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Spring is the perfect time for a new hairstyle and cut. My hair was starting to look thin and fragile from the dry winter air (inside), as well as too long and heavy for my face. I visited my stylist, David, this week and asked for an updated shorter style.

We’ve tried to get decent pictures of the new cut over the past several days, but the rain continues. The collage below may help if you want to show something to your stylist.

I can tuck the sides behind my ears or pull them forward, and blow it out straight or wear it natural and curly. It starts out looking like the pictures above, but true to form, in a couple of hours it has gone off in another direction even without wind and rain.

The brief video below shows the cut in action on the second day.

Beautycounter Girl’s Night Out lip color is here. David is at Van Kye Salon at the Burlington Building in Johnson City. (423)328-3307.

This picture of the beautiful Charlize Theron was my inspiration.

The look in the first photo above includes the red jacket here from Chico’s. I am wearing it over a Covered Perfectly top here. I added a simple black belt over the top to give me the illusion of a waistline. The straight leg jeans are also from Chico’s a couple of years ago. Similar here. The black loafers are old too. They are by Nine West. Similar here. The gray and tan handbag is by Dooney & Bourke here.

The jeggings from the second look are here. The Mulberry cardigan is here. The Marc Fisher Yale booties are here. I folded the scarf here into a triangle and draped it over my shoulders and then wrapped one end back over the opposite shoulder again. The simple black T is old but similar to the Covered Perfectly top here. The Bordeaux crossbody bag is now on sale at Dooney & Bourke here.

My favorite skin care products and makeup are here. Many of my necklaces are by French Kande found here. I modeled for Covered Perfectly (here) and still wear their tops often. Referral and affiliate links may generate a small commission for Susan After 60 Inc at no cost to you.

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  1. Good morning Susan, I absolutely LOVE your new hairstyle on you! You’re prettier than ever! Isn’t it amazing what a new hairstyle can do? It’s been very rainy here (and COLD) for many days and more is on the way. I look forward to when I can get outside and walk again.. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Good morning, Susan. You are an early bird! Your hair looks fabulous! A few inches makes such a difference with hair styles.

  3. I agree. Your new cut looks terrific. Could you let us see a standing photo of you in that grey cardigan you are wearing in the video. I am looking for one and this might be it. Thank you

    1. Lori, Susan And I have been friends since we were kids and anytime I would mention her name to my mother she would say “is that the girl with those pretty eyes?”

  4. You look terrific in your new hairstyle! Of course, I also thought your other style was attractive too! It is fun to greet the spring with a perky new “do”. I think we’re all looking forward to the weather settling down and giving us some warmth! Meanwhile I like your long cardi look for these cold winter days.

  5. You look super! Mr Dwayne did a fantastic job for me this week on a head of hair he’d never seen before. Feels so good to go out in the wind and not have it going every which way.

  6. Your hair update is spectacular on you . It’s pretty, feminine and just a lovely look using your natural curls. David knew what he was doing. It also looks sexy and fun.

  7. Adorable, Susan. It is so flattering on you. Your stylist hit it out of the park! Thanks for all the photos. My hair is similar to yours with the natural curl. Now I have something to show my stylist. Thanks, Sandi

  8. I’m going to mention a word that has been banished from my vocabulary for decades “Permanent”….the horrors of back in the day frizz and dryness. But I wonder if the “body perms” of today are used by anyone. I have hair about your color, but stick straight and thinning. I live in Knoxville and you know this Tennessee weather: summer (humidity) or winter (rain, snow, and humidity). It knocks my hair flat in two seconds. Any feedback from you or your followers about body perms would be appreciated! PS: I appreciate your very practical and do-able blog. I’ve learned from it!

  9. Your new hairstyle looks great Susan, you look younger. My hair is of similar texture texture and I always wear it short, but am tempted to grow a similar look!!!!

  10. You always look lovely but I particularly like this shorter style. That gray cardigan really flatters your coloring, much better than black or even navy. Your lip color adds the perfect pop of color, perfection. This look is very inspiring.

  11. Love your new hairstyle and appreciate all your wonderful suggestions. I would love to know the eyeshadow brand and color you are using in the “Up Up and Away” entry. I have avoided eyeshadow as I age but this color is so subtle. Susan

    1. The eyeshadow color is from a pallet Beautycounter put out a couple of years ago. It is a taupe color with just a hint of shimmer. I blended it carefully only over the center of my eye. (No swoops to the side or sparkles near the nose.)

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