Spring Transition Looks

Today, I’ll share a variety of this month’s looks, including white jeans. Our weather varies from the low forties at night to the high seventies on a good day. If you are experiencing similar weather, perhaps these images will give you some inspiration for putting together comfortable outfits.

The sun finally peeped through to cast dappled shade in the woods at The Laurel’s Recreation Area. We stopped there briefly while driving through the countryside after visiting my parents on a recent Sunday afternoon.

Jacket | Shirt | Jeans |Bag |Shoes

My friend Belinda and I enjoyed a lovely breezy lunch on the terrace at the Blackthorn Club last week.

We didn’t collaborate on our outfits at all, but we both showed up wearing navy Clara Sunwoo tops from My Fair Lady

My Top | My Jeans | My Bag | My Shoes

A top similar to Belinda’s | Pants similar to Belinda’s | Shoes similar to Belinda’s|Belinda’s Coral Bag

We were invited to have a glass of wine with my new next-door neighbors on a recent Friday evening. I offered to bring munchies, so I took a tray of cheese (drunken goat), flax seed crackers, black olives, and Spanish almonds in herbs.

I wore a cardigan (similar sweater) in navy from Chico’s with a cross-over print top (similar) from White House | Black Market. My pants are by Levis. My shoes are from last year. (Similar)

Staying home is always a good day! The black tee is several years old from Cali & York. The jeans are Levi’s. The sneakers are by Ralph Lauren about three years ago.

Tee | Jeans | Sneakers

Links are for similar items when what I am wearing is no longer available. Referral and affiliate links in my posts may generate a small commission for me at no additional cost to you.

  1. Your navy Clara SunWoo top has me drooling because it is the best of both, drapey yet sorta fitted. My favorite look was the day at home with the simple black tee, white jeans and neutral lace up shoes. Stunning simplicity !

  2. Susan,

    First, let me say that I really enjoy your site!

    I would like to know what color Chico’s shirt you are wearing in the first photo. (Spring Transition Looks) Is it mulberry or raspberry pink? It really doesn’t look like either color on Chico’s website.

  3. Hi Susan! Do the Levi jeans provide good coverage? It appears so in the pictures, but just wanted your comment on that issue.. Lovely outfits.

    I always enjoy getting a glimpse of your home. Have you ever toured your readers through it?


    1. I find that most white jeans provide excellent coverage. (I love my Levi’s 724 straight leg jeans!) Always wear only nude undies (never white) with your white pants. I define nude as the color closest to that of your skin.

  4. I love my white jeans but it seems like I only get about 3 wearings out of them in the spring and then it is hot and humid summer weather that discourages wearing jeans at all. I know you don’t wear shorts, but would you substitute light weight cotton pants for jeans in the hottest part of the summer. Have you found a label that isn’t see through, showing underwear? Thanks!

    1. I’m lucky to live in an area that isn’t super hot and humid so I can wear my white jeans year round. I always wear nude undies so that they don’t show through white clothing.

  5. Great post. Everything looks cool and comfortable. Would love for you to do another dressing room post in a popular women’s clothing store. Maybe showing what works and what doesn’t while trying on. Enjoy all posts. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to making our closets and clothing work for us in many ways.

  6. Susan, having a problem when clicking on say jeans or shirt. It won’t carry you to the store where you bought them.

  7. Hi, Susan! I’ve followed your blog for a few years. I so appreciate your style and wisdom regarding clothing. I recently decided that I needed to seriously pare down the number of items in my closet. Following your example, I eliminated things that I did not love and/or items that were not multi-functional for me. I’m so thrilled with the results. I wish I’d done this sooner. It makes it so much easier to put together an outfit. Thank you for your consistent inspiration and motivation. You are amazing!

  8. Hi Susan,
    I love the first outfit on you. The color looks great. I also like navy on you . You always look so sharp and put together. Love your blog and all the work you do to keep it going. Thank You.

  9. Hi Susan!
    In New England we don’t wear white until Memorial Day and never after Labor Day!
    We have had a lot of rainy, cool weather and I’m so looking forward to wearing white pants and capris again!!!
    Love your blog!
    Take care,

  10. You look especially sharp in the outfit you wore to your neighbours. But, I must comment on that tray—gorgeous! At first, I thought it was something you were served when you were out for lunch with your friend. You certainly have a flair for food presentation. I’ve never heard of drunken goat cheese before; I’ll keep an eye out for it.

  11. I always look forward to your blog. Your clothing ideas are great. I also love seeing your home. Any chance to see more?
    Thank you for your time and effort.

  12. Your white jeans looked great. I love the combinations, and that the jeans are not just for summer and just layering in cooler conditions . I’m going to break out my jeans and maybe the warmer spring weather will come.

  13. Susan,

    I love all your casual, but classy looks. I wear a size 18 jeans. I just don’t feel that white pants are what I should be wearing. What would you suggest to give me something different than dark jeans or black slacks for warmer weather?

  14. Susan, I am looking for a new wall paint color . I’m loving the color of the walls in your home. Would you share the name of the color that is in the photo with your wearing white jeans. Love your blog, thank you Robbin

  15. I love the update on adding the links to the cloths, shoes and bags at the end of the blog. Yay! So much easier for me when I’m clicking on an old post and just need the goods. 🙂

    You look more beautiful every day! I appreciate your post so much. My husband and friends always comment on how put together I look. Thank you for that.

  16. Hi Susan

    I am new to your web sight and am enjoying not only the fashion helps but the food and travels as well. My question is, what size do you buy? I am 60 and of similar build, height and weight. I’m 5’6 1/2″ and have a hard time finding pants long enough. Your outfits always look well sized. Thanks for all the helpful tips.


  17. See? Susan, you are such an inspiration! Not your fault I’m still too plump–ha ha! But you have had a great influence on my fashion style, and your Beauty Counter products have helped my skin tremendously. Thanks so much. You’re a wonderful friend to all of us — near and far.

  18. Interesting to see how the diagonal knit top fits your friend wearing the Clara Sunwoo top. Your top seemed better proportions on your taller figure. I am short like your friend and I ‘m always overwhelmed with too much length. Do you know some clothing lines that cater to those 5’3” and under? I am always on the hunt for tops that will flatter my 5’1” frame and not cut me in half. Haven’t had much success, though. I enjoy your blog!

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