Tone It Down

Do you have pieces in your closet that you rarely wear because you feel that they might be too youthful or showy?

Such is the case with my coated jeans from Chico’s a few years ago. From a distance, they appear to be leather pants, but they are indeed coated blue denim. They fit well, and they are very comfortable, but I usually choose to wear other pants.

On Sunday, I paired those coated jeans with a longer navy blazer from Neiman Marcus Last Call, a silver-gray tank, and Nine West black loafers from Dillard’s last year to bring them down a notch. Adding the soft blanket scarf further toned down the edginess of the pants, as does the bag. The classic Chanel chain bag inspires it, but it was from Express a few years ago. When I buy for myself or the shop, I always look for classic styles of good quality at a reasonable price so that they can be worn in a variety of ways for years to come.

I must share my personal experience with the above product with you. For more than six months, I had one of those crusty barnacle age spots under my left eye on my cheek. It was one of those benign spots that my Dermatologist calls a “wisdom spot.” After only five days of putting a small amount of the Balancing Oil from Beautycounter here on it, it is gone. No more flaking spot!

  1. LOVE this look. Classic+Edgy=Elegant. On another note, I have had great success applying tretinoin (aka Retin-A) directly to those spots when they come up, for a few days in a row, and they are usually gone within a week, as they get “exfoliated”. I am sure many of us following this blog spread tretinoin over our faces once (or more) a week. It works for those stubborn “keratoses” of age too!

  2. I love these pants…and I really like how your paired them with the rest of your outfit. Going over to your shopping site to do some looking!!?? Thank you!

  3. I really appreciate this post, as I have been wrestling with whether or not I “should” wear faux leather blocked leggings. I’m slim, in my early sixties — and I love seeing faux leather (and coated pants like yours in this post) on other “mature” women.

    I think the look is terrific, especially when toned done with classic, classy accessories, as you have done here, or a simple tunic. But I am not sure if I have the courage to wear them myself!

    Again, it is hard to escape that nagging question: Am I too old to wear this? I would love to read comments from other gals my age who are confused about leather and faux leather pants…
    Thanks, Susan!

  4. I don’t thinks these pants are showy and definitely not to young for you. This outfit looked stunning on you! I am going to be 70 soon and I wouldn’t think twice about wearing those pants.

  5. if it looks good (they do!) wear with a smile! You look great. We all need to be confident and comfortable and who cares what the age rules are? They’re only there to be broken by classy lasses such as you!

  6. I really enjoy your blog. You encourage me to dress for myself and buy quality pieces, fewer of them, but classics. Thank you! I have never posted a negative comment, but I am hoping you will take this as a genuine question not a criticism. The shoes being worn in this outfit really threw me off. It look like too much black, harshness with those pants. What am I missing? Am I just off? Or, is it because I don’t often see so much black as many wear other colors, like nude, with black pants? Or….is it I just don’t usually like that type of shoe? What is my problem? lol

    1. I take into consideration the weather, the time of day and the look as a whole when I decide which shoes to wear. I needed a more bulky dark shoe to balance this look. A nude shoe would have been too light in both color and weight with this look. If I had been wearing a light weight tunic with the sleeves pushed up, I could have worn a nude shoe or strappy sandals.

  7. Hi Susan…I very much look forward to your blog writings. My question is not relatered to today’s article… I am wondering if you could briefly comment on colors to wear having brown hair… Your hair is magnificent…
    I am mid 60s and looking to spruce up my look….I have incorporated many of your ideas…thank you so much….

    1. It matters most if your skin and eyes are warm or cool. Your hair is not so important when choosing colors to wear. If you like gold metal jewelry best, you might have warm coloring. If however, you enjoy wearing silver jewelry best, that would mean you might like cool colors best. Everyone can wear any color they like, but certain tones of those colors will look better on you than others. For example, I look well rested and vibrant in a cool blue red, but very ill when I wear a warm orange-red.

  8. Hi Susan
    I’m curious how you keep your sleeves pushed up. I like pushing my sleeves up for a couple different reasons by they just don’t stay. Any secrets?

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