Easy Choices

Collecting pieces that can be worn to run errands as easily as they can be dressed up and worn out to dinner makes perfect sense to me.

There are many Clara Sunwoo tops in my wardrobe for these reasons. The fabric drapes and flows beautifully across your body. I wash them in cold water and hang them to dry. No ironing is needed. They are perfect to wear with dressy pants, jeans, leggings, skirts, or even over a tank dress. The necklines are usually simple and flattering so that I can layer jewelry or scarves over them. Simplicity is one of my style keywords.

Dressing for working at home or running out to the bank, Post Office, and the grocery store should be effortless. My workdays regularly start at four in the morning and don’t end until seven in the evening, so I require comfortable clothes to dress up or down in a snap. While the temperatures remain in the eighties, I add a small scarf to my tote’s handle instead of my neck.

The white jeans are from Chico’s last year. The tote is by Zac Posen. The oversize cat-eye sunglasses are by Balenciaga. The slip-on silver sneakers are by Keds. (I found the previous three items at SaksOff5th.) The waterfall hem top is by Clara Sunwoo via ShopMyFairLady.com here.

  1. Love this look. I have those Keds in silver and grey. They are my new go to casual shoes. Have a great weekend.

  2. I’ve bought several Clara Sun Woo tops at your suggestion and I love the fit and style, but I’ve been disappointed with the fabric. Even before being washed, they are already pilling .

  3. If there is anything more classy, classic & just plain gorgeous than clear black paired with bright white, I have yet to discover it. I sometimes worry that I’m stylistically boring — I pretty much live in various combinations & permutations of black & white & jeans — but then I see someone else wearing it and think, nope. Not boring at all. Not everyone can wear them, of course, but for those of us who can: hell yeah! And I celebrate the day I realized that v-necks suit me so much better than round ones! It’s amazing what a difference something that simple can make to your whole outfit, & consequently your whole day. I envy anyone who figures all this stuff out earlier than I did, btw — I coulda used your wisdom a few decades ago, Susan! But I am glad you’re here now. Great post, as always.

  4. Simple and easy is good for me. I like your shoes & have several similar in leather & fabric. They are good for when I want the feel of a sneaker & are easy to get on & off..the leather are also nice on rainy days. Hoping you had a happy wkend!

  5. Susan, I love the tops you wear, but rarely do I see any in Petit sizes. I’m 5 2″ wouldn’t they be too long for someone my size?……. Thank you

    1. Some companies also offer petite sizes in the same items I show in standard sizes. (Talbots and Chico’s come to mind.) You may also be able to find some basics styles similar to the ones I show, in petite sizes.

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