Top Ten Posts in 2022

When readers share my posts and images across social media, it reflects your positive responses to what I share on this website. As a result, I’ve had several requests to revisit the top ten posts for 2022. The products I shared with you in these posts are likely sold out, but they are primarily essential items that you may already have in your wardrobe.

Let’s begin with the number ten position and proceed to the number one position. From the almost one hundred posts I shared in 2022, the tenth most shared post for 2022 was “Things I Avoid” here.

The ninth most popular post for 2022 was “Transition to Fall” here.

The number eight post for 2022 was “A Saturday Outing” here.

The seventh most popular post in 2022 was “Warm Layers Guide” here.

The number six post for 2022 was “Head to Toe” here.

The number five post for 2022 was “Essentials on a Budget” here.

The number four post for 2022 was “Shopping for Spring” here.

The number three post for 2022 was “More Essentials” here.

The number two post for 2022 was “Finding the Light” here.

Finally, the most popular post for 2022 was shared seven hundred and forty-four times. It is “Summer Packing Tips” here.

Thank you for visiting my website and leaving your comments. I look forward to sharing this lovely time in my life with you in the coming year. As always, the shopping links on this site may allow me to earn a small commission at no cost to you.

  1. Good Morning Susan, firstly I must say where on earth did 2022 go! It passed so quickly, and you have kept me reading your regular blogs that I have come to enjoy. No 3 and 8 were my favourite posts, and you look divine. Please continue with your blogs, as I certainly enjoy them for tips, and classic fashion trends with a splash of surprise.
    May 2023 be a good year for you, and Mr Mickey.

  2. You should have a tv segment for women on some program. You know how to speak to women in a clear and concise manor. Your beauty and elegance would be appreciated by all women. Best to Mr. Mickey.

  3. I enjoyed the look back at a year that had many challenges and changes. Thank you for sharing your research and good sense with us through your blogs. I’d have a difficult time choosing a favorite! I also want to say how refreshing to read a politically free blog. Thank you!

  4. Thank you for your blog. You always look so pretty and put together. I have a more casual life style but I still like to look neat and put together. I have several volunteer jobs and don’t wear clothes that would stain or can’t be washed. I usually wear short boots or walking shoes. I usually wear jeans. Thanks for your wonderful ideas for when I do have to get a bit cleaned up ex. theater, orchestra concerts, luncheons. Hi to Mr. Mickey-he is so dapper and handsome. It is nice to be treated like a lady.

  5. Excellent top ten! I’m amazed that after +40 years the elegance and grace you project is just as fresh as I remember you ! I enjoy each of your posts and the positive messages you share.

    Ed L

  6. Thanks for sharing the best of the best for 2022. So difficult to pick a favorite, as each post always include interesting and much-needed ideas. I always look forward to your posts and I wish you and Mr. Mickey another fun-filled year for 2023 of adventures and delicious tastings at beautiful locations. ❤

  7. I was happy to see that two of your top ten posts featured the Linea Paolo Caché Pumps. I liked yours so much that I purchased then in both black and brown. I like to use shoe trees in my loafers, and I wondered if you by any chance use them in the Cache Pumps? If so, where do you buy them?

    1. I don’t use shoe trees but I always make sure my shoes have plenty of room to “breathe” when not in use. Check Amazon for shoe trees. They seem to have everything!

  8. In your Head to Toe posting I noted your choice of dark framed eyewear. I also have seen other 50+ bloggers choose something similar. Is there a reason? Thank you.

  9. Hello Susan, you have a wonderful supply of gorgeous jewelry and always seem to select just the right necklace to go with your clothes. I was wondering if you have a plan when you wear them. For example, if you are wearing a high neckline garment or a V neck, turtleneck, boat neckline, scoop, square, sweetheart etc. A top with a collar, or with a jacket for day and then for a night. Whatever you accessory you wear it seems just right.
    I sometimes stand in front of the mirror ready to go out and then decide what I think is appropriate.
    I take my glasses off to eat also btw.
    Love the ten most popular posts.

    1. Hi Sandi, I don’t have a formula for choosing jewelry other than I don’t want too much going on in the same place. For example, I will never wear large earrings with a large busy necklace. On the other hand, if I wear a crewneck top, I may wear a long pendant necklace to break the expanse of material on my chest. Styling tip: the crewneck top is my least favorite neckline since it brings too much attention to the bust and makes the face look round. On the other hand, it is the most versatile neckline to style.

  10. Susan, Thank you for continuing to share. Would you consider a posting of undergarment suggestions/ guidance?
    Thank you

  11. Hi Susan. In your last picture Titled Night 3 – how did you keep the scarf on your shoulders like the picture? I’m sure in the post you mentioned how you did it but I forgot. Thank you.
    Hi to Mr. Mickey.
    Patty V

    1. Place the front corner over the back corner and place your hand on it when you bend down to keep it there, or use a pretty broch to anchor it to your bra strap through your top. This trick keeps the damage to your top to a minimum.

  12. Love reading your blog. This past year I’ve really learned A LOT about my style and how I will move forward and so much is based on what I learn from you. I even went out of my normal shoe realm after seeing yours in your #8 post.

  13. I have so enjoyed your Posts over the last year. I would have a hard time picking 1 or 10! They all are very good. I do have a question and maybe you’ve already addressed this. what type of bras do you recommend for older women? For some reason now my body has changed and none of my bras seem to work and I’m so confused as to what to get that would work for me.

  14. Thanks for posting this It’s nice to look back and get ideas for outfits. What jumped out to me was the progression of growing out your hair. It does give me something to take to my stylist next month. Again this was another great post just showing us how to use what we have rather than getting us to buy something else.

  15. In # 8, is that necklace one we can purchase? I looked on the site for your friend who makes a lot of your jewelry but didn’t find that particular one. I know you used to make your own but sold your business to Mr. Mickey’s daughter and perhaps that is one of your own design which I absolutely love (the necklace with the tassel).. I would get a lot of use with that accessory and would like to purchase one. Can you recommend a site where one can be purchased if still available?

    This is one great post. Love all the different sections to review and perhaps one or two I missed…..

    Clara from Iowa

  16. Thank you for this post and every post throughout the year. I love how you dress comfortably and casually but alway classic. I am also retired and find your advice incredibly helpful ❤️

  17. Susan –
    I don’t know how long you have been posting. I ” found ” you on Instagram sometime last year and I have enjoyed every one of your columns. You have given me a lot of great ideas to add to my look. Classic and chic with a little bit of edge. Please keep it up!

  18. Susan I have been following you for several years and have re-read your blogs numerous times.. Each time, I come away with so much information. Never stop
    blogging! Alexandra

  19. Your wardrobe selections in #8 are my favorites, but they are even more appealing because you look so relaxed and happy! Wishing you many more of those kinds of days!

  20. It is a true delight to see your posts. Love everything you do/suggest. It matches up perfectly with my personal style and wardrobe.
    Thank you for the time and energy it takes to do this so that others who aren’t as gifted at pulling looks together can benefit and look like our best self. Have a bright and beautiful day!
    Susan from San Antonio

  21. Thank you so much for this recap. I’m trying to be more polished, and am finding I am drawn to solid colours now, rather than upbeat, in your face, kind of tops! I quite like the quieter version of me and feeling stylish at that same time — gives me a real boost. Thank you for allowing me to follow your journey.

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