is a significant problem in the US.

      1. Susan, would you be able to share the brands you purchase for these supplements, or are they prescriptions? Thank you.

        1. I get them from my local health food store.
          Superior Source D3 5,000 IU
          Ester-C 1000mg
          Norwegian Gold Krill Omega
          LifeExtension B-Complex
          LifeExtension Extend-Release Magnesium

  9. I have been on a similar journey, Susan and have discovered dairy, grains and legumes are the culprits. It’s amazing how much better I sleep and how much my joint and back pain have diminished. Thank you for sharing your experience and style. It’s an encouragement to me daily.

  10. Love your blog on food, my husband and I are trying to eat well. He is getting instructions from a doctor and I am eating the same. Love your new hair cut.

  11. Hello Susan, the foods that you eat are very similar to how my husband and I eat. We try to only eat wholesome foods that are plant based, no processed foods. We are able to eat grains and nightshades but we avoid dairy and eggs. On occasion when we dine out we may have chicken breast on a salad. So far it has served us well as we have both lost around 20 lbs each. We feel so much better and have lots of energy! As my Nana used to say, you are what you eat. You look wonderful by the way!

  12. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. You look amazing every day and you are quite an inspiration. Thank you for also sharing your food choices. This takes courage (and I can’t quite believe you are being criticized for it). Fresh, whole, healthy, in-season vegetables, fruits, beans and nuts (with a few treats here and there like a bit of chocolate) is really a delicious and healthful diet. I can’t wait to try your breakfast of sweet potatoes and nuts drizzled with molasses – yum!

  13. A word about prominent leg veins. . . I had swollen leg and the dr ordered a scan. The swollen leg resolved itself, but the technician suggested I see a vein specialist and the result was a noninvasive chemical ablation treatment completely covered by Medicare. I return for yearly checks and the prominent veins have not returned. . .wonderful results for medical and cosmetic reasons! The point here is that varicose veins are a treatable medical problem often covered by insurance. . .well worth checking with a doctor.

  14. Like your new summer bob and agree with you that culottes (as well as gaucho and palazzo pants) are much cooler to wear and a great alternative to shorts if one is uncomfortable wearing the latter. Re your question as to diet; I have never had a struggle with weight (thanks namely to genetics IMO) however would say the past three years have had to monitor my intake of specific foods due to a digestive problem. That said; regardless of it I still eat pretty well everything and anything (yes, I cheat on occasion … ☺ … and pay for it dearly ) BUT my mantra is ‘ as life is too short ….. eat a well balanced diet and things you enjoy in moderate consumption and don’t forget to exercise.’ Wishing you a beautiful day, Susan.
    P.S.: I’m 73 and counting, somewhat slender in physique and currently weigh the same as I did 50 years ago although I have shrunk an inch in height sometime during the journey.

    1. My goal was to rid myself of the pain and discomfort I was experiencing. I wasn’t trying to lose more weight. It just came off with the elimination of the grains and too much fruit.

  15. That looked like beans in your lunch plate. I know they are a source of protein but I have a problem with them. Please comment. Your diet tips are so helpful thanks.

    1. I have found that I can tolerate a small serving of beans that have been pressure cooked. Since I eat so little meat, I try to eat beans and broccoli more often.

  16. Hi Susan,

    The culottes look darling on you! 13 years ago I lost 15 pounds. In the last couple of years pounds have slowly been creeping back, about 7. Just wondering if this is what happened to you? Or were you just ready to lose more. I find at 65 they don’t come off so easily as before. I have been a pescatarian for 25 years and do have an issue when we travel, which we do a lot! I get really sick of salads! You dint mention salad? Do you ear them too? I really enjoy your blog.

  17. Are you able to wear the same clothes? Are you going the alterations route or the donate and replace? I ask because I’ve lost a lot myself and I don’t know which way to go.

      1. I still wear them sometimes when I go out to dinner. Heels are more comfortable when I weigh less, but I will never go back to wearing them as often as I did.

  18. Thank you for sharing your journey Susan. I had a simple blood test done through my naturopath to determine my food sensitivities. Turned out to be something entirely different than I though it would be – very enlightening.

    On another note, I love the wide cropped pants on you. I also have a white pair that I really like the look of with an asymmetrical hemline. I sometimes turn up the hem on one side of a longer tee to give it that look or wear it with the Clara Sunwoo waterfall top.

    Keep doing what your doing – you are looking better and better!

  19. Any hints for us petite gals on the culottes, palazzo pant look. I would love those culottes in linen. Being 5 ft. 2 inches, I just can’t wear anything like that. Love your look!

  20. Thanks for sharing this. As I’ve gotten older, my tolerance for many foods is waning & I have cut out many foods each year. The struggle is real! You look great & I hope you’re feeling well with the weight loss and food changes you’ve had to make.

  21. Thanks, I wear skirts almost everyday in the summer. I would just like to wear culottes, just once, without looking silly.

  22. Thank you for sharing your current meal plan and your reasons for the changes you made. I wonder if you would consider sharing a video of how you prepare a meal such as the one above or a step-by-step guide. I love your style, and the way you go about your life, but it’s your commitment to health that I find the most valuable. This is certainly a post that will be used as a reference. Congratulations on your weight loss and continued good health!

    1. Not very much cooking happens in my kitchen. It would be more appropriately called assembling. I bake the potatoes ahead and keep them in the fridge to slice up and eat on salads or warm them for breakfast. I boil eggs, steam broccoli and saute mushrooms and onions but my stove doesn’t get used very often otherwise.

  23. Thank you for taking the time to share. I eat many of the same things and add swimming to my life. I’m still thinking of your closet and how much I loved the tour. Would you consider showing it again? I’m sure it’s changed from the last time!

  24. Your eating program is very similar to mine except I snack like a maniac after about 530p and have not been able to stop. What do you drink for the evening hours. Thanks for your response. Julia

    1. In the interest of sleeping better, I drink mostly filtered water but not after 4 PM. (I do keep a glass of water by my bed to sip if I wake with a dry mouth.) Letting my digestive system rest from late afternoon until the next morning has been most beneficial. When we continuously eat or snack, the body uses too much energy on digestion. Going to bed with an empty stomach allows for my best sleep.

  25. Hi Susan,. Your food pattern is intriguing. I have been eating your porridge recipe for the last several months. While I am enjoying it…I may try your suggestions. I will always have a 3rd meal as that is the only one I share with my hubby, which is most generally sweet potato, salad, veggie and a lean protein.
    Thank you for sharing your journey.
    Best to you

  26. @Suzy Broadwell I am puzzled and would like to ask if you could list what foods you think Susan is limiting? I see a meal full of nutrition.

  27. Hi Susan,
    Another amazing outfit and post of your new eating plan. I look forward to reading your posts and always find lots of useful information.

  28. I’m interested in the process you went through to determine sensitivities/allergies. I’ve always been able to eat anything. But with age has come weight gain, bloating, and facial puffiness. I’m basically healthy, not taking any meds at 69. How did you get started?

    1. Each time I ate breakfast (for example), I started feeling bloated and uncomfortable for hours afterward. If I had grains with lunch, that same very uncomfortable feeling came. I did a lot of research about which foods often trigger sensitivity or allergies. I stopped eating those foods for a while or entirely if I started having issues again. Eggs, for example, do not give me problems. It’s essential to pay attention to what happens to your body when you eat. Not all foods serve us well and just because you’ve been eating something all your life doesn’t mean you can continue to as you age. Our bodies change, but most importantly, our food supply is changing rapidly with lots of bioengineering going on at every level. That which nature once provided has been altered almost beyond recognition.

      1. Thanks for your response. Yesterday I fasted for 36 hours and today I’m going to introduce foods slowly. No dairy, gluten, or red meat. Also no night-shade veggies. Lots of water and walking. I’ll keep you posted.

  29. I’ve been on a low-carb-high fat lifestyle fir the last two years (and will continue the same for the rest of my life!).
    I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. My doctor suggested I go home & look up a low carb diet & come back in three months for another blood test. She honestly thought I wouldn’t do anything!
    But, my best friend of over 30 years IS diabetic and is now in end-stage kidney failure (does daily dialysis). I knew that I could not allow diabetes to happen!
    Cut out all grains, most fruits, processed foods, any type of sugars & starches.
    The results were dramatic and fast! Energy levels really increased, mood swings and sugar cravings disappeared, weight fell off & I felt the best I had in years. In less than 3 months, my blood results showed me in the normal range.
    I do not feel deprived in any ways, period. I have simply learned new ways of cooking & re-discovered ingredients I’d ignored before.
    I don’t miss my previous diet or the 45 lbs I was hauling around before!
    Bonus: as my pants were, quite literally, falling off, I was able to shop for new clothes and reevaluate how I wanted to look (enter Susan Street into my world & classic looks that are ageless!).
    Susan, you are a truly class act! ♡

  30. Thank you for being so open with your life style changes — food & clothes! We can all learn more from sharing our journeys.

  31. Susan I really do feel sad I cannot read your blog on a regular basis. I have mentioned that on my smart phone only your website main page and comments come up. I have the latest, greatest phone… I do use adblocker as I am not comfortable without that. Not sure that really matters as I can read other blogs fine.
    On my desk computer your website is there. All of it. But not the phone. This is odd.
    However, this means on my travels for months at a time I miss your blog. It is a mystery as I read about a dozen blogs each day that are all fine on my phone…..All over the world but not yours. I have missed a lot and love your style. Wish I knew the answer to this.

    1. You are one of four ladies that has told me this. As near as I can figure it is using Chrome and possibly your ad blocker that is preventing the full post from showing up on your phone.

  32. Susan I’m proud of you for figuring out those food issues and changing your diet. I have a question, what in the world are Night shades?!

  33. Thank you for being honest about your lifestyle. If you are feeling good and are working with your physician to determine a healthy diet, then go for it! Everyone’s body is different and sometimes has different needs. I appreciate hearing what works for you, because it has led me to explore changing my diet for the better. I don’t need to eliminate much from my diet. Simply eliminating sugar from daily diet has made a significant difference in muscle stiffness and pain.
    The new do is cute and looks great too. You seem to have found a formula for wearing the wide legged pants and have added a warm weather option to many women’s wardrobe.
    I love your blog!

  34. You always look great so your weight loss isn’t that noticeable. Thank you for sharing your tips, and I’m sure they are helpful for everyone.

  35. I’m lucky that I don’t have food sensitivities but I eat a similar diet to yours, Susan, because it makes me feel fit and has helped me to lose weight. I tried the high carb low fat diet, lost a bit of weight, but this stopped working despite being calorie controlled. (I wonder if there is a connection between the high carb low fat diet advice and the obesity problem?) Cutting down on carbs has got my weight loss moving again.

    Another technique that has helped me lose weight is intermittent fasting: I eat my first meal at noon, and my last before 8 pm so my digestion gets a 16 hour rest. I was also an ‘evening snack addict’ but a free hypnotherapy recording on you tube worked wonders and now I’m never tempted to snack.

    Food and health are, as you say, closely connected but we are not machines and bodies are different – we need to find out what works for us as individuals. You have found what works for you and you look wonderful – thank you for sharing; it might help others.

  36. Susan, I discovered your blog last week and I love it! I am 70, a life-long fashion fan, and am interested in travel, healthy eating and exercise as well. So you can see why your writing appeals so much to me. I retired from the business world 20 years ago and gave up my work “uniform” of blazers for more casual denim and leather jackets, as well as some very casual ones from Chico’s. You have already inspired me to purchase two J Crew blazers for fall (black and navy) to wear with jeans. I also love scarves, shoes, bags, Clara Sunwoo, and Eileen Fisher. We are fortunate to have an Eileen Fisher outlet locally and they have great deals. Thanks so much for your blog, and please keep on posting!

  37. I enjoy your post,I thought you looked thinner, your pants looked loose from previous pictures.
    I give you credit for changing your diet and sticking to it.I start a diet every morning and by 5 P.M. I have eaten something I shouldn’t.
    You look wonderful,and am happy to know you feel better too.

  38. Readers asked about Susan’s diet and she provided the details. So long as she and her doctor agree that the diet, with the supplements she takes, is good for her, then I can only applaud her discipline. Any medical professional will tell you, though, that the best diet is one of moderation and is one that the individual can maintain for a lifetime. Fortunately, not all of us have the food sensitivities that she has. I, personally, would run my head through a wall if I had to eat that breakfast for the rest of my life, when I have other healthy (for me) choices.

  39. Would you please tell me the brand of vitamins you use? Also how much vitamin D you take daily? I have been reading about the need for vitamin D and I think I will start taking it. I know you drink a lot of water so what time in the evening do you stop drinking fluids? I appreciate all your advice and always look forward to reading your blog.

  40. Thanks for sharing the foods you can eat and how other foods affect you. I too, am bothered by many foods, gluten, dairy, processed foods. I eat two small meals a day but also have small snacks. If I don’t eat enough I lose too much weight and end up weak with no energy.

    Love the clothes you wear. Since I retired 5 years ago my wardrobe has become much smaller. I am working on adding in the basics to be able to mix and match like you do. I still find myself drawn to trendy tops that I know won’t stand the test of time, but getting better about it.

    Thanks again for sharing with us. Appreciate the wonderful photos Mr. Mickey takes, makes me feel like I’m there too.

  41. Great menu suggestions. As always, your outfit looks simple yet stunning. Love the bag and shoes also. It’s finally starting to feel hot now so looking forward to being able to wear summery clothes. At least for 2 weeks, ha ha. I try not to buy too much summer type clothing because I don’t really get much of a chance to wear them.

  42. Hi Susan,

    Your diet sounds good and wanted to know how you prepare the fish and chicken. This is always my struggle as I don’t cook much and when I do I never know if I should marinate or? I am not a huge fish or chicken fan but those seem to be my go to proteins. You look great as always. Thanks, Denise

  43. Susan, I admire the fact that you were persistent enough to complete an elimination diet and determine what foods are triggers for your issues. Do you mind sharing which elimination diet you followed? Was it in a certain book or by a certain Dr.? I have been vegan, mostly plant-based, for three years. That doesn’t seem to be enough and I’m afraid I’m going to have to eliminate some additional food groups. Any information you could share would be greatly appreciated.
    Love following your posts.

    1. Click on the link here and in the post to learn which foods are likely triggers. I stopped eating all those items for ten days. As I added one food at a time back into my diet, I paid close attention to any reactions. I have read many books about nutrition. One of the best is “Clean: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself” by Alejandro Junger, M.D.

  44. It looks as if you had to give up your beloved breakfast grain mixture. I tried it a few times and thought it was quite tasty. I couldn’t eat it regularly, though — too many carbs for me now.

    I have been wondering about your exercise plan. I know you have said you walk most (every?) morning. I am 58 and pretty fit. Along with healthy eating (lean protein, veggies, minimal to none of the things you too avoid except Nightshades) my physician touts 4 additional element of physical fitness – strength, cardio, flexibility, balance. She suggested walking a minimum of 5 miles per day, strength training with weights 2-3 times per week, yoga or Pilates 2-3 times per week, and cardio 2-3 times per week. Sometimes these elements can be combined – e.g., cardio and weights. Have you incorporated any other exercise besides walking? I am able to comply with my physician’s recommendations, but it does take commitment to eat / shop right and plan for all this exercise….

    Thanks for sharing you life’s journey with us!

  45. Susan, thanks so much for sharing your food journey. I am going to experiment with this as I believe I may have similar food sensitivities. I had switched to a mainly vegan diet nearly 3 years ago. I’m happy with my weight and cholesterol, but recently have begun experiencing bloating and digestive issues, and mild joint pain. I have always had sinus issues. I’m looking forward to making some changes. I can’t thank you enough for all of your wonderful posts! I don’t comment much, but I read all of your posts and look forward to hearing from you each week!

  46. Losing 15 lbs usually means downsizing at least one size in clothing. Also losing so much weight when you don’t require it is an obvious sign of getting insufficient calories or possibly an undetected and possibly serious health issue.
    I am fortunate to not have a weight issue (107 lbs, 5’3.5″) however required some medical tests to confirm no problem and was advised requiring more calories in order to maintain weight.

    You do look great and I wish you continued good health.

  47. I eat in a compressed food window usually 5-8 hours long. This gives my body a break for at least 16 hours a day. I feel great and have lost inches especially belly fat.

    1. For most of my life, I have eaten all of my food for the day in six-hour window. It is when I eat more often with a mate that I always gain weight and become much less healthy.

  48. You shared your food choices, but not the “why”. We’re you gaining weight? We’re you bored of your other food selections? It seems very similar to Dr. Gundry’s philosophy’s. If you eat 2 meals a day, at what times? When you travel on weekends there must be exceptions for time of meals?

    Thank you for your fine blog photos, and the best, the honest dialogue. Do you know of closet consultants? Nordstrom’s used to have this service, but I cannot find such a service any longer.
    Janice, San Jose CA

    1. In the second to last paragraph, I shared some of the problems I’ve been experiencing and why I stopped eating certain foods. I have read “The Plant Paradox” as well as “Clean” by Dr. Alejandro Junger and several other books by physicians who study the effects of food on our health. I don’t follow a particular program, but I do pay close attention to what foods cause me problems. When I travel with Mr. Mickey, I eat a late breakfast or brunch and dinner as early as I can. When I travel alone, I may eat more food more often because I usually walk many miles per day.

      Personal Shoppers in your area are listed here.

  49. Susan – appreciate your input on your diet and health issues. It certainly seems to work for you. Congratulations – I find for myself (and my health) – all my doctors suggest strongly that I eat about five “small” meals a day. I have had colitis and Barret’s since age twenty (this runs in my family) so this diet works best for me. My diet is usually low residue, but healthy – from all food groups – this is all good with my gastroenterologist, internal medicine, oncologist (I am a five year cancer survivor from cervical and uterine cancer). You can eat whatever works for every individual, BUT your life’s overall outcome and quality of life is basically genetic. I am a nutritionist. My health has mimicked my Mother’s almost exactly….including the same cancer. One can eat whatever works for you, but there will be times of illness – if not now – at some point. One can experience very fast weight loss. So being too thin becomes an issue. No one has talked about the “joys of cooking and baking” – very dear to me. I love cooking and sharing with my family and friends, and baking cookies with my twin grandsons who are nine — just the best. They have good health, great weight and (in moderation) enjoy the cookies and cakes. To all of you – enjoy good health – life is shorter than you think. Blessings……. Your new relaxing clothing looks great!!!!

  50. Do you take all the supplements at the same time? How long did it take for you to feel better? Have you just started taking them? Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  51. Love your food choices & healthy eating! So-motivating!!!! You look great!
    15 pounds – Congratulations!

  52. I thought your legs looked slimmer but I hadn’t realised you’d lost so much weight. You are an inspiration.

  53. You look beautiful; absolutely glowing. Do you mind sharing what you weighed before and after? We have a similar height and shape, though I carry a bit more in the seat and sadly, less in the bust. I weigh around 135 now and feel I would be more comfortable if I lost another 10 pounds or so. My husband is discouraging me, though—he thinks I am too thin now as I used to weigh about 100 pounds more!

      1. It didn’t show, but I am sure you feel better now. Thanks for always being so open about your journey. It’s been an enormous inspiration to me.

  54. You’re looking great Susan! I too do this diet and have eliminated migraines, skin rashes, bloating and weight loss. And I have tons of energy!! I’m back at my weight since high school. Lol. I can not go back to old ways it’s too painful. People always ask how can I eat likes this? I reply can’t afford not to. There is nothing like your health:). Stay the course, Susan you’re looking and I bet feeling fabulous!

  55. I’ve been eating similar to this and it cured my arthritis, migraines- and more. I think folks that have a problem with it are really just being defensive about their own diet- I have a relative who is always saying, when we are at a dinner together, “you know just a little won’t hurt you!” Excuse me, I know it would!! I’ve tested it plenty of times and will no longer succumb to pressure. But she also says “I should probably try that- but I just can’t give up my junk food”. So I know her own personal battle is behind the comments, and I suspect something similar with your “unfollower”. As one Dr put it- nothing tastes as good as feeling good feels.

    Thanks for this info. I’d not heard of Dr Junger, will look him up.
    All the best to you and Mr. Mickey

  56. I have a question. When I eat foods like these, with many carbohydrates, I’m hungry in just a few hours. I wonder if you had that problem when you first changed to eating this way.

    1. If I eat highly nutritious complex carbohydrates (not bread or pasta), I do not feel hunger. Be sure to drink lots of water. Sometimes the hunger signal is thirst.

  57. Hi Susan,
    Can you recommend any nutrition or diet meal planning books? I think you look incredible and I like the type of foods you are eating and I am wondering how you learned about the program, eats, food choices, etc.?
    Thanks very much,Ann Hull

    1. I have read several books written by Physicians who corrected their health issues by changing from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to more healthy alternatives. Each of us tolerates, thrives, or rejects certain foods. It can be trial and error to find what works for you. The top three books I’ve read include “The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy” Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain” by Dr. Steven Gundry, “Clean” by Dr. by Alejandro Junger, “Eat to Live” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. I wish you a long and happy life.

  58. My 27 year old daughter has digestive issues. Naseau since she received a promotion at work a few months ago. I suspect it’s stress and also tied to food. Any advice on where to start to help her? Thank you!

    1. Make an appointment with your Physician to make sure there isn’t a physical reason for her discomfort. Look at the link I provided in the text of the post for allergy triggers. It wouldn’t hurt to skip those foods for a few days.

  59. I have enjoyed your site for several years. I Am a person that tends to imitate the person I am with and that bothers me! I don’t know why I do that! I am 5’6” and am not over weight! I tend to wonder back to your site when I am over whelmed! Thank you for posting!

  60. Hi Susan,

    Just wondering how you educate yourself on foods to eat. There seems to be soooooo much conflicting info out there. I know you suggest Joel Fuhrman’s book but is there more up to date info that you use?

    1. I think about which foods have the most nutritional value and consider which ones might cause sensitivities. If you want to read more, I highly recommend “The Clean Plate” by Gwyneth Paltrow. She interviews Doctors in the field of nutrition and provides more than 100 healthy recipes.

  61. I have gained 20 pounds in the last 2 years due to meds I am taking to control metastatic breast cancer that has spread to my lungs. Thank God the meds are doing there job so far, but the weight gain and fatigue is very depressing. I keep trying to lose the pounds, but nothing seems to work; and I am so exhausted and in pain that it is difficult for me to exercise–which I was once faithful at doing. I’m not giving up, but do you have any suggestions? I’ve got to get my HEAD STRAIGHT again.

    1. Meditate, eat clean natural organic and when possible local. Relax your mind and body. Be kind to yourself. Read the book “Clean” by Dr. Alejandro Junger.

  62. Thank you for this message Susan. ( I like the haircut!) I have many of the same digestive problems you are experiencing. I too have learned to eliminate certain foods and am trying to eat less and less meat. It helps to read what you have done and how it has helped. It’s hard, isn’t it, to have to change so much but it’s worth it.

  63. Hi Susan,

    Did you do an elimination diet to figure out which foods were triggers or did you have a pretty good idea of what those triggers were and just eliminated them? I have a compromised lymphatic system after radical cancer surgery several years ago and have experienced some nagging health issues lately, many of which you mentioned above (aching joints, inflammation, and digestive issues). Just curious how I should go about figuring out which foods are triggers.

    You are a wonderful inspiration! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

    1. Hi Trish. Please read the book “Clean” by Dr. Alejandro Junger. He gives you all the details you need to know. I’ve read it twice. I hope you have many more happy and healthy years.

  64. I too am experiencing many similar symptoms. Can you send me a diet menu or more information about the foods in the salads?

    1. Hi Joann, Read the book The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy” Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain by Dr. Steven Gundry. It helped me to discover which foods might be making me suffer. I’ve found that we can believe that we are eating a healthy diet, but if one or more of those foods are allergy triggers, we are causing our bodies harm.

  65. Susan, the article you reference in Medical News Today about common food allergies does not list any fruits and vegetables in the 8 most common food allergies. Did you eliminate any fruits or vegetables during your elimination diet?
    As a vegan I have already stopped eating milk, eggs and fish.
    Thank you for the time and effort you put in to sharing your resume with us.

  66. Thank you so much for sharing! I love the fact that we have so much more knowledge as to any allergy, food sensitivity etc. etc. issues we may have. I think for so many years so many of us knew something wasn’t right but just couldn’t put our finger on it. I too, have issues with some nightshades and for the most part follow a FODMAP Diet, if you know anything about these they are highly individualized. People think that I am so restrictive but the reality is there is nothing I want to eat so badly that it’s worth me feeling so horrible. And as a sidenote I lost 90 pounds with diet and exercise and have kept it off for more than 11 years – my diet has evolved many times over during this time frame. I’m sure many of you can also appreciate the added change in our body after menopause. I’m 54 and went to menopause 10 years ago, all of a sudden have had that middle body composition shift. I am not loving that 🙂 however continuing to work out just as hard as I do and learning to embrace these new and different changes. Thankful for the life that I have every day

  67. What Do you eat when at a social function? When as a guest at a luncheon or someone’s home ? Not every serving is a salad with chicken. Thank you

  68. I see that you pressure cook your beans and lentils. May I ask the recipe you use and how long you pressure cook and what settings you use, if you have settings. These are something I haven’t tried in my pressure cooker yet because I’m afraid they’ll turn to mush. I have a stovetop Fagor pressure cooker where I can set it to a high (15 psi) or low (8 psi) setting. You look great by the way. I’m trying to incorporate more beans into my diet but it’s hard because the rest of the family doesn’t like them.

  69. Susan,
    You are such an INSPIRATION! I had Gastric Bypass 6 years ago and lost 160lbs, and it is NOT the easy route! Seeing your transformation has been so inspiring!

  70. Susan, what did you eat while you were in the elimination stage, before adding the foods back to test them?

  71. I am doing Steven Gundry’s Plant Paradox diet too. Feeling great. Hoping that more people discove this way of eating.

    1. I always try to find some steamed vegetables on the menu or among the sides. I sometimes order a salad and steamed broccoli. A piece of grilled chicken breast or fish with vegetables and rice or potatoes are almost always listed on the menu.

  72. I admire you and I want to lose weight like you and dress like you.
    I would benefit from a personal one on one makeover from you can I win that, please.

  73. So you do not eat fish, shell fish, poultry nor meat? You look great but not sure I would be able to give up these. I do one or 2 meatless dinners a week. I love grilled veggies

  74. If I may, I would suggest you start a Yuotube channel, your website is perfect ( you are perfect yourself). I think you are helping so many people but I am afraid your audience is limited because today people go through easier ways to look for advice. Maybe you already have one, I do not know: I accidentally found your website, by an error really and I am very impressed: I am a professional in a similar field and wish you to hit the world with your advice. People need you.
    My very best,
    From Russia with respect and appreciation,

  75. I’ve been following you for quite awhile and noticed the weight loss, amazing but I was particularly interested when you said how much better you felt. I got a couple of books you recommended and am now working on my 15#s! Congrats!

  76. Do you eat this diet still?
    Do you eat a garden type salad? One with lettuce, spinach, other raw salad items, maybe garbanzo beans?

    1. I have been eating mostly vegetables and especially leafy greens for more than ten years. I eat lots of all types of beans. I do have garbanzo beans often.

  77. I a very interested in your blog, I have to lose about 15 pounds. I am very active but like the idea of two meals a day. Presently I am in Mexico and am finding the food very uninteresting here. Nothing tastes great.

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