A Pop Of Red

Wearing red always makes me feel happier, even when I am standing in the rain. Red and royal blue are my accent colors. Black has always been my dark neutral color, but I am starting to purge black tops and jackets from my wardrobe. I am gradually switching to shades of gray or navy as my dark neutral.

I still own a few black jackets, but I always try to add a more flattering color near my face when I wear them.

My first layer in winter is almost always a Covered Perfectly top with long sleeves. The long sleeve scoop neck version here is perfect for keeping you warm under a loose-fitting jacket or a cardigan. (When you buy two tops from Covered Perfectly, the third is free!)

I am on a mission to wear what I have or let it go. I like the style of those So Slimming Juliet flocked pants from Chico’s, but they seem more appropriate for the evening. The French Connection jacket is about three years old.

  1. Agree about black! I have gone to navy. And as for shopping as a recreational sport- agree with you in that as well.

  2. My doctor once told me he has a “red jacket” theory. He says he can tell someone’s state of mind by looking at the color they wear. When someone comes in wearing a red jacket (blazer) he thinks they are in a good frame of mind, i.e. not depressed. Wonder if that includes carrying a red bag?

    1. Your new hairstyle is lovely on you! Your are an inspiration for many. I always enjoy seeing what you are wearing and hearing about your adventures. Tell Mr. Mickey we appreciate him taking so many beautiful pictures of scenery, food, clothes, for your readers to enjoy.

      1. Thank you, Kay. He looks forward to reading your comments as much as I do. It helps us to feel a connection to the readers. Without comments, blogging isn’t nearly as much fun.

  3. I have so much black and am growing tired of it. My hair is medium brown. Do you still recommend gray and navy as a neutral?

    1. Gray can be a beautiful neutral as long as it is in the proper tone. I look tired and unwell when I wear a gray that has any trace of yellow in it, for example. Navy can also be either warm or cool. You can wear any color well as long as it is in the right tone for you. Any color that blends well with all other colors can be considered a neutral.

  4. Hi. Thanks for the good information. Sometime, could you talk about how to wear a backpack so it looks stylish? I know they aren’t for everyone, but I need one while commuting and air travel. Also, please address how to find a decent looking backpack so one does not look like a second grader and security while wearing one. I would not get caught dead using a backpack except for travel. I simply cannot carry the weight of a bag and I need my hands free. Thank you and God bless!

    1. Your new hairstyle is lovely on you! You are an inspiration for many. I always enjoy seeing what you are wearing and hearing about your adventures. Tell Mr. Mickey we appreciate him taking so many beautiful pictures of scenery, food, clothes, for your readers to enjoy.

  5. Great post as always. Red has always been my favourite colour also. One question for you, your eyebrow colour. My hair colour is similar to yours now and I am not sure what to use, but I notice you have a colour close to your hair. Btw, love your new style!

  6. I do agree, a pop of red looks great but the colour red is always a bit of a problem for me. So many items described as red are very often a ‘blue’red which does not suit me. My colouring prefers an orangey red (I’m not sure that’s the best way to describe it). If I am shopping in person it isn’t a problem, I can see the difference immediately, but with online shopping,one needs to be more careful. Does anyone else have this problem?

  7. Hi Susan. I just found your blog a few weeks ago. I can’t get enough! I’m learning so much.
    I was wondering if, when wearing navy slacks, you would wear navy or black shoes?
    Thanks so much for what you do.

  8. I am really enjoying your posts Susan. I am also purging and I am using so many of your suggestions. I have too many clothes and often “nothing to wear”. Keep those great ideas coming. I have been happy to find J Jill through you and LOVE it. Thank yourself

  9. Help! I bought a pair of grey jeggings at Chico’s while shopping with a friend (note to self: shop alone) and did not try them on at the time. I recently tried them on and they “bunch” at the ankles. I have a pair of grey, suede booties coming in that I bought to go with them and I don’t think tucking in is what you do with ankle booties.

    It’s too late to return them and I now must have them hemmed.

    How should jeggings look with booties and what length should they be hemmed?

    Thanks for any input, and BTW, I am waaay over 60.

    1. Jeggings should not interfere with the top of your boots or shoes. It looks current for slim leg pants stop at the most narrow part of your ankle while clearing the tops of your short boots.

  10. I would love to see all your base gray neutral pieces as well as your navy ones. I tried this a few years ago and work forced me back into black pants…it’s now mandatory. I occasionally wear navy but no one else does. I understand that you call the shots in what you select bc you are self employed but honestly if you hadn’t made the declaration of being more navy and gray, I wouldn’t have thought you were!! I’m not trying to dispel what you’ve said but it just seems that so many of your shoes and pants and jackets are black. I so desperately want to get rid of the black for daily dressing and in time I will. I actually love black but I want to use it for mor formal/elegant occasions. Please show us the important gray and navy basic wardrobe pieces you are obtaining now. Thanks so much!!

    1. I have gray tops and sweaters, but I don’t have any gray pants. I have a dark navy, medium navy, and light navy jeans, as well as white, black, olive, and Malibu Punch, jeans. Almost all of my dressy slacks are white, navy, or black. I find those colors look more elegant and are easier to pair with various tops for business or evening.

  11. Stunning casual look, Susan! Thank you for showing what works and sharing your thoughts. (I still think you look great in black with the color around your face.) I always appreciate your taste and style. Very inspiring!

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