The Magic of Accessories

Since my teens, I’ve enjoyed completing my basic outfits with accessories. I never leave my house without earrings, a watch, a ring, and a good-looking structured bag. It doesn’t matter if I’m wearing a tee and faded jeans. If my accessories are on point, I feel confident and put together.

On Saturday, we visited Blowing Rock, NC, for the Art in The Park event. The town has the most beautiful flowers!

Our reason for being in Blowing Rock was to enjoy dinner at Chef & Somm. We arrived later in the day. It was about 75°F, so I wore a lightweight navy blazer, which is a couple of years old, similar here. My cami is here. My jeans are here. The shoes are here.

These lovely women were passing by and stopped to chat for a moment. We became instant friends! They were so elegant and gracious.

Accessories are integral to my daily looks. I select a pair of earrings, a ring, and a watch to complement whatever I am wearing. A handbag, shoes, and sometimes a belt are part of the package. I have been carrying my Bella Teddy Blake bag a lot this summer because it goes with everything. The bag is here.

The last three watches I’ve purchased have been rubbish, so I didn’t even share them with you.

This Nordgreen watch is one that I can confidently share! The quality and style are impeccable, and it is very comfortable to wear. The clasp is secure but easy to use. I chose the Native 36mm Silver with a silver mesh band. The bands are changeable, so I decided on the gray leather band to use in the winter months. Straps are available in thirteen colors, as well as vegan options, mesh, and nylon. There are approximately 100 different combinations between $170 to $215.

Nordgreen watches (here) are designed by the world-famous designer of Bang & Olufsen, Jakob Wagner. One of the reasons I am drawn to this style is the minimal classic design. I can layer one or more of my silver bracelets with it for a more dressed up look. Alone, it elevates the look of even a Tee and jeans. Nordgreen is offering you a discount code (SUSAN15)!

Each watch supports a social cause in the fields of health, environment, and education. You decide which of the three organizations you would like to donate to. Each watch comes with a unique serial number and identification code to choose your donation on the CSR website.

My watch and the other band were gifts from Nordgreen. All words and styling are my own. Referral and affiliate links within my posts may generate a small commission for me at no additional cost to you.

We can always find something to celebrate!

The meals we’ve enjoyed at Chef & Somm are always delightful. We started with warm house-made Focaccia bread and olive tapenade.

Mr. Mickey had the crab and alfredo pasta.

I shared my halibut and vegetables with him. Delicious!

Later this week, I’ll share additional, easy casual looks created with classic clothing items, elevated with great accessories. Effortless elegance always works for me!

  1. I used to think of myself as stylish but as I’ve aged, not so much. You seem to make it simple. Less is more!

  2. My husband and I love Blowing Rock! We visit there 3 or 4 times a year and have made some very good friends In fact we are going in a couple weeks for Symphony on the Lake at Chetola. My birthday present from my husband.

  3. Susan, you can’t believe how I look forward to your FB post every morning. You help make my day. Thanks for “seems like” taking me with you all those special weekends you and Mr Mickie takes. Enjoy the pictures and love your advice. So informative. Thanks and have a great day. Thanks, I do appreciate you. Katie Durbin. Beautiful State of Kentucky

  4. I love this casually chic look! How great that you can still wear a jacket to this beautiful town. Makes me wish I was close enough to take a day or weekend trip.
    Your purse is gray and shoes are tan. An old rule was to have both the same color. A bold color would add panache. What is your thinking on these decisions?

    1. When the two items are worn so far apart, it isn’t vital to match or coordinate them. It comes off as too matchy-matchy most of the time. A belt and bag would be better to coordinate since they are often close together. I always try to match the tone of my legs in summer, and I wear a lot of black shoes and boots to match my tights in winter. A handbag that matches your hair color is always a good choice.

    1. Yes, I always want to know where you are and where/what you’re eating. My husband and I love visiting these areas and have tried many of your favorite places. Thank you.

  5. Great idea for your blog posts. I’m looking forward to reading them. Accessories can make such a difference in an outfit. What a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hello Susan from the U.K. I have been following you for a while and always look forward to seeing what your next post is about. You always look so well groomed and elegant. I have got lots of new ideas from you. I also enjoy the pictures you show of the interesting places you visit. You seem to live in a lovely part of the USA. Xx

  7. Susan, love this look for casual but put together style. Very classy and classic. Do you have another blazer suggestion for people who reside in SW FL? Wool cannot be worn here in the summer, possibly never at all . Thank you.

  8. I love the look of a blazer but how do you pull it off in the heat? Really enjoy your blog and style.

    1. The jacket I’m wearing in this post is very lightweight in a very soft knit fabric. I have worn this one in Florida while on vacation. I do tend to run cold. If the temperature is below 80°, I must have at least a sweater with me.

  9. I am a little confused about your previous comments about never wearing heels again, yet your last posts show you with heels………what’s up with that?

    1. I occasionally wear a heel or a wedge, but I don’t buy heels anymore. I don’t find totally flat shoes comfortable at all. A couple of inches of block or wedge heel works much better for me. I still have a few high heels from a few years ago. When I’m not walking very much, I may wear those.

  10. Susan you look lovely as always!
    Im petite and would like to know what style blazer you think would look good on me.
    Thank you!

    1. When you are petite 5’4″ and under, proportions matter most. Your jacket should be fitted and never cover the tops of your legs. The hem of your cuff should show the wrist bone.

      1. Totally agree with your advice to Raquel however she may also want to consider just a single breasted one with a maximum of one or two buttons plus choose a style of lapel/collar that also suits her body type. i.e.: If petite, yet well endowed in the bust, choice of no lapel is an option. Or a notched lapel with an upward angle, gives the illusion of height and can make one look leaner. If one has a short neck, avoid a mandarin collar. Also, the Nordgreen watch is beautiful BTW however as I have ridiculously small wrists I’m wondering if the mesh band can be shortened? (I notice they do offer different sizing but am not sure if this includes downsizing of the face.) Thanking you (and Mr. Mickey) for the tour of Blow Rock and its floral beauty.

  11. Love the weekend trip posts and your food pictures! I sympathize with the followers in humid hot climates. My car thermometer read 101 yesterday. I find walking shorts (just above knee) and longer tunic style tops helpful. A few veins show but I use concealer on them. Instead of necklaces that land on a sweaty neck, I try for larger earrings or a bracelet. I keep a white thin sweater in the car for freezing stores! Thank you for inspiring us to look our best!

  12. Love your simplicity. As I age, 68 in August, I’m longing for less clutter. My wardrobe is such a mishmash right now as a result of a cross country move to a much different climate. I have been using your wisdom as guidance to weed and reform . Back in high school I also spent my babysitting dollars on clothes to supplement what my parents could not afford. My accessories always included an inexpensive pinky ring, a beautiful pearl ring (which I still own), a Timex, a gold cross and my gold charm bracelet.




  14. I’m sorry and I don’t mean to be rude, but I have to ask: What Shapeez bra are you wearing so that you don’t look so busty. When I linked over to your cami I thought to myself that I could never wear that as it looked too low cut. You look great and no bits and bobs falling out.

      1. I’m interested in these, but hesitant to try because you basically have to order them online. Would you please speak to how accurate their measuring system is in your upcoming post? Thank you.

  15. I am wearing less black near the face because my coloring is softer than it was when I was younger. I don’t buy black tops or jackets or high heels anymore. I still have some of both in my collection, but I mostly wear those items on date night when I won’t be walking much and my makeup is a bit bolder.

  16. Regarding your previous post on Beauty Counter products. BTW your skin is amazing. I was always in the sun when I was younger without sunscreen, (back in the day). so I have many dots and speckles. Did you also? I didn’t see anything like sun damage on your skin from your photos. Just beautiful radiating skin! Which products do you feel work BEST from this line or another one for that issue? I’ve been using a different product line without chemicals for almost a year now and have not seen any improvement regards my beauty spots. Have a wonderful day!

    1. I use the Beautycounter (Countertime) twice daily and Overnight Resurfacing Peel three times a week. I see an improvement in my skin since I started using Beautycounter three years ago. I was never in the sun much, especially not in the past thirty years.

  17. I aways enjoy and look forward to your blog every week. We live in Raleigh and know of some of the places you visit. My favorite is Blowing Rock. Hopefully I’ll run into you some day.

  18. Susan, I love your Blog! Since I have been watching & reading your style tips my shopping choices have been tailored to my specific needs. I enjoy wearing the items I have purchased & feel incredibly confident. I am a classic style woman who loves jeans. Thank you. Judith

  19. I love the cami Susan. The express site shows it tucked in. On you it looks flowy and loose. Is is loose or clingy?
    Thanks and you look fantastic!

    1. Sometimes I tuck mine in and wear a belt, other times I leave it loose. I’m wearing the same style (different colors) on Monday and Wednesday of this week. It stands away from the body and is not clingy because it has two layers.

  20. Love cami’s and I’ve looked at the Express one you are wearing but haven’t purchased it because of bra strap situations. How do you deal with this? I like to have the option of removing my jacket.

    1. I don’t remove my jackets. If you know of a strapless bra that works, please share it with us. One other option would be to wear a bra with pretty straps and not worry about them showing.

  21. Could you please recommend a current light weight navy jacket… maybe a little on the long side ?

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