How I Store Scarves

My favorite part of cooler weather is reaching for a scarf and a jacket again.


I switch to wearing a bold necklace or a pair of statement earrings with a bracelet in the heat of summer. I never wear a large necklace with bold earrings. That is way too much going on around the face. I am careful not to create a visual overload with accessories.


In this part of the country, we are still having daytime temperatures in the mid-seventies, so it remains too warm to wear a jacket on most days. Layers, including a long vest and a scarf, pull these basics together. Accessories are the punctuation in any style of story. Even when I am wearing very casual clothes, I wear a small pair of earrings, a ring, and a watch.


The three-quarter sleeve tee and jeggings are old from Chico’s. The long knit vest was from J.Jill last year. The scarf is by Michael Kors. The suede booties are a couple of years old by Louise et Cie. The small red clutch is old by Nine West. The Thistle & Bee cuff was a gift from Mr. Mickey.

I often get questions about how to store scarves. You can fold them neatly on a shelf along with your sweaters if you have the room. I have also seen them stored in a drawer rolled up and stored side by side so that you can see the colors and patterns. I have learned from some of my other blogger friends not to limit your collections to the closet. Bookshelves, dresser tops, and wall space can display accessories, shoes, and bags. If you enjoy seeing your collections, why not treat them as art?


I know I am fortunate to have a finished room over my garage, which I use to store extra home accessories, clothes, shoes, and scarf collection. Some of my scarves are more than thirty years old. I fold them neatly and drape them over felted hangers. These two rolling racks hold dresses, skirts, scarves, and jeans.


  1. I use pants hangers with multiple rods. It keeps them from wrinkling. They’re easy to see and it doesn’t take up much space in my closet. The silky ones I store in a drawer.

  2. I store my scarves similarly, but on some black felted baby hangers I found on Amazon. They work absolutely perfectly for scarves! They take up a lot less room than full size hangers, and come in boxes of 25 for around $12. Search for “baby velvet ultra thin no slip hangers.” I then hang the scarves from a tension rod in a convenient corner.

    1. Fantastic suggestion! Thanks for the tip on velvet hangers Susan and Kelly. Since I’m short on space I’ll try the tension rod in a corner trick.

  3. I have a small closest I got a hanger thing at Tuesday Morning that has hoes that you pull the scarves through. I have probably close to 30 scarves. I’m always looking for a better way to hang them and mine isn’t the best but takes up only one hanger. I prefer your method but do not have the room. Thanks for the post though!

  4. I have two large hat boxes that I use for scarf storage. One is for warmer weather items, i.e. color and weight, and the other for bulkier scarves. They are pretty stacked on the dresser. With my limited closet space it works very well. Your tips on wearing what is in the closet and not buying a lot of new items are perfect for those of us who are “closet challenged”.

    1. The scarf is worn in a nonchalant way so if it slips down, I just move it back up to my shoulder. The two fabrics here support each other well. One holds the other in place by way of the opposing textures.

  5. Lucky you to have so much storage space. I have two scarf hangers—the type with lots of holes—and hang my scarves on those. I purchased the metal one (over the plastic) because they are smooth and don’t snag the scarves.

  6. Being a scarf addict, I have so many that I have had to allocate a whole chest of drawers to house my collection. This is after getting rid of 3 bags to the charity shop after we downsized from a 4 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom apartment last year. Clothes storage is the bane of my life with 3 overflowing large wardrobes and my poor husband gallantly making do with the hall cupboard!

  7. That is a wonderful way to store scarves. I had mine on a scarf hanger and have notice that when I have pulled them off gently they have caught and had the odd thread pulled. I have a minimalist wardrobe and hanging my scarves this way will add colour and keep them in pristine condition. Thank you for your excellent blog Janine

  8. Am disappointed that navy/turquoise scarf is sold out. Just found it and have sweater that needs it. Are you planning on restocking it?

  9. Love the tips. I hang my scarves on pant hangers. I also have hangers made just for hanging scarves. Vi have tried different ways of storing & organizing. Still a job in progress. I have tried by colour, by season, by shape & by fabric. Not sure which way serves me best since I’m always searching through scarves.

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