Opening Night

Our Johnson City Symphony Orchestra gave a splendid performance on the 2017 – 2018 season’s opening night.

After a brutal week, I was ready to put it all behind me and enjoy a perfect evening, including dinner at our favorite restaurant and visiting with great friends before one of the best performances I have ever had the pleasure of attending.

My look for this evening included booties by Vince Camuto with a similar pewter color clutch bag from T.J.Maxx, both from a couple of years ago. The pants are my old reliable Travelers from Chico’s. My lip color is The Sheer Lipstick, Scarlet from Beautycounter.

The charcoal gray color moto-style biker jacket is by Clara Sunwoo from

The difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.

  1. Hi Susan….interesting that you say this jacket is gray….it looked blue to me. Looks great! I bought a similar one for myself but have been giving it seconds thoughts, thinking I’m too old for it.

    1. Lighting and monitors can make colors look off. It is the charcoal gray color with a silver color zipper. Try wearing yours open with a tank top and jeans. I plan to wear this style forever because the style is flattering for my shape and the length of my legs.

  2. You look gorgeous as usual, love love love everything about this style especially the French Kande medallion on a lighter chain. So glad you enjoyed the evening.

  3. It looks blue to me — but never mind; colors change in cyberspace! Black and gray with pewter/silver-toned accents: great combination!

  4. I too love travelers pants by Chico. Your leg opening looks narrower than the linked pants, I think. Have you also worn the slim leg and/or the crepe pants?

  5. Love this look on you. Although my style is somewhat different than yours, I have learned SO much from you and, most importantly, been inspired to mindfully dress for every occasion, even staying home. It just makes me feel so much better when I look my best, as I come to peace with and accept the changes of age, gracefully. Your blog is a real bright spot in our chaotic world!

  6. Your outfit is perfectly put together and the colors are very complimentary for you! You certainly know yourself well choosing such flattering colors and shapes. I love your blog and look forward to each post. Thank you!

  7. This is such a fabulous look on you….love this jacket too. Not the right color for me, but in love with the style. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love the outfit! I have to get this jacket, it’s a great classic one for keeps!! Thank you for
    sharing! You are awesome inspiration for me!!

  9. Ohmigosh, those shoes! The whole outfit, actually — but those shoes! Drool! For some reason they made me think of a woman who lived down the street from me years ago. She was 91 & the picture of classic elegance, although she could out-swear me & I’m no slouch in the profanity department. I was out for my evening walk one day when she, her son & grand-daughter came out of her picture-perfect little house, on their way to a local theatre production of Cats. She was wearing a black flowy jacket over a silver cowl-necked top & ankle length black skirt, big hoop earrings, rings galore, nails painted, lipstick freshly applied & strappy silver sandals with a smart but cautious 2″ heel (red toenails, too, btw!). At 91. I decided then & there on that very spot I was not giving in to the commonly-held wisdom that “old ladies” should fade quietly away without a fight! LOL!

  10. I’m sorry you had a brutal week, but your outfit kicks the rotten to the curb in every way! Spectacular ensemble for a Healing night of music.

  11. That’s an outstanding jacket and you must have received a lot of compliments on it. The stand up collar frames your face and the studs pull your eyes away from the front, even though the Tankee bra (best bra in the world!) makes you look ten years younger. No matter what colour this jacket is, you looked fabulous in it! Thanks for your inspiration to keep our lives active and interesting!

  12. You do look fabulous and am glad you enjoyed yourself after a hard week. I appreciate your positivity and look forward to your posts. Thank you.

  13. Hi Susan I think you are an inspiration. This outfit is one of the best I have seen on you, it makes you look super slim and look as if your legs go on forever.
    Simply wow. Bye the way I think you look great in your long line dresses also, but we do not see you very often in dresses.
    I think I will be buying a new moto jacket Thank you.

  14. Love this outfit, special your new “biker” elegant jacket (it gives a modern young look opposite the grey hair)
    love how your post ends:
    The difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.

  15. Love this look on you! This is the classic Susan formula that is my inspiration-dark solid colum dressing with a fitted jacket and edgy heels. Nailed it.

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