The Mountains

If you visit the mountains of North Carolina or Tennessee, be sure to bring a jacket. Without one, you may find yourself shivering, even in summer.

My extended (camera shy) family gathered at Timberlake’s Restaurant at Chetola in Blowing Rock, NC, to celebrate Mr. Mickey’s 85th birthday, which was earlier this month.

He enjoyed the salmon with fingerling potatoes and asparagus. I had a smoked chicken thigh bruschetta appetizer, which I shared with Mr. Mickey.

The Birthday Brownie was on the house!

The rain was again in the weather prediction for the evening, and the high temperature was below 70 °F. I wore slim-fitting black slacks from about three years ago. (Similar here.) My blue cami was from Express last year (current ones here). The jacket is a couple of years old. (Similar here.) A bag similar to mine is here. The shoes are here. Referral links in my posts may generate a small commission for me at no extra cost to you.

It’s near the end of June, and we are still wearing jackets. I am eagerly anticipating warmer weather without rain.

  1. Your area sure is beautiful! Our weather in Ontario, Canada is unseasonably rainy and cool too. Can’t wait for sun and warmer temperatures!

    1. @Janet: DITTO! (We must live in the same province …. ☺.) Lets hope it warms up for July 1st, Canada Day.
      @Susan: So picturesque and wise advice. Thank you. -Brenda-

  2. I really like your outfit especially your shoes can you tell me the brand?

    Thank you Sylvia

  3. Wonderful views of the wildlife! Love your classy look as always. I’m with you that it’s nearly the end of June and in northern Colorado, we’ve needed boots and jackets awfully late in the year. Happy birthday Mr. Mickey!!

  4. No jackets in Central Texas – It’s stormed and rained all night every Sunday since Memorial Day with resulting heat indexes of anywhere from 103 to 120 just last week. You look cool, calm, and collected! Wearing shorts, breezy tops, and cool linen dresses here. I’m a faithful reader of the blog.

  5. Colorado weather has been wet and cold including several inches of snow in the mointains this weekend. Thankfully things are warming up this week. Your part of the country is on my bucket list. As usual you look lovely.

  6. As always, you look so classy, in any setting!

    Might I ask that you give us some suggestions for wedding guest attire?

    We are attending a July wedding in the mountains of Montana (over 5,800′ altitude at venue).

    Very chi-chi venue but the couple are indicating casual dress. Want to find a look that respects the expensive surroundings and, at the same time, isn’t over-the-top!

    Outdoor wedding (and, reception) is at 4:00 and temps will probably be in the 80°-90° range but, when the sun lowers behind the peaks, it will drop to the 50s!

    I’m 5’2″ & 115 lbs and do not wear heels!

    Love your blog and I have incorporated so many of your suggestions into my new look (lost 45 lbs a couple of years back & have maintained the weight easily. Thank you keto!)


    1. I would select a proven look that I feel confident and comfortable wearing. Make sure you take photos of yourself before the event so that you aren’t disappointed when you see pictures later. Photos give a different view than the mirror. Have fun!

  7. Beautiful photos. Looks like a fun birthday celebration for Mr. Mickey. We have rain almost every day- I’m hoping by July it will be warm, sunny and less rainy.

  8. Love reading your experiences in our Eastern mountains. I’m an Asheville girl and you give me great ideas for exploring with my sweetie. Blowing Rock is our next day trip.

    Carry on Susan.

  9. You and Mr. Mickey are not close in age if he is 85. Do you ever feel that’s a problem for you or him?

    1. The age difference isn’t a problem for either of us. We enjoy the same things and each other’s company. We have been dating for nearly fourteen years.

  10. I wear jackets or take them with me because the air conditioning is so cold this time of year! Outside is almost 100 degrees with heat index of 114. Miserable! Wish I was in the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee.

  11. Beautiful photos Susan. You make all the clothes and accessories you wear look amazing in any setting. It’s quite cold here in Melbourne, Australia, so my scarves and jackets are being worn.

  12. Hi Susan

    I have a question about jean jackets. If you had only one choice between a blue or white one, which would you chose? If it didn’t matter, would you have both in your wardrobe?

    Thanks so much,

    1. I would have a dark blue short fitted denim one first. I’ve owned several white ones, but I rarely wore them, and they made me look more substantial on the top than I already am.

  13. Okay, I gotta ask; how in the world do you keep your adorable shape with all that eating out with Mr. Mickey who probably never gains a pound.

    1. We have both lost about ten pounds recently. We eat less food and better quality. Even though you see pictures of us eating out, it is usually just one meal on Saturday evening. The rest of the week we eat mostly plants, but not too many.

  14. I thought that you may have asked the waiter to take a picture of you and Mr. Mickey , especially for this special birthday!

  15. I know you don’t plan to remove your jacket on occasions like these, Susan, but do you still where the Shapeez bra with a spaghetti strap cami?

  16. Hi Susan,
    Happy Birthday to Mr Mickey! 85 years young. If he would allow it, would you post his pic again soon. I like to show my
    husband older men that are out there & enjoying life. My husband LOVES good bread & food.
    I enjoy your site. We are in central Fl & its blisteringly hot here this week. We should trade places.
    Have a good week. I hope that you keep us informed for many years to come

  17. Ahhh we’ve been there. We ate outside and it was a wonderful experience. We walked down to the pond. Very enjoyable. Highly recommend!

  18. Hi Susan. Thank you so much for all the attention you give to this blog. It is very helpful. I have a question about the express tank. Do you ever take your jacket off when wearing? Do you use a strapless bra, or does the Shapeez (loving that suggestion!) work?

    All the best,

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