Guava and White

Give me heels, a good looking pair of sunglasses and a moto jacket, and I’m ready for anything. There aren’t many combos that make me feel more confident. Date night looks are my favorite since I can be a bit more fun and edgy. I wouldn’t wear this look to the grocery store.

Layering a short jacket over a longer top gives the illusion that I have a more shapely waistline. Wearing the same color of top and bottom gives me that long, lean look. Wearing shoes in the same tone as my pants visually adds length to my legs. Matching leather goods was important in generations past. Now we know it is smart to use the colors to achieve balance in your shape and add a pop of color. For example, if I wore black shoes with this look, the black would stop the eye and make the legs look shorter. A black belt would create a horizontal line and a break in the vertical line, making me look shorter and broader. Handbags are a chance to add a pop of color, texture, whimsy, or accent color. Have fun with them!

The guava faux suede jacket is here. If this color is too bright for you or the cut is too short, here is another option. Affiliate or referral links in my posts may generate a small commission to me at no extra cost to you.

In many cases, the items I wear are from a few years ago. I no longer buy heels, but I found a similar style with a wedge heel here. A similar clutch is here. The white tank is here. My white pants are three years old. Here is a current option. Similar earrings here.

I hope you have a restful, happy weekend!

  1. The bra you wear I could not decide which one you like. Is it a long shaping bra and does it have pads?? It’s so hard for me to get a comfortable bra. I am older and much much larger than you but love to look
    Nice. Thanks

      1. Hi Susan,
        I’m learning so much from your blog! Love it.
        Are you saying that you are wearing the Ulitmate Shapeez under the spaghetti strap tank in the picture above and that you wouldn’t take your jacket off?
        The straps on the Shapeez are wider than those on the tank top(?).

  2. You look fabulous! I have wedges that are very similar to your heels. After spending a few days in Gatlinburg I understand your collection of lighter weight jackets!

  3. Thank you Susan for all the fabulous tips on stretching our wardrobes to fit any occasion. I have tried new ideas tbat I would never have thought of and avoided running out to buy new pieces that I really never needed.
    One of the many things about your blog tbat I enjoy is not having to scroll through a dozen pictures of the same thing, you show your beautiful outfits and then move on to more beautiful pictures of scenery, foods and places to travel, also, I love not having all the advertising pictures and boxes. You have the absolute perfect blog for me to enjoy, have eliminated all but two blogs that I regularly visit during my morning wake up coffee time. That second one is on shaky ground, so much advertising, like tv commercials

  4. Hi Susan,

    I would like to purchase a Clara Sunwoo top at My Fair Lady, does her clothing line run true to size? You always look stunning in her designs!

  5. I second what Kathy said! Your blog is such a relaxing one to visit with the clean design, no ads and just the right number of photos. There’s such a nice variety too, with travel, food, fashion and scenery. Sharing what you eat and why was very informative and helpful. Thank you for all you do, Susan! Blessings from Canada.

  6. What Kathy and Carolynn said! I always look forward to your posts, and I am NEVER disappointed! Thank you, Susan!

  7. Just read your blog and you look great! I’m almost 66 yrs old and have never owned pair of white pants! I always thought they would make me look fat! It’s always been black or blue. I need to step out of my comfort zone I guess. Just thought thought I would throw this out there

  8. I would like to know if the Express MOTO jacket you say is guava not being sold or is it the one they list as light orange. They look like the same color online. Love the color and style.

    1. I would wear something much more comfortable and casual. Today I wore a three-quarter sleeve navy tee with white ankle pants and gray linen slip-on sneakers and carried my gray Teddy Blake bag. A watch, a ring, and a small pair of silver earrings were my jewelry. The heels in the blog post are not comfortable for long walks.

  9. Hello, Susan:
    I enjoy your blog. At age 82, I dress similarly. However, in our summer months, I very much enjoy skirts and dresses. For me, they are much cooler than pants. Would you consider, perhaps, a blog about your reasons for no longer wearing skirts or dresses? For me, they are so cool and graceful in the summer. For the record, I no longer wear heels.
    The best to you.


  10. Susan, thank you for sharing part of your life us. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Hey Susan, I love your advice about handbags and enjoy having that pop of color rather than matching shoes & handbags as we did in the past.

    I received the pink scarf this week, lovely. Thank you for the nice packaging and note of thanks. My daughter has her degree in package engineering from Clemson and I’ve learn that packaging is much more than getting a product to the receiver, you get an A+.

    Best wishes,
    Pam Coffey

  12. Inspired by your posts, I bought my first pair of white jeans this spring…I love them! Why did I wait so long?! Unfortunately heels, or even high wedges, are no longer an option for me, though. Do you have any suggestions for flat shoes that would look well with a variety of white jean outfits?

  13. Susan, I clicked to see your scarves and the link didn’t go there, it goes to a page to ask you a question.

  14. I enjoy your newsletter a lot. I am in my late seventies, but I still fix my hair and put my makeup on every morning. I have benefitted from your fashion tips. Keep up the support for old women like me.

    Best regards,

    Sandra Trainum

  15. Very chic! In respect to ‘having fun with handbags’; as I am in the midst of transitioning to smaller sized ones (thus currently only have a few) I have discovered that tying a patterned/colorful scarf to a plain ‘n neutral bag can also be a bonus not only for the purse itself, but can add some panache to an entire ensemble as well.

  16. Oh my gosh, you look stunning. I thought you looked stunning before and then you lost weight; don’t lose any more weight. Don’t toy with perfection.

  17. You look fabulous as usual! Thanks for the tip on top and pants that match for a lengthened look.

  18. Susan, I love this jacket, fabulous outfit! I’ve have found that as my coloring changes with age, I look washed out wearing my old standbys of black and white, but certain colors make me look alive and healthier. I’ve never owned a moto jacket, haven’t even tried one on! I’m more of a pear shape, need to see if it will work with my body type. Thanks for your wonderful ad-free blog!

  19. You look absolutely fabulous. A style inspiration for slightly older ladies who still have it going on! I just ordered that jacket. This will be my third MOTO jacket. Can’t get enough of them. Sexy…but not too sexy. Well played!

  20. Hi, Susan. I’ve been a fan of yours for over 2 years now, and I find ur column so refreshing and down to earth that it’s a pleasure to read. I do hav a little problem, though: whenever I try to open the links u give for different articles or products, I just can’t. Regardless that they come out in my screen as a different color from the rest of the text, I press it and nothing happens. Is there a tip u could give me to help me w/the links. Many of the products I’d love to know more about and maybe even buy. Thank u in advance for ur help and pls continue with ur column.
    M.Elena Martínez
    Miami, FL

    1. It may be that your computer is set to block popups or secondary sites. Check to make sure your security will allow new tabs to open from the one you are viewing.

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