Visiting Abingdon

We returned to Abingdon, VA, on Saturday, for another delicious dinner at Morgan’s. It was equally as enjoyable this weekend! (Previous post here.) We planned extra time before our dinner reservations to visit some of the shops on Main Street.

Let’s start with what I wore for the day. The items I wear are often no longer available; in those cases, I share something similar. I wore a (gift) red Clara Sunwoo top (here) with black NIC+ZOE pants (similar) and black tweed pumps by JRenee (similar). The bag is by Nine West (similar).

We visited the Abingdon Olive Oil Company located in one of the grand old houses under enormous trees. In addition to every type of pure Olive Oil you can imagine, they offer traditional balsamic, dipping spices and herbs, as well as gifts, pottery, books, cards, and many other items. The staff is very knowledgeable, helpful and professional. (They are happy to Priority Mail your orders to you.)

Tastings of their enormous variety of oils and spice blends are offered.

After completing our purchases at the Abingdon Olive Oil Company, we visited other shops on Main Street.

The town is resplendent with gardens, intricate architecture, and cobblestone paths.

Our next stop was Katbird’s Wine & Gourmet, a delightful place for gifts, food, and coffee as well as wine, beers, and fresh pastry.

Mr. Mickey and I hope you enjoy coming along with us on our weekend getaways as much as we enjoy sharing them with you.

  1. You give a lovely gift to your subscribers when you take us along. Enjoyed this so much with many past adventures still fresh in memory. We owe you a big thank you for allowing us along on your travels to places we might travel to later on.

  2. Always enjoy seeing where you and Mr. Mickey travel to. Feel like I’ve gone there with you, the pictures and descriptions are so thorough!

  3. I always enjoy reading about your weekend getaways . Love the red blouse on you, like the longer length. Thanks.

  4. I am struggling trying to figure out the correct length on slim-cut ankle Jag Jeans that I recently ordered. They are shorter than the ones I already own. They are a dark indigo and they fit perfectly, but they hit me about one to two inches above my ankle. I was all set to send them back, when I saw this post and noticed that the pants you are wearing also appear to hit above the ankle, and they look good on you.

    I am 5’2″. I usually wear petite-sized tops and regular misses-sized bottoms. Because I carry my weight in my hips thighs, and stomach, I would choose to wear a top that was long enough to cover my hips with these jeans. I would also wear them with flat shoes.

    What do you think? Do these jeans sound like they are too short to you?

    1. Try the pants on with nude shoes and a top that is a bit shorter than you usually would wear. Sometimes the top we think is covering, may be accentuating. Always bring the focus to the most slender part of your torso and let the top flow across the rest of you but never cling. Never let the top come to an end where you are most ample. A top and pants in the same or similar tones will elongate. Ankle pants should end at the most slender part of your leg above your ankle.

    2. As a petite woman, I find that the shorter length pants are a totally new challenge. I think trying on the look with various tops in front of a mirror helps. Frankly, full length pants that just hit the top of my foot work the best for me. Sometimes trends are not our friends.

      1. Amen, Cheryl T! At 5’1″ and 108 pounds I’m not overweight but it’s pretty easy to look heavier with the wrong fit and proportions. I would find pants end above my ankles challenging but they sure do look chic on Susan.

        1. I, too, am around 5’1″, and can’t get a pair of pants off-the-rack (Petite) that are the correct length and hit in the right spot. It’s just impossible. Even though manufacturers sell their styles as “Petite,” they still can be inches longer than we expect. It’s frustrating.

          Susan, it’s always enjoyable to take a walk along with you on your outings. As always, you wear your clothes beautifully, and your style is so becoming. I really enjoy your ideas.

          1. Thank you, everyone, for all of your insightful comments. Taking everything into account, I took one last objective look at the jeans. I decided that the shorter length chopped me off and made me look shorter and wider. I sent the jeans back yesterday.

  5. What a lovely place to visit. Thank you for the tour.
    I have read that when you have a big bust, you should wear a necklace above it or a longer one below. Yours seems to draw attention to and make it seem bigger. What are your thoughts? I really am trying to pay attention to all the details :-} and still working on being able to put outfits together that I can wear with confidence.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your travels with us. As a UK resident I find it fascinating reading your blog and seeing all the wonderful places you visit. I often find myself googling the towns, shops and restaurants you mention, wishing I could visit them too.

  7. Susan, I so enjoy your blog and your suggestions for outfits. You always look great! I also appreciate your sharing the places you and Mr Mickey visit. This town looks lovely so I am going to try to add it when my husband and I travel south to Alabama from Pennsylvania in the fall. We already checked out Blowing Rock and Asheville on a previous trip south. Thanks for all you do in helping us all age beautifully!

  8. Hi Susan,
    My husband and I had never been to Abington until I you wrote about it and now it is one of our stops on our annual Texas to NH summer trip. We love the Tavern takeout for our hotel….we have a dog! Abington is wonderful and this year we’ll add a day to enjoy downtown.
    Thanks for your continued inspiration.

  9. Your visits bring back memories when we lived in NC and visited these areas. Please keep sharing with us. You never know who you will touch with your travels. Keep up the good work.

  10. Yes, although I don’t reply often, do know I enjoy seeing your weekend trips, as I don’t visit that area at all. Thank you! Ann Lee S, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

  11. Love “traveling & sightseeing “ with you on your weekend excursions. Please keep them coming.

  12. absolutely beautiful! Loved all the shops. Just told my husband on our next trip in that direction we will have to visit each of them. thank you

  13. I love to see where the two of you have traveled. Thank you for including all of us in your life.

  14. Susan, could you please repost your blog showing all views of your new hair style? Or just send it to me directly. I love your hair. Thanks!

  15. What a lovely town. I’ve been there, but it has been years. This makes me want to go back. Thanks for sharing your wonderful weekend adventures!

  16. Thank you for your blog. I have incorporated many of your ideas into my own wardrobe. Some time ago you mentioned the name of a company you use that sells ‘socks that do not show’ to wear when you choose not to wear pantyhose. I have lost the name and would like to purchase them now that summer is approaching. Could you please pass on the name of these socklets again. Thanks

  17. Susan,
    I happened across your blog while looking at Morgan’s Facebook page. Thank you so much for the wonderful reviews of my shop in this post. I truly appreciate it.
    What fun it appears you have as you travel your way through your 60s! You go, girl!! I, too, am in my 60s and lovin’ every minute of it! Perhaps we will meet each other on down the roads of our journeys.
    Cheers to your continued success!
    K.C. St. Louis
    Owner, Abingdon Olive Oil Co.

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