Top Style Tips

Wear what makes you feel happy and confident. – Clothing that fits and flatters your shape and reflects your personal style is always the best choice. The next priority is to dress appropriately for the weather and the event.

Purchase mix and match options. – The more interchangeable your wardrobe, the more outfit possibilities you will find there.

Try new things. Stylish women rarely acknowledge trends, but if one suits them, they embrace it with confidence.

Invest in the basics. – The items you wear most often (the pillars of your wardrobe) should always be of the best quality you can afford.

Avoid Sale Racks. – If the discount is the only reason you consider the garment and it has only a small chance of being worn regularly, leave it.

Purge. – When the item no longer fits, looks great, reflects your style, or gets worn, let it go.

Add Accessories. – Sunglasses, a watch, earrings, and a ring complete even the most casual outfits. My current favorite watch, The Infinity – Black Mesh, is pictured below. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Nordgreen offers an extra strap with every watch and bundle purchase. (Their bands are easy to interchange!)

I’ve been using the styling tips above for the past few years and must confess I’ve never been happier with my wardrobe. Now that I have various basics to serve every need, I can confidently sprinkle in a few trends and fun items.

On the day I wore this look, the sky was gray, and it was forty-three degrees. I visited the grocery store, library, and my parents. Many readers have asked me to include the weather and where I wore the featured look.

The berry-colored cashmere scarf came from Talbot’s last year. Similar here. I’ve had the J. Crew blazer for more than two years. Similar here. The charcoal cashmere sweater is here. My Levi’s jeans are here. The Ralph Lauren boots are a couple of years old. Similar here. My sunglasses are here.

The fun green bag is here. I love lime green combined with navy blue, but it is a most unflattering clothing color with my cool skin tone.

My lip color is Poppy here. No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil always gets patted on my face and neck again before I go out in cold weather.

I’m offering end of the month giveaways! (Three different giveaways!) You can enter to win one of my favorite facial oils by leaving a comment below. All the Beautycounter products are here. I’ll announce the three winners in Monday’s post.

Luxury Options – $$$ Blazer$$$ Sweater$$$ Scarf$$$ Jeans$$$ Boots$$$ Bag$$$ Sunglasses$$$ Lip Color$$$ Watch

  1. Thank you for including the weather and where you wore the outfit you are styling! Weather and comfort (cold/rainy, hot/sunny, etc.) are the second thing I consider every day….. Of course, the first thing is where I’m going and what I’ll be doing that day! Love the lime green bag!

  2. I’m built quite similar to you except that I do have some hips, could probably say my shape is hourglass. My biggest challenge is short arms, small shoulders, large bust. I’ve heard that double breasted blazers are not as flattering to my bust line. When would you recommend single versus double breasted styles?

  3. Besides following you religiously, giveaways are fun! Thank you, Susan. I think of you every time I wear my Shapeez :-), best recommendation ever.

  4. Thanks for always giving us such practical and useful tips and suggestions! You’ve really helped me learn to utilize my existing wardrobe in a more creative way.

  5. Your casual look is lovely. It’s put together in a way that anyone can copy. Thank you once again for a great post.

  6. I’ve been thinking about trying one of the oils. I’m using the Countertine regimen right now. I’ve been using it since last October. It certainly doesn’t irritate your skin. The is the first time I‘ve not had dry flaky skin around my nose and hairline. Recommend highly.

  7. So excited about these products!!
    Going all natural products one a month investments.
    Last month laundry detergent, this month skin care. Doing it all for healthier lifestyle.
    Would love to be considered!

  8. Oh how I would love to win one of the facial oils. My tired winter skin could use a little pampering.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  9. I would love to try these products. I have used many of your recommendations in my life since getting to know you through the jewelry business. Your suggestions have proven very valuable and your outlook on life is wonderful. Have a great day,

  10. Hi Susan, I love the way you have included both the berry color scarf, and the lime green bag, to brighten your look! It is so much more appealing than just navy! I would also love to win any of the products in your giveaway! My skin is suffering from the dryness this season. Thanks for your continued posts. I look forward to them every week!

  11. I would love to try some of the beauty counter products which are way out of my budget right now. The facial oils would be a nice introduction!

  12. I would love to win one of your Beauty Counter Facial Oils. I have been meaning to try them. My daughter in law loves Beauty Counter!!

    I love your blog Susan.

  13. Please enter me for your Beauty Counter facial oil give away. I just started using BC and love it.
    Thank you!
    Joyce Wiatrek

  14. I love that your styling tips are simple and easy. Also that you can start with pieces of your existing wardrobe and just build!

  15. Thank you for a chance to win a facial oil. I have been wanting to try BeautyCounter products. You always look so well put together. Thank you for sharing your info with us.

  16. Love all of these basic tips! You have helped me so much in my own wardrobe selection. Making better choices saves money and time. Love beauty counter brightening oil.

  17. Thanks so much for the good advice. I’ve been using Beauty Counter now for almost a month and see a real difference in my skin’s texture and elasticity I purchased a trio of sample oils as well and like the subtle glow they give.

  18. Live out in West Texas. I am trying some of the Beautycounter products. They work! Would love to win the Brightning Oil.
    Love, love your bag today. Like the fushia scarf with navy, also.

  19. I love the berry with navy and the lime green with navy, but would never have thought to use them together as accessories. Thank you for showing us that. Having read about your beauty regime, I would love to try the basics before buying.

  20. Susan, I love that pop of green with your navy blazer. I’m a fan of navy and will be copying this look. I’d also love to try BeautyCounter!
    Thank you for all your inspiration.

  21. I always love your classic look! The lime green purse is a great pop of color as is the bright pink scarf! I’ve learned a lot of great information from your posts and am trying to incorporate some of them into my own fashion. Thanks for all the great tips and tricks!

  22. I found your blog when I retired in 2012 and have enjoyed your tips and fashion ideas which has helped me though this new journey of my life!! So enjoy your ideas over the years and travel with Mr. Micky!! I would love to try your beauty counter products which the oil sounds wonderful for dry skin!! Thank you so much!!

  23. Susan, I would love to try the facial oil. Hope you draw my name! We all appreciate you and your insight on personal fashion. Thank so much.

  24. I’m about to turn 65 and I’m struggling with dry skin. I would love to try the face oil. I purchased a lipstick from you in Poppy and love it!

  25. I look forward to reading each of your blogs! Interesting and helpful! I have been using #1 Brightening Oil for over a year… love the feel and the citrus fragrance. My skin loves it, too. I would love to win any Beautycounter product. Thank you!

  26. The colors in your outfit look beautiful. Love the berry scarf with the lime handbag. Would enjoy trying the facial oil. Thanks for your blog; always look forward to seeing it.

  27. Your style tips are right on point. We need to be true to our own style above all or no outfit will feel right. I would love to win any beauty counter item.

  28. I love your style tips especially invest in basics. I pay more for my wardrobe basics and never regret it as I wear them so often. And it’s hard to not shop sales but I find I buy things I rarely wear which does not make them a bargain. Thanks for your blog.

  29. As usul, you know just what to wear for every occasion. As I get ready each day, I’m always thinking WWSW (what would Susan wear) to keep in on track. Thank you.

  30. I am so interested in this Brightening oil. Sounds like just what I’ve been looking for! Thanks for all of your great information, and all of your giveaways too!

  31. Susan, per your recommendation, I’ve begun to transition to Beauty Care skin products over the last month. So far, I’ve only used the #1 facial oil and moisturizer. I’ve been very pleased with the results and intend to completely transition with other Beauty Counter products, as I use up my former brand. I’d love to be the lucky winner of your Beauty Counter give away.
    Thank you for considering me.
    Leandra Maddock

  32. I am on the BC train with Countertime regimen and love it. Have not splurged on any of their oils so I would love to try the No. 1 Brightening oil. Honestly any of these amazing oils would be a positive addition to my skin care! Thank you Susan.

  33. Thank you for sharing your good advice. I would love to try the oil you are using. Your skin looks beautiful I.

  34. Love, love the green purse. I, too, cannot wear that color but can in a purse! Would love to try the facial oil.

  35. I have been wanting to try the Beautycounter products and this would be an excellent way to see if I want to invest in them.

  36. I’ve used MaryKay for 20 years but lately noticed that I may need a change. Would love to try something new. Your skin always looks beautiful and I’m in Az we need good programs for our skin.

  37. thank you so much for all your tips. Its encouraged me to seek out more flattering styles and let go of what isn’t working any longer. Poppy is my favorite BC lipstick shade! Love that No. 2 oil . Enjoy your weekend!

  38. I love reading your blog and find it so helpful ! Retired for one year now , I’m 65 and still transitioning from my work wardrobe yo my new life . I would love to try the facial oil from Beautycounter and I hope I win!

  39. Susan,….love all your tips and photos and the contests you run. Thanks for the inspiration you give all of us.

  40. I have started using some of the Countertime products by Beautycounter and I love them!! They have made my skin feel and look so much better! Always interested in hearing more about the products I have not tried yet!

  41. Wow another giveaway! Thanks. must say I am curious about the BeautyCounter line and would love to try it!

  42. I love the colors you use.
    As a red head, not everything works for me, but berry colors seem to work well for many women.
    The bright green in bags, boots and shoes is a helpful idea.

  43. If my complexion could look like yours, I’d buy the complexion oils forever! Thanks very much for your great efforts to help those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to have your great sense of fashion.

  44. Thank you, Susan! I know you love beauty counter products and I’ve been considering switching to that brand to give it a try…’hope I win!

  45. I absolutely love the pop of green added with the purse ❤️ I’ve never used a facial oil…need to read more about these.

  46. I never would have thought of combining the berry scarf with the green purse and navy blazer – I think I’m afraid of color! It looks amazing!

  47. I always like your scarves, however the bright scarf here is extraordinary. It looks marvelous on you!

  48. Thank you, Susan, for taking the time to blog. For me, it reminds me to think about my outfits and know what does and does not look good on my body frame. Our body frames are similar as is our age!! So I love getting new ideas on how to put outfits together. Also, this winter my skin is particularly dry which is something I’ve never experienced. The Beauty Counter skincare looks like a wonderful product and it might be time to try it.

  49. This post was so spot-on! How to dress casually with style is a big concern. Your green bag was a fun surprise!

  50. I love your look! On the schedule for knee surgery in February, so I will feel better and more confident and aspire to your look! Love the idea that Beauty Cointer is natural.

  51. Absolutely fabulous, Susan. I love the idea of pairing the lime green bag with the berry scarf. Something I would never have thought of doing, but it works well, and is a wonderful, unusual pop of colour that makes the look suddenly current.

    Thank you for sharing!

  52. Susan, I love the lip color Poppy – that is me! Thanks for all your great tips – I need to purge after working 11 years for Steinmart, I have lots of sale items that I have worn many times or once! Need to get those “worn one time” items donated!

  53. Susan you look great and I especially love your sunglasses. Here in Australia it is so hot I would love to be all snug up in cosy clothes. Enjoy your day. You look magic

  54. Glad to see your post today.
    I love wearing scarves, and have been trying to figure out skin care for my 57 year old face. I keep hearing about BEAUTYCOUNTER!

  55. I have tried Beauty Counter’s cleansing balm and the moisturizer but my winter skin is begging for more. Your skin looks so supple.

  56. Thank you Susan, for your efforts to help us address the fashion maze. I look to you for inspiration, guidance and just plain common sense.
    Beautycounter has made me love my skin!

  57. I also use the Countertime regime after I read about it in your blog last year. I love them, but do they have a product for deeper facial wrinkles? Thank you for sharing your wisdom with your followers.

  58. Susan
    I guess I started reading your emails about a year ago and I have to say I really enjoy them. You make so much sense when you say buy good things and they last.
    I love seeing how you put things together. You always look so pulled together. I am really trying to buy only what makes me feel good and is comfortable. Also I agree with you if I put something on and it does not look good on me anymore it goes right in the bag to donate.
    Thank you so ,much for all your advice about your beauty care and I also love seeing what you eat.
    You look healthy and that is all that matters anymore.You really look very happy.
    Thanks again
    Toni Morrissey

  59. You inspired me to try Beauty Counter products. The results are comparable to high end , high $$ products. Would love to try the facial oils.

  60. I love the berry scarf! Looks wonderful with the jacket. My colors! Would love to win! Thanks you are an inspiration to me.

  61. Consider me entered to win a Beauty Counter product . I have been using the resurfacing serum for about a week and it is amazing. I’m going to gradually replace my products with that line. Very impressed with it!

  62. I have been using Rodan & Fields products for the past year, (because I wanted to support my niece as a new “consultant”). Not only is my skin drier, but duller. I’m 63 and realistic about the deep wrinkles in my face but I also want to do what I can to maintain healthy skin. Beautycounter may be my answer!
    Susan, I certainly enjoyed meeting you last fall and really appreciate that you share yourself with others. I find your comments on health very motivational and I appreciate your travel summaries too.
    Thank you!
    Gail Oliver

  63. Susan, I love your posts and look to you for guidance as I navigate the 60s! I’ve been looking at Beautycounter products trying to decide where to start with skincare! I would love to have a product to try before making the investment! Thank you for your insights!!

  64. I would love to try the brightening oil. I need something to brighten me!
    Loved your tips and ideas. I eagerly follow you. Thank you

  65. After the past 3 months, anything new helps me get back caring about myself. I’m just happy i found you.
    You have made me smile again when I see your outfits, health and beauty tips. Thanks again, Mary Ann

  66. Hi, I have a lime green bag too and have found it to be very versatile, especially with navy, black and white. Thanks for the visuals which you always provide to illustrate your points. Looking forward to hearing about your FL adventures.

  67. I always look forward to your posts. Your info is relevant, applicable and timely. Thank you for your research and willingness to share with us

  68. I love your berry scarf, it so bright and pretty! Such a happy color combination with the green handbag! You’re style tips have been so helpful to me!

  69. Your tips always make so much sense and are absolutely correct like today’s “Invest in the Basics” tip. Another I really liked were your closet tips. I now have a few cedar hangars and more hooks in my closet, thanks to your post!

  70. Your tips make so much sense and are absolutely correct like today’s “Invest in the Basics” tip. Thanks to your closet post, I’m enjoying some cedar hangars and more hooks in my closet. You do a great job, Susan!

  71. Just received my Countertime and Countermatch order and anxious to try these products. Thanks for the recommendations.

  72. I started using BeautyCounter products a few months ago, and I love the line. I am still trying out some of their other products. I have not yet used the oils.
    I currently use the counter time face cream, eye cream and the peel. I’m looking forward to trying oils next.

    Have you used the body oils? They say they are not greasy? Your thoughts??

    Regarding your blog… fashion tips are perfect for everyone! Thank you.

    1. I do use the body oil, and it is not greasy at all. I put it on after the bath and wait a few minutes, then I put on body lotion and let it sink in while I am putting on my makeup or drying my hair. My winter skin is no longer dry, flaky, and itchy as it has been previously in the dry winter air.

  73. I would love to win any one of the facial oils. It would be especially nice since winter is so hard on my skin.
    Have a blessed week.

  74. Love the Beautycounter products I’ve tried (thanks for the recommendations), but haven’t indulged in these yet!

  75. I love to read your posts!! I would love even more to try your Beautycounter products. Thank you for this opportunity.
    ann lee s

  76. Hello Susan, love your blog!! Getting dressed is so much easier with your tips. I’m 67 and would love to experience a Beauty Counter product! Enjoy your weekend

  77. I’d love the Brightening Oil! Such a great product! Thank you for all if your great suggestions.
    Have a great weekend!!

  78. I didn’t know Beautycounter made facial oils! It was you that got me absolutely hooked on Beautycounter products and Susan, my skin looks great! Thank you for your informative posts. I’m learning so much and would be thrilled to be included in your give away. Thank you!

  79. Love your post! I’ve been following your post since fifty not frumpy, I’ve learned a lot from them, & most of all a new found confidence in myself! Thank you!

  80. Your tips help me so much! And I love Beauty Counter as well. Thank you for all your hard work and your willingness to help other women.
    God bless you!

  81. Susan, your definitely right on avoiding sale rack items. I use to to purchase those sale rack items a couple of years ago and actually never wore them more that twice.
    I like the cute lime bag. The poppy color lipstick I purchased last year. As a matter of fact, the color looks so good on me that I purchased two.
    Thank you for your helpful fashion tips!

  82. Over the past 6 months or so I have been following your blog and can really relate to you style. Your advice has really enhanced my looks which I really appreciate. Since retiring I have been at a bit of a quandary as to what my ‘new’ style should look like. ☺️ Thanks so much for being there for us!

  83. Enjoy your down to earth site so much…..we almost think alike! I would love to try this line,I hesitate to invest in cosmetics. I haven’t use before so winning would be wonderful! Thank you for all of very useful information.

  84. I love your posts! Rarely does anyone share links to items so we can recreate the look. I love the lipstick colors named, too. Thank you!

  85. I learn so much from your style tips! I’m working towards building an interchangeable wardrobe with quality pillar basics, as you call them, to secure any event or outing. I think with getting older, we begin to let loose of all the fluff for added stuff and begin to create items we truly love and items that work well for our lifestyles. I love a good trend but I’m finding so many of them I really don’t need to embrace. BTW, I love the green handbag for Spring!

  86. I’ve been following you for a couple of years now and always love your looks. But I have to confess that I’m afraid to get rid of some of what hangs in my closet for fear of not finding anything that will look nice on my frame. It’s so hard being a shorty!

  87. Have been following you for the past several years and have slowly transformed my wardrobe. I feel comfortable and confident in what I wear, thanks to your advice. Looking forward to trying the Beautycounter line.

  88. Susan dear, please explain to me why I see so many women wearing sunglasses when it is cloudy or even drizzly or raining. Sometimes even inside the stores they wear them. I only wear them when it is very sunny & I am walking straight into the sun. What am I missing?

  89. I read each of your posts and admire your style. My goal is to clean out my closet to have only the pieces I enjoy wearing.

  90. I have bought a number of items from beauty counter simply because of your recommendation. I love their products. Thank you for suggesting them. I am 78 years old but have fairly good skin so that is an uncomplicated regiment that is very good for me. I had just lost my beloved husband of 55 years when I purchased this and it really seem to brighten up my face. I have just ordered the body lotion for after my showers and I think it’s going to be a pleasure too.

  91. I have a jacket similar to the color of your scarf I got at Chico’s in Nov. I have been amazed at how much of my wardrobe it goes with! I have worn it with all my slacks…black, grey, navy, light taupe, and denim, I just pull it together with a scarf and I feel polished and get a lot of comments! I am like you and can’t wear greens but you are helping me to think outside my box of black, gray or navy purses and maybe adding a pop of color in green and orange with purses!
    I will be watching more of your packing videos as I start packing for my down under trip in a couple of weeks!

    Thanks for your time spent in helping so many of us with our style!

  92. Your styling tips are full of wisdom.
    Thank you for your blog.
    I would like to ask what do you exactly mean with “cool skin tone .Do you mean the gray hair or a pale skin tone.
    You are beautiful with the winter outfit with the berry-colored cashmere scarf f!
    Lukia (from Mediterranean Greece)

    1. Lukia, since you are from Greece, you likely have beautiful olive tone skin and dark hair. I am of Northern European descent, so my skin is pale with a bluish cast. The veins on the back of my wrists appear blue. When the veins appear to be green, that indicates that the person has warm coloring. Olive skin is more neutral and might look equally good in gold or silver. I look much better in silver.

  93. Great tips as always.
    I have been wanting to try beauty counter & have been waiting to pull the trigger.
    I would love to try any of these products.
    I love facial oils & have heard great things about the brightening oil.
    It is gorgeous but very dry in Socal.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  94. Thank you for your post as I have now been using Beautycounter products and love them I am slowly building up my regiment. Would love to win something.

  95. Hi Susan, I love your look today especially the coloured scarf. I would love to win your favourite facial oil.
    Thanks, Irene

  96. Hello Susan,

    I would love to try the brightening facial oil as I have never used a facial oil before and am curious as to how hydrating and illuminating it is and whether it has a greasy feel. I’m so glad I found your website as have learned so much over the months I have been a subscriber. Thank you.

    Halina Hassard

  97. Hi Susan – I have followed your posts for many years now and have been inspired. The color combination in this post is particularly striking!

  98. Hi Susan. Just a quick note… Now that you are not buying current stuff, I have missed the details of your outfits…. Brands, sizing etc… Glad to see them back in this post…

  99. I have recently lost 50 lbs and discovered your blog while looking for how to dress appropriately for my new body. Thanks for all the great tips, at age 62 I am having fun with fashion again. I have also started taking better care of my skin and this facial oil would be a great addition. Thanks again for the blog, I love it!

  100. Enjoy following you. You inspire me to be more thoughtful about my purchases and have helped me to make better choices from my existing wardrobe. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  101. I have recently started using a few Beauty Counter products. I haven’t tried the oil. I would love to win this. I enjoy reading about your great style tips. Which have helped me.

  102. So classic! I live in NC so always enjoy your posts about travels around the state. Hope to get to TN some day. I give more thought to my clothing purchases after following you!

  103. These tips are great, I plan to put several into action in my wardrobe. Trimming down my wardrobe to things that fit In a flattering way is my number one goal. You look spiffy and up to date !

  104. Really enjoy your posts! Great idea on adding weather info. & your activities. Love a giveaway! These oils are a new idea to me.

  105. I’ve never tried Beautycounter products. Actually had never even heard of them until you started posting about them. Your skin looks so great. I love reading your blog especially when you talk about your mostly plant based diet. I’ve enjoyed the scarves I’ve purchased from you and where them often. Blessings Barb

  106. Love those Levi’s but none are available in my area. I’ve found that the all cotton Levi’s are the best, and do not shrink considerably after many washes. I also agree with your less-is-more approach. Thanks for sharing!

  107. I have been following you for over a year now and still loving the tips you give. I found a picture of you on pintrest with a white tee, white pants, and a Pink Jacket…fabulous …….thanks again for all your information…Nola Frisbee

  108. Hi Susan, I have been interested in the Beauty Counter products you mention in your blog. I would love to try a sample.
    Tess Watt Thompson

  109. Even though I am in my early 60’s, I have combination skin. Would the oil work for my skin type? If so, would like to try. Thank you for all you do.

  110. I really enjoy your posts, I’ve been in the market for a new skin care product, and from your strong endorsement of the
    Beautycounter line, I’m sold.

  111. I appreciate each of ur posts. I am gradually quality not quantity. Use what I have and get rid of what I don’t use or need. Thank you so much/p

  112. Love the lime green bag and the price. Nice to have but not a color I would like to make an investment in.

  113. Hi Susan, such clever, useful tips. I would love to try your favourite oil. It is very generous of you to offer

  114. Susan, I love your blog and style tips! This outfit idea is simple yet stylish and happy, and I will try it soon as I already own similar pieces.
    Would like to try one of the Beauty Counter products.
    Thanks for giving us the opportunity!

  115. As always, your common sense style tips inspire and inform! I would love an update on the changes in your life-retirement,etc. I rehearse for upcoming changes in my own life by reading about how others are navigating this phase.

  116. I love all of your tips and advice. It’s so helpful. I’d love to try one of the oils. They all sound nice and might help me with my dry skin!

  117. I looove this look, especially that beautiful scarf! Thanks for the inspiration, I would love to try the facial oil!

  118. Hi,
    Facial Oils are new to me. I typically use a daytime moisturizer every morning. I’m wondering if the facial oil would be a replacement or a supplement to moisturizer in the morning routine.

    1. It is the last item I pat on my face, neck, and bodice. Always start with the lightest weight product and move on to the heavier ones. Cleanser – Toner – Serum – Daytime or Nighttime Moisturizer – Eye Cream – Oil
      I also use Counter+ Overnight Resurfacing Peel. Directions – Allow product to absorb fully (3 to 5 minutes), then follow with a moisturizer. Use every other night.

  119. Would love to try the brightening facial oil as your complexion looks fabulous and believe that is the one you usually use, thank you.

  120. I currently use Beautycounter and think it’s great. My daughter gave me the holiday set of the 3 oils. What a difference it made. I’ll be using number 1 as part of my daily regiment.

  121. Thank you Susan for all your helpful advice. It has made such an impact on
    Defining my style as a mature women now. I am beginning to add beautiful yet classy handbags to my look because of your blog. ❤️

  122. I love the color of your bag. This posting reminded me that I have one the same color and I need to get it out and use it. I have dry skin and have been looking at the products you suggest.

  123. Your skin is lovely. You’ve discussed the benefits of basics, dressing, eating, and skin care. I’ve found, the older I get, the ,more I am drawn to simplicity in all things. I’d love a chance to try one of the products.

  124. I’m always inspired to try something new after I read your blog. HELP! I live in a cold, gray city and my skin is so dry! I could use a new facial product.

  125. Thank you Susan for today’s post! Navy is a base color in my wardrobe. I loved the ideas for brightening it! I didn’t think of using colors I like, but can’t wear, as a way to do this. I’d love to be considered for one of the facial oils. My face needs brightening too!

  126. Love the lime green bag, Susan. As for buying the best you can, I’m slowly buying Eileen Fisher clothing when discounted. They are great for travelling, wash & dry quickly and this company will buy your old pieces back (haven’t done that, yet, so can’t speak on this one).

  127. After following your blog I Started experimenting with scarves never worn before. Prior to that they were on the way to the donate bin!

  128. Thank you Susan! I agree about lime green; using it as an accent color only. I had not thought of a purse in that color. I bought an orange purse which is also a fun color in small doses! Celebrated my 63rd birthday yesterday; waking up feeling a bit “older”, but as the day wore on and I received many celebratory wishes, I chose to work in my garden and dig in the dirt! As my Dad used to say “better than the alternative”! Hugs!

  129. I look forward to this blog every week. Keep up the great work of encouragement and style! I’m shopping for classics….and I hear “What would Susan Say”. lol! Thanks for being you!

  130. I enjoy your news letter. I have a new appreciation for scarves. You have helped me learn how to tie them and wear them in different ways.

  131. Hi Susan,

    I would love winning the “Brightening Facial Oil”. I now have what I affectionately call character lines and also my other name for these lines around my mouth I call “cat whiskers.” I guess this comes with wisdom, I’ve earned them, however a nice facial oil would be nice to try.

    in Arizona

  132. I do not have an “oil treatment” in my skin routine and would like to try one. Thank you & hope I win!!!LOL

  133. I have really enjoyed your blogs since I discovered you this year! I like the fact that you talk about and show how to wear what you own. I struggle with this issue a lot. Thanks for your good work!

  134. Hello Susan,
    I enjoy getting your posts and am learning some new styling trends from you. I have not tried the beauty counter products yet but would look forward to a new product for my skin.

    Thank you,

  135. I would love to win the Beautycounter facial oil. I am 61, battling chronic Lyme disease and mold toxicity. This battle has not been kind to my skin and I would like to see how the oil improves my skin (rosacea)!
    I love your blog. I am a classic dresser, too, and find many of your posts very informative!

  136. I have been working on a purge during January. I decided to wear everything in my closet then choose what I felt the best in, the remainder to an organization that helps women dress for success. It was good to clear out items that don’t work with my skin/hair color or the fit was not right for my body shape.

  137. I’ve checked out the Beautycounter product pages. It looks like a great line, but I have a lot of ‘great’ products in my bathroom now. And since I’m on a fixed budget I can’t afford to ‘try’ something new. It would be great to have a chance to try their products for free. Either way, I am loving you website and daily emails. Keep them coming.

  138. Hi, Would love to win one of your beauty give aways. Any advice about black circles and bags under eyes? Sometimes I think concealer makes them look worse. I’m about to turn 66 and without these bags I could probably look a lot younger.
    Thanks. Sara

    1. I’m right there with you on the bags. Fat pockets develope there with age. As far as I know, surgery is the only way to get rid of them. I also avoid any concealer or foundation in the eye area.

  139. Love your suggestions and fashion ideas! Look forward to each new read. Would love to be considered to receive facial oil as nothing seems to quench my thirsty skin for long!

  140. As a solo female, I travel internationally. I carry leather bags that have a top zipper to avoid spilling items during security or when it suddenly ends up on the floor of transportation: limousine or a taxi. As I get older, the bags seem to be getting heavier. Do you have any ideas for bag styles that hold travel documents, are leather, light-weight, and low-profile? Thank you!

      1. DW – you asked about lighter bags for travelling?

        I know what you mean about leather bags – so chic but heavy! Now I only travel with black, navy or khaki coloured nylon or light canvas handbags that have zippered tops & an adjustable shoulder strap. They are extremely light and depending on the size you buy, they can carry as much as you require. Also, if mine get dirty, I can usually wash one in a hotel sink at night & it’s dry by the next day, but check this out before you leave home.
        I live in Canada, so I don’t know if these brands of handbags are available where you live : Kipling, Olsen ( is international ). A very expensive line, which I don’t have, is the French company Longchamp. I also bought a beautiful black nylon handbag with lots of zippered compartments & adjustable strap, for $15 at our local pharmacy! Good luck and safe travels!

  141. I have been following you for many years.
    You never fail to enlighten with your advice.
    I hope you have many more good years in life

  142. Getting a free sample to try is one of the best ideas so people like myself can actually try a product you subscribe and see if they want to purchase the item in the future.
    Clara from Iowa

  143. Another post for my files. I love all these tips and if I can dress just half as nice as you, I will be happy. : )

  144. I’ve become a follower of yours this past year. I’m 72 and find you way of dressing very appealing. I’ve had melanoma surgery twice on my face, under and including my lower lash on the left side. My plastic surgeon has done wonders and my lower lashes are back. I have been using a product for skin care and makeup since about 2004 but am considering trying Beautycounter. I love your natural look and have always strive for a no makeup look. Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky!

  145. Dear Susan,
    I love that green bag and using it as an accessory because you love the color but away from your face is perfect. It pops against the outfit so much more than a usual black or matching to your shoe. Fab!

  146. Love your scarf, jacket, jeans and just-for-fun green bag, Susan, along with your tips on what to wear. Your blog is the very best, and you’re so honest and lovely! We all try and be like Susan!

  147. I would be pleased to win a facial oil. I am in the midst of moving from SC to Montana and will need to be more conscious of applying more facial oil in the cold weather.

  148. Love the pop of color with the green purse and scarf. I tend to dress monochromatic but from now on I will try more colors! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  149. Susan, I hope you are enjoying your Florida stay. (Naples, I think?) ..I winter in Venice, just up the Trail, and it has been quite chilly here! I would love to try your facial oils!

  150. Never thought to use my purse as the color that does not work with my skin tone. Great suggestion! Should try the facial oil. my face gets so dry in the winter months! Thank you, Susan, for all you share with us!

  151. Thank you for introducing me to Beautycounter. I started with the mineral oil and now almost exclusively use BC products. I can’t say enough about the Overnight resurfacing peel–it cleared up bumps I had that my dermatologist said nothing could be done about. Then after 50 years of Ivory soap, I decided to try the Countertime cleansing oil, oh my, perfect! I would love to try the plumping mineral oil.

  152. I would love to try one of the BeautyCounter Products! I have admired how beautiful your skin looks Susan, so it must work!!
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  153. Oh my goodness! Could I ever use some of that facial oil. Our Canadian winters are so hard on my skin!

  154. I have been following you for quite some time, and love to use your examples in my own life. I recently retired and want to enjoy each day! Thank you for being an inspiration to many!

  155. Dear Susan,
    I have enjoyed your blog for sometime now. You really inspire me and I love the clothes you wear. Thanks so much for inspiration and being a muse to me.

    Norma Houze

    1. They are both acceptable for daily casual wear, but I like Talbot’s jeans best for the way they fit and hold up to wearing all day. I just recently tried the Talbot’s jeans, and the better quality won me over.

  156. I love your fun green bag! I can’t wear that color next to my face either, but this would be a good way to solve that problem. My compliments! You are inspiring and always look great!

  157. Hello Susan, I am 65 and I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I have been followinng your blog for about a year or so.. I love your style, although very different to mine as I enjoy wearing dresses, skirts and a lot of floral tops, however I still have taken so much from your blog. I went to Paris, Belfast and then on to Amsterdam in August/ September last year and your travel packing ideas helped me tremendously. Paris and Amsterdam temperatures were in the high 20°C, while Belfast was much cooler and with your packing suggestions I was able to pack into a small carry on suitcase and still be prepared for all the weather that I encounted.
    It was a treat having luggage that was easy to take from place to place. In Belfast I had to purchase another small bag as I did a bit of shopping and had to check it in, c’est la vie!

    I also enjoy your comments on food and the outings you go on. Thank you for all your interesting tropics.
    Best wishes,

  158. You always look so classy. I see how you out together
    An outfit and ask self why didn’t I think of that.
    I have learned so many basics following you. This is my first time texting you
    And I must say I really enjoy your blog.
    Thank you

  159. Hi I have just found your site and have devoured every article you have written at least on Pinterest now I’m on your don’t com site..
    Love the trips you and Mr. Mickey take they remind me of times I spent with my parents. Many of the places are familiar.
    I hope you don’t retire your sites. Wonderful ideas ! Keep it up ! Enjoy your holidays…….Karen Ziegler

  160. Your close up is beautiful! I enjoyed reading your comments, I just retired, but don’t want to look frumpy And you gave me great ideas for a class reunion in October, using a dress I already have.Thanks so much!

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