Weekend Fun

On Sunday afternoon, we had the pleasure of sitting on the lawn at the nearby Allandale Mansion to hear ‘The Spring Winds’ performance by Symphony of the Mountains.

My look for our casual afternoon listening to music on the lawn included white jeans and a blue blouse worn mostly unbuttoned with a white camisole underneath. I’ll link to similar, if not the same, items. BlouseSilk CamisoleJeansHatSunglassesShoesTote

The gorgeous Georgian-style mansion with stunning grounds and gardens was a delight to explore. It was built in 1953 by the Brooks family and left to the city of Kingsport after Mr. Brook’s passing in 1969. It is now an event facility.

Mr. Mickey was in his element, sitting in the shade, waiting for me to return from wandering around and taking pictures before the concert.

We took a little picnic and made the most of our first concert in many months. It was a delightful performance.

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  1. What a beautiful place! Can I ask what brand your lawn chairs are? They look so comfortable & much straighter than the usual low slung chairs..my husband has back problems & that style might work for him.

  2. Hi Susan. You look so summery. Is that even a word? lol I just love your tote handbag so much! It looks like you and Mr. Mickey had a fun outing. And you were color-coordinated. Have a terrific day!

  3. What a lovely outing for you both! Of course you both look the epitome of a “classy couple”. It is so nice as we slowly get back to normal!

  4. What a perfect way to spend an afternoon! I’m drooling because we are still in lockdown here in Ontario and haven’t been anywhere in over a year. My husband & I would be great companions for you & Mr. Mickey. I like to (have to) sit & watch the world go by while he likes to walk & explore – lol!
    You & Mr. Mickey look great….your outfits always coordinating. Your blog continues to be something I look forward to each week! Thank you Susan!

  5. Thank you Susan for sharing your weekend outing with Mr. Mickey. You both look great! How nice to be able to be outside enjoying a concert again, along with a lovely picnic too! We are all in “lockdown” here in Ontario until May 20, so it is really nice to see what hopefully will be our future soon! I really look forward to your blog and appreciate your efforts during the pandemic to keep it interesting and timely.

  6. I see you have your collar up in one picture and down in another. Is that to show us different things to do with the same shirt, or do you have a preference when standing or sitting? Do you prefer to have a came so you can wear your shirt open at the top to give it a v-neck look?

    1. The collar often starts up but gets put down at different times during the day. Layering always gives me options. Opening the shirt a bit allowed for air movement while the sun was on us and a more relaxed fit while sitting. I always restyle things as I’m wearing them. For example, scarves: I take them off, put them on, move them to the side, accepting that they will move with me all day.

  7. Oh, my, this is Spring in the South in all its glory! Lovely scenery, a touch of nostalgic history, a picnic, a concert, a handsome date wearing cool shoes…

    And I meant to thank you for the bathing suit blog. It has been something I’ve been dreading, but my current suits are so old it is TIME. I love the Talbots suit and the cover ups.

    All wonderful suggestions, as always.

  8. Great blog today, thank you. Please would you mind showing photos of your hair from the sides and back. It is a very classic cut and looks perfect.

  9. Dear Susan, I know you are the expert on fashion but, in my humble opinion, I think that if you have added a tiny red necklace or a small red pendant, it would balance the whole look with the red bag. (Ref: Weekend – Allandale Mansion.)
    Thanks for the great advices you give us all!!!

  10. I agree with Rebeca and her description of a lovely afternoon. How nice Susan, I love your blog!

  11. Hello Mr. Mickey. Always enjoy your beautiful pictures. You live in a very pretty part of my home state, Tennessee. You also looked so comfortable, yet very put together.

  12. What a lovely afternoon. You and Mr. Mickey are lucky to have each other. Your outfit is perfect.

  13. Susan,

    I am a plus size woman, but so enjoy your weekly blogs about fashion, hair, jewelry, accessories, lifestyle, nutrition, and home style as well as trips with Mr. Mickey and the surrounding areas.
    You are a breath of fresh air, and it is a lot of work to write and do pictures each week.

    Just want to say how much I appreciate you!

    Denise von Pressentin

  14. I’m so pleased to see you both healthy and happy. It looks like a wonderful time was had by all. ,The place is beautiful and I know the music was up lifting to your spirits. Things might be looking up for all of us.
    I’m Always fascinated by how you take the same clothes I have in my closet and make them look so fresh and modern. Love the orange pop of color.

  15. What a wonderful venue for a concert. I love concerts in the open air with a picnic. You both look very peaceful and relaxed. Hopefully events like these will become more available again.

  16. looks like a wonderful afternoon and you both look great. What kind of music did you hear? Was it all classical or some contemporary?

  17. Oh! We too, enjoyed many al fresco concert dinners before COVID shut so many venues…Lyric, St. Louis Opera, Des Moines Opera. Maybe this summer we’ll be able to do that again

  18. Looks like you had a wonderful day! You look just right as usual! Very pretty.
    Didn’t have a chance to thank you for the post on bathing suits and cover-ups. It was helpful. That aspect of fashion is overwhelming to me. My size is always changing it seems and I never really know what to buy. Focusing on your figure and what flatters it the most was excellent! Thanks Susan.

  19. Thank you for taking us with you to that concert on the lawn.
    I like your pictire sitting on the armchair with a glas in the hand. Very relaxing and pleasant.

  20. Hi Susan,
    What a perfect way to spend Sunday afternoon. Listening to the symphony, and being out in nature
    it does not get much better than that does it? Love the pretty pink flowers.
    Sending Smiles,

  21. OMG an outdoor concert. It has been years since I went to one. At first, when you said sitting on the lawn, I envisioned that literally Maybe on a blanket and thought “those days are gone for me. Glad to see the lawn chairs. The grounds and home are just gorgeous. You and Mr. Mickey look so relaxed and happy. You both always make me smile.

  22. I see Mr. Mickey’s walking stick in a few photos so I thought I’d pass on some information that might interesting you. There is an artist, Deran Wright, in my city that sculpts in bronze and also creates one of a kind walking sticks. It would be pretty cool to commission a walking stick for Mr. Mickey with a vintage car or some other interest of his. Just a thought.

    1. Thank you. Mr. Mickey’s walking stick is one-hundred and fifty years old. The gold top is carved in a beautiful Victorian script. I’ve learned that walking sticks are highly prized collectibles. A man in our town has written a book about them, and he sells high-end ones to buyers all over the world.

  23. So happy you enjoyed a wonderful spring afternoon listening to great music in an awesome setting. I love going to events like those, so extra special and a picnic lunch/ snack is perfect. You both look great!

  24. Hi Susan, Just sent you a message regarding finding your older posts…..I have FOUND them……Happy now.


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