Duplicate Favorites

If you visit my home, you will find that I am a creature of habit, so if I find something that adds value or pleases me, I go all in. When I wore this look, we were joining friends for dinner at a casual restaurant. I didn’t want to wear pants again, so I opted for the knit tank dress and simple accessories.

I have owned countless crepe and soft knit tank dresses since the 80s. I wear them with cropped jackets, denim jackets, short cardigans, and an endless variety of accessories. So, I’m sold when I find a simple column of a dark solid color that ends below my thick calves. Similar knit tank dresses are here and here.

A soft, lightweight cotton cardigan with a V-neckline that ends at mid-hip? Yes, please! In which colors does it come? I have this same style in navy, gray and red. A similar cardigan is here. My favorite cardigans, jackets, and denim jackets mainly were purchased here and here.

When I try on a pair of loafers that feel like an old friend, I’ll likely buy every color made if they flatter my skin tone and work with my wardrobe. I have worn these loafers countless times! Some of these colors (and others!) are still available here. My favorite no-show sock liners are here.

I wore the look below for my brisk morning walk in the rain and a quick trip to the garden center. (Keep reading to see what I purchased!)

Denim shirts and platform sneakers are also recurring themes in my casual and sporty attire. I have owned more than thirty denim shirts, and I wear them to shreds. However, these days, I look better in dark washes. My denim shirt is here. Similar yoga pants are here. My favorite no-show sport socks are here.

Since I have short thick calves, platform sneakers always win out over the pancake-flat versions. Heels or slightly platform shoes provide more balance with my proportions. Similar shoes are linked: Converse here – Keds here.

Italy and its varied regions have held sway over my heart and bookcases for decades. Italian food has always been my favorite. So I am learning to prepare a few regional dishes since travel isn’t likely soon.

Mushrooms and beans replace meat in my meals, so I learned to prepare mushrooms so that they are not mushy but full of flavor and texture. First, remove them from plastic if you must purchase them packaged that way. Next, place them on a drying rack for a few hours before wrapping them in a cheesecloth, clean dish towel, or placing them in a brown paper bag in the refrigerator until you are ready to use them. Here’s my favorite video on how to prepare mushrooms.

This week, I purchased some herbs at my local garden center and new clean clay pots for them. I keep them on the screened porch so that the landscape guys don’t spray them with pesticides. Adding fresh herbs before serving a dish adds terrific flavor and bright color.

When I purchase fresh-cut herbs at the market, I remove them from the carton and place them in a glass with fresh water in front of a window.

I enjoy reading your positive comments and questions. Thank you for being part of this community. I may earn a small commission via shopping and affiliate links on this site at no additional cost to you.

  1. You do look lovely in the dresses you choose Susan!
    I too will buy multiples of the same or similar items that I really like, especially as it can be difficult to find what I really want in plus sizes. The black or navy tank type dress has been a staple for me for years.
    I do like the way you have put your fresh herbs in such an elegant glass. I might try this with the odd pieces of crystal and glassware remaining from broken sets, I was thinking about throwing it out.
    We are on day 9 of a new nation-wide lockdown here in NZ as the Delta variant of Covid has snuck into our country. A difficult and worrying time but I am distracting myself sorting out my wardrobe and my cupboards. I do enjoy your posts especially now, and now I have a new use for the glasses!

  2. beautiful Susanna! Don’t criticize your calves, you have beautiful proportions! And the dresses suit you very well, You are feminine and delicate in dresses)))

  3. I have made the move to dresses BIG time this past year– ahem. . . some Covid pounds and they are soo much cooler than pants, to me. Dresses hide a multitude of sins. ha! My body shape is almost total opposite yours so I’ve been wearing empire waist dresses which I always get compliments when I wear them. Land’s End had some great ones. Thanks for the tips about how to take care of mushrooms and herbs.

  4. I am so glad that I found your blog and I also follow your Instagram account. I live in Kingsport so we’re neighbors! Thanks for sharing your life and adventures!

  5. Thank you Susan! Today is my 60th birthday and finding your blog has helped in so many ways as I tweak and implement new habits and styles. Aging healthfully, gracefully and surrounded with love has me excited for the coming decade. Best wishes to you and thank you for continuing to inspire and teach others.

  6. You look beautiful, and this is a go-to look for me, too.
    I haven’t purchased from Eileen Fisher before, but I do like the values of that company, and I like that the dress was made in the USA.
    As another commenter said, I am wearing almost all dresses in this season. I find them flattering and much more comfortable than jeans or pants, mostly because I carry extra weight in my middle. Dresses are just more forgiving, and also makes getting dressed easier…I pick out one thing, and I’m ready to go!
    I usually put my fresh herbs in a beautiful glass in the fridge, but I like the idea of putting them in the window much better! Seeing that beautiful green and remembering my two trips to Italy would be a tiny bit of good self-care that I had never considered before!
    Thank you!

  7. I always look forward to your posts. They are positive and focus on taking steps to make our lives better. I really appreciate your practical, instructive blog.

  8. Susan, I love your blog! I learn so much; thank you for sharing your knowledge.
    So happy so see you embracing sneakers!! Chosen wisely, they up our “cool” factor big time and allow us to be more comfortable as we age.

  9. Susan,

    I was recently reminded that high-end casual sneakers have small lifts in them, and when I was a college student in the 80s, we used to put small lifts in our sneakers to elongate our legs. How did I forget this?!?! (Obviously, not for running, playing tennis, etc. Just for casual wear.) I found some on Amazon.

    Maybe this will help someone else.

    As always, you are so elegant, yet approachable. I appreciate your blog so much.

  10. I’ve found storing my fresh herbs in water with a zip-type bag over them and putting in the fridge works well.

  11. I especially like the casual look with the denim shirt. Your short hair looks great. I always look forward to your adventures!

  12. You look beautiful as always. I love the denim shirt it might work for me. Does it run large? I have to wear a plus size. Susan, do you mostly order on line or do you try the clothes in person?

    Thanks, Judy

    1. Hi Judy. The shirt has a slightly relaxed fit. I ordered a larger size to avoid the gap at the bust.
      I almost always order online, but only when I am familiar with the sizing of the line.

  13. I love the fresh herbs in my food! They’re also very good for you. I’m glad you’re doing well. Love the advice!

  14. Susan,
    Thank you so much for your posts on Susan After 60 and videos that I have seen on Youtube. They are very informative and have helped me very much as we have the same tastes in classic clothing and are about the same age. I order most things these days. I am using the Beauty Counter skincare line now and am happy with it. Your food tips are also helpful as I am very allergic to some foods, and, as of now, must eat a Paleo diet with cooked vegetables only, (no legumes), meats and fish, fruits, gluten free, drink rice milk, lots of water, green tea and coffee. This is a big change that I am getting used to slowly. I just purchased a Berkey water filter. Again, thanks for your informative posts.

  15. I started following you because of your tips on dressing. But I also thoroughly enjoy learning new eating habits from healthy lifestyles. Thank you for all you share.

  16. Hi Susan! Could you tell me where to purchase the Chanel look pumps? I believe you have in a previous video, but I can’t seem to find it. Thank you and have a great weekend,

  17. Good Morell
    You are my inspirational every day!! What to wear has always been a concern to me now I have your beautiful recommend attire making my day joyful
    Being 73 your emails are always the first I open every morning
    Have an enjoyable day my best from
    Puerto Rico

  18. You look beautiful in the red jacket, especially. Always put together and dignified looking in anything.

  19. A great varied post, thank you for sharing. I loved all your outfits and the little antidotes.
    In our local Supermarket her in Wales where I live in a lot of our herbs are sold living
    in little compost pots. My favourite is the small leaves of Greek Basil. I put the little terracotta
    pot on my kitchen table , water it every day and the smell is divine, it lasts for weeks .
    Thank you Susan for all your inspiration on various topics . Your fabulous foods ones are fast
    becoming my favourite, the fab date night food with Mr Mickey on your table looks so tasty.
    One post you mentioned Champagne Vinegar , must admit I haven’t heard of that one , sounds good.
    As always take care, Pamela from Wales UK.

  20. Good morning Susan. I always enjoy reading your posts. Thank you for giving us ideas and useful information! Keep them coming!

  21. Susan,
    I don’t mean to be sexist, but you are stunningly exquisite. When you wear a touch of red and dress in heels, you literally make my day. Thank you for sharing your beauty and grace and unmatched style. You photograph so well. I could look at your images and read your words all day long. I send you my deep appreciation and admiration.

  22. I love the Sheec no-show socks!! I bought sets in nude and the thicker black ones for tennis shoes. They stay up so well! I thought they were expensive until I received and wore them – worth every penny! Thank you

  23. Ah, edible plants on the screened porch, so easy to access. I actually grew lettuce there this year Cut it and it regrows. How handy is that. i have a lawn maintenance man who over does his weed eater. I love his work, but often find myself putting rocks around something I don’t want cut off.
    Your wardrobe is so inspiring.

  24. Susan, this post from beginning to end was so uplifting! After you make your way through the great lineup of books shown in the photo, you may enjoy “The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Post” by Allison Pataki, one of my favorite authors. It will be released February 5, 2022.

  25. Hi Susan –

    Greetings from Massachusetts!

    Can’t thank you enough for all your “tips” on fashion, particularly putting outfits together. With your guidance and photos, I feel more confident than ever when I step out of the house to go to dinner or grocery shop! I even use your dressing tips before I take a walk! Hands down, that makes you my personal inspiration, (aka my new best friend, although I’ve been following you for over a year and a half now!) I look forward to your emails. Please keep them coming!

    Be well and stay safe!
    Julie Johnston

  26. This was on my Facebook feed today and I thought you would enjoy seeing it. It is from CNN, so I think we are safe opening it. If it makes you nervous, I think you can Google this well-dressed elderly couple, their names are Gunther Krabbenhoft and Britt Kanja.

  27. I am working on pairing down my wardrobe & love your tips on how to put things together. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  28. Susan, I love a good read too. There’s always a book on my nightstand. So, I’ll pass this along to you as well. “Maiden Voyages” by Sian Evans. I haven’t read it yet but it sounds intriguing. Happy reading!

  29. Very informative and interesting post. Boy, KEDS have come a long way, haven’t they? The cream color ones you show are so cute! I love tank dresses too, but am always compelled to wear something over them, thus I don’t wear them much because it’s too hot here for wearing cardigans or jackets. Denim shirts have never been my thing, but suddenly, I have 3 and I really like them. I love how you show outfits and tell us where you are wearing them. Thanks for the fun post!

  30. I am very pleased you write all the admirers are community!
    I feel like that .
    Very useful post about duplicates.
    By the way ,at the first pocture you look like my favorite Doris Day! Big Joy!
    Thank you for sharing.

  31. Loved the concept of multiples, especially the 4 pairs of shoes lined up, and wonder how come I never really though of that. I do stay with certain brands that I know to be comfy, but why not take that to the next level?
    You always look so elegant, even in an outfit that includes sneakers and a chambray shirt.

  32. Thanks so much for this informative post.
    I love fashion but food is big in my world.
    Plan to investigate all the cook books you
    Show, as I roam an Italian food lover.

  33. Great post! Years ago, I read somewhere that Jackie Kennedy bought duplicates of things she loved. I thought it was genius. When I find something that fits and works well, I will purchase in multiple colors or purchase backups. I laughed when I saw your Sam Edelman loafers. I own 6 pairs of those as they are wonderful loafers, perfect for travel. When I gave up heels, I researched and sought out nice loafers and flats, and sneakers. I have lots of comfortable shoes that work with my wardrobe. I just discovered a new brand of sneakers called Cariuma (here) which I purchased online. The footbed is removable (and replaceable) and is made of cork – they are very comfortable.

  34. Hello Susan,

    Love your classic style and look forward to your to your blog.
    My question is: When you pack for vacation, how do you get everything in your carryon bag?
    I am planning a nine day vacation to upper West U. S. next week and hope to get everything in a carryon to avoid extra fees for luggage.
    Thanks so much. A fellow Tennessean.

    1. I hope you have a lovely vacation, Diana. I would pack pieces that can be mixed and matched and also layered as needed. Make sure all the pieces work with each other. Take two pairs of shoes in different styles and wear your bulkiest items when you travel.

  35. I so enjoy all your posts. Your style is impeccable. My figure is not remotely like yours but I find your advice so helpful.

  36. Susan, you are adorable! Your wardrobe descriptions remind me of when I had a Barbie Doll – I loved looking and reading about the various outfits in the tiny catalogs that came with a new ensemble: “After 5”; “Orange Blossom” and many others.
    Keep up this amazing blog! I will be 70 in 2 weeks but still want to dress appropriately young.❤️

  37. Susan,
    Your new shorter haircut is most becoming!
    I also chopped off about 4inches of my naturally grey hair this spring and love my new shorter cut!
    Congratulations on your upcoming birthday!
    You look great and your advice is timeless.

  38. I am all over the “buy one in every color” plan! Especially if they are on sale.
    I also will buy shoes in unusual colors if I find them on sale…they always come in handy
    and go with some thing I already have or perk up something monochromatic!
    I am 64, 5’ 2”, 115 lbs I usually wear a 4 in jeans or slacks…any good brand, occasionally a 2.
    Keep up the great style, girl! God bless you ❤️

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