The Perfect Jeans For You

Denim has always been a significant part of my wardrobe. I wear jeans almost daily, so I’ve learned a lot about different cuts and styles. Sharing my experiences may help you find the right denim for your shape and lifestyle. My general tips include keeping the proportion at the forefront and avoiding trendy details. Keep reading to learn more.

The weather on Friday was beautiful, so we took another drive through the nearby countryside. My very casual and comfortable look included a blue denim jacket here or here and olive night jeans here with a black T-shirt (similar here). Saddle tan loafers here and a black and tan bag here finished the look.

The photos today include views within a pleasant twenty-minute drive from my home.

Jonesborough, the oldest town in Tennessee, is less than seven miles away.

Rolling farmlands have been well-tended for hundreds of years. Some buildings were constructed using bricks, handmade on the site, and others have foundations of stone gathered from the riverbanks.

The Nolichucky River flows through the area and borders some of its richest and most scenic farmland.

After our drive through the countryside, we returned to Johnson City to visit the Firehouse for a curbside takeaway service. We sometimes share a pulled chicken barbecue sandwich with slaw and steak fries. They offer a special pumpkin dessert this time of year, which includes pumpkin ice cream. It is Mr. Mickey’s favorite.

I hope you enjoyed sharing our Friday afternoon with us. Now to the information about the fit and styling of jeans.

Finding jeans to fit may be difficult if you have curvy hips and bottom with a smaller upper half. Bootcut or flare leg jeans will help to balance your shape. Look for a highrise; they will help to smooth your waist and hips.

Curvy fit jeans are made for you since the waist is cut smaller, and there is more material at the hips to allow for your shape. Here and here are examples of curvy fit jeans. The pocket placement and size are also essential. Look for larger pockets placed at the middle part of your bottom. If the pockets are too small or too low, it makes the bottom look droopy and larger. Some stretch will give you a more comfortable fit; make sure there is no more than 2% elastane so that they don’t stretch out too much.

When your hip and bust are about the same measurement and your waist is smaller, you can wear almost any style you like. The best silhouette for you always shows your waistline.

Skinny or straight-leg jeans here are a flattering option, especially when the waist is high. If you carry more weight on the hips than you would like, a flared jean will offer some balance. The flare should begin slightly above the knee since it is more flattering to show your hips and thighs’ shape. Wideleg pants of any type may overwhelm you because they hide your frame. Here is a jeggings style that might also work for you.

Skinny or slim-fitting jeans paired with a soft floaty top that skims the body takes the focus away from your tummy. The top or sweater should end at or above your fingertips and not hug under any part of your middle. High waist jeans will help to hold everything in and will give you a more comfortable fit. Anything lower can promote the ‘muffin top’ all of us want to avoid.

Straight-leg jeans may be the best and most versatile option for the apple shape. The wider leg from the hip to the foot will help to balance proportions. Here and here are straight-leg jeans.

Us gals with these shapes often have straight hips and flat behinds. Slim fitting jeans with straight legs or cropped skinny jeans are your best options. Here and here are jeans that might work for you. Slight flares or any pants that fit slim around the hips can also work well for you. Avoid jeans cut for curvier figures because of the excess fabric in the hip area.

Wash jeans as needed, inside out in cold water with similar colors. I put pants in the dryer for just a few minutes on low heat to get wrinkles out. I take them out while they are still damp and hang them on pant hangers to air dry after smoothing them out with my hands. Avoid leaving them in the dryer for too long. Never iron jeans.

My favorite styling advice is to bring attention to the parts you like while downplaying the others. If you don’t like your tummy area, never tuck in a shirt and wear a belt. But, if you love the shape of your legs, wear skinny jeans and leggings with long tops. Styling tips offer us the chance to use fashion to our advantage.

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  1. What a beautiful place to live. You certainly have big sky views all around you.
    Thanks for your jeans tips. They’re my staple item and I’m reassured to see I’m wearing the right type for my shape.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. I am an apple. So glad to see that high waists are coming back. Thanks for all your tips. And is there any road in your area that you and Mr. Mickey have NOT driven? But of course, such beautiful countryside never gets old!

  3. I enjoy your photos very much. Such a beautiful part of the country. Good fitting Jeans/ pants are the hardest thing for me to find due to a flat behind , short legs, and thick waist. I am definitely a rectangular shape. I look forward to trying your suggestions. A bunch of excessive fabric hanging off my backside is not a good look but it is not a thing that can be fixed with alterations, unfortunately.

  4. I’m basically a petite rectangle with a high waist and ample bust. I’ve always worn straight-leg jeans at the hip, just below the belly-button, but as I’ve gotten older I have the same issues as an apple shape. I recently bought a pair of high wasted skinny jeans in one size up (so they weren’t skin tight) and can’t believe how well they hold the tummy in and how comfortable they feel! Still hoping to lose the excess ab fat so I can wear all my others!

  5. Thanks so much for the beautiful photos and the tips for jeans! I look forward to every one of your posts!
    They always improve my mood, especially these days!

  6. I tied sending you a message but since it took me longer to string my thoughts together after going back to change a word and having to check the I’m not a robot it disappeared.

  7. Thank you Susan! We all love jeans but finding the “right” ones can be a challenge. Do you have recommendations for those with athletic thighs? I know you refer to having thick calves; my challenge thighs toned but larger due to years of cycling. Would love your suggestions!

  8. Thank you Susan for your wonderful blogs. I have read them for 6 years and you have given me a lot of great advice. I have a question about the statement you made about jeans. You said never iron them. Then how do you keep them looking so neat and tailored in your pictures.? Especially the dark colored jeans. Thanks again for your blog.

    1. I put my jeans in the dryer on low for just long enough to get the wrinkles out (about ten minutes). I remove them while they are still damp and hang them on a pant hanger. I shape them with my hands so that they are smooth and straight. They finish air-drying and never need to be ironed.

  9. Thank you for the tips on finding the proper fitting jeans. I love Jonesborough, I live 15 miles west of Jonesborough. Beautiful pictures of your outing, we live in such a beautiful area.

  10. Love your pictures today. I have a rectangle shape and the issue I’m having with jeans, whether zip or pull on, is that they keep slipping down and I get a saggy crotch. I’ve measured the rise to get a good fit. I often use a belt, which rarely helps. Any ideas.

    1. Plus size bottoms usually are sold with a small piece of elastic sewn in the hip area of a waistband. (See Talbots). This trick helps keep pants up for women who have a straighter shape. Have someone add elastic to your pants.

  11. My body is more pear-shaped so this blog post is very helpful. I’ve always loved flared leg jeans so perhaps this is why. Thank you again Susan for this wonderful post.

  12. Such a beautiful area! I particularly love the pictures of the old buildings. Thank you for the tips about jeans I had been looking forward to this post.

  13. Your information about jeans is so timely. Thank you. Thank you.
    I am losing weight and will soon need to buy some new jeans. At the moment I am just enjoying the loose feel on my old jeans. When I feel tempted to go off program, I just hike up my loose waist band and stroke the loose material on my thighs and smile.

    With your helpful information I will feel I will make the right choice when I am ready to shop.

    I enjoy your blog so much. Thank you


  14. Thank you for the information!
    I’m not fond of beanie style hats. I don’t like any that I have. What do you do about winter hats?

    1. I’m also not fond of beanie style hats unless they are bulky knits. I will be blogging about my winter hats soon. I have some fedoras and newsboy caps that get me through the winter months.

  15. I’m more of an apple shape and I’m short. 5’4” puts me right on the edge of petite sizing I’ve found high waisted jeans to be the most uncomfortable of any that I’ve tried. I wear mid rise since they hit where my waist should be. High rise jeans come up to my rib cage and though they might hide a muffin top it’s not a go for me. Shape wear is my friend.

  16. The problem I’m having with jeans is with the view from the back. I can’t tell you how many pairs of jeans I’ve tried on that fit perfectly but looked horrible on the backside. The back yolk on jeans today has been lowered significantly- an inch or more from previous versions – resulting in the yolk hitting me across an unflattering place on my hips. Likewise, the pockets are lowered and the total overall look is hideous. I don’t want the appearance of having a wide sagging blob for a bottom! I need all the lift I can get these days.
    The other issue I have with jeans today is that I prefer dark jeans and I don’t care for faux fading and stripes across the pelvis. Susan, I saw your photo wearing the bell-bottoms and I thought you looked absolutely fantastic! You looked so slim and elegant. I also noticed the jeans didn’t have any fading, holes or faux stripes.

  17. Love seeing your beautiful state, thank you. Good advice about jeans. I have a couple of jeans with no belt loops and really don’t like them. I have a small waist and long legs and find jeans hard to fit. Do you find that you wear different sizes depending on who made them?

  18. Myriad thanks for all your great tips about body shapes and clothing styles, and for all the beautiful scenes you share of where you and Mr. Mikey visit. Your postings raise the spirits!

  19. Thanks for the jeans advice. The pictures of the country side are lovely. Thank you.

    Have a beautiful weekend with Mr. Mickey.

  20. Susan, why do you say to never iron jeans? If you don’t put them in the dryer, they are going to be wrinkled.

    1. I do put them in the dryer for just a few minutes to get wrinkles out. I take them out while they are still damp and hang them on pant hangers to air dry after smoothing them out with my hands.

  21. Thank you, Susan. Great thoughts on which jeans to try. I have a question . . .no ironing? No dryer? Do you have them dry cleaned?

    And the pictures of your countryside are divine. I’m a Phoenix city girl, and this city has done a poor job preserving historical buildings. We have a wonderful winter, but “charm” is hard to come by. So your tips on how to beautify all of us, make me very happy.

    1. I put pants in the dryer for just a few minutes on low heat to get wrinkles out. I take them out while they are still damp and hang them on pant hangers to air dry after smoothing them out with my hands.

  22. Thank you so very much for sharing your country side photos…your blog is reaching us in Oregon, and it is refreshing to see another part of the US. Carol

  23. So nice of you to give away the lariat necklace! The winner will love it! I won a red lariat from you and absolutely love it! Btw,I really was on the fence about purchasing the Tommy Hilfiger jacket, I thought it was very sharp on you. I walked into Marshall’s today and what was hanging on the first rack when I walked in?!! It was that blazer! Of course I bought it, it’s adorable!

  24. I love the photos of the countryside which you take when on your drives with Mr Mickey. Today’s shots are beautiful with the clear blue sky looking spectacular.

  25. I looked at the picture of your Olive jeans and clicked on the link only to find the Inseam is only 29″. It is too cold to have my ankles hung out in the breeze…..too bad they do not come longer 🙁 Anyone can shorten pants but I cannot add on…so disappointed

  26. This is yet another question about drying your jeans. You say you hang them on “pant hangers”. Do you mean the hangers meant to hold pants up side down by the leg bottoms? And if so, do you hang them so that the fly is in the centre? Or do you hang them as if you had laid them flat and then folded them over? Or do you mean hangers with 2 clips that clip onto the wais that could as easily be used for skirts? Or something else? Sorry, my descriptions are not great; I hope you get me meaning… Thank you.

  27. I’ve noticed you frequently wear flat-front jeans that don’t have a zipper. I would love to try those but wonder where you get them. I think they would be so much more flattering under long tops.

  28. Thank you Susan for this good information. I used to be a pear, but I think as I have gotten older and have put on weight, I am now more of an hour glass. Will have to recheck my measurements. I have always like the higher waisted jeans, glad they are now coming back in style. Congratulations to Alexandria!

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