The Red Blazer

Nothing brightens up a modern neutral combo like a red blazer. Everyone can wear red if you find the right tone. The best reds for those of us with a cool skin tone have a blue undertone. If your skin tone is warm, you will look better in orange-reds.

I found this red blazer on sale at Dillard’s a couple of years ago. It had a bright gold button closure which I promptly changed to a matte silver one. I always look for silver hardware and buttons but sometimes have to settle for gold. The gray cashmere shell is the perfect base to wear with a lightweight jacket in the spring. Sleeveless shells and tops are smart options with blazers in the spring since they are cooler and they don’t add bulk at the sleeves.

We went for a drive in the country after lunch last Saturday. As we were winding our way around a curvy road near the top of the hill, I looked into the valley below, where I saw a waterfall. A slight detour allowed us to circle back and get these photos for you.

As always, Mr. Mickey had the weekend car polished and filled with gas for our day long adventure.

Even when the sunlight is streaming through a car window, it can still cause dark spots and sun damage, so I always use the sunscreen here. The nude mesh pumps and other items are from previous years, so the following links are for similar items.

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  1. Great outfit and you look healthy and happy, Susan! Bravo for Mr Mickey keeping the wheels looking spiffy!
    I also do the button switch at times. Sometimes to mixed metals since I mix metals often in jewelry and also to wood occasionally.
    Love your posts; have a relaxing day.

  2. Looking good! I look forward to your posts. Thank you so much! I also enjoy that you use your closet to draw from and aren’t always modeling something new that we just have to have. I think you once suggested that we “shop” our closets. Smart advice.

  3. Very sharp outfit. I love red. What a wonderful afternoon drive. Thanks for reminding us about sunscreen even during a drive. I am getting brown spots on my hands and being extra careful now, although the damage has been done from years of going without and wanting a tan.

  4. Love yr style!!

    You recently wrote about Summer dresses. Would you consider writing a post about what you prefer to carry a shawl/sweater/jacket to wear when the a/c is blasting indoors or the temps dip unexpectedly at night?

  5. Mr Mickey keeps his car shiny and bright! He is such a dapper fellow, car included. Love this red blazer on you! Beautiful setting for your photo. You are very detail oriented and organized (two traits I greatly admire). One would have to be, owning a business all the years that you did. Adding a large silk scarf to your bag in case it is needed shows your thought process in being prepared. I appreciate all your posts which provide inspiration.

  6. I also prefer a blue red. Red adds a cheerful note to your outfit. I change out buttons too. Sometimes I just want a different look.
    Do you have s solution for keeping my cashmere sweaters smooth looking. I have some favorites that are looking too nubby. Thank you!
    I’ve taken your example and have been visiting areas closer to home. My husband and I have had such fun exploring the sights around us.

  7. Thanks for continuing to post. You truly inspire.

    Love the red jacket. Red just screams joy, fun, cheery.

  8. I may be wrong, but it seems like in previous blogs you’ve described yourself as having cool undertones to your skin. But this blazer, which looks lovely on you, is a tomato red with a golden undertone. Probably the reason they applied gold buttons. Of course, the lighting in a picture can alter perception. I love my red blazer as well. Always looks very crisp.

  9. Beautiful look, Susan. Mr Mickey’s license plate reminds me of my niece’s infant son, Jude. It’s all I can do not to say, hey, Jude! That boy will be hearing that til the end of time!

  10. Good evening Susan. Thank you for the lovely post. Would you consider a post on styling an open front blue or purple cardigan 3 different ways? I am not a fan of red and the structured blazer style does not fit in my lifestyle. However, I do love a soft cardigan and I believe many other of your readers do as well.
    Best always,

  11. Thank you for sharing your outfits and adventures. I travel with you vicariously and love the scenery. Please continue to post them as well as your meals. Good to know Mr. Mickey is going on outings with you. Take care.

  12. I love a red blazer. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I am starting to get out my spring clothes as I think we are done with boots and snow finally. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day with your folks.

  13. I love a red blazer. I bought one on sale from Talbot’s last year and I wear it in the spring and in the fall. The soft gray you are wearing with your red blazer is really attractive.

  14. Totally love this outfit! Can you tell me the name of the bracelet. I’ll not finding it on the website. Thanks so much!

  15. Love a red blazer with white pants. The waterfall is beautiful. Mr. Mickey is a jewel.

  16. Looks like a beautiful day. Love the calming effect of waterfalls! Happy for you to enjoy. Pretty in red too!

  17. Loved the Saturday scenery! What a beautiful area you live in! And that red blazer – to die for! Love me some red accessories!

  18. Lovely outfit! I wish I could wear cashmere; it’s so elegant. I have 2 red blazers that are different weights.
    I love both and red is a must have in my wardrobe.
    Glad you’re still posting; I enjoy your style!

  19. Beautiful outfit! I love the grey added in…I will be trying that combination; I’m never more adventurous than combining more than 2 colors but always feel white pants plus white tank is so much white. Then I take it off and go back to basic black. So I am looking forward to trying this as I love to wear white /red too! Hope you and Mr. Mickey are in the middle of a great weekend.

  20. You are always an inspiration, Susan! I love my red blazer but realized it has been in the back of my closet for a long time. The last time I wore it, with dark jeans and boots, someone said I looked like a real estate agent! ;()) That isn’t a bad thing, but not what I was going for.. Time to dust it off and let that comment go. In fact, I think I have the perfect scarf to go with it that I purchased from you.

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