Finding The Light

Every photographer tells me “it’s all about the light,” so I spent some time yesterday trying to find the best lighting in the home I now share with Mr. Mickey. The best spot is between the bar setup and the fireplace.

I put together an all-black look to attend a funeral in the afternoon, followed by a dinner date later. The fabrics are similar types of knits, but the pants are crepe, and the top is smooth. When I wear a column of one color, the pieces are always unmatched, but I try to vary the textures for a more intentional effect.

A lighter, brighter red lip is imperative when I wear black, and my eye makeup is also a bit bolder. The bright opalescence glass necklace and small earrings bring more light to my face. My coloring is too faded to wear dark colors near my face without using these styling tips.

My skincare is here. Since I started using Beautycounter in 2017, I have worn no foundation and much less makeup. Instead, bright lip color and filled-in brows are my priorities.

Mr. Mickey has invited me to redecorate, so I will slowly start to make a few changes when I get my strength back. Except for the heaviest furniture, I did all of the moving and downsizing myself. I wanted to evaluate and decide on each item, so I devoted myself to the monumental task of completing it before the closing date.

The wide-leg pants are from White House Black Market. The Clara Sunwoo top is a couple of years old, as is the handbag. The Rosemarie patent leather wedge sandals are by Stuart Weitzman. Finally, all the jewelry is many years old.

I share what I’ve learned and how I put things together in hopes that it helps you get more use out of what you already have. Thanks for all your comments and good wishes.

  1. You always look great & dress appropriately for the occasion. The necklace is a perfect accessory for you & yr outfit. Would love to find something similar.

    1. Thank you, Cynthia. I bought the necklace at S.M. Bradford Co. on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, about six years ago. I hope you can find a similar one. I’ve enjoyed wearing this one with a wide variety of colors and styles of tops. It takes a denim shirt to a whole new level.

  2. Good morning! So good to see a post from you. I’m glad to hear that you’re giving yourself some grace before redecorating. It was wonderful meeting you and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Blessings to you sweet lady.

  3. Hola susan.
    Muchas gracias de nuevo por tus consejos. Me has hecho replantear mi futuro con ellos.
    Saludos desde España

  4. I am so glad for you that your move is complete. What a relief that must be. I would be very interested in a post about how you organized your smaller closet space particularly how you handled handbags, belts, hats, etc. in a smaller space. Thank you for considering it.

  5. Your look as usual is stylish & sophisticated.
    My question is what style of top should be worn with wide leg pants? Thank you

    1. A short and slightly fitted top or one tucked in are the best options with wide-leg pants. Slim fitting over full always gives a more pleasing result.

  6. Lovely outfit and the necklace is perfect against the black. Thanks for sharing your moving journey. Looking forward to your redecorating posts! So admire your foresight with this process! Best to you !

  7. Could some of your posts please provide before and after pictures of the rooms and your decisions as to how to edit them? I recently edited my husbands library and yesterday he told our friends how happy he was about it! Ha!
    Again you look beautiful and classic!

  8. you look absolutely beautiful. congratulations are continuing to move on and live a quality life. your column is very instructive on all areas of life. julia

  9. Your taste is always perfect. You put together an outfit that can go to so many functions. But what I really gain from your blog is your positive spirit about life. As we age there are so many things happening to our bodies and energy. You access that reality quickly and do something about it so you can continue to enjoy life and not be worn out by it. I’m a bit slower to take action, but am on my way to clearing out my home of unneeded items. Thank you for keeping me focused. The best to you as you take time to recharge.

  10. I’m glad your move went well I did that a year ago and it does drain you. I’m still going through things to get rid of though. At least you did that before you moved it all.
    Your hair, makeup and the necklace all add to the all black. Love it!! Yes your skincare regimen must work wonders.

  11. You look amazing! I find you to be such an inspiration. I love your style tips and am now following your way of eating. Hopefully I’ll be as slim as you some day.

  12. Congratulations on downsizing and your move to share a place with Mr. Mickey!! You look stunning. I love your blog and all of the tips you share with us. Have a great Memorial Day!

  13. Your attire makes you look tall and slim! Your hair and makeup are beautiful! I need someone to help me with makeup. I will be 62 in July, and I can’t seem to find what I need by myself. Your tips are very helpful.

  14. Sear Susan,
    I am happy to hear you have found a new home at Mr Mickey’s.
    It will be wonderful companionship for both of you.
    Best Wishes,

  15. You look classy and not over done. I am happy about your decision to downsize. I really enjoy your blog and look forward to reading it when it appears in my email. Have a wonderful week. Hello to Mr. Mickey.

  16. So does that mean you will be bringing your furniture into Mr Mickey’s home? Will you be staying on permanently or just til you find what you want to buy?
    You look like you have lost weight from all that work! You look great. I am sorry for your loss. I’ve gotten to the age where there are many more funerals than weddings.

    1. I sold almost everything from my home. I kept a few favorite pieces that I put into storage, and I brought a couple of pieces of furniture with me to use in my office/dressing room at Mr. Mickey’s house. I won’t be buying another home, but I may rent a cottage near the beach someday. For now, I will remain here in East Tennessee.

  17. I want to second all the accolades on your outfit, style and grace. You truly are an inspiration. Wishing you all the very best in this new chapter of The Life of Susan.

  18. You look absolutely STUNNING! And, I hope you and Mr. Mickey are finally making your 2 houses a home together!

  19. Love hearing about your life and how you are overcoming the obstacles. Enjoy your outfits and accessories.

  20. Downsizing even if you want to do it is exhausting physically and emotionally.
    You always appear to weather whatever comes your way.
    Beautiful, but always Graceful and Classy.
    Wish you the Best in life.

    Excited that you get to re-do Mr. Mickey’s home when you have the energy.
    Thanks for all you do with your blog!

    My best.

    Denise von Pressentin

  21. You look lovely, as always. I hope you will share the redecorating with us. I started reading your blog for the clothing and makeup tips, but I’ve become interested in your attitude toward life and how you handle the changes it brings. It’s always a pleasure to read your posts. Thank you for sharing with us.

  22. I admire your strength in tackling all the logistics of moving and downsizing. It’s a monumental job! You deserve a rest as you settle in with Mr. Mickey.

  23. Oh Susan! It’s so good to see that you are back at what you do so well…keeping the over sixty and beyond woman dressed stylishly and sensibly. I’ve learned so much from you and look forward to seeing what other good advice you bring every week. Blessings on you as you start a new chapter in your life.

  24. Susan, I ditto the comments made by your other followers in this post! Not only have you helped me look at my wardrobe and skin care in a better light, but your tips on plant-based diet and home decorating have been so useful. Thank you for sharing about your latest relocation journey … it’s inspiring as I go thru a cosmetic renovation of my 1-floor condo and tweak my belongings in the process!

  25. Hi Susan. Nice to see you are adjusting to your new digs. I haven’t moved in the last 41 years but I always felt better when my closet was in order. At least when I left the house, I felt like I wasn’t in a state of boxes. Hope you are feeling the same way. Glad to see that you found a place to take pictures that has good lighting. Say hi to Mr. Mickey for me.


  26. You look lovely – as you always do! Love White House Black Market pants. They fit me almost better than any other pants I can find.

  27. Congratulations on your successful move. I hope you and Mr. Mickey continue to make each other happy. Best wishes,

  28. Hi Susan,
    You look absolutely lovely in this photo! I love how you adjust your look to wear a color that you think doesn’t flatter you all by itself. From this photo, I suits you beautifully.
    I have a question though. . . you commented that when you wear the same color top and bottom, you intentionally “mismatch” them. When I put on a navy or black top with the same color pants, the color of black or the navy doesn’t exactly match. It looks funny to me. I understand changing the texture. But if the colors don’t match to begin with, is it odd? Would you expand further on “intentionally mismatching” same color top and bottom?
    I hope you have a relaxing week to rejuvenate.

    1. If I owned pieces that matched exactly, I would happily wear them. But when I am “creating” a look from unrelated items of the same color, the different textures say, “I meant to do this.”

  29. Thanks Susan, wearing light bright necklaces at the neck is a great tip for how to wear black as we age. Also red lipstick brings the eye to your face and brighten it. On the hunt for such a necklace now.
    Congratulations on getting through your move with so little help.

  30. I look forward to your posts . As others say , the necklace has added to the outfit and you look elegant as usual. I hope you’ll share your re decorating ideas when you’re ready to start . Always nice to have a project to plan . With all best wishes to you both.

  31. Such a pretty look! Thanks for the tip about bright lipstick with black! It is “not my color” either, but I do wear it!

  32. Would love to see before photos and your redecorating process. I need inspiration. Thank you, as always, for this post!

  33. I salute you, Susan. You inspire me. Wishing you happiness in your new home!

    Mpls, Mn

  34. Hello Susan,
    Congratulations on making such a monumental and wise decision. It is to both of your advantages to share a space. More people over 60 should follow your example!
    How generous of MrMickey to allow you to redecorate. His home has “good bones” and you’ll make it gorgeous. I hope you saved some of your favorites to use there.
    Best wishes to you both!

  35. You look so beautiful. I’m Happy for you that you decided to share a home with someone that respects you. We all need someone in our lives to share the senior years we have left. I’m 75 and so alone. I love your blog and look forward to your next blogs.

  36. Susan, you look fabulous! Love your outfit and that necklace is gorgeous. Would you mind sharing your lipstick color? I admire your courage in making major changes at this point in your life. Just reading about it made me stressful and anxious. Congratulations in taking the necessary steps to a happier life. You’re brave!

  37. You truly inspire me! I’m so delighted to think that I can search through the unrelated items already in my closet, and come up with a strikingly fresh “understated elegance” look.

    Looking forward to your decorating your new abode.

  38. Susan,
    Your outfit is lovely and appropriate. Your simple but interesting choice is very flattering and I like mixed textures. The necklace really sets off your face and you have a glow about you. All the work you have done and no trace of tiredness! This must be a result of taking good care of yourself. You have shared your eating habits and exercise tips in your past posts and I follow a similar diet. It’s the exercise that I need to work on. Darn arthritis.

    I would be tempted to just get used to the lake home and adapt to the major change in life before tackling a redecorating project. It’s summertime!

    So happy to have received your post today.
    Thank you.

  39. Hi Susan, I always get inspired to make changes to my outfits when I read your articles. I have even purchased items from some of the businesses you talk about. I can relate to needing a break after moving. Been down that road myself. I look forward to seeing upcoming articles. Have a great summer!

  40. You always look so fabulous and provide such good styling tips! I would love to see the finished result of your decorating in the new home also.

  41. Susan, You may not realize it, but your are an inspiration to those of us wishing to remain vibrant and joyful in our life’s journey. You look beautiful and appropriate as always. I am sorry for the loss of the person whose funeral you are attending. I have a sad but necessary question— is it appropriate to forgo black when attending a memorial service/ funeral? Would a dark-colored outfit do? Navy or dark blue or even brown, for example? I appreciate your advice.

  42. You look beautiful, you always do. I love the classy outfits you put together. I hope you show us before & after photos of Mr. Mickey’s home. It is a blessing that you have each other. Have a wonderful week.

  43. Susan,
    Wishing you the best in your new home.
    My post from earlier is missing…. indicating it did not go through. Just wanted to wish you well and say you look great and are not a bit tired looking after all your work.

  44. You look lovely and I appreciate you sharing. May you feel better soon and I’ll look forward to what comes next. You’re always an inspiration to me. Blessings!

  45. Hello Susan,

    I have been thinking about you and wondering how you were coming along. I have been a bit concerned about you because everything you have been through is extremely taxing and hard on you physically and mentally. I know you are extremely well organized, and you know how to prioritize your plan from beginning to the very end. I want to congratulate you on an enormous huge job so well done. Bless your heart, I sold you up on a pedestal. “Susan Survived the Move.”

    Please be sure to tell Mr. Mickey happy birthday. Know ing you, you will make the celebration joyful and memorable. I admire your friendship. It’s so nice that you can enjoy his home together. I’m sure Mr. Mickey is “overjoyed” to open up his home to you, his “forever adventure partner.”

    Now onto your picture. My thoughts turn to the loss of a friend that passed away. Funerals are supposed to be a time to celebrate a persons life but sometimes it can trigger feelings of deep loss. You looked stunning, I only hope you felt as good as you looked. After all you’ve been through and just look at how radiant you look. I hope you can take some time out to just do nothing bd breath and exhale.

    You are a blessing to all of us that are fortunate to know you. In my mind you are an exceptional human being.

    Take care of your self. Sending you a warm hug.

  46. Dear Susan . . this is a fabulous look on you, silhouette wise as well as accessories! All the best in your new home and have fun decorating!
    Peggy Ann

  47. Hopefully when you are settled in your new home you will be continue your blog. My hus and I are in our seventies. Have sold our larger home and moved into a condo. It is different living in a condo. Not as much room and very little cupboard space. It will be less strain for my hus. No grass cutting. No snow to shovel. Just thankful we have always been blessed with Happiness and good health. Please don’t do any heavy lifting. The back pain seems to last forever. Thinking of you during this great time for you. LOVE Mr. Mickey. Such a kind good GENTLE MA

  48. “The home I now share with Mr Mickey”. How lovely is that?
    I’m glad to hear that you are now settled and rested after so much hard work and upheaval. And now you have another project on the go! I’m looking forward to seeing the before and after shots of your redecorating, You are truly an inspiration, as always.
    Best wishes to Mr Mickey on his upcoming birthday.

  49. Hurrah for you and Mr. Mickey, sharing your love and friendship under one roof! You look beautiful. Looking forward to your contribution redecorating and your blogs.

  50. elegant as always. Life really is a journey and yours is certainly one I enjoy reading about

  51. We are getting close to downsizing our home after 30 years of living there. Thank you for your helpful hints! I appreciate them.

  52. Wow…… You look so great in this picture!
    I love your hair. Would you please show us some Close up photos of the front & back and how you style it.
    Thanks so much!

  53. Why did you choose to wear the beige wedge shoes instead of dark color , please? I love your blog also.

  54. Hello,
    My first time seeing your post. Love your elegant and classic style. You are a smart dresser and pull everything together beautifully. I’m 60 myself and have never wanted to dress younger my age but rather class, elegant, and stylish and you are the epitome of that.
    Thank you for the great and useful information!
    Susan from San Antonio Texas

  55. Beautiful lip color! I am similar coloring and always stick to pretty soft pinks (love reds)! I will give this one a try! Thankfully someone asked and you answered. I’ve been inspired! Thank you!

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