Summer Packing Tips

“Please share what you would take for a summer vacation.” I’ve gotten many variations of this question lately, so I’m sharing some tips and examples today. Get comfortable; this is a lengthy post, but I hope you can adjust as needed for future travel. Keep reading until the end for fabulous giveaways!

I always wear the darkest clothing and heaviest shoes and a blazer, light jacket, or sweater on the travel day. The black jeans could also be worn with any top for additional looks if needed.

Careful planning helps avoid the burden of luggage stuffed with things you might not use. Vacations are also not the time to test drive new purchases, so I always take my proven favorites for comfort and versatility. I’ve learned from experience that it is difficult to imagine ninety-degree heat while living in a cold climate where there might be snow on the ground. So while you pack, put on some tropical music and turn on all the lights. If you just took a hot shower, that will help too.

Now that you’ve got the proper mindset, here are more tips. First, consider what you will be doing. For example, if your itinerary will include lots of walking in the sun, take a couple of packable sun hats and two pairs of comfortable walking shoes. Likewise, a summer beach vacation will require loose-fitting casual clothing that dries quickly. On the other hand, your selections will need to be more conservative if you visit a city to tour museums and cathedrals. So, appropriate for the destination is a priority.

Continue to check the weather for your destination for a couple of weeks before you travel. Some places near the tropics can get rain almost every afternoon. Other locations may have cool breezy evenings and mornings so you may need a light jacket or sweater.

My favorite vacations include visiting quaint villages, museums, historical places, gardens, and casual beach towns. If my trip is for seven days, I will take five tops, two pairs of pants, a sweater, and three dresses. A limited color palette helps keep the mini wardrobe cohesive. All the tops go with the pants, and any shoe will work with the pants or the dresses. Choose woven fabrics such as linen, cotton, rayon, and viscose since they “breathe” and dry faster. I am often cold, so a cotton or cashmere lightweight cardigan is imperative.

I pack two pairs of shoes and wear the bulkiest ones. The key is to include different styles of shoes—for example, sneakers, sandals, and a dressier pair for dinner or brunch. In addition, I take shower shoes (flip flops) to wear in the hotel or poolside only. Finally, don’t forget your pajamas here and no-show socks here. I pack socks and undies inside the handbag/clutch to use all the space available. I often tuck the strap into the crossbody to use it as a clutch. Place shoes in plastic or cloth shoe bags to keep the rest of your clothing clean. Packing cubes here help keep my carry-on luggage (similar here) neat and organized. All the items shown today easily fit into my carry-on and tote.

Camisoles, scarves, and tanks take up very little space but multiply your mixing and matching options. Of course, many additional combinations are possible, but you can see that a few well-chosen pieces allow you to be well dressed and comfortable.

Decanting your toiletries and skincare into small plastic bottles will allow you to fit everything into a quart-size plastic bag for TSA. (I’m so glad Beautycounter now offers a carry-on set of my skincare here.) Most airlines allow for one personal item and one carry-on bag. So be sure to put travel documents, phone, chargers, medication, toiletries, and anything else you might need during the flight in the bag you place under the seat.

The Countertime Carry-On Set is here.
My sunscreen is here.

I always take a fifty-one-inch scarf that matches my swimsuit and a smaller accent scarf. A large scarf can be the perfect sarong to use as a coverup. On Night 3, I used this one as a wrap. I often tie the small one around the front loops of my jeans to look like a belt (Night 5 and Day 7 travel look below). My only new item is the small silk scarf here.

Day 7 = Travel

I hope that this post helps you with packing for your next trip. Unfortunately, it was overcast, forty-five degrees, and very windy when I took these pictures. I WISH I were leaving soon for a warm sunny place!

The watch is here. Similar small post earrings are here. A similar ring is here.

Favorite summer jewelry includes the shell and rattan earrings here, the bracelet here, and the tan and beige pearl lariat here. The lariat can be worn in lots of ways. (Note that I wore it as a belt on day 4.) (Use the code SAS10 for $10 off any one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.)

And now – for the giveaways! Beauty in Stone Jewelry is giving away the rattan earrings pictured above, and I’m giving away a fifty-one-inch silk twill scarf below. Please share a comment below to include any helpful information about packing that I missed. I’ll announce the randomly chosen winner in the next blog post in a few days.

Links to similar current items follow since none of mine are new. White JeansBlack JeansBlack SweaterWhite TankBlack TankCamisoleWhite Cotton TopBlue and White TopDress 1Dress 2Dress 3Swim SuitLarge ScarfSmall ScarfPajamasFlip FlopsBrasUndiesCrossbody/ClutchToteSandalsEspadrillesSneakersPackable HatSunglasses.

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  1. I always select only black slacks and 3 primary colors for tops and I wear a travel jacket with lots of pockets. A travel vest is great for warm days when I need pockets.

  2. Susan, great tips and outfits. If flying and checking luggage, I always pack my Pajamas and a change of clothes in my carry on bag. I wear a Large scarf and a light rain coat on the plane for warmth! Additionally, if flying, remember to pack healthy snacks to avoid over priced airport food! Happy traveling!

  3. Excellent tips and I love these looks! My tip: Use packing cubes! I love mine — I pack underwear and pajamas in one, casual clothes in another, dressy in another. Unpacking is a breeze and it feels so good to be organized!

  4. On a recent trip to Tennessee, I followed your advice about a capsule wardrobe. It was so easy to choose my outfit each day as blouses and pants were mixable for different outfits from seven choices. I took both light and dark colors to fit the weather for the day since springtime is iffy- cool, cold or warm! I could enjoy the trip without laboring on what to wear.

  5. Love your vacation wardrobe, will def use recommendation next time I travel. Limiting travel with covid. Hope you Mr Mickey stay well-Nora Handy

  6. Wow! You really put a great deal of work into this post! Thank you. Very helpful. One thing I might add would be a lightweight rain jacket with a hood. These jackets are quite packable and come in handy when rain threatens.

  7. I place my jewelry in small zip lock bags – easy to see what is in each bag and keeps the necklaces, etc from getting tangled up. I also use the space inside the hats to pack socks, or scarfs, etc as it helps keep the shape of the hat. The blues in your scarves are gorgeous. Thank you all the great ideas you post in your blogs.

  8. Your packing tips are spot on. I like to keep to a very small color palette usually navy, white, pink and blue in summer. I keep my bottoms in neutrals and add color with tops and accessories. I also always make sure to have a crossbody bag with me to tuck in a larger tote on trace days.

  9. Such a lovely travel wardrobe. I would suggest a few gallon-size Ziplock bags for sandy things, wet things and souvenirs.

  10. I can’t believe you can get all that in your carry-on! I need to learn how to accomplish that! I always take way more than I ever use. Thank you for all your good tips!

  11. To go along with your mix and match ideas the last few trips we’ve taken I’ve picked a base color, either black or navy. Then everything I take has to go with that color. It’s saved me a ton of time! I think for the upcoming trip I’m going to take some pictures prior to leaving so I can make quicker decisions as we will be traveling in a group and I may not have a lot of time to get ready.

  12. Great tips, Susan! We each pack a kitchen trash bag for bringing home wet things, or dirty laundry. Plus a few extra zip-loc bags – always handy!

  13. Thank you for the packing tips. I will be packing for vacation in a few days. Using your tips, I hope to” avoid the burden of luggage stuffed with things you might not use”.

  14. Your packing tips are so helpful. Love your wardrobe choices. One thing I like to bring along on a trip is a collapsible water bottle. I can refill as needed.

  15. Thank you for all the wonderful packing tips. I am in the slow process of creating a wardrobe to utilize the information you share . Hope someday to be able to travel again and have the fun of choosing from a well planned closet.

  16. Susan, as we are looking forward to traveling after spending so much time at home, this post is so helpful. Admittedly, I find it difficult to think about days filled with new adventures right now. With your help, I now have direction for my travel clothing options and choices. Thank you!

  17. I always make sure to take sunscreen in case it’s not available at my destination. I also take antibacterial wipes in a zip lock bag so I can wipe down anything I’m uncomfortable with.

  18. I need to learn from you how to pack more efficiently. Although I do not understand how you get everything in such a small piece of luggage. Thanks for all of your helpful hints.

    One thing I have been meaning to tell you is how much I appreciate your writing skill. Your sentences are easy to follow and I do not think that I have ever seen a misspelled word or grammatical error. I do not understand how you can so perfectly edit your own texts. I am seeing more and more misspelled words in books, etc.

  19. LOVE your oh so practical and attainable tips and tricks! Aside from belts placed in shoes, zip lock bags keep contents dry and organized. One for cleansing and one for makeup etc. I learned the hard way many years ago when lotion exploded on my clothes while in the trunk of my car in the southern summer sun!

  20. Thank you for such wonderful travel tips. I include a pretty coorinating shaw to use as a wrap in those chilly restaurants. It’s easy to roll and tuck in my suitcase.

  21. Hi Susan! Thank you for the helpful packing tips and wardrobe choices. Love what you do with scarves! Adds color & texture to your outfits. We are traveling soon and I’m working on a capsule wardrobe to be able to do carry on. I always travel with saline nasal spray to help with the dryness in the airplane when I can take a quick break from wearing a mask. Another tip for necklaces with chains – I put the chain through a plastic straw and then fasten it back. Really helps eliminate knotting and tangles. Thanks again for this great post! Jodi S

  22. Susan, I love these tips for traveling! Thank you. I add a small flashlight to my bag. I’ve found It’s come in handy more than once!

  23. Bonjour Suzan,
    Article très intéressant et très pratique.
    Je tiendrai compte de vos conseils lors de mon prochain voyage. J’ai toujours peur de manquer et j’emporte souvent trop de choses que je n’utilise pas. Alors votre message va beaucoup m’aider.
    J’adore la couleur rose du foulard.

  24. Great packing tips! I always take a bag for soiled laundry to keep separate from clean clothes.
    I used to travel for work and learned to pack mix and match for the least amount of items. Love all your fashion advice.

  25. I agree that a limited color palette always works. New combinations can be made easily if trip gets extended or the weather is changeable.

  26. I always lose my good earrings on trips, never fails! So, now I just pack my assortment of cheap, but pretty earrings that I can replace easily if lost (and it doesn’t ruin my trip or attitude)!

  27. Thank you for all these travel tips! I really like taking a couple of scarves along as they can change your outfits so much plus gives that extra bit of warmth when needed. I also like to take a collapsible bottle for water. Sun glasses are so important to me also! Love the scarf you are giving away. I have a couple of your scarves from your collection. Thank you for all the work you put into your blog. You need to put a lot of these together into a book!!

  28. Love the the scarf as a belt. Very helpful information. Thank you so much! I layer my tops when I pack them …the upper half of one top goes on the bottom half of another. Layering as suggested by a military friend.. They are wrinkle free when I pull them out of the suitcase.

  29. Susan, I like your tips for travel. I like to add a mini umbrella because it seems on a vacation, it rains at least one time. Thank you!

  30. Thank you for your packing tips. I like to take a cape-like wrap to use for extra warmth on an airplane or car, folded as a travel pillow, and a warm layer for evenings out.

  31. I just bought some small mesh bags on Amazon with zippers for the cords I need to take with me. I always carry on a thin Turkish towel. Can be used as a blanket or pillow on the plane, beach towel, even a shawl if necessary. I sometimes store cream or lotion in contact lens cases. Very compact! Great post!

  32. What a helpful and well thought out post! Thank you for your time and wonderful suggestions. I really like your hair in these shots! It’s very flattering!

  33. Following your capsule wardrobe tips so much lately. I never worry about what I am going to wear anymore. I always pack a clean pair of underwear in my carryon. If my luggage is lost. I still have a clean pair of undies until my luggage is found.

  34. Love the practical suggestions. It’s always a good idea to confirm the size restrictions for carry-on luggage as they may vary from one airline to the next. It’s also a good idea to take photos of what you pack if you’re checking luggage. If anything happens to your luggage, you know exactly what was in it. If we’re traveling for 2-4 weeks, I buy shampoo, conditioner, etc. when we arrive at our first stop. That way I don’t have to pack such heavy items and have more weight available in my checked luggage.

  35. I love your mix and match travel wardrobe! I just returned from a 10 day river cruise and did a fairly good job of packing. Including layering pieces was key. I would add one tip if traveling with a companion – pack at least one outfit in your companion’s checked bag in case yours is lost.
    Thanks for a great post!

  36. Susan, thank you for sharing all you’ve learned. You are a treasure trove of information and we so appreciate you!
    I have an empty rod in my closet I use to plan my vacation wardrobe. I start with the pieces I will wear on both travel days. From those pieces, I add items for the remaining days. I find having selections hanging on an otherwise empty rack helps me focus on how many outfits I can make with the fewest number of items. I wear bulkiest items on travel days to keep my suitcase light and more spacious. If I check a bag, I include extra underwear and my PJ’s in my carry-on in the event my luggage does not arrive where and when I do.

  37. My favorite might be Night 3 because I love that blue scarf! It would also be eye popping with the black dress. So elegant and chic, but simple !
    And I agree, packing cubes are the best! And keep everything so organized .

  38. Susan, you put so much thinking/planning into this post! Thanks and thanks for doing this fabulous giveaway!
    Three things…
    When packing for any kind of climate, I take small travel packs of laundry detergent in a zip lock bag.
    Always lay a couple of plastic coat hangers in the bottom of my suitcase. They come in handy for hanging up hand washed clothing overnight.
    I prefer to have dry bathing suit bottoms when spending a day at the beach. So, I wear tankini style bathing suits & always pack 6-7 bikini bottoms to go with 2-3 tankini tops. I take about 3 bikini bottoms to the beach & they are easier to do a quick change in the ladies washroom than a one piece suit. And, for me, tankini tops cover up as much as a one-piece swimsuit.

  39. What a helpful post – I really love all your outfit choices and that you showed us the casual vs dressier options. I especially love all three of the dresses you chose! I like to pre-plan all of my outfits for every day of my trips and then I make a list/schedule of the outfits so I can easily refer to it each day – no thinking required and I love that. Thank you for the generous giveaway!

  40. I pack a little black address book with passwords and other important information in case I have an extended stay .

  41. Hi Susan. Thank you so much for this . I’ve screen shot the line up pictures so I can use them to lay out my clothes for a day to day guide with your suggestions. I find foot wear the most challenging as I like to have plenty of choices !

  42. Perfect holiday capsule, I always include a long kaftan to either wear to the beach in, or after my shower to sit on the balcony with pre dinner wine! Mine is lightweight and rolls up to nothing, very useful item ..

  43. I always stress over what to pack. Your guidelines are very helpful and, as always, you look perfectly put together and lovely. Thank you.
    I don’t have packing cubes; I like to use large (2 gallon) ziplock bags for underwear and socks.

  44. I like the way you have explained your purpose for each outfit and the versatility even with a few mix and match pieces. I like to pack a small first aid kit as well as shout wipes or tide pen for spots.

  45. Flying to Montana In July.
    11 nights different motel every night.
    Visiting Yellowstone lots of riding.
    Granddaughter wedding outside
    Rafting 1 day horse back riding one day
    Limited to small luggage and a backpack since 5 people in a car. No white pants!
    Need all advice you can give me
    Thank you

    1. Your trip sounds like a wonderful adventure. But, think more about athletic attire in neutral colors that you can layer, mix and match or elevate as needed.

  46. This is such a great travel capsule! I have lost my packing muscle during the pandemic, but I am all for carryon only. It’s much easier to do this for warm locales. You look amazing in all of the outfits!

  47. I always add a few empty grocery bags to slip dirty shoes in OR put dirty clothes in. Also, I like to put my purse/tote that I’m going to carry daily into a larger tote to carry on – this way I get a little extra room without actually crowding my normal tote – sometimes it is a bit heavy but it’s just for boarding planes if necessary (I”ll keep seperate until time to board). Also, for packing I prefer to roll my clothes.

  48. Thank you Susan for this valuable posting! I have learned so much from you. I have loved the classic style since I was a young girl. Your tips to pack effectively are great. My only tip is I use a cooler type soft bag for my carry on when we go to our favorite beach town. It serves as our bag to bring cool drinks etc to the beach and fresh fish cold when we pick up at the local fish store that we prepare in our condo.

  49. Thanks for your helpful suggestions. I like to make a list of the outfits I am taking. Lay them out just to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything! Lol. Happy travels!

  50. Thank you, Susan, for the well-planned capsule wardrobe! I like all of your choices, and I appreciate the thought that goes into each post. When we travel by plane, I always take handy wipes to wipe down surfaces around us. When we travel by car, I also take paper towels and a disposable bag to corral trash.

  51. Great tips, Susan. For about 6 years, I’ve been taking a similar approach to packing. I was challenged with a week long European cycling trip and a limit of a 14 lb for my suitcase plus one carry on. I managed to pack my cycling clothes, street and evening attire, plus helmet, etc. I’ll never look back. I love the freedom of burden free travel!

  52. I always wear slip on shoes with footies for easy removal at the airport. A large wrap can be used as a blanket, neck scarf or belt. Flushable baby wipes will help you freshen up during and after a long flight.

  53. Great tips. I only use a carry on bag – even for two weeks in Europe. I use a limited color palette and a few silk scarfs for color. I wear the same jewelry everyday so I don’t worry about losing it and getting dressed is easy. Also bring a cotton caftan or dress for lounging, pool cover up or casual dining.

  54. Your post was very helpful. I always take too much and only where half of it. I have tried the Countertime travel collection. It is nice to take along but it’s also a great way to try the products. So far so good. I’m just not that good on consistency. I’ve got to work on that.

  55. Great post! I agree with recommendation for zip lock bags. Good for dirty laundry or things that are still damp when it’s time to go home.

  56. I use a weekly medicine container for earrings and small necklaces. Everyone who posted had great ideas!

  57. A comment and a question…
    When packing, I include a bag of some sort to put laundry/worn clothes in, keeping them separate from any clean or unworn clothes.

    On evening of day 6, are you wearing the cardigan? The black on black makes it hard to tell. Thanks!

    The scarf and earrings are lovely and I’d be thrilled to win either.

  58. I always choose my shoes first (never bring more than 3; always walkable) and build my outfits from them. Also I bring a big tote bag as my 2nd carry-on and slip a small cross-body bag into that for my phone, license, etc.

  59. We often travel to our destination by car making several overnight stops on the way. I pack a small overnight/duffle bag with just enough items to get me through two or three days. That way I avoid having to drag a larger suitcase in and out and disrupt the clothing I know I won’t be wearing on my way. This would involve a vacation of two or three weeks not just a weekend. Love the items you have chosen to take!

  60. Thank you so much for your blog. You are a stylish and classy lady. I’ve learned so much from your tips and tricks over the years, and have purchased quite a few of your recommended products. For instance, Sheec socks are the best! I love them and just bought five more pairs. No more stopping to readjust the heel as on my daily walks!
    These are great tips, and I love how you explained and showed each day and night’s wardrobe so clearly-really helpful. I bring a waterproof travel tote bag that folds up into a very small pack. This serves a multitude of purposes. I use it not only as a tote bag for day trips and sightseeing, but also as a beach bag, carrying dirty laundry for the trip home if I am driving and a shopping bag, since so many stores now require shoppers to bring their own bags for purchases. Also, I always pack my charging cords and adaptors in a Jansport “Digital Burrito.” Invaluable!

  61. Love all your packing ideas and tips on clothing to take. Would love some info on choosing a swimsuit for our body type and brands to purchase. I have enjoyed seeing the dresses this season also.

  62. Great tips. I would add a lightweight rain jacket and a few gallon zip top bags for damp things on the way home. I roll clothes and use packing cubes for organization. Wrinkles are minimized by rolling and quite a bit of space is saved. I pack a change of clothes in my carryon along with sleep clothes in case my checked bag is delayed.

  63. I’m fairly certain I clicked on EVERY link in this post. It is SO helpful. And the coral/red scarf collection is to die for. Thank you!

  64. I have an oversized white cotton shirt that can be worn as a shirt, open as a jacket, a bathrobe, a swimsuit coverup. Mine is vintage but it’s a great travel item. Thanks for sharing your tips and the fabulous give-away!

  65. Great tips! I roll my clothes instead of folding them. It takes up less space, and there are fewer wrinkles.

  66. You get so many different looks with such a small amount of packing! I love that you wear pearls with sneakers, and the tip on tying a small scarf through only the front loops. What a great post.

  67. Excellent tips for packing. I have learned, the hard way, to pack a change of clothes with undies in my personal bag – not the carryon!< it is not unusual for the airline to check your carryon at the gate these days. Also, my sneakers are slipon for ease at security.

  68. This is a great post! My hubby and I used packing cubes-pink for me, blue for him–sure helped with organization and quickly finding things (we shared a suitcase). I also love scarves–lightweight way to totally change an outfit.
    Thanks again for all you do!!

  69. You project a classic look with out going overboard. Just the way I want to dress for this season of life. Thank you.

  70. Thank you for your packing ideas and the pictures of your outfits. Your blog does a good job of explaining what to wear for different activities. I recently bought some packing cubes but I’m still figuring out how to use them as they seem to take up a lot of room in my suitcase. My last vacation was at the beach so most of my wardrobe was very casual but I did stick to white, navy and a few red pieces and it worked.

  71. This is the best post ever! Love everything! The small scarf idea is so good and when you aren’t wearing it you could tie it on your purse. I use packing cubes and put my clothes in there together by the day I will be wearing them. Also cheap shower caps work on your shoes as a covering. Thank you for a great post.

  72. I use a separate tiny packing cube for chargers, cords, memory cards, electronic accessories and a travel converter if going outside the US. Having all these things in one place is reassurance.
    Also if I have a necklace that really wants to tangle, I thread it in a straw and tape it down. And an old contact lens case with screw on caps will hold enough foundation for 7-10 days. Truly! I never take more than a carryon and underseat bag for 10 day Europe trips.

  73. Thank you for sharing your travel secrets. I have found rolling, instead of folding, my clothing to be helpful in providing space and less wrinkles while in the suitcase. I also take an extra large size ziplock bag for worn undergarments, separating them in the suitcase from clean clothing, most helpful when not staying in one location for the entire trip.

  74. Susan,

    Thank you for sharing about the packing cubes! These will be wonderful for our summer travels. I just ordered some.

    Patricia Unger

  75. Great post! I also take an e-reader as I love to read a lot while on vacation and don’t want to have to find room in my suitcase for two or three books.

  76. Thank you Susan for the tips! The only thing I would do differently on travel day is wear slip on shoes. This makes moving through the TSA line a bit easier. I have never been able to pack just a carry-on for a week of travel! I know this would reduce my stress…… challenge accepted!

  77. Wonderful post. Since my clothes tend to end up in a jumble in my suitcase, I have started using packing cubes to keep everything organized. I can organize by articles of clothing: pants, tops, pajamas, underwear, etc., or by outfits for each day.

  78. Using plastic dry cleaner bags in between clothes creates air pockets and reduces wrinkling. Some great outfit examples.

  79. Packing cubes are a game-changer for me. It makes unpacking at the hotel so much easier and takes up so much less space in my suitcase. I also pack my sun hat in my carry on tote and stuff it with a pashmina to retain it’s shape.

  80. Great ideas as usual! Love your posts! I always carry a change of clothes & my bathing suit in my carryon, if luggage is lost at least I can go to the beach while I’m waiting for it. Also with my husband we interchange clothes in both suitcases in case one gets lost. Hopefully can get back to travelling soon! Marsha

  81. Susan, thank you for introducing me to Beauty in Stone – some of my favourite pieces come from there. Your packing tips are most appreciated. The scarf you are giving away is stunning. What fabulous colours! I hope you continue your column (or blog) for many, many years!

  82. I wore contact lenses for many, many years before having lens implant surgery. I had lots of the small, 2 sided contact lens cases as a result. I now use them as containers for my daytime moisturizer, as well as other creams and potions. They take up very little space in my travel toiletry bag and contain enough to last me through a 7-10 day trip very easily.

  83. Ok, I’m ready for vacation. This packing list is perfect. I love your blue bathing suit. BUT, I have to know how you wrapped that gorgeous scarf on night 3 and kept it in place. That’s my favorite look.

    1. Fold a fifty-one-inch scarf in a triangle. Place one side at about mid-hip and wrap the other end over your shoulder. It moves with me, but I just push it back or let both ends rest by my sides as I am enjoying dinner. To secure one side, you can use a brooch, magnets, or a scarf ring.

  84. I always pack (flat, at the bottom of my suitcase) a large plastic bag for laundry, as my clothes are worn. When I return home, that laundry bag goes to my washer to start washing the clothes I wore. I love your faux belt idea, looping through the front of your jeans to look like a belt – genius! Thanks so much for always offering such sensible, chic wardrobe ideas.

  85. Great tips and ideas Susan…and here’s another one: those shower caps in all hotel rooms make for great shoe bags!

  86. Even though I am an experienced packer and traveler, I always find a nugget in these posts! This one was using the smaller scarf to look like a belt. Brilliant!
    My packing tip is to roll as many items as possible, within the packing cubes. Rolled clothes will take up less space and be less wrinkled. Also, easier to see and pull out without disturbing the rest.

  87. Thank you, Susan, for all the great travel tips. I use my beach cover up as a robe whenever possible.
    I also use packing cubes – I pack each day in its own cube

  88. This is a fun and helpful post. Thank you for all the time you put in on it! So many great tips from your readers too!

  89. I cannot improve upon your excellent packing tips but I do have another idea that might appeal to some.

    I have always hated to come home with a dirty load of laundry in my suitcase so we always stay where we have access to a washer and dryer. We wash the night before we leave so that the only dirty clothes we have to launder when we arrive back home are our travel clothes.

  90. I’m on a hiking trip in the Cotswold region of England now. (I’m relaxing after a 11 mile hike.) Lotion, shampoo, and conditioner can now be purchased in bar form. So, they don’t count as a liquid that has to fit in your TSA bag.

  91. I always pack a small plastic or mesh bag for worn underwear and socks, etc. Keeps it separate from clean and laundry is easier to do when I get home.

  92. Your organization skills are fabulous! I always learn something new.
    Keep up the great work….I feel that I’m back in modeling school, which was over fifty years ago!
    You are a breath of fresh air.
    Be well.

  93. I keep a small leather valet tray in my luggage to use on the night stand while traveling. All my jewelery goes in there at night and there is no risk of anything inadvertently rolling off on the floor.

  94. Excellent post, Susan. Do you have additional tips for handling/packing all the non-clothing miscellaneous items we have to pack. They seem to take up so much valuable space. Thank you.

  95. I love your clothing choices! The one item I always need to pack is my mini flat iron for smoothing my hair in a tropical climate. It is small and easy to tuck in the side of my suitcase. I also find it necessary to take a couple of those packages of nail polish remover, my polish and file for touch ups.
    The scarf is a beautiful color and pattern. I like the way you tied the scarf around your shoulders in one of the photos. Have you showed that before? Anyway I would like to know how to do it.
    Thank you for the pictures and explanations. I’ll find them helpful as I begin to prepare for a Hawaiian vacation next fall. Hopefully this one will happen. Thank you for doing what you do to help all of us be our best!

    1. Fold a large (fifty-one-inch) scarf in a triangle. Place one end at about mid-hip and wrap the other over your shoulder. It moves with me, but I just push it back or let both ends rest by my sides as I am enjoying dinner. To secure one side, you can use a brooch, magnets, or a scarf ring.

  96. Thank you for the great post Susan! I always pack a laundry bag that I then fill with dirty clothes. When I go on extended vacation overseas, I bring very few pieces so that I can bring souvenirs or whatever I might acquire back in the suitcase and not pay for extra weight. I do my laundry by hand or find local laundromat. Another “must” on my traveling/packing list is facial mist for the flight. Aircraft air is dry and facial masks make skin even dryer, facial mist keeps skin well moisturized.

  97. I love all your suggestings and I love going away for girl trips. We are celebrating a weekend birthday in May and would love those earrings.

    Have a great day and keep up the blog.

  98. I am a big fan of rolling the items tightly in my suitcase. I find that I can pack more and they come out less wrinkled.

  99. Carry-on luggage is the only way to travel, whatever the mode (flying, train or by car)! Our family of three (me, husband and, at the time, teenage son) went on several month-long UK trips. We each carried a carry-on suitcase and this worked for us easily. While other arriving Heathrow passengers were waiting at the baggage carousel, we were already getting our rental car! Compression bags are wonderful! Packing for 30+ days was, surprisingly, very easy (even with UK weather changes!). We never needed to buy anything (other than shampoo) and used everything we did pack. My only advice would be to give a trial-run, the month BEFORE you leave, of everything you plan to take: does it wash in a sink or the shower and hang-dry overnight (denim, no; ponté, yes)? Carry-on suitcases with wheels are a MUST! Is the suitcase over-packed/too heavy, can YOU lift it over your head without assistance? Is the suitcase fabric or smooth/solid (fabric exteriors are difficult to maneuver in those overhead bins!). Be realistic on what you really need for your trip (what will you actually be doing). Also, I don’t bring back souvenirs, other than maybe a scarf or something very small. And, I make sure to leave a bit of space for those items, before I leave the house! Someday, we’ll travel, again. And, when we do, carry-on will be the only way we do it!

  100. My usual annual vacation is for three weeks, but I’m thinking I wouldn’t need more than this. We can wear things twice or even three times.

  101. I am leaving one week from today for a 2 week trip (delayed from 2021 by Covid) to Holland and Belgium! Black jersey knit pants are my go-to; they can be casual or dressy. I have white, gray and tan shirts that I will accessorize with scarfs. AND packing cubes keep everything neat, organized and accessible. I do pare down my cosmetics for a trip like this, taking only the minimum essentials. And a must have- a good rain jacket!

  102. Great tips! I would add a waterproof jacket if you are traveling to a spot that gets rainy days!

  103. My only travels lately are to visit my baby granddaughter across the country. It’s blue jeans, joggers, and lightweight travel pants. Still, I have trouble with tops and jackets since the weathers is still chilly in New York. I do overpack. I admire your organization and confidence.

  104. Thank you for great tips! I will be traveling from Wyoming to Florida later this month so will remember your tips when I pack. There are large ziploc type bags that you can buy that you can place your dirty clothes in and then compress them in order to save room for souvenirs that need space on the way home.

  105. Hello Susan,

    Thank you for your posts. They are so helpful and enjoyable to read.

    I pack my lingerie and undergarments inside a large ziplock plastic bag. I sit on it when I zip it closed to remove the air. It compresses very flat, which saves space and ensures that these clothing items are not touched by others, should TSA open my bag.

  106. I once packed for an eleven day trip and ended up returning home seven weeks later. All I had with me was a carry on and a large tote. I did not have to buy anything. I did have to borrow a winter coat to stand in knee deep snow at my MIL’s funeral, however. I was questioned by a family member how I even had funeral clothes with me. Like so many of you, I pack dark neutrals and mix and match.
    I have three tips. 1. If one wears wigs, turn them inside out and pack in a gallon zip lock. 2. I hate taking my shoes off at TSA check in, so I carry several pair of disposable booties (the kind workers use when entering your home.) I take my shoes off and slip the booties on, no walking barefoot in an airport for me. Toss in the nearest trash can after passing the checkpoint. 3. If you carry a disposable water bottle that has frozen water in it, TSA doesn’t bat an eye. You then have your own ice cold water to sip on the plane as the ice melts. Much more sanitary than filling a bottle at the airport.

  107. I love reading your blog and how to be fashionable in our later years. Thanks for the traveling wardrobe suggestions.

  108. I loved your post of packing tips. I used to be a great packer but with Covid restrictions have not traveled much recently. This post gave me a nudge to start traveling again. Happy traveling everyone!

  109. Susan,

    These are great tips!! Whether I am flying or traveling by car, I generally carry a totebag rather than a purse. In my totebag, I put a super lightweight cashmere scarf, my travel size toiletries & makeup, my chargers, my ipad (with books downloaded to the kindle app for reading), wallet and passport, and a slim package of wipes. I carefully pack a purse, usually a crossbody, into my carry-on. Also, my mother always taught us to carry an easy extra outfit, one that doesn’t take up too much room. The one and only time that I did not, someone in a restaurant spilled red wine on my white jeans! LOL

  110. I’m visiting family in various parts of England for 2 months, June and July. Thankfully I will be home based in private homes where I can do laundry, etc. in between traveling and staying in hotels and cottages. I still am having difficulty planning my wardrobe, wearing the same things over and over. I am traveling business class and can take 2 full size bags but that is difficult as well as I am traveling alone and with two bags and a carryon tote I’ll be weighted down. I love your ideas and totally agree with scarves as outfit changers and definitely mix and match. Yes, dark colors on the plane, I remember a flight from Tokyo to LA in white pants, what a mistake that was! Love all your ideas and your wardrobe choices, I’d love to transport your closet to mine, love your style!

  111. So nice Susan and great outfits! Thanks for undies link – always a challenge for me.

    Also do you have a fave brand of roller suitcase you like?

    My travel life changed once I started using Eagle Creek packing cubes and putting one outfit per day in each cube including everything. — even jewelry in a snack zip bag inside cube. And my shoes in their shoe cubes. There is a loop on the end of each cube so when I get to the room I hang each cube on a hanger and only take the outfit out the day I wear it. I only pack light knits so seldom wrinkles. This prevents room odors getting into clothes too. I tried many cubes but Eagle Creek white ones are my fave as they are slippery and no bulk so can sneak them in easier. I like to hang them per outfit so I don’t have to think about what to wear! But it would work fine to pack all pants in one, all tops in one too if one likes mix and match options.

    A big pashmina has saved me from being cold many times. I like the bright shawl you shared and great price so I am ordering. Thanks!

    1. The Calpac roller carry-on is the only one I’ve tried. I’ve never had an issue with it, and I purchased it several years ago at TJ Max in LA. Here is an updated version.

  112. That’s a versatile capsule wardrobe! I tend to bring plastic bags for laundry and wet things, and a pant hanger as many places don’t have them. These take up no space in the suitcase. Like you, I use neutrals as a base, dress with coloured scarves, and pack tops that go with all bottoms.

    Thank you for these helpful posts. All the best, Susan.

  113. WOW! Awesome post. Pictures are very helpful. Addition of a scarf, cardigan, change of shoes,
    or jewelry makes such a difference! This post will go in my blog file. A lot of good information of what to pack. What would you pack if you took only 1 dress? I usually wear slacks during the day as I sometimes do not know what I will be doing… adventure leads to another. I probably would not wear a dress exploring because of the insects….they love me. I really enjoy your post and your adventures with Mr. Mickey. Have a blessed day.

    1. I would take the first red dress if I took only one. It is very cool and comfortable. It can also be fully unbuttoned and worn as a duster or a swimsuit coverup.

  114. I take the packing cubes to another level by separating smaller items ie. underwear, accessories, etc. Into medium size Ziploc bags and then putting several zip loc bags in the packing cubes. Probably overkill but it works for me.
    Happy travels to you.

  115. Loved the post on the travel wardrobe! Do you usually fold or roll your clothing items?
    I hope I win one of the five always! Love your blog!

  116. I always carry my tote as a personal item, it can be used for shopping at my destination, but it holds more than my purse does. And these items don’t count as “carry ons” : a jacket, an umbrella, food court or other items purchased at the airport, a bottle of water.. some of these items can be clipped to the handle of my carry on with a carabiner clip, and my water bottle (empty) is in a little bag hooked to the handle with velcro. Some other items they allow to be carried outside your luggage: a hat, your camera or camera bag, a book

    I use a piece of bubble wrap between some layers — keeps things from wrinkling –plus it will come in handy for breakable souvenirs.

  117. Susan, you have put a lot of work in this post. Very thoughtful and helpful. I’m trying to think how to use these tips when we travel to see our two grandboys age 5 & 6. We always need to include more casual “play” clothes. Thank you for your blog that has remained blessedly ad free.

  118. I just returned from a trip to Charleston, SC. Based on one of your older posts; I did pack a large scarf and so glad I did. It came in handy as a wrap in an air-conditioned restaurant. Thank you for this great travel post!

  119. So glad you shared your travel packing tips since my daughter, granddaughter and I are leaving next Friday for Missouri!! It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time!

  120. What a great post! It’s packed to the brim with helpful ways to pack for that upcoming trip! My tip is I take two clean kitchen trash bags (13 gal size) and use one to put all dirty clothes in for the return trip home. The second one is at the ready if I have still-damp clothing from the pool when it’s time to leave for home so all my other clothing stays clean and dry. Happy Travels!

  121. Great article! Thank you for all your research. I hope the carry on bags don’t get any smaller! I pack a small zippered bag with sewing items, travel size pain meds, TSA approved folding scissors (to cut tags off new purchases), bandaids, Tums, Pepto Bismol, neosporin (in the quart size TSA bag), a few safety pins, nail files, clippers–things you have in your medicine cabinet that you use frequently. I put this small bag in my personal bag for easy accessibility. I always have copies of my driver’s license, TSA card, COVID vaccination card, insurance information, credit card phone numbers in case one gets lost, flight information with locator numbers, airline membership numbers, current meds info. and doctor contact information. –Again, in an envelope/ziploc in my smaller bag. dI also take my EZ Pass transponder and add the rental car license to my account. Be sure to delete it when you turn in the car. Write down your acct #, user name and password so you can access your EZ Pass account while traveling. For those who use air travel, online airport maps are now providing walking time required between gates so you can plan your layover times. And most importantly, so you can avoid the long coffee lines in the airport, have your coffee app on the phone and order your coffee as soon as you land. Happy Travels! Pls. enter me in your give away contest!

  122. I always find it helpful to roll clothing items after they are carefully folded. They seem to wrinkle less.

  123. Susan, I’m thrilled to see your post today. We are traveling to France for a river cruise and a 3 day extension in Paris, late Aug/early Sept. I expect it will be HOT, and I really struggle with overpacking. I love how you illustrated a transition from day to night, and how well you utilized a minimal # of pieces! We’ll have 10 days there, with a travel day at each end. I’m thinking 2 dresses, 4 pants, 7-8 tops, a cardigan, and a rain jacket. I’ll have to stop myself from the “just one more thing in case I need it” mentality as I finish packing. I’ll be saving this post for reference.

  124. Thank you for all the creativity and effort that went into this excellent presentation of how to pack and style a capsule travel wardrobe, Susan. I’m happy to see that the Beautycounter skin care set that I use is available in travel sizes. I will always be grateful that you introduced me to their products. My skin has never looked and felt better! Bob Voyage!

  125. Love this post.
    I use the tiny Ziplock bags that extra buttons come in to pack earrings and necklaces.
    The zippered plastic containers that pillowcases and sheets are packaged in work great as packing cubes. They are also a bit sturdier than just regular Ziplock bags.
    Have also found the small containers that Sephora uses to give out samples are great for holding earrings or moisturizer–many uses.

  126. I always pack a few basic meds, moleskin and bandaids. A cold, headache, blisters, or skinned knee can otherwise ruin your fun for a day or two.

  127. I like to roll my jeans and t-shirts instead of placing them flat in the suitcase. It gives more room which I always need.

  128. Thank you for your post about packing. You have some very good ideas. I am planning a trip in the very near future so this was definitely helpful for me.

  129. LOVE the scarf & SO hope I win it! Have lots of ‘hot pink’ (shows my age) in my closet, so will use it a LOT!

  130. Thank you for your always useful tips. I’d like to know how you jewelry and other accessories for travel. The earrings and scarf are both beautiful! I’m heading to California for a wedding soon, and they would both be perfect!

    1. I roll my clothing to reduce wrinkling and place the items by category into the packing cubes, which I love. When I arrive at my hotel, I arrange my rail like a boutique – tops together lightest to darkest – jackets – sweaters – pants – dresses. I get dressed after I know the weather for the day and go with how I feel. Sometimes I am in a more “showy” mood than others.

  131. I really enjoyed the way you pack your bag for a trip, ( on a previous blog ). I do it your way ever since and taught my husband to do it that way too.

  132. I keep a permanent packing list for essentials so all I have to do is go down the list checking things off as I pack them. Saves time and I don’t forget anything! Also don’t forget your book!

  133. So great that people can be planning vacations again!! Like many others mentioned, I also pack plastic bags to store dirty/wet things. Also use zip lock bags to pack things like jewelry, liquid items, like nail polish, shampoo, meds. Always have trouble deciding what clothes to pack and therefore overpack. Happy travels everyone!

  134. I have followed your blog for a number of years. This is wonderful, helpful guide for those of us who have travel plans. I have now joined the ranks of the motorcoach crowd, but these are all very useful applications for that form of travel too. I make sure to tuck water shoes in my travel bag for the beach. A lesson I quickly learned walking along the beach, dodging jellyfish in Myrtle Beach. Thank you for all you do for us. BTW, thank you so much for telling us about The Walk series. The stories stay with you long after you’ve closed the last chapter of all five books.

  135. Since having a flight canceled and not being able to retrieve my luggage, I will always carry underwear, pjs and sockies to sleep in. I always sleep with socks and I had to wrap my feet with a bath towel to be warm enough to fall asleep! Also, if checking two bags, put half your clothing in each. I went to Australia and one of my bags went to London. Took seven days to be reunited with most of my apparel.

  136. Since I have been following your blog for a while now, I love using scarfs for casual as well as dress up times. I put a couple to blend with what I travel with and pack inside my purse, inside a pant/jacket pocket. I often place socks/hose inside my shoes to save space. I also like to take a belt or two and tuck them inside an item as well.
    My most inspired hint from you was the amount of which items to take along. That was the most helpful to me. Cross dressing sure makes a BIG difference when traveling lighter and better. I am doing better with packing now that I have gotten so many wonderful tips from you. My husband thanks you, grin!

    I wanted you to know that I used the # 1 skincare I received and had every intention of going the whole routine but my skin is very sensitive and it made my face turn pink, not red, but enough that I realized I can’t use that product. I have found several friends after my gift who use the product and are thrilled with it and have no problems.
    Clara from Iowa

  137. You have covered every detail beautifully. People are getting back to travel after an extended absence and need reminders. Thanks for supplying Some good ones

  138. Love this simple formula for packing. I will definitely refer to it now as my guide. I too use packing cubes. Aren’t they great? I wish I had found them years ago.
    Thank you again for sharing your wisdom!

  139. Great post. We do all of our travel by car and often it’s a two or three day drive to the destination. I usually plan to wear the same clothes for a two day drive. I pack a small bag with nightwear, flip flops, underwear and toiletries to take into the hotel. If we are in an antique car for a tour, I end up packing more so I have a change for each day, including travel days, and each evening. Old cars can be smelly!

    How do you keep your white pants so clean for multiple wears?

  140. Susan, you always knock it out of the park with your tips! I travel on business overnight once a month. I never pack pajamas, instead I pack a zippered jacket and matching sweat pants in a soft fabric, like velour. The reason for this is that in case there is a fire alarm in the middle of the night, I can easily exit the room in what I am wearing. The zippered jacket can be used during the daytime for casual wear, and the pants can also be worn if I use the hotel exercise room.

  141. For a longer trip, I pack a pair of pants with a few tops together in a plastic bag that I have received in an internet purchase. No need for packing cubes and no wrinkles

  142. Amazing packing tips. I learned so much. In particular, how effortlessly you converted a day look to an evening look. That was a wonderful eye opener. Many thanks.

  143. Hi. Excellent reminder to plan with a calm mindset. The shoes is where I need to scale back! But a work in progress. My only tip would be under garments. I would often back too many because I didn’t feel comfortable washing them out and leaving them out to dry for the hotel staff to see. I realized they really don’t care as long as you are respectful.

  144. This was a great post. I’ve followed your blog for quite some time and I’m slowly fine- tuning my wardrobe.

  145. Wonderful suggestions, Susan! In addition, I always pack a large kitchen bag to keep dirty clothing separate from clean items.

  146. I usually pack a small first aid kit with band aids and small seeing items. Helps keep any emergencies under control.

    I really enjoy your content.
    Sincerely,Kay Rike

  147. I like to roll or fold my outfits together, including underclothes and socks so I don’t have to think about what I was pairing for an outfit. If I don’t do that then I will lay them together on the bed to take a picture. This is a visual reminder of what I packed to pair together. It also helps me from overpacking knowing I have it all covered. I plan layers if I am traveling at a time when the weather varies from day to night, day to day and activity to activity.

  148. Packing advice (and I travel to Indiana at least once a month to visit my grands) is less is more. Roll what you can (a tip I learned from my son) to pack in your suitcase. It takes up less space and you can hang when you reach your destination. If I’m on a 7-10 day trip, I plan to wash dirty laundry about every 3rd day. I pack a couple of laundry cubes and a couple of fabric softener sheets in a zip lock back. Easy peezy…Happy travel!

  149. Thank you so much for the helpful vacation wardrobe! I always overpack when I travel and this list makes packing a breeze.

  150. Very useful tracking tips…thanks! Stuffing shoes with socks and small items saves space.

  151. Thank you for the guidelines for packing light, by reusing a variety of components that can be intermixed.

  152. Great post and packing ideas. I love all your vacation packing posts and videos. I always pack a microfiber Turbie Twist hair towel as I don’t like using my bath towel for my hair. I’ve had to cancel a trip to Italy 4 times! Hopefully soon I can finally make this trip happen! Thank you for all the work you put into your blogs! Cnora

  153. What great packing tips for my summer vacation! I always use shoe bags to keep items packed in my suitcase clean. In addition, I gather trial sizes of my toiletries in advance of the trip to avoid taking up valuable space in my cosmetic bag.

  154. Thank you Susan for the roller luggage link; much appreciated and I’m keeping it for future trip reference. I was the daughter of an airline employee (40 years or so) who like you, had also been in the Navy and was highly organized, but even so, I was always challenged by suitcase packing even though I was organized in other ways. Go figure!

    A funny little “vintage” travel tale: At nearly 64, I can remember when there was no airport security yet (!) and our friend, who was the airline manager’s wife in the small town we lived in, then became “official airport security” so she had to go through our suitcases in front of us as kids at the airport security checkpoint. That got me thinking I better make my suitcase NEAT because I used to stay at her house so didn’t want her to think I had a messy suitcase. Ah, to be ten again! And my, how things have changed for travel, huh?!

  155. Love your tips and have used several in the past. I always roll up 2-3 plastic bags from Target and tuck into a shoe, so that damp bathing suits or dirty clothes can be separated.

  156. The pictures helped us so much to imagine how we can dress and pack to look our best on vacation!! Like others have written, I take ziplocks for cords and multiple other uses, I always take antibacterial wipes, and on our last vacation to the Keys, I rolled all of my clothes. Everything that I must have…ie medicines, passport, passwords and extra undies go in my tote that stays with me! My mother-in-law, who loved to travel, taught me to tie a bright ribbon on my luggage…you can find it quickly on an airport carousel or if your luggage is similar to someone else’s. I also learned a hard lesson on our last trip, don’t rely on the temperature in a hotel laundry…I had a brand new top that shrank. Thanks for not only giving excellent tips, but also including your readers to add great tips.

  157. You always look so stylish Susan! I’m going on a 7 day trip this week and will use your guide to help me pack as I always overpack and needed some inspiration.


  158. Thank you, Susan for the great travel tips. I will definitely be using them.

    One travel tip I can offer is to take an empty waterbottle with you. After going through the check point with TSA I fill up the waterbottle at the water filter station. It saves the cost of buying bottle water, it’s better for the environment and it’s good to hydrate while traveling.

    In Joy,

  159. Very good post, Susan. You selected a vibrant and cohesive wardrobe with minimal but impactful accessories. Hope you get to road test it soon.

  160. I always pack panties in a mesh bag. I put bras together with the cups sitting over each one. (You didn’t mention bras or other lingerie) I also stuff socks an camisoles in shoes, any thing that doesn’t wrinkle.

  161. We are planning an Alaskan cruise this summer so am happy to see all the packing tips. Thanks. I just purchased plastic TSA approved bags for our liquids on the flights and plan to use them on our port excursions to keep track of our passports, vaccination cards, ship ID, etc. They should be organized, accessible, safe and dry in our backpacks and tote bags.

  162. Susan, what an excellent post on packing for a vacation. It is definitely helpful to take comfortable clothing that is familiar.

    The earrings and the scarf are lovely pieces that you have chosen to gift to your subscribers.

    Thanks for the links to the items you are wearing.

  163. I suggest storing a large thin light weight collapsible carry on bag/purse inside one’s overhead sized luggage. I never stole/check in luggage for under the plane. When you bring back special funds and purchases, that won’t fit inside your luggage, the collapsible bag can hold your new purchases and finds (within reason) along with your original under-seat bag/purse with ease.

  164. Your tips are very helpful. I’m packing for a trip to Blowing Rock this weekend and to the beach the following weekend. Cashmere sweaters are perfect for either trip this time of year. Maybe I’ll meet you sometime when I’m in Blowing Rock or Boone. I enjoy your blog so much.

  165. Hi Susan,
    I usually roll my clothes to make room, I also use packing cubes for socks, and underware. I take Tylenol, Pepto bismo, and Aleve, and sunscreen. I don’t want to waste time trying to find some if needed. I have a mesh packing cube that lies flat for my IPad and phone chargers. I hardly ever check luggage. I take a moleskin flat notebook for use as a small journal. I always forget names of restaurants, etc. Once I wore a nice silver bracelet that the scanners made me come back out and try again, meanwhile sending my camera bag on through. I was not happy to be separated from that so now it’s only earrings or a beaded stretch bracelet.

  166. Everything looks lovely on you and is so well thought out and planned. I greatly appreciate these wonderful tips since packing is often a challenge and confusing and it’s so easy to overpack.

  167. I often wear a tee shirt and leggings to sleep in so I don’t have to pack pjs. That way I have an extra outfit or exercise clothes. Love your outfits and packing tips!

  168. I usually bring too much jewelry and then don’t wear it all. Like that you have pared it down to just basics.

  169. Thank you for these tips!! If you wear contact lenses, be sure to find a small bottle of contact solution. I was once stuck overnight and couldn’t find any at the airport!!

  170. Hi Susan, great post today. I haven’t traveled by air in over a year and do not have plans to do so in the near future, however, I love the day to night style recommendations. I hope you continue to blog for many years to come. Thank you for all of the work you do to put these posts together.

  171. Hi Susan,
    I’ve traveled with just a carryon by doing the limited wardrobe you describe but I buy 2 gallon zip lock bags and roll all of my clothes and press the air out. They never wrinkle and pack very tightly. I keep one empty one for dirty clothes, they are packed the same. Dale

  172. I would bring an umbrella and a lightweight waterproof jacket. Those have come in handy multiple times for me.

  173. With your great ideas and the additional suggestions from comments added we should all be ready for anything on our travels. Blessing to all!

  174. I appreciate all of your packing tips. Love the blue scarves. I always carry a neck pillow that attaches to my carry on. Saves a stiff neck when I arrive at my destination. So many practical hints on this post. I’m happy that we are able to travel again if we wish.

  175. Thank you for all of the great ideas. I would add two tips – I include a wide scarf in my tote bag as I often use one as a blanket on the plane. I also highly recommend packing cubes. I’ve separated clothes by what I’ll wear each day, by type of weather, or by type of clothing. On the way home, I use the cubes to separate my laundry loads.

  176. You’ve “packed” a lot of information in this post. I have a tale of caution to share, I had finished packing and left my luggage open. The next day I zipped it up and started wheeling it to vehicle-heard a big meow and realized my kitty had decided to travel, too. So always check your luggage for fur babies who like to burrow under neatly packed clothes! Lol
    Where did you find the stripped top for day 3?

  177. Excellent post Susan! My best piece of advice is to check and double check the weather of your destination and pack accordingly. Sometimes warmer or cooler clothing will be required.

  178. Thanks so much for all the packing tips, they are a great help! My biggest problem is always deciding on accessories (jewelry, shoes, purse, scarve) that will work with most everything without taking a big variety!

  179. Nice post! Helpful information that is always welcome. I love island/warm state vacations but I am very sensitive to heat. I always bring a little rechargeable fan that can hang around my neck to cool myself off while sightseeing. Also, since some hotels don’t have magnifying mirrors to apply makeup by, I bring my own – with it’s own lighting, so that I can put my makeup on in the room while my husband is using the bathroom. We end up ready at the same time.
    Thanks for your enthusiasm and always excellent advice!

  180. My number one tip for traveling by plane on a long trip make sure you take everything with you off the plane. I planned my whole wardrobe around a sweater on my trip to Japan. Worn it on the plane go hoy and took it off and placed it on the back of my seat instead of my bag. Walk off the plane with our it call right away but the airline said they didn’t have it. Being a plus size women I can’t be gain to tell how hard if was to find a black sweater in Japan. I ended up finally finding one at the Gap in an X-Large that was so ugly and paid $75 usd for it. Donated once once I returned to California. I only take carry on and using packing cube are a game changerZ

  181. Susan, I always choose a neutral like navy as a base color for all the items I pack. That way I can mix and match the pieces easily.

  182. I always take a few pieces of clothing that I don’t want anymore but are good enough for travel. I just leave them behind and have space for souvenirs.

  183. I enjoyed this post very much, I’m not a dress girl but everything else was a hit. I do try to make sure everything mixes but still take too much. I put undergarments in my mesh travel bag and stuff socks in my shoes.

  184. Thank you so much for this great posting, it up is very helpful! How many swimsuits/wraps/flip flops do you take for a week vacation? I can’t wait for a beach vacation this summer!

    1. I take one swimsuit since I don’t spend much time during the day on the beach or by the pool. I’ve always been too impatient to sit, so I walk on the beach early in the morning looking for shells.

  185. Lots of great tips! Thank you, Susan! Sometimes I like to pack a little fragrance to wear while traveling so I spray a bit of my perfume on cotton balls and put them in an empty prescription bottle. Easy to just swipe a cotton ball on your wrists, neck, etc. and no chance of a leaky bottle.

  186. I always take my passport as well as my drivers license if I am flying. I also take copies of the credit cards I am taking. I put these things in my carry on and leave in the hotel room. If a safe is available I use it.
    I was with a friend who had her purse stolen while on vacation. Her ID and credit cards were gone. It was very difficult to remember which credit cards she had and try to find phone number to cancel them. Thankfully we were traveling by car. I don’t know what the airlines do in a case like this.

  187. I always take my passport along with my ID if I’m flying. I also take copies of the credit cards I take. I keep the copies in the hotel room. If there is a safe I use it.
    If I should lose my purse I have copies of credit cards to make it easier to cancel and if I’m flying I have my passport to use for the airline.
    Thank you for your tips on what to pack. I will use your suggestions.
    The shell earrings are lovely. I like that they can be worn with dressy or casual.

  188. Susan, once again, valuable information- thank you! I hope to win the scarf because I have already purchased and love the rattan earrings

  189. I keep my jewelry, etc. in my tote bag until I go through security so I don’t have to remove anything and once I get to my gate I accessorize. I keep the usual extra underwear, top and pjs in my carryon, but it is also a good idea to keep one complete outfit in your travel partner’s luggage (and visa versa) in case your luggage is lost or delayed.

  190. Don’t forget an umbrella or light weight raincoat. The raincoat can be that extra layer flying from colder climates and back.

  191. Don’t forget an umbrella or light raincoat. The raincoat can be an extra layer when traveling from colder climates and back.

  192. It must have taken a lot of time to put this blog article together. Your selections, explanations and most importantly your picture illustrations explain how it all works. I have been enjoying your blog for years and without doubt your information is the most practical and easy to apply to my own lifestyle even though mine very different from yours. You have a definite color palette but are you ever tempted to add colors not in your basics? And if so how do you do that? Maybe with one of your multicolored scarves? Thank you for your help.

  193. Always take some zip lock plastic bags for safe make up travel, wet bathing suit, or for a snack like almonds.

  194. I make sure I pack my medications in my tote along with glasses and sunglasses plus a lipstick and hairbrush. I also buy trial size products and keep a spare supply in a carryon bag.

  195. When my children were camp age I put their clothes in gallon zip lock baggies by outfits. I included 2 or 3 empty baggies with “dirty clothes” written on the baggies. Years later when they were in out of state colleges I flew almost every month to visit one of them and I did the same for me – and after 9/11 this practice of “baggie outfits” made the airport luggage searches easier! Also, I always had a complete baggie outfit (top, bottom, panties, scarf, etc) in my carry on and – had misplaced luggage 2x and was still able to change clothes! I have come to pack this way (“baggie outfits”) even for automobile weekend getaways.

  196. Hello Susan. Thank you for the wonderful packing tips! One item near and dear to my heart that I always pack is a travel size electric water kettle. I pack tea bags inside. I never have to figure out how to get a hot drink whoever I go. Teresa

  197. When an airline only allows for one personal item, I wear a jacket that has multiple pockets so that I can keep things close to me without adding a handbag, such as a tailored cargo jacket with snaps on the deep pockets.

  198. I saw a great idea for packing shoes…use a shower cap! I always have extras from previous hotel stays. Thanks for your tips Susan

  199. This is such a helpful article! Thank you so much. I’m going to keep this as an inspiration for all my trips! I always take too much ….not any more!

  200. Thanks so much for your generosity in sharing your travelling wardrobe and your hard work in photographing it so beautifully. It will be a perennial post, like your capsule wardrobe post, which I refer to often.
    I was impressed that you are able to wear white jeans for a whole day and into the night- I would definitely not be able to keep them so pristine!
    My only addition to your very thorough list, is to take a cashmere knitted wrap for cooler evenings.
    Many thanks indeed!
    Nancy Todd Cape Town South Africa

  201. Hi Susan,

    Love every outfit. This post helped me a lot. I seem to take too many clothing, shoes, etc.

    These are my style of clothing.


  202. You look good every day in your travel wardrobe, Susan. I feel as if I’m too short to wear most of the midi dresses so normally I’m in shorts or pants.

    I use dry cleaner bags, cut in pieces, to cover shoes in my suitcase; or recycle plastic grocery bags. Sometimes, I will stuff smaller objects, such as socks or underwear inside shoes. I also use tissue paper when folding clothes in my suitcase to help decrease wrinkling..

  203. Great post Susan. Thanks for the very informative and visual tips. I always “roll ” my clothes to pack them. This minimizes wrinkles. This idea I got from my husband! He’s a great packer. Bon voyage everyone!

  204. Ihre Vorschläge sind wie immer sehr hilfreich, danke! Sommerkleider sind eine sehr gute Option, seit Ihrem Beitrag im letzten Jahr, habe ich mir auch 2 Kleider gekauft, und ich liebe sie. Ich bin 175 cm groß und trage auch gerne 7/8-Hosen mit einer luftigen Bluse oder einer Tunika.
    Ich freue mich immer auf Ihre Beiträge und hoffe Sie haben weiterhin so viele gute Tipps.

    Ich wünsche Ihnen und Mr. Mickey ein frohes Osterfest und eine gute Zeit.
    Viele liebe Grüße aus Mainfranken
    Monika Jacob

  205. Some really helpful tips Susan, thanks for the info. I also pack a small first aid bag, and a child’s night light with adapter. If I need to use bathroom during the night, I can see where I am in an unfamiliar room. Can’t wait to travel!

  206. Your post makes me want to go on a trip! Your tip on the scarf to use as a sarong is genius! Thank you for such useful tips with perfect examples.
    Hope your week is a great week and you will be planning your next get away soon.

  207. Hello Susan,
    Your packing tips really cover everything beautifully, however, I would probably add a light rain coat or jacket, which would be helpful if the weather is windy or drizzly.
    Rolling my clothes in packing cubes is helpful as I can see at a glance the item I want and, if folded neatly beforehand, seems to keep wrinkles from forming.
    Thank you for your great articles, which have taught me a great deal, especially now that I have also retired from the workforce.
    Kind regards

  208. Thank you Susan for these wonderful tips! You hit the nail on the head with the suggestion to bring only favorite and time-tested clothing choices. My biggest packing ‘fail’ is to buy something new to wear on the trip. I’ve found out the hard way that something is not as comfortable or easy to care for as I imagined.

    My packing tip is not clothing-related but essential to safe travel. Make a list of the medicines that you take daily for a specific medical condition. Use the brand name and also the pharmaceutical name – if you’re traveling internationally, brand names of medicines may be different in other countries, but doctors will recognize the pharmaceutical name. Keep a copy in your purse and in your suitcase.

    I’m an American living in France. I got this idea after meeting a couple visiting Paris. The husband collapsed and received good care at a French hospital. But his wife needed to quickly recall all the medicines that he took. A list can be a time and potentially life-saving help.

  209. Thanks Susan. I am leaving today for California so I knew I packed well after reading your blog. I also got a misting top plastic container (3 oz) and a foam applicator (3oz) for my trip. So all of my things can go thru TSA. I also pack my solid stick sunscreen in with my makeup and TSA has never asked to open my makeup bag. I always put my swimsuit in my bag under the seat. I want to know it makes it to the destination even if my luggage doesn’t make it there quickly. My swimsuit is the only thing that would be hard to replace quickly if my luggage got lost.
    Hope you and Mr. Mickey can travel soon to a warm place.
    Patty V.

  210. Ty for your great information. My tip is to contact your lodging location prior to your departure to request any extra pillows, towels, and other requests you might need to support a good nights rest. For me, being located away from the elevators and ice bins is much appreciated. I have found that when notified of my request prior to my arrival I am almost always successful whether my lodging is a ship or a hotel of any size or brand.

  211. As for toiletries, pack small amounts in bottles and jars purchased from your local dollar stores. This can save a ton of space.

  212. So many great clothing and packing ideas for a week of travel. Also, great suggestions in comments. Thank you!

  213. Good morning Susan,

    This was a helpful article this time. Hopefully at some point I will travel more. I stuff my socks and footlets in my closed toed shoes. I mix and match so I don’t wind up taking too much. Can’t go wrong with white, black and denim or navy pants. I use ziploc bags for toiletries. Yes, I’ve had things leak. What a mess.

    Thank you, Susan for your great ideas. Have a wonderful day.

    Sherry Thompson

  214. I always enjoy your posts. You’ve taught me my classic style is great but also to add pieces and accessories that work for me. My packing tip is to add something to the handle of your suitcase to make it easily recognizable. My granddaughter makes yarn Pom poms, so I add a brightly colored one to the handle of my suitcase with a small zip tie.

  215. Planning for the weather and activities is key, and your advice is spot on. I am a garment roller as well and a big fan of packing cubes. If it is a casual vacation like staying with family or friends or if it is a resort type of vacation, packing only for several days and then laundering my clothes mid-week also cuts down on the amount of items to pack.

  216. What helpful packing tips! I love to wear a lot of white/light colors so my tip is taking shout wipes and a tide pen with me when I travel. I also have other stain/laundry care secrets I’ve learned to help with unexpected spots.

  217. Thank you so much for sharing your life journey. I very much look forward to your posts. Would love to win one of these beautiful items. Planning to go from here in Michigan to Bradenton Florida this summer. My first get away since 2019. I am so excited!! My packing tip is I pack into large zip lock bags and sit on them to get the air out before placing in my suitcase.

  218. Susan,
    Great tips for mitiple uses for the same pieces.
    A question – what is the best top to wear with a longer cardigan? I carry weight through my middle and I feel as if I always look “dumpy” with some of my tops. You always wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing.

  219. These great packing tips and outfit suggestions will certainly save me lots of time and energy on my next adventure and I greatly appreciate your time and energy in putting it all together for our benefit!

  220. Susan,
    I envy your packing organization skills. Mine are still a work in progress but your suggestion of packing cubes is a game changer
    Thanks for all your inspiration.

  221. I think your packing tips are amazing! I’ve found that the more I pack , the less i really use. I’ll be using your system when I pack for the beach this year. I’ve already learned to pare down my jewelry choices. Thanks again for your tips. The earrings and scarf are stunning!!

  222. Susan, love your email column ideas as they are stylish and practical , a state of mind I desperately try to embrace….lol.
    When travelling, I always include a small sewing kit, baby wipes and tide stain removal pens to my toiletry bag, allowing
    for quick fixes and seamless moments whilst away. Hope these tips help.
    Love your look…
    Bea ( Hamilton Brown)

  223. Your posts are very helpful. I use your suggestions & receive compliments every time. Friends often ask me questions about where I purchased the outfit. I explain they are separated in my closet. Then I suggest they view your posts.

  224. Susan, thank you so much for these packing tips. I travel a lot! My last trip was a 3 month road trip. Now THAT was a packing nightmare. I use the cubes always. I must purchase some of the dresses. I shy away from them because I feel they make me look matronly. I’m big busted and have a stomach. And I feel they aren’t flattering, but I may give them a try. They look so nice and refreshing on you. I live in Florida so they would be cooler. Thank you for all your great info.

    Please enter me in your drawings. I’d be honored to own those items.

  225. Hi Susan,
    I really enjoy all your posts which are practical and inspirational. I think most of us tend to overpack when taking a trip believing we need anything and everything ” just in case.” One thing I find helpful is checking the weather forecast of the destination to plan my outfits and outerwear. Don’t stop blogging, please. Your thoughts and guidance are incredibly helpful.

  226. Thank you for the travel tips. I always carry a back pack, as my carry on . I can put all the things I need on the plane in it as well as an extra set of underwear, in case my luggage doesn’t show up at my destination right away.

  227. Great travel tips. I love wearing dresses in warm weather. I also wear long shorts instead of pants they are so much cooler.

  228. Thank you for the great post. It is so informative and I love how you actually showed the outfits as real-life examples. My tip is I roll my clothes as I pack them vs folding. It really helps keep my outfits less wrinkled.

  229. I like to wear shoes that are easily removed and slipped back on when I fly. Thank you for your blog!

  230. Love your ideas for dressing for different occasions as well as packing tips! They were very helpful to keep from overpacking! Thanks!

  231. Susan, this is such timely information. My husband and I are going out west for ten days and I will certainly be using the travel and packing tips you have suggested. Thank you for helping me get better organized for a wonderful vacation!

  232. I have found it helpful to roll socks and insert them into my shoes. This helps the shoes keep their shape and the socks and shoes are always together.

  233. I also pack a smaller version of my makeup kit. Taking only what I would use for when doing errands. I do add an extra a lipstick.

  234. Great packing tips Susan. I took a 9 day trip to Italy last fall with a carryon and tote bag since we were staying in 3 different hotels and on a train and flights. The packing cubes worked great. Heading to New York in a few weeks for 3 nights for a theatre trip and will use these tips for my carryon packing.

  235. Your packing guidelines are very helpful Susan.

    I have the earrings but would love one of your scarves. I have to have something to put around my shoulders in church but I don’t have a large scarf so to win one of yours would extra special. I hope my name is picked.

  236. This post is so helpful. Cant wait to go on vacation now. The giveaways are always beautiful items. Thank you for being here for us always.

  237. Susan,
    I am not a good packer for trips but today I learned a lot of new tricks and will be using them.

  238. Timely message. Thank you. Seems I always overpack and not where half of what I travel with. Makes for too much luggage and difficulty getting in and around the airport.

  239. This is a fabulous guide to follow when packing for a trip. I tend to overpack. This visual guide is directing me to streamline my packing with key items that will stretch out a variety of outfits. I love the small bag and carry on bag. The one thing I always do is use a small wallet with just license, one credit card , insurance card ,and cash. It’s easy to store and functional. As always, thanks for great tips and ideas.

  240. Greetings Susan,
    Your vacation packing post is timely as I am now planning my wardrobe for a 2-week European vacation. Your list is quite comprehensive. The only suggestion I have is if you are traveling by air, be sure your tote can be zipped closed. Turbulence can send your toted items flying (pun intended) if they are not secured.

  241. Good Morning Susan from Lacombe, Ab Canada!

    My husband and I are planning a 28 day Cruise to the Mediterranean in Nov. 2022
    I so appreciate your helpful advice on packing the appropriate ideas!
    By following your suggestions along with photos has taken the “wondering” out of many packing decisions!

    I hope this finds you well and enjoying your travels.
    Linda over 70 years.

  242. I love this post! I always try to plan and pack with a great deal of thought. We used to travel for business which required packing for formal events—that was challenging! Now I prefer destinations similar to yours. Thank you.

  243. I include a kitchen trash bag so we can fold our dirty clothes and keep them separate from the clean. Then we just empty the bag into our laundry piles or hamper when we’re home.

  244. I love your ideas to change up just a few items for the day to night wardrobe. Do you have any suggestions for packing a hat for a beach trip? I tend to fill the hat with scarves, underwear, etc but wondered if you have a better idea?

  245. Thank you so much for the packing tips. I’m going on a trip in two weeks and have selected some of my clothes already. However, I always over pack, so this is so helpful and I will rethink some of my clothes. One tip is to pack another water proof bag for a wet swimsuit in case it doesn’t have time to dry before leaving on the return trip. One question–do you have trouble fitting all your clothes back in the suitcase for the return trip?


    1. I often ship the excess items back home, especially if I shop while away on my trip. Sometimes the hotel has priority mail boxes, tape, and packing materials since many people do this to keep from having to lug so much around.

  246. Separate daily use toiletries and cosmetics from “might need” things like a sewing kit or nail clippers. The might need bag can just stay in the suitcase out of the way in a cramped hotel room. Must haves (medications, contacts) and valuables (jewelry and electronics) go into the under seat bag. You never know when you might be forced to check a bag you planned to carry on. Depending on destination and route, there might not be much luggage assistance. If you can’t handle it by yourself, don’t take it.

  247. Susan, Thank you so much for the travel packing tips. It made me wish I were going on a trip somewhere nice and warm with a beautiful beach. You always provide thoughtful tips which are very useful and practical. The scarf you are giving away is spectacular. I always take scarves along when I travel and love how they can extend your wardrobe.

  248. I always pack a warm up suit in case I get chilly in the evenings when I am just lounging around, or in case an unexpected rainy day or chilly day occurs.
    I also like clear packing cubes so you can see what’s inside.
    Thanks for all your tips Susan. I now put outfits together that I may not have thought of from my existing clothing.
    Patricia Lewis in Daytona Beach

  249. Great ideas for travel! I love your crisp white and blue striped blouses! They look so cool but chic. Your dresses are so versatile and would be so comfortable in warm, humid weather.

  250. Love all the tips! If flying I wear easy slip on and off shoes as well as wearing or carrying a wrap or sweater. And my tote bag carryon includes, all electronics, water bottle, snack, sunglasses, notepad and pen, toothbrush and eye drops.

  251. Great advice, as always! I always pack a laundry stick to attend to spills or stains that may occur. And I second the rain jacket with a hood idea, especially for tropical areas. Here’s to a return to get-aways that revive and rejuvenate!

  252. Thank you for these useful tips. It is always difficult for me to make the choices when packing so therefore, I overpack. I do need to add more casual dresses to my wardrobe. Safe & happy travels to you.

  253. I recently bought a tan trench coat to take on travel trips. It’s warm but lightweight and rain resistant.

  254. Hi! Thank you so much for these tips. I will be traveling from NY to Florida at the end of the month. Generally I end up with a very heavy bag. Hopefully, with your help, I can lighten up significantly.

  255. Appreciate seeing pictures of each vacation day outfit and how to dress them up in the evening. I find myself packing well but at the last minute adding what if’s.
    I also like to take my curling iron but find it cumbersome to pack.
    Would like to see a follow up to how you layer your suitcase and carryon bag.

  256. Thanks Susan! Great packing and styling tips for easy traveling. I usually like to travel in a skirt or dress for ease of restroom breaks. No one likes their garments pooling onto a restroom floor!

  257. How would you pack for a 15 day British Isle cruise? Varying temps and adventures? Shoe choices and layers are of concern to keep minimal packing.

  258. I love the packing tips. It’s always helpful to hear how someone else packs. A tip I use is to pack the day before and really check out my outfits; can I wear each item with the rest of my items. Can I go from day to night with each item or by adding jewelry or scarf. Even though I’d love to bring shoes to match each out, I have to remember I need suitcase room and I most likely won’t see the same people each night at dinner or a show. It’s vacation, so lighten up and travel lightly.
    I would love a scarf to wear on vacation. Thank you.

  259. Susan,
    I so enjoy your blogs and have become a faithful follower. I am fortunate enough to be heading somewhere warm and sunny in the coming weeks and your timely post has been most helpful! One thing that I do when I travel is to place a change of undergarments and shirt that matches my travel pants in my carry on bag. After a rather challenging trip where I did not receive my lost luggage until almost 48 hours after my vacation began, I started doing this each time I travel. It makes me feel more secure and open to enjoying my trip from the start, come what may with my luggage. Thank you for all of your sage advice.

  260. I always put my kindle in my carry-on bag so I have something to help pass the time while waiting at the airport.

  261. Always wear new shoes at home before you vacation! And once you use packing cubes you will never go back.

  262. This is a very helpful post. The daytime to evening changes are simple but very effective. Wonderful give-away — thank you! I like to lay everything out on the bed and take a photo of it before packing the suitcase. This gives me a record of everything I have and can be helpful next time I pack. I also keep a checklist on my computer that I print out so I don’t forget anything, like a small magnifying mirror, very basic first aid items (bandaids, pain relief, antibiotic ointment, etc), hair brush(es), hair dryer, charging cords, etc etc. The list has saved me more than once!

  263. How did you tie that scarf on the third night? There are lots of great ideas here, thanks!

    1. Fold a large (fifty-one-inch) scarf in a triangle. Place one end at about mid-hip and wrap the other over your shoulder. It moves with me, but I just push it back or let both ends rest by my sides as I am enjoying dinner. To secure one side, you can use a brooch, magnets, or a scarf ring.

  264. Two things I could not live without on a trip include a magnifying mirror and a dollar store nightlight for the bathroom. Love your and everyone’s tips!

  265. Hi Susan,
    I’ve been following you for years and always open your emails first. I am taking the time to write you because in my humble opinion this is your BEST post ever! Thank you so much, I’m sure it was a ton of work to put together. I am a Beautycounter and stone jewelry customer thanks to you. Your links are so helpful. Many congratulations on a job well done! By the way, Mr Mickey is adorable
    All the best for your continued success,
    Lee Aten

  266. Simplicity is everthing. wearing the same dress or pants or the like and adding different accessories is key. You will always look polished.

  267. Hello Susan,

    I usually bring 2 or 3 skirts, I am surprise that you do not have any. Is there a reason?

    Thank you and I really like to read and see your posts.

  268. Good morning, loved your post today. Traveling next week so this has been awesome. Wishing you a fantastic day and saying thanks for all the help in updating my wardrobe. Your give away scarve would be a wonderful addition to my closet.

  269. Thanks for sharing your helpful tips. Seeing how you dressed up your daytime look for evening is especially helpful.
    I find that when I roll my clothing for packing rather than folding, it fits better in the suitcase and is less wrinkled when I arrive.

  270. Love the scarf and earrings! Sometimes hotel plugs are not conveniently placed so I add a 6′ extension cord to my packing cube.

  271. Enjoy every time you post. This was extremely helpful. Heading to Atlanta for a family wedding in June. I use the space inside my shoes for bulkier items.

  272. Add a few new book downloads to your Kindle app so you will have something to read during travels.

  273. Great packing tips!! Using packing cubes has helped with organizing underwear and another for tops. Always carry extra zip lock bags for just about any use!!!

  274. Great tips! I always get a fresh haircut right before leaving on vacation so my hair is easy to style and dries quickly.

  275. Wow! Super helpful ideas and pictures. I love the idea of making a small scarf look like a belt by fastening it to the front pants loops only. So many great comments from your subscribers, too.

  276. I really liked your idea for creating the tropical vibe while packing for your vacation. I might try that on a cold snowy or rainy day just to lift my spirits while cleaning the bedroom. Thank you for the great ideas, now I’m ready to get away

  277. We have traveled abroad and have learned to pack a carry on and back pack to hold everything! We usually can find a laundromat along the way and I pack travel detergent so we can wash a few necessities as we go. You are spot on with finding materials that dry quickly! I really enjoyed your tips!

  278. I absolutely enjoyed this post. I am always looking for packing lists, where I can minimize the amount of clothing I take. I have a tendency to take too much. Thanks for sharing your great ideas.

  279. I’m getting ready for a trip to Spain and then a trip to Panama — in a personal bag and a carry on. This post is inspiration! Thank you for taking the time.

  280. When I am packing shirts, rather than folding each one individually, I lay them out as a stack and then fold the whole group as one. This reduces wrinkling substantially.

  281. If I am gone for more than a week I like to check my lodging to see if they have hair blowers and laundry facilities. Most hotels/boats seem to have hair blowers these days but not having to take a hair blower saves valuable packing space. If the hotel/boat has laundry facilities I will put a laundry detergent pod or two and a dryer sheet in a small plastic bag…. just in case.

  282. This is the most helpful post ever! I will not be stressing when I pack for my May 7 day vacation. Again, thank you for all the time it took to get this photographed and posted. Amazing.

  283. Thank you for the helpful article. How do you pack your makeup? Do you put it in the carry on?
    Love the earrings. The scarf tips are excellent

  284. My 94 yr old Mum enjoys taking my IPHONE and viewing your tips/pics. She always “dressed” for the day & instilled that in me. She is still a very attractive woman. I’m excited to improve my packing for a European cruise now with your ideas/suggestions. My Mum asked if you have ever included a pic with her and yourself ?

  285. As usual, concise, thorough and informative. As a longtime reader of your posts; I always glean helpful ideas .

  286. Thank you so much for this post, it is so very informative! I will try to follow all your ideas for my upcoming trip!

  287. Certainly, when you fly these days, it is so important to have things compact for the TSA inspections. Your clothing and shoe packing can be a real asset to doing this, along with the suggestion for the skin care products in the smaller sizes. Thank you for your demonstrations on how to achieve a neatly done packing without a lot of extra “stuff”…..

  288. Susan, thank you for the great travel tips. I always use a tote that can double as a purse. Looking forward to reading everyone’s helpful hints. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  289. Your travel posts are always so helpful. Over the years I have cut down on luggage considerably. The mix and match (as I call it) is so refreshing). Loved the belt idea. the scarf only on front loops. Surely I will be using that.

  290. Light weight puffer coats that pack easily are a game changer if traveling to a cold climate. On the occasional day that the weather turns warmer, you are not schlepping around a heavy coat. And there are many waterproof comfortable black booties on the market now that are very fashionable and look good with dressy or casual outfits. You can still have cool wet weather in many areas even in the summer months. One of the coldest trips I ever took, was a trip to Canada in late June. It even sleeted one day.

  291. Thanks so much for sharing this information. It really helps.
    I always lay out what I think I want to take a few days before packing so I can make sure I have everything I need and that it all goes together well.

  292. Dear Susan,
    Enjoying your post and finding them very helpful! The packing hints were wonderful and learned some new tricks. An additional idea that I use is to pack earrings and rings in a pill case holder. Keeps them separate and easy to find. I also stuff my shoes with small items, socks, underwear. Thanks from another Susan

  293. Keeping track of medications can be a problem, especially for older travelers. I buy the tiny pill packets sold at Walmart, place pills for each day, morning, noon, and night and label them. The whole bunch can then be placed in your purse so no problem if you and your luggage are separated.

  294. I so enjoy seeing what you are wearing. I too have purchased 2 French Kande necklaces that I love and just purchased a Beauty in Stone, lariat necklace. Thanks for always giving great suggestions and ideas.

  295. Love your photos and packing tips (as always!). I just ordered the black dress from Nordstrom – thank you. When I do check a bag, I use my rolling garment bag. The one I travel with is by Delsey. When I used fly on business, it was very easy to unpack – just hang most things up. We just returned from a trip and I took several scarves and put them on my velvet hangers so they wouldn’t move and wrinkle. Like someone else said, I put every other hanging garment in a dry cleaner bag so it prevents many wrinkles. I also use contact lens containers but many times in the past I would get home, put them away and the next time I packed couldn’t remember what the lotion, etc. was! After awhile, one white lotion, etc., looks like another. I now cut off a piece of freezer tape, use a waterproof marker and label them. In my experience, freezer tape is better than masking tape, and it is already smaller. I have enjoyed the Sheec socks and just ordered some for my husband as well. Thank you!

  296. This blog is very helpful and very timely! Now that my daughter lives on Maui, I find myself traveling there several times a year and I always bring too many clothes! One of my most useful garments is a cover-up that is a dress that dries quickly and doesn’t wrinkle. This may be useful for those of us who don’t want to walk around in our bathing suits! I frequently wore a pair of shorts (turquoise) which are also wrinkle free and matched every top I brought. I will follow your idea to bring only 3 dresses as I brought too many on recent trips.
    I enjoy your blog and appreciate the different outfit combinations you create out of clothes you have.
    Thank you!
    Lisa Langille

  297. I like to make sure I have things in my carry-on that I might need if I get stranded somewhere along the way, especially any medication.

  298. This is a very helpful post. It seems Ive always taken too many clothes. This will help me to do better.
    One thing I do is pack a bag to put my dirty laundry in so its separate from my other clothing.

  299. I always bring a lightweight bathrobe that zips, instead of pajamas. I travel with family and it covers modesty issues if someone else comes in.

  300. Hi Susan, i liked this post as it will be helpful to me in paring down my packing.
    One thing I include when traveling is to pack an empty bag for dirty laundry.
    Thanks again!

  301. I LOVE your day-to-night outfit suggestions! Although I’m aware of this concept, I fail to follow it myself when packing and end up packing completely different outfits requiring more pieces of clothing. I’m keeping this post as inspiration for my next trip. Brilliant!

  302. Thank you so much for the wonderful ideas for traveling and clothes that work! The earrings and scarf looks like a great give away. Again, thanks for sharing.

  303. As you so ably demonstrate, for maximum versatility, clothes except scarves should be plain (or at most a small subtle pattern) and in mostly neutral colours. Each top must go with each bottom.

    For a week’s holiday, I set myself the challenge of only taking 3 colours of clothes – red, white and blue was one.

    My main tip for packing light is to maximise the number of items that can be used in more than one way:
    – a large scarf, as mentioned by several people, can be used as a wrap, blanket, sarong or even a towel
    – if the weather may be changeable (UK!), take something for rain. A light cagoule takes up very little room and is also windproof, so warm. Or a small umbrella, which can double as a sunshade (I even used mine on Bondi Beach!)
    – if the the variation in temperature day to night may be large (UK!), a strappy top or camisole can also be worn under anything as a vest for warmth and a top for sleeping. Similarly a pair of comfy shorts can be worn for the beach, sports and as pyjama bottoms
    – a loose long-length shirt can be used as a pool cover-up, a dressing gown and open as a third piece
    – rubber flip-flops can be used as slippers, on the beach and for walking over pebbles/rocks
    – baby lotion can be used as a body moisturiser as well as for removing make-up

  304. Thank you Susan for these great travel tips. I especially like seeing the small changes you make to transition from day to night without completely changing your entire outfit. You always look so stylish and I appreciate your sensibilities regarding wearing your past purchases. This inspires me to shop my closet for similar looks rather than to go shopping for new pieces. Happy travels to you this year!

  305. Hi Susan! The use of the small scarf as an illusion of a belt is genius! I miss your scarf store, but I also follow Audrey and was pleased to see her new line at Fennwyth. I do hope she is able to produce a larger size in the future and look forward to investing in a new scarf soon. I couldn’t travel without my packing cubes. I am guilty of over packing and coming home with at least one item I never wore. However, I have spent 2 weeks in Europe with just a carry on and a tote – and a couple of frustrating afternoons trying to figure out a foreign washing machine 😉

  306. I sometimes take a Ruana on the plane instead of sweater.
    It can be worked into different outfits very easily.
    Thank you for your fashion ideas, love them.

  307. I like to pack my clothing in the reverse order that I plan to wear them so the next day’s outfit is always on the top. Jammies go on the top of the stack so they are easily accessible in case I am tired when I arrive.

    Thank you for all the great ideas and for showing us examples of how you actually do this!

  308. Thank you for the descriptions and pictures of what you pack for travel. This was very helpful and timely. I hope to be traveling more very soon. I always have a small fold up umbrella in my carry on… just in case.

  309. I signed up to follow your blog a few months ago and look forward to every post. I’ ve also shared it with several friends. Not long ago I found I had the pieces to exactly copy one of the outfits you modeled. I got so many compliments on it I decided you would be my go-to stylist for everything I wear. And the good news is I already have many of the needed pieces.

  310. I take a portable hamper that collapses flat and is made of mesh and wire so it is very lightweight. I like having a tidy spot for my dirty clothes when I travel.

  311. Great post, Susan! The simple shift from the daytime look to the nighttime look each day was a real eye opener for me.

    A few years ago I purchased a toiletry travel bag set similar to this, except with more bags in varying sizes here. I tend to use the individual bags in various sizes, tucking them into the corners of my carryon, rather than the whole set packed into the roll-up square. I have diabetes and have to carry various supplies with me, which creates extra bulk. Anyway on a recent long weekend trip, I accidently left an important diabetic supply item at home. To remedy that situation for my next trip, I have now labeled each of those toiletry bags as to what should fit in them (hair products & toothbrush/toothpaste, makeup, skin care, and INDIVIDUALLY listed the medical supplies). MAIN PACKING TIP: I have prepacked the medical supply bag, and will replace those supplies upon my return home.

  312. Although I like the choice of sneakers with your daytime pant outfits, I usually include a pair of very airy flat sandals for another casual look that also makes me feel cooler in a hot climate.

  313. Thank you for descriptions and pictures. Very timely post as I hope to be traveling more soon. I always keep a small fold up umbrella in
    My carry on… just in case.

  314. Excellent tips, as usual! Thank you Susan.
    But if I may be so bold as to add my own contribution…. usually, rather than wear an outfit during the day and dress it up for the evening, I usually wear something in the evening after a shower, when we get back to the hotel, all sweaty and then wear the same outfit during the next day, dressing it down.
    Hope this helps!
    Take care everybody!
    Beatriz (Portugal (

  315. I also pack a very thin extra bag for dirty clothes, to keep them separate from the clean ones as I travel.

  316. The only thing I think that could be added, as I think your packing tips are practically perfect, would be a small umbrella.

  317. I love how you show us how to wear a outfit casually for the daytime activities and dressed up for the evening!! This is so very helpful!!

  318. Scarves, handbags and shoes can easily transform a casual outfit into a classy evening outfit

  319. While traveling domestic or internationally I always have a photocopy of my driver’s license, passport, and now cover shot record in my carry on bag. This is in case the originals get lost or even stolen.

  320. I, too, like to pack coordinated clothing options so as to maximize my outfits. Dresses are a challenge for me – how do you keep them from becoming a wrinkled mess?

    I would love to be a winner – but whoever does win, will be absolutely thrilled!

    Thank you for all of your advice.

    – Kim

  321. Love your planned wear, and how you mix and match. I had a black nylon wrap for the beach but use the same item as a wrap. I also pack a baseball cap and sunhat for all trips. Any socks get packed inside shoes to keep them from deforming.

    Thanks for all your great travel tips, and please add me to your giveaway list.

  322. Susan,

    Your advice for packing will save time and money for me. My overpacking habit has cost me additional baggage fees because of my “just in case” scenarios. A good amount of clothes are never worn.

    Your example of a capsule wardrobe and packing is much appreciated.

    Thank you.

  323. Great tips! I like to wear more layers than normal if I am flying. That way I stay warm on the plane and don’t have to pack as many items. As you mentioned, I always wear the bulkiest shoes also.

  324. What a well thought out, on point post! Your use of scarves is always masterful and fresh. I would suggest a couple of ziplock bags, a mini umbrella or lightweight water resistant jacket, and a couple of clothespins (multifunctional – hang items for drying, clip curtains together to keep out light, close snack bags). I also take a thin, expandable bag that can be used for day trips/shopping.

  325. I always wear my heaviest slip on (no laces) shoes when flying to avoid spending excess time in TSA lines. Very convenient and you don’t have to pack your heaviest shoes!

  326. Wonderful ideas. Thank you for the reminders on how to pack efficiently. I had it down to a science when packing for my business trips and need to adapt now to my retirement lifestyle. I find myself taking too much on my car trips and really appreciate your packing tips!

  327. Thank you so much Susan. I will follow your ideas to the t. I will add if traveling to Europe, which I am, to bring a converter since the electricity is different and the outlets are different as well. The pictures are beautiful even though you took them in a cloudy day!

  328. Hi Susan! I usually pack a travel umbrella. Like you mentioned, in some of the warmer climates there can be a brief shower in the afternoon. Your emails are an inspiration to me and I have gotten many useful ideas from your previous posts. Thank you for giving me the tools to look my best after retirement.
    Carolyn Ippolito

  329. TSA pre-check is a great program, no waiting in long lines at the airport. Also I save the heavy plastic bags pillowcases or curtain come in and use them to pack any liquids in my suitcase.

  330. It would be helpful to see the inside of your suitcase to see how everything you took was packed and fit

  331. I always pack one extra white and an extra black v-neck tee…just in case something I plan to wear gets soiled. They are usually really good replacements with jewelry added, even when I had planned to wear something a bit fancier.

  332. Love this! Now maybe I’ll arrive home with no unused outfits. Lol Thank you for sharing your expertise with all of us.

  333. Dear Susan,
    Thank you for taking the time to take photos of each day so those of us who are visual learners can see how you assemble a vacation wardrobe. You have been very thorough in your planning and details shared. My husband and I are flying out in 3 weeks to celebrate our 44th anniversary. This posting will be so helpful as I limit myself to a carry-on suitcase and a tote. My travel tip for you is to remember to keep your travel documents in your tote where they are easily accessible to you when you reach the TSA and the gate for boarding. Hope you get to travel soon and enjoy some warmer weather.
    With appreciation,
    Sue L.

  334. I just purchased clear zip cosmetic type bags. I keep things separated in my beach bag and being able to see through these makes it easy to spot what I need. I keep my phone, Kleenex in one, make up stuff and sunscreen in one, etc. It helps keep things sand free too.
    I also noted on my last trip I could have used a small hand mirror in my beach bag!

  335. What a timely post – I am travelling to Australia later this year. Although I go for a longer period of time and will take more clothing items but with the careful matching and planning you explain so clearly I won’t need to double the amount! I will also carry a comprehensive list of items in the hold luggage in my carry on so if there is the misfortune of loss of luggage I know exactly what is there. Luckily this rarely happens but when it does it makes claims a great deal easier!

  336. I also like to include a laundry bag for soiled garments! Love how simple but elegant everything is!

  337. This is such a helpful post. You have shown versatility in outfits in a simple manner to follow. Thanks so much.

  338. Love your help with so many things. I have ordered lots of the items you have shared with us and love them all!

  339. When I only take a carry on, I always roll my clothes. I seem to end up with so much space in the suitcase that way. Nothing is ever wrinkled when I arrive—maybe that has something to do with the material many of my clothes are made of!! Thanks so much for all your very helpful tips, Susan!

  340. Thank you Susan for this post. The side-by-side day and night presentation is so very helpful. Here’s a bit of travel arithmetic I’ve found helpful: multiply the number of bottoms by the number of tops = the number of different 2 piece outfits. So 2 bottoms and 4 tops = 8 different 2-piece outfits. To make this work, the pieces must all work with each other, and the pieces need to be different from each other. That is, 2 pair of blue jeans is really only 1 look. Two white t-shirts is really only 1 look. They need to be different from each other. Add a 3rd layer like a cardigan or a jacket or a blazer or a scarf, and the sky’s the limit.

  341. Susan, I always look forward to your posts; I’ve learned so much from you! We are planning a trip south soon and I plan to keep these tips in mind for even more efficient packing. I’m already going over in my mind what tops go with which pants, all-purpose sweater, etc. The other thing I’ve learned is to roll my clothing to fit it into the suitcase. Doing so allows me to take that extra pair of shoes or whatever. I’m looking forward to getting away! This will be my first trip since retiring in February 2020.

  342. What wonderful tips from you and all your readers are in this post! Especially when our daughters were young, I had a “Things to Pack” list stored in each of their suitcases. That first little step saved much frustration and things forgotten over the years. Now that my husband and I are on the senior side of life, we find such a list stored in our own suitcases to be that same helpful first step in packing. ; )

  343. I always pack a pair of athletic joggers and a t-shirt and an athletic light jacket to take walks in the morning when going to a warm climate.

  344. Thank you Susan, I was actually getting ready to pack for a trip when I read this article! As a result of some of your suggestions, I pack fewer items that I thought I would need! The only suggestion I would add would be to roll garments to fit into the packing cubes. This seems to reduce wrinkles, and can accommodate a few more pieces if needed. The scarf is stunning! I know I would love wearing it. Thank you for all of your terrific ideas!

  345. I pack undies, pills, chargers, etc. and things that are difficult to locate in clear Ziplock bags.
    I keep a checklist in my suitcase to refer to while packing and update it as needed.
    I always keep a foldable rain slicker with a hood and a vented laundry bag too!

    Thank you so much!

  346. I have found a small pretty umbrella that can fit in my purse or tote to be a life saver. It can give welcome shade on scorcher days and some destinations have flash showers that come and go quickly. Love your tips, this post makes we want a vacay right now! Very pretty scarfs & earrings! Thank you!!

  347. Hi Susan,

    Your suggestions were spot-on. Thank you for all the wonderful photos. I appreciate you sharing your expertise on packing.


  348. Always love your post. I love the scarves you sold previously, I always get compliments when I wear one. Hope you can get away on vacation soon.

  349. Your packing cubes are a great idea. I’ll certainly be purchasing some of them. I have a Vera Bradley jewelry case that is small and holds my jewelry when I travel.
    Thank you,
    Betsy Gardner

  350. The best tip I’ve learned from you, Susan, is to always carry a scarf with me. It has so many uses, from dressing up an outfit, to keeping one warm, to wearing on the beach or at the pool as you suggested. I’ve made it a signature look!
    My hint is to keep several cosmetic bags at the ready…not only a well-stocked toiletries bag, but also one with all my medications and vitamins, another with samples of my makeup, and still another with an extra set of cords for my phone and iPad. That makes packing so much easier—I really only have to worry about my outfits!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win the lovely summer earrings!

  351. A jewelry tip: I either pack all costume jewelry, or only take what I’m wearing and wear the same jewelry each day.

  352. Love all of your comments and outfits!

    Before we go out of town, I go online to check information about my destination to find out if there are any special events going on while we are there. I also search reviews to help us decide where we want to eat, and I book our restaurant reservations before leave. Nailing down what we will be doing and when we will be doing it helps me to determine what clothing items we will be needing. Finally, I check the weather forecast for our destination the day before we leave. That way, I can still make adjustments to what I am packing before it is too late!

  353. Thank you for these wonderful tips! One trick I have found useful on long airline flights is to use a large, very soft sided, zipper closed bag that will fit under the seat and pack crucial items such as a snack, toiletries to be used on the plane, a change of underwear, a shirt and a nightgown. When placed under the seat, it acts as a foot rest – much needed on a long flight! Plus, you have a change of clothes in case your checked luggage is lost or delayed.

  354. Susan,
    Thank you so much for the advice! I always pack too much……your approach makes so much more sense!

    Kathy Campbell

  355. Susan, excellent packing tips! I always pack a cotton/ polyester beachy dress to use as a bathrobe or for resting in room. Pullover, short or long, great when you’re in a hurry . Great for putting on flip flops to run for ice. I used to get them from Hawaii; Vermont country store has them, and lots of other places have similar dresses.

  356. Great blog……….My husband and I travel a lot, so it’s always helpful to see how others put together outfits. When we travel, I make my clothes ‘work hard’. I always carry a pashmina in my carry-on for warmthon a plane and as a wrap at my destination. Also in my carry-on, I put anything I might need if my luggage is lost for a day or two (very important): extra underwear, tee-shirt, makeup, toothbrush, medications.

  357. Scarves are a favorite accessory of mine. A scarf can be worn many different ways and with many outfits if it has a lot of colors involved in it. Also a nice pair of earrings can be worn with many outfits. By using these 2 accessories you can save a lot of space in your suitcase.

  358. Scarves are one of my favorite accessories. If you have a multiple colored scarf you can use it with many outfits. You lessen the space in packing just 1 scarf instead of many..
    Love your blog and I get many useful ideas from it.

  359. Susan, I loved this post. I agree with your very well thought out packing list. Do you use packing cubes? I have on some trips but have also Kondo stacked my clothes into my suitcase with good results.
    I love the different ways you wear your scarves. Maybe you wouldn’t mind sharing several clever techniques in one of your future posts.
    Thanks for being here for us,

  360. I love the day into evening transitions. I didn’t see a rain coat/outer wear jacket which I find always necessary no matter what the climate.
    Thanks fir a great read.
    Sheila H

  361. Hi Susan – I am always cautious with my jewelry when flying and stay away from long necklaces and earrings without very secure backs/closures. Since I don’t fly first class, the tight seats and limited room make bending over to get something from under the seat in front of me a challenge. Dangling necklaces can get caught. And since I am only 5’ 2”, the lack of room has to be more pronounced for those who are average and above heights.

  362. Thank you for a helpful post!! I always throw in a hooded windbreaker when I travel and it often comes in handy!
    My summer travel suitcase also includes shorts, tees, and some capris…and I never take good jewelry, only costume jewelry.

  363. Susan,
    As always wonderful tips! We always take a couple ziplock bags in case of some emergency or if an article of clothing may be damp when repacking.
    But our strictest tip we follow is never put your address on the outside of your luggage. I usually put a
    first initial and surname followed by a phone number. Frequently, I use a number of someone who knows my whereabouts and how to reach me should my luggage take a wrong turn. Safety first when traveling.
    Thanks again for your blog,
    C. Riney

  364. I can take one pair silver earrings and one pair gold earrings and change the color each day with my outfit and no one notices that it’s the same earrings worn every other day.
    Especially on a cruise!

  365. I use ziplock bags for jewelry and makeup, and most of all the zippered packing pouches have simplified my packing and kept my clothes from being so wrinkled when I arrive to my destination.
    Thank you so much for continuing to share all you have learned through the years. It has helped me in so many ways.♥️

  366. I love the idea of using Large scarves for various things. Do you have any or many favourite places to purchase large scarves? I did look at your links but wondering if you have more sources??

  367. What a fantastic article. Lots of good advice – thank you for all your work. When travelling, especially if long haul flights, I carry a bag with spare undies and tee shirt or long sleeved tee. Useful if your luggage goes astray or your meal ends up down the front of you due to turbulence then you have clean clothes to change into. I also carry a very small spray can of Evian water to combat the dry air on the plane.

  368. One of the items I take on all my vacations is a packable down vest or jacket. It is the last item I put in my suitcase so I can take it out if I need it. I don’t roll it, just fold it on top and it compresses nicely. I’ve been waiting in lines to exit a cruise ship or board transportation and it comes in handy if the weather has suddenly changed from one city to another.

  369. Great travel post, Susan! Very helpful & will save this one for sure. 2 Travel tips that take little space: 1) a few wooden clothes pins always find some use on every trip. 2) I keep 2 dryer sheets in my luggage year-round. When traveling they go inside shoes I wore that day. May all your journeys be perfect!

  370. Susan thank you so much for this concise packing list. It will definitely come in handy for my May beach vacation. My tip is to put your most wrinkle prone clothes on a hanger and cover them with a dry cleaner bag, then fold them on top of your other clothes and close the suitcase. I never have to iron them when I reach my destination!
    Thanks for all that you do for us !

  371. I always pack some wet wipes because they can be used for just about anything, and one or two extra plastic bags, ziploc or other. Flip flops are a must wherever I travel and whatever the season because I don’t like to walk on hotel carpeting in my bare feet.

  372. Susan. ai always learn from your posts! I have downsized my luggage to ensure I don’t overpack for travel. I can now travel for up to 21 days with one suitcase and a carry-on bag.

  373. Hi Susan!
    I always roll my clothing, to help keep wrinkles away. Sometimes for long flights I will wear stretchy and comfy pants and then wear them on the way home, too.
    Enjoyed this post!

  374. I find it good to carry my kindle or iPad with me on the plane. If I download movies before I leave I’m able to watch these movies on my flight. I also like to carry my jewelry in a special made for jewelry pouch or case and place it in my suitcase. As far as perfume I bought these small pump spray containers that I add my perfume into it so I do not have to take breakable bottles with me.

  375. I love the rattan earrings. My aunt, who traveled the world, always left her expensive or irreplaceable jewelry at home. I follow her example.

  376. Great post, Susan! The very first thing I do is check the weather forecast for where I’ll be staying. Next I choose my shoes because I have fussy feet and need them to be comfortable. Almost everything in my wardrobe will mix and match color-wise, so I just choose based on planned activities.

  377. My travel tip is to take photos with you – of your outfits and of your luggage (in case it gets lost on route).
    Thanks for your amazing postings Susan – they are so inspirational~!

  378. My travel tip is to take photos with you – of your outfits and of your luggage (in case it gets lost on route).
    Thanks for your amazing postings Susan – they are so inspirational~!
    Please enter my name into the draws for the scarf and earrings.

  379. I can’t think of anything that you missed. I am going to use this for my next trip as I always overpack. I love the scarf options. Thank you I love rattan earrings.

  380. This information is VERY helpful! I always struggle with what to pack – in an effort to reduce what I drag to the airport, I tend to pack too little and don’t look very sharp for vacation photos. Your input here will definitely make packing – and unpacking – far easier! Thank you!

  381. I always look forward to your articles. They are so informative and have made me rethink my purchases. Thanks for making me think about the basics and mixing. Keep it up, please!

  382. Thank you for this wonderfully helpful post. You and your readers offer so many great tips! My tip to those traveling with a spouse or travel friend when checking luggage, is to split outfits between each others suitcases i.e. a couple of day and evening outfits in each. That way if one person’s luggage gets delayed or lost, you will each still have a few outfits to wear.

  383. Susan, you are always so put together! K
    I really liked how you showed the day to night outfits.

  384. Once the my outfits have been selected, I try them on on before they go in the suitcase even if they are my favorites. I try them on during early evening or soon after dinner to make sure comfort and appearance are acceptable with that “full belly” feeling.

  385. I love your blogs and especially your summer packing tips! Last year we brought a travel trailer headed to the West Coast. We seen some stunning National Parks. You can pack reusable straws and bring your own reusable water bottle. Stay Well!

  386. Hi Susan,

    I really enjoyed this post. I have a suggestion for a future post. I was amazed at all the outfits for this vacation, but I would be interested in seeing you actually pack all those in a suitcase. I know you have done an “unpack” video for the personal bag, but I don’t think I have seen one with the carry on bag.


  387. Attention to detail….thanks so much for this post. I love your organization. So pretty in blue scarf belt. Simply gorgeous girlie!

  388. Thank your for this timely post! I will be retiring next winter and have been using your suggestions to intentionally think about my clothing needs after retirement. I have never worn much jewelry and don’t even own a scarf (most of. my career as a RN I wore scrubs)! I have realized from your blog how versatile scarves can be but they are not inexpensive and I am not sure how to style them. I wonder if you have suggestions for basic sizes and how to wear them? I would love to see a separate post on accessories!

  389. I just got back from a beach vacation and waaay over packed. I wish I’d seen this post before I packed! Thanks!

  390. Thank you, Susan, for another fabulous post! One item I would add to the trip if you are going aboard would be a wash cloth! Even the best hotels don’t have what we would consider a fluffy, hefty wash clothes. Most don’t have them at all.
    I love the photos, by the way, so very helpful to see the looks and proportions.
    Lauren in NH

  391. What a happy coincidence…..I am going on a 6 day vacation with my daughter and have been thinking and planning what to bring and how to dress so your post is perfect! Rain is in the forecast so I bought a beige trench coat but other than that my wardrobe will be similar to what you have posted. I love your idea of wearing the same thing in the evening with a few changes and I will definitely do that. We are traveling by train so for the travel days I plan on wearing a nice tracksuit with sneakers. I’m only bringing one dress but dressy pants and a nice blouse, as well as jeans and casual long sleeve tee shirts (I’m in Canada so it’s still chilly). I think the trench coat will look good with all the outfits. Thanks again for your very timely post!

  392. Thank you for your blogs, they’ve helped me so much. I too have been transitioning to retirement. I’m finding the items in my closet no longer serve as well in retirement. Since we don’t attend professional events, functions and parties I’ve slowly been eliminating under used items. I find your blog so helpful especially since Im really trying to down size and as per your advice purchase quality items. I have never cared for prints so your suggestions of solid color tops, slacks etc accented with scarfs, cardigans, jackets has been useful. I enjoy your blogs so much and appreciate the tips and advice you give. Keep up the good work!

    Thank you,

  393. Great article Susan When! When I travel I always include a small plastic kitchen garbage bag for dirty clothes. I like putting all liquid toiletries in a zip lock bag as well.

  394. Hi Susan,
    I read your posts regularly and they give me positive reinforcement of my choices or they help me try new ideas! Thank you! Since retirement and before Covid of course, my husband and I traveled extensively, mostly abroad. I absolutely love packing cubes! We are from the Northern part of the US so we are typically going to warmer climates in February and March. Clothes packing is easier as clothes are lighter. If I splurge it may be in bringing shoes… 4 at most. But walking, hiking, being active demands good care of feet. Do flip flops even count anyway? haha. I forget fashion high boots or heels if I need a pair of boots. Black flats, (for black and blue trousers) great walking shoes, neutral sandals with a wedge help me feel a bit dressier….plus I’m only 5’5″ and I want some height. I usually bring the sandals in metallic for dress up or down! Navy is my dark summer color I work around and black is my winter color I use. I also do a preliminary clothes try-on WITH jewelry, shoes two weeks ahead of time and take pictures of it. (I think you suggested that). So when I pack it’s done with 1 day to spare before leaving. Relieves stress! Thanks for your tips! You are a gem!

  395. Susan ~

    Thank you very much for your packIng & style tips!

    I would love to win the scarf & earrings if still available!!

    I always enjoy your blog tremendously!

  396. Thank you! What wonderful suggestions. I can’t wait to use them this summer. Reading the helpful comments has given us all additional ideas.
    Thank you for sharing!

  397. Great post,I strive to be as organized as you in my packing.
    I always pack a few dusters/ kimonos as they are lightweight and versatile.
    I try to keep my hanging toiletries bag packed and just refresh as needed.
    My toiletries bag has a clear zip out bag that detaches for your liquids to go thru TSA.
    I tend to try to stick to a black, white, grey or navy color palette and accent with my dusters long or short that can also serve as a beach cover up.
    Happy Travels.

  398. Great tips! We always take our long vacation in the fall, to a cooler climate, so I pack layers- silk thermals, bike pants, turtlenecks, etc; that I can wear under everything.

  399. So much fun to see how you combine everything for your mini-capsule travel wardrobe!
    I always like to pack a couple of gallon ziploc bags for anything I might purchase that could leak or be breakable in my luggage. Or I will put small worn items in those that need to be laundered. You could then still fit those in your handbags. In fact putting them in the ziploc bag initially and then into the handbag would corral them and the bag could be used for “dirty laundry” on the return leg.

  400. I love the art of packing. Over the years, I have found that 3 colors allow me to have much versatility on arrival. I usually choose navy or black and white along with one strong bright color. For me because my hair is gray and getting whiter, ha, it’s royal or a shade of red. I include 2 print scarves that pick up these colors and 3 pairs of shoes, strappy dressy, walking shoe, and sandal. A large brim hat that rolls up, light weight jacket or sweater, limited jewelry that I can wear with several items. The jewelry that I’m not wearing goes in my evening purse which is packed in my tote that I carry because it’s usually by plane. I make sure to include shells/tanks in the basics and bright colors to match my scarves. Tanks are rolled, put in separate plastic bags and tucked in shoes to save space. I usually include white and black jeans and a dressy black pant. I usually take white, black, and a striped tee, and 1 colored tee. This sounds like a lot but when I’m making my choices, I can limit or add in places after I chose my colors. This has worked for me for years – on cruises, I add 2 chiffon or sheer jackets usually in a fairly large print that match my basics. . Of course, I throw in an umbrella.

  401. Great suggestions! I’m going on a 7 day cruise next week and the temperature will vary from the 70’s to the 40’s so I’ve been contemplating what to pack for some time.

  402. For traveling, I sometimes use contact lens cases to put small amounts of skin care or cosmetics in, such as eye cream, lipstick dollops ( to be applied with a brush), or foundation. Use a Sharpie to label so you don’t forget what you have!

  403. Hi there, I’ve searched and searched but am unable to locate the fairly recent email I rec’d from you with lots of good info on basic foundations. I was particularly interested in the underwear you suggested. I think it was Soma brand, but not sure. Thanks so much…I really enjoy all your newsletters!

  404. Susan,
    I am going on a Disney trip for 9 days! My goal is to have one carryon suitcase and one backpack!
    Wish me luck/ your post was most helpful!

  405. Dear Susan. I’ve just recently found you and have so enjoyed all your ideas. I’m a recent widow and have been in a slump. Your ideas make me happy and I’m anxious to put some fun back in my wardrobe. I especially like the multiple scarf ideas. Thank you for being out there for us gals. Sincerely, Sandy

    1. Fold a fifty-one inch square scarf in a triangle and place it around your shoulders. Pull one end close to your hip area and fling the other end over your other shoulder.

  406. I’m glad I found you, Ms. Susan After 60! I’ve appreciated your insight and tips for dressing in an elegantly-simple, yet currently-relevant without trendi- or frumpiness. I especially like this post; it’s almost magic the way you’ve combined pieces to make the best use of space and time while traveling. Thanks!

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