Accessory Tips and A Giveaway

Accessories have always been an integral part of my wardrobe. I favor classic basics, so accessories provide the finishing touch and add spice to my combos. The gray sweater here, black jeans here, and black loafers here were my staying at home look for Friday. I added a few accessories before going out the door.

The weather was sunny with temperatures in the high sixties on Friday, so I wore no-show socks. We stopped for a brief stroll around the VA campus’s deserted grounds before going for takeout food.

Shoes should relate to what is next to them if you want to look long and lean. (Nude shoes with bare legs in summer, for example.) If the weather is mild, wearing no-show socks with pants is an up to date look. Black tights provide a slim line all the way to your waist, keep you warm in winter, and are more attractive than bulky socks.

Handbags are a key part of every look, and like the wrong shoes, they can make or break the effect. While I like to use the same (warm or cool) tones in the bag and shoes, I don’t try to match them. Relating the color of your bag to the color of your belt makes sense because you wear them close together. In this case, the bag (similar here) is the color of my plum lipstick here. Lip and nail colors impact your ensemble and should also be considered as part of the color palette.

The bag can serve as a pop of color to look more modern. The four basic handbags would include a casual crossbody or shoulder bag for daily use, a tote bag for travel or day-long errands, a small clutch for evening, and one for elevated daytime use (church, brunch, or business meetings.)

This bag is a great size and shape, and I love the style. However, the bold gold detail kept me from ever carrying it, so I’m giving away this lovely handbag on Thursday. Leave a comment below to enter. The winning comment will be randomly chosen.

The cream, black and red bag was used in a photo shoot for a lesson about jeans.

Hats add an element of style and mystery, but they also keep the sun off your face or help you stay warm. I started my collection of hats and silk twill scarves while in my twenties. After getting skin cancer on my face a few years ago, I almost always wear a hat while outdoors. A similar hat is here.

My skincare routine is here. Some of the products are now 15% off, so this is a good time to stock up. Similar earrings are here.

Hats with a brim, not more than a couple of inches wide, and a crown that does not rest on the top of my head to flatten my hair are my best choice. Women with roundish faces need some height at the crown, be it a hat or a hairstyle. Bucket style, ballcaps, beanies, and bell-shaped hats are poor choices for me. If you have a long narrow face and are tall and slender, they will look great on you.

Your hat should rest about 1/8 inch above your ears but not touch them. Hat sizers can be used to adjust the size down if your hat is too large. Place the sizer inside the hat under the ribbon if your hat has one.

Ladies do not remove their hats when they go indoors. The exceptions are when your hat is obstructing the view of those seated behind you during performances such as concerts or the theater.

Belts are tricky to wear since I have a thick short waist. I don’t want to draw attention to that area, so I will never use a belt at my waistline without a jacket or open cardigan to cover my back half. I often match the belt’s tone to the shirt’s color to visually elongate.

They are difficult to find, but a low slung hip belt worn with a long top is the most flattering style for women with a short waist. Adding a low belt over a long top suggests a lower waistline and allows the wearer to look taller and more slender.

It is always appropriate to wear a belt that fits the loops of your pants or skirt. If you wear a skinny belt with two-inch loops, the result will always look messy.

If you have a long waist, you can match the tone of the belt to your pants. You can wear skinny belts or wide ones because you have more space to work with.

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  1. Hi Susan.
    The handbag is lovely. It would be a nice addition to an outfit.
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful scenery. One can see God’s handiwork in the gorgeous colors of autumn.

  2. I’ve become hooked on your blog since I discovered it a few months ago, and have found it so very helpful. Your explanations about proportions has been particularly enlightening. I also absolutely love the recipe for your overnight oats with the molasses from another day’s blog. Today’s lesson on accessories was just what I needed. So thank you! I’d love to update my style with the lovely handbag you’re giving away.

  3. Thanks for these tips, Susan. I have always had a difficult time with hats but might give it one more try. About tights – I do enjoy wearing them during our cold NY winters but usually reserve them for skirts and dresses. Do you wear them with pants, as well?

  4. Good tips once again. Thank you. I am long waisted and tall. I always check myself in the full length mirror before I depart.

  5. I love to wear hats both for sun protection and style. I am glad you feel the same way. I don’t know many women who do wear hats. The purse is beautiful as is the scenery in your pictures today.

  6. I have a dozen belts that I have not worn in years due to my short, thickened waist. And a few longer tops that I love but seldom wear because they seem overwhelming. Thank you for the low-slung belt suggestion. It’s now on my shopping list.

  7. Like another reader commented, since I found your site I am absolutely hooked. I love how you style simple pieces and make them look so elegant and put together. I am really enjoying this series where you are going into a lot more depth. You are truly inspiring. Thank you for doing such a great job. Love the purse too.

  8. Thanks for the great tips about accessories! I too have had skin cancer on my face and wear hats in the sun. Love the fun colors in the purse give away.

  9. That’s a great bag. I admire the way you really examine what you have a part with it. I am trying to get there, and use your posts for inspiration.

  10. Beautiful bag and it looked so pretty with your red jacket and jeans. Love your tips on colors, accessories, and styling.

  11. I love the red, white and blue bag with gold hardware. Gold looks best on me. I do understand your decision tho, because I often don’t wear silver for the same reason. Even a silver button can “turn me off”. Thanks for the other tips too. I also am short waisted!

  12. Oh my gosh, gold is my jam and that purse would go perfectly with my Talbots red jacket and Indigo blue pants. Love the look, but you should keep the purse just mix your silver and add gold in a bracelet and it will work. Cute hat!

  13. Love your blog and your style! You always look well put together and I’ve used many of your tips. I am looking into some hat choices for this winter as we are not heading south. Stay safe and well!

  14. The red, white and blue handbag brings back wonderful memories of my college days at Indiana University (back when purses and shoes were matchy-matchy). My favorite pair of shoes were navy with a white vamp and a shiny red heel.
    The eye-catching nature of the handbag captures the same feel of those shoes from long-ago. I have ash blonde hair, so I do wear gold; the gold trim on the purse would go with my jewelry. I would love to add this purse to my collection; it would be my “happy purse.”

  15. Susan, I wonder if you would consider doing some outfit ideas for the Festive Season without buying sequins and sparkle which never get worn again ? I guess this year is going to be more casual too.

  16. Susan,
    I also wear a lot of gray and black. I haven worn hats yet, but they really look good on you. The purse really looks good with the outfit you are wearing, but everything looks good on you the way you put it together. Thank you for all you do.


  17. Love your newsboy hat! Excellent advice wearing a hat. I also had skin cancer on my face and 5 years later on my back. Thank you for the opportunity on another fun giveaway!

  18. OMG I’d love to receive that bag. It is so outstanding. I’ve been following you for a few years and have picked up so many fashion tips please keep them coming. Helen

  19. I have been following your blog for years and have really enjoyed the fashion as well as your travel pictures. As it is getting cold her in Chicago, I will be spending less time outdoors so I have to feast my eyes on photos. The color block purse is lovely.

  20. I LOVE that bag. I love the way you’ve incorporated it into this look. I’m always checking your posts for inspiration and am so happy to have found you. I am almost 62 and have been following you since you had Fifty, not Frumpy. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful ideas, as well as the beautiful photos from your visits.

  21. Love the red handbag!! I remembered it from your post with the red blazer. It is one of my favorite looks that you’ve shared.

  22. What a lovely bag! If chosen, I could use it often since Navy is one of my neutrals. Thank you for your generosity.

  23. You look so good just staying at home!! I absolutely love the purse !!! Love the size, shape and colors!! Thank you for being so generous!!

  24. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for this opportunity. I love this bag – it would be a great addition to my wardrobe.


  25. Thank you Susan for sharing such great information! A medium to large link long necklace can be very useful as a low slung belt. It should be of a quality smooth metal so as not to snag clothing.
    I like the style and colors of the giveaway bag but will decline to be in the drawing so as to make sure it goes to someone who loves it. Like you, I only carry bags that have very minimal bright gold hardware as I wear cool colors.
    I don’t comment often so Happy Thanksgiving to you, Mr Mickey and families. Stay safe……..

  26. The bag you are giving is beautiful. I wear navy often. I wear it with aqua for a pop of color as you say. I’m in the mid-west where the leaves are mostly gone. Thank you for sharing the lovely fall colors. Fall is my favorite time of year

  27. Love the purse. It would go so well with my navy winter coat. It’s already cold up here in Canada. We are usually down in Florida by now in our condo but since the Canada/USA border is still closed we are still here. Love your clothing choices too.

  28. I love the purse you are giving away. I am wondering if you have noticed that many women are no longer carrying purses, using pockets instead for phone and fob. At first, I thought it was just the younger people, but now see it across all demographics. Have you noticed?

  29. Love y our commentary on wearing hats. I have never felt I looked good in a hat, but after reading your article, maybe it’s just that I was choosing the wrong ones. I too get skin cancer, and think in addition to the sun screen I’ll be looking again at hats.

    I love that bag..and have since I first saw you model it!!!

  30. Love the hat wearing tips. I am trying to wear hats more as a way to elevate my casual looks. My wardrobe is very similar to yours and your tips greatly affected my purchasing choices. Love the purse as well.

  31. I would dearly love this bag! Beautiful style and gold is my color of choice. I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Thank you for the valued information.

    Janice Langley

  32. With a grandson serving in the US Navy, a patriotic red, white, and blue purse would be carried with great pride! I’m trying to rebuild my wardrobe using so many of your suggestions.

  33. I love this handbag and have been admiring it for awhile maybe I will be lucky and win it. Thank you for your posts, as always.

    1. My hair is always a challenge, so I have purchased a couple of wigs and hairpieces, but I always feel very uncomfortable when I try to wear them. A hat always feels more authentic for me.

  34. Once again a winner! Thanks for your styling tips. Since I started following you and using your suggestions (or downright copying the looks) I get compliments wherever I go. This sweats and tee shirt girl is definite a style maven now!

  35. Thank you for explaining how to choose a hat that fits our head and face. Hats are something I’ve avoided, yet whenever I see someone wearing one, I admire the look. I’ll use your tips as I look for the perfect one.

  36. Love the look and the pop of color in the bag!
    That giveaway bag exactly matches a pair of my favorite shoes, so would love to be selected for that!
    Have a happy Thanksgiving!!

  37. Love that this satchel can be worn over the shoulder or strap removed and held by hand. Its classic style is great for work or play!

  38. My son fixed my laptop so I finally can access your blog again!! Missed a lot of style tips from you!1 Great bag to wear with jeans!! Love your photos of places you and Mr Mikey go,that I missed the most!!!

  39. I am a recent “SusanAfter60” follower – just this year – but I have enjoyed going on this fashion journey with you, especially in this crazy, chaotic year! May God bless you and keep you safe. Thank you!

  40. Hello, fantastic purse all the right colour combo!
    I think it looks great with your outfit it pulls it altogether, you should keep it!
    However if giving it away…I’d love to have it!

  41. I always enjoy your posts, Susan, especially when you discuss what looks best on different body types.

    As we enter the holiday season, could you do a blog on holiday outfits to put together? I generally attend cocktail parties, but would like a holiday luncheon look or just variations on a holiday theme.

    Keep up the inspirational blogs! I rarely find one I like that isn’t trying to sell me something. You look great and I love your style!

  42. I’ve been a fan for 5 years. Thanks to you , I was inspired to ditch the “diaper bag” and bought myself an adult purse. It really elevated my look.

  43. I appreciate your candor about hair challenges. I have androgenic alopecia which causes thinning of hair. For me, the biggest problem is bangs area. I’ve considered a hairpiece and would love a post on your experience.

    1. I have never had any success in wearing a wig or a hairpiece, so my experience may not help anyone. I have found a YouTube video that explains a few helpful points from a professional. Click here for that video.

  44. Your hat suits you perfectly & your outfit is exactly what I wear most days. Thank you for the advice re: belts. A question- where should a belt sit if one is long waisted and has a bit of a tummy?
    Susan, you always look so good in your photos. Do you have any advice on posing and camera heights in relation to the person being photographed? Maybe a future blog topic?
    Thank you for another lovely giveaway.

    1. Wearing your belt over a blouse that is not tucked in will show your shape without showing off your tummy. Ask your photographer to hold the camera at heart high and stand six to eight feet away from the camera. The photographer’s back should always be toward the light source.

  45. Aaaahhh!! That lovely red-white-&-blue bag is perfect!! With blue jeans & a red sweater – how patriotic!! I love it!!
    Best to you these days,

  46. Susan, I really like the color combination of the handbag and would, of course, love to win it. I appreciated your comments about belts today since I find selecting the right belt challenging.

  47. I just bought a blouse from Talbots sale that would make this bag a good one. How you are so good to your followers is a good thing. I love peeking into the decor in your home, I admit. We used to live in NC and I love the furnishings. I refused to totally abandon those items just because we moved to Florida. Would you consider doing a room tour at some point? If you’ve done it before I came on board I’d love to know. Have a blessed day, my friend.

    1. I did a post about home decor when I first downsized. That post is here. I’ve let go of even more items since that post. As with my closet, I only keep the things I use and enjoy looking at.

  48. I always find your explanations of why not to wear something because of round face etc., so very fascinating. For example I love how some women look so great in ball caps, but I cannot pull it off at all! Your explanations are so wonderful in helping understand why things don’t look good on different body shapes, etc. Thank you, I truly appreciate you, and love learning these things!

  49. Such fine tips you share with us-it is always good to look your best even when at home-it is a psychological lift

  50. Wow, you truly have beautiful skin, not many women want a close up as you have shown. I love that purse with blue jeans which seems to be the ensemble of the days with our pandemic. But somehow, you’ve elevated it with that stunning purse!

    God Bless you and this country!

  51. Hi Susan, I remember you posting a photo a while back of an outfit you modeled with that handbag. I fell in love with the handbag, but didn’t get around to purchasing it. It is so sweet of you to offer to give it away. Thank you so much!

  52. Hello Susan,
    Thank you. I had lost myself somewhere along the way. A few years ago I ran across your blog which helped me figure out who I at this point in my life. I just wanted to thank you for being open and honest about your strong points and flaws and how to make the most of them. I know others that appreciate your hard work, as well.

    You always seem to have the best giveaways. Personally, I think the handbag is fabulous!

    Best regards,

  53. You look so cute in hats! Love your style and thank-you for always sharing your fashion tips along with your inspiring words:)

  54. Thank you, Susan, for sharing the great handbag! Love it and would be proud to wear it. You advice and insights are much appreciated. I always look forward to reading your blog.

  55. I have enjoyed reading your fashion advice since finding you this year. To keep from flattening my hairstyle, I never wore hats, only visors. This year, however, I have tried to embrace the “sporty mom” look by wearing a ball cap occasionally. My husband says I look sexy in it, so that is good enough for me! I am now on the lookout for a cute winter hat. Thank you for your tips!

  56. You look fantastic in the hat. I rarely wear them because I don’t think they look good on my round face, thanks for the tips on hat selection . The handbag is lovely, it would be a great addition to my wardrobe.

  57. Hi Susan,
    This bag is so classic. Love the colors too. I wear a lot of red and black apparel and gold jewelry so this would fit in well with my wardrobe. Thanks to you, I have slowly been turning my wardrobe into classic pieces. I have not done too much with accessories yet. One step at a time……

    Thanks for being there for all of us,

  58. Thank you for the great tips and guidelines in choosing our clothing pieces and accessories. Often it is the accessory that makes the outfit!

  59. Thank you for such wonderful styling tips. I love the Shapeez bras you recommend and did not know they could be machine washed until one of your recent posts. I was hand washing them forever but you are 100% correct … a short, gentle cycle works great! Thanks

  60. Since you aren’t using it, I’d love to add that purse to my wardrobe. The pop of red would go so well with many things that I wear.

  61. I learned so much on this post especially regarding hats and sizes. I also have a short waist and struggle with belts which is frustrating as I am pear shaped so have always heard to emphasize the waist!! I love the classic colors of the handbag.

  62. OMGosh, I love your red, white, and blue handbag with the heavy gold detail. What a surprise it would be for it to fly away to Seattle to me. It is elegant, classy, and calling my name!

  63. Gold hardware is just my style. I recently bought a bag with silver hardware and I’m just not in love with it. Great style tips as always!

  64. Wow ‼️. I would love to win your bag. I am a bright spring and love gold bling and a touch of red and black would be a great addition to my neutrals

  65. Hi Susan,
    Love the page and pictures from flowers to food to fashion. You put it all out there. Love Mr. Mickey’s clothes too. He’s a handsome man. And a very romantic one I believe from your birthday post. The private table outside, the Roses, and spraying all of the mosquito repellent. Just the way he handled the whole thing made me realize what a gentleman he is and what a romantic man. So, now to the lovely pocketbook. I love the shape, the colors and the gold. I sure could use something to brighten up my life right now. Even if my post is not chosen, I still mean everything I said. You’ve learned a lot, shared a lot, and given a lot. Keep on posting I love your life stories in pictures. All of them equals all of you that you share with us. Thanks for sharing your life……….

  66. That purse would be perfect for me. I only wear gold jewelry/accessories, as I am a red-head with green eyes (a warm according to my stylist). Love the size of the purse also. Thanks for donating/giving this purse to someone (hopefully me). Happy Thanksgiving!

  67. Susan, I haven’t worn hats in years, but I would if I found one that made me look as good as you.
    You always look beautiful.

  68. That handbag is lovely – I am sad that you could not enjoy using it, but it is especially nice that you have decided to give it away.
    I would take good care of it!

  69. Your advice is always spot on Enjoy your site so much.My goal is always looking more put together. You are a great example.

  70. I love the idea of a hat but I have a large head… I have tried on hundreds over the years and currently own only 4. My hair is extremely thin now so I need sun protection in the summer and heat retention in the winter. I too have a round face so I am going to search for a newsboy cap. It is a style I have never looked for before. Should I check out the men’s dept? Or is that a silly thought? Totally enjoy all the info and photos you share. Thank you!

  71. Well, I think the hat is terrific, and the bag is gorgeous. Your skin is looking fabulous too. You really do have it all together.

  72. Thank you for your blog. The photos and info have helped with my clothing choices as a new retiree. I would love to win the handbag.

  73. Enjoy this ‘handbag’ quote from a retired Scottish comedian, Sir William Connolly….

    “A woman’s mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag.

    Even when you get to the bottom of it there is ALWAYS something at the bottom to surprise you!”


  74. I’m not a hat person but know I should wear one. Your tips make so much sense – I need to give them a try! Thanks for another great blog!

  75. Hi Susan, I have been following you for a few years and just love your style! I like classic and clean lines like you. I’m retired and have downsized my wardrobe to basics with fun accessories. Thanks for all of your inspiration!

  76. Leaving a comment for the give a way. I love love love your tips!❤❤Even though I dont believe I’ve ever won anything.

  77. Love your fashion, travel & lifestyle tips❤️
    The handbag is special and would definitely be cherished in my collection.
    It so so nice of you to offer this giveaway to brighten my day ( year).
    Best regards always, Kim

  78. I love the hat! I’m just a casual cap/hat perso! I dearly live the bag you are giving away? It would go with so many things I have & make me feel like a million bucks!

  79. Dear Susan,
    I’m learning so much from you, such as the great ideas on how to visually elongate a short torso.
    The Beauty in Stone necklace I bought last year that everyone raves about. Your favorite BeautyCounter plum lipstick: it looks great on me! I took advantage of a 15% off sale and bought three more.
    And now that gorgeous color block bag. Hope I get lucky and win it in your giveaway! I don’t even need to ask you how to style a multicolor bag; you’ve already shown me!

    Thanks for all you do and best wishes,
    Annette Jacques

  80. Susan – do you think it’s appropriate for women older than 55 to wear “stylish” baseball style caps? I have some fun ones that I will wear fishing or outdoors but never know if I could possibly wear elsewhere. Thank you for your blog!! Its fantastic

  81. I love the hat! I’m 70 years old and have just started wearing hats so I have some catching up to do. I’m looking for a blue wool beret for this winter.

  82. I look forward to reading your posts. I’ve learned so much about my wardrobe since reading your blog. Mostly, I learned that I had way too many clothes! During this past year I’ve disposed of more than half my wardrobe. There are a few pieces I need to add in the future, but for now, I’m enjoying creating new looks with things I’ve had for years.

  83. I would love to win the purse giveaway. The colors would be perfect with my wardrobe as my basics are black and gray and if I have a pop of color it’s usually red. Perfect size handbag too.

  84. Hello Susan,

    my name is Mirjana Brcic and I think your great fashion ideas are very impressive. Since I like to wear the combinations white, black and red, the great bag would be a special eye-catcher for me!

    Best gerads from Croatia, Zagreb
    Mirjana Brcic

  85. Susan, this is such a chic bag. I would be thrilled to be chosen. I love the way you have styled it…casual but sophisticated. What a sweet gesture to give this handbag away to one of your followers. Happy Holidays ☃️

  86. I love purses. Most of all I love your blog. I have put together outfits from your blog. I learn to buy wisely.

  87. Some useful tips Susan, thank you. I always carry a bag and this one is lovely, how can you give it away? Stay safe.

  88. Susan,
    Thank you for all your tips and tricks for looking your very best. Your style is so classic but it’s your smile that makes you beautiful!

  89. Hello Susan,

    You are such an inspiration and I thoroughly enjoy your posts. I love your classic style which always makes you look well put together in a seemingly effortless manner. Have you ever put together a capsule wardrobe? I would appreciate seeing your take on one as a starter base for all your loyal readers.

    Thank you,


  90. Thank you, Susan! You are such an inspiration! That handbag is gorgeous. Also I ordered the no show socks and LOVE them!

  91. Another lovely item, which looks fabulous with your jeans and red jacket. It is a special bag and lifts a casual outfit to the next level. Would love to win same.

  92. Hi Susan – I miss dressing for work head to toe. Now just concentrating on head to waist for Zoom and Teams meetings.

  93. Hi Susan,
    Carrie from Missouri here; my mother made me some hats similar to the one you’re wearing back in the late sixties. One of them matched a pea coat that she had made. The coat became too small but sadly I don’t remember what happened to the hats. I love your blog & your style.

  94. Great lesson. I am short waisted also so glad to hear your philosophy on belts. I always think about tucking in a shirt but it always makes me look less long and lean. Love the handbag.

  95. I thoroughly enjoy your posts. Though I’m a few years older than you, it’s heartening to find someone supporting our generation staying stylish, vital, and active.

  96. Susan,
    This is a bit off topic for today’s post but relates back to an earlier post RE: sweaters/tops.
    What are your thoughts on wearing prints like paisley on the top half with a larger bustline ?
    Some prints vs. others. Some fabrics but not others? Your thoughts ?…….

  97. I am so glad to have found Susan after 60. Just perfect!!!
    I love that you wear scarves so often. I had a small business selling scarves and I could not get them made quickly enough. I used to love combing the garment district in NYC looking for fabrics. The right scarf can “make” an outfit.

  98. This is a beautiful handbag. I would love to be it’s new owner. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  99. WOW! I love that bag and would be delighted to use it often. What a treat it would be to win it. Thanks, Susan!

  100. The bag is so cool and just the perfect punch of color for me as I don’t usually “wear” red but having red in the bag would be perfect.

  101. Love these tips for hats! You look GREAT in them. Belts, I agree are tricky. I need to try to use them more.
    Thanks for your blogs, I always glean something helpful. 🙂

  102. I love purses, and I especially love this one! The color blocking is so pretty. Thanks for all your always helpful information.

  103. I enjoy your site and your tips and suggestions. Love your weekend jaunts with Mr. Mickey and the gorgeous scenery! Stay safe!

  104. Hello Susan and good morning. I am super excited about the purse giveaway. I love purses. I change out my purse all the time. I like a structured bag that has an interesting focal point. Love your hat. I am a hat girl also. Have a great day.

  105. Hi Susan, thank you for what you do. Hitting 50 was a challenge, and then we got a baby! Your ever encouraging blog has helped me to find my way and inspired me to keep trying. I’ve learned so much from you and look forward to more.

  106. I so appreciate your stylish yet practical advice and recommendations, leading me many times to order pieces you have tried and endorsed. I especially liked your closet organization strategies. Thank you!

  107. Would love to have the purse and a token of the person that has taught me so much about picking wardrobe items.

  108. As always, your common sense and.gracious observations prevail! The bag is fabulous and would be happy to live in my closet by the way. A blessed Thanksgiving to you and your many loved ones!

  109. I have learned so much from you about attire and what may be more suitable for me. For example, I have a round face and now I know why the beret, which I like, just never looked that good on me. Thank you.

  110. I enjoy your realistic and always up beat spin on fashion and lifestyle elements. You inspire me to

    be my best, and appropriately dress for the occasion.

  111. Love that bag!! Thanks for this. I’d love to get into more detail about belts. I currently have a love-hate relationship with them.

  112. That purse is gorgeous. I love that it has red, white and blue. I wear those colors all the time. Love it!

  113. I would very much enjoy this lucky chance to take a leap and try color in a handbag. Thank you for your continued creativity.

  114. You have made a big difference in my wardrobe and I thank you. I have moved toward classic pieces and enjoy putting together a outfit each day.

    Looking forward to enjoying more hints and posts


  115. I always enjoy reading your post. I recently purchased the beauty counter cosmetics and am anxiously awaiting their arrival!

  116. Love the blog and your classic sense of style and grace. Accessories sure are the loveliest way to create a new look with what we have. Your weight loss story for me personally is such an inspiration. Big Hugs Dina

  117. I love the bag! I have one similar in black, tan and ivory. I’m not a belt or hat person but I love the way you work scarves into your looks!

  118. Such a stylish handbag! Accessories make such a difference to an outfit. Love how you put your outfits together from head to toe.

  119. Always love your posts and just ordered a Shapeeze bra this week after seeing your “unmentionables” post.

  120. .Love, love, love that outfit. Brightened up my morning. It is absolutely fabulous on you. Suits your personality.

  121. Hi Susan . . . Greetings from Massachusetts!

    The sun is shining on this cold, blustery day! Hope all is well and keeping my fingers crossed to win the beautiful handbag!

    Stay well,
    Julie Johnston

  122. Susan, I was so looking forward to your instructions for the storage of your hats on this blog…especially your classic roll brim packable hats that you wear in the spring, summer, and early fall. I love those hats on you. I have one too and I want to be certain that I am caring for it correctly. I sent a request for this information when you first started your series of storage ideas a while back. If you choose not to place this information in your blog…could you please send me a personal reply?

    Thank you, Susan.
    Happy Thanksgiving wishes for you and yours!

  123. I have been looking at this handbag line for months. Ever since you first introduced it on your blog. It is simply not in my budget right now, but I would love to have it. I have a lot of things in my closet that it would compliment.

  124. Susan,
    You are adorable and have been an inspiration during this pandemic. You have inspired me to order several of the items you have worn. Now if I can go somewhere to wear them.

    I love purses and would love to add this purse to my collection. This is the size I carry and I think it is the perfect lady like size.

    Thank you for adding sunshine to my day!!!

  125. Hi Susan,

    Love following you on your adventures and how your style has changed over the years. Your advice has helped me to downsize my wardrobe, although I wish I still lived in NC and not FL as I miss being able to wear jackets and other cooler weather clothing, oh well. Anyway, I love the handbag and fingers crossed I’ll be your winner.

  126. Appreciate the accessories segment. Lovely as always! Scenic pictures are much enjoyed, trees here have lost all leaves, winter on its way. Enjoy the rest of your dzy.

  127. You always look amazing!!! I love your style and I am very happy that you share your experience and knowledge with us. The handbag is beautiful! Thank you for considering me for the giveaway.

  128. I would be thrilled to add this beautiful bag to my limited collection of handbags. It’s so festive looking it would be great for the Christmas season. Thanks for the chance to win it. 🙂

  129. I absolutely understand you hesitancy to wear gold. I have a friend with your similar coloring and she steers away from warm tones also. I on the other hand wear all the warm colors and a pop of gold is a winner……love the bag!

  130. Purses are my favorite accessory! Thank you, Susan, for sharing your tips as well as your positive attitude toward life! Blessings to you!

  131. Would love to win the bag, gold is my color. Many thanks for your blog, it has been so helpful plus a great source of happiness in these less than happy days.

  132. So love this purse. I purchased with a similar style that is Black and Tan. I have been looking for one with red accents. This is so perfect. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to enjoy it. Leslee

  133. Hi, really like your simple, classic look with black jeans. That hat gives you such a fun vibe. If I saw you out and about I would want to meet you!

  134. I must get some more hats! I have a couple of knitted beanies for the winter and a sunhat, but that’s it. You’ve have inspired me – I particularly like your grey fedora.
    Thank you for all you do for us.

  135. Hi Susan! I look forward to your blogs. Either I learn something new or you reinforce something I knew but forget to put in practice. BTW I only buy purses with gold tone hardware as I usually only wear gold jewelry.

  136. I love the colors. They are my favorite. I always use a one color bag and I need to change up and put color into my outfits. Thank you for your awesome blogs

  137. That was a lot of great info, especially grateful for the tips on hats and belts! I love the handbag with the large gold accent! I discovered I have warm tones in my fair skin, not cool as I thought for many years – and that was thanks to your post on the matter earlier this year. Wearing the right color clothing and accents/ jewelry/ blush and lipstick for my skin tone has made a big difference! Thank you so much!

  138. Dear Susan,

    Enjoyed your email today strolling outdoors enjoying God’s beautiful show work. I would love to win the handbag. Very Classic!

  139. Susan, I have really enjoyed your latest series giving specific tips on how to use different clothing items in our wardrobes. I have coped sections of many of them in my One Note so I will have them available when I need them. The colors of the purse would work well with my clothes so I am hoping my name will be drawn.

  140. Your suggestions make so much logical sense about dressing for specific body shapes, long or short waisted, round faces. What or where is the best way of determining your own body and face shape if it is not obvious with a small glance ?

  141. Love your posts. I learn something every time! Since I’m having a more casual lifestyle these day, your look today is very helpful!

  142. Gosh, I learned a great deal from you on belts, purses and hats on this blog. Thanks for the tips as well as how to pair them with an updated fashion look. I love reading your comments and down to earth advice. I am an older viewer and need the help to look updated but not spend a lot of money to do that. Your tips certainly have made my pocketbook happy as well as myself! My wardrobe has definitely made a big change as well as my closet space.
    May you continue to write for many years to come as you truly have been an inspiration for me and assume for many of your readers.

    Clara from Iowa

  143. Love the look with the cap! I have gotten so many great ideas for outfits from your posts and learned so much. Died in the wool shoes and purse must match person until I see how chic you look without the matchy matchy shoes and purse thing. So glad I’ve found your website.

  144. You are wonderful, I have support every thought and idea you blog about.
    I would love to carry the purse that you are giving as a gift.
    Also I have purchased jewerly, and items from the sites that you have posted.
    I also love the scarfs that I have purchased from you.
    Thank you, Joan

  145. Love the deep dives you have been featuring in your blog lately. Just wondered if you would consider a topic along the lines of “lessons I have learned” since starting your blog? I have always admired how you always seem to be classic but not “stuffy.”

  146. I love the red purse. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a red purse. And the gray sweater. Love all the tips you give out. I bought some no show socks to wear.

  147. Thank you for your emails and blogs. I am cleaning out my closets and giving away pieces that have so much pattern and creating color with jewelry and accessories. Love your hair cut.

  148. I loved your comment about the bag in your giveaway. (I love it by the way!) I was just strolling through Burlington this past week and came across a beautiful orange leather tote bag. I was really fan girling about this bag but then I realized that it had TONS of gold metal and I just so rarely wear gold that I eventually put it back on the rack.

    Of course, when I do wear gold I only have one black bag that I always have to carry because it has gold hardware.

    Your style is just so effortless. Thanks for all your help.

  149. Great tips today on selecting the right hat! I love wearing hats but I don’t think I’ve been choosing them correctly.

  150. I, too, am an inverted triangle at 5’6” and have learned so much from your insightful posts. I now feel I have culled my wardrobe to reflect my most flattering clothes for my body shape.

    I absolutely love the purse you are featuring in your giveaway. I wear gold jewelry since I have warm undertones, light brown hair,( thanks to my stylist), and also have a lot of reds in my wardrobe. Thank you for sharing your kind tips throughout the years and your wonderful travels With Mr Mickey.

    Yours sincerely,

    Barbara McCarren

  151. Love the bag! I have never been able to pull off a hat, but I am jealous of those of you who can. You look great.

  152. Hello Susan, I am delighted that you are talking about “hats” today – like you, I also had skin cancer on my face and so there is a real concern for keeping our faces protected. BUT – I have enjoyed wearing hats all my life as well. Initially, a head covering was always required to attend our church service (or even entering the church). I guess you could say that as a child that was the beginning of hats for me. I wear a hat in winter to keep warm and protect against the wind and other elements (berets, cloches, beanies – whatever works for you and the activity). In summer, keeping the sun off our faces is essential as well. So whether it is a baseball cap for my twin grandsons’ games or a fedora, I always coordinate with my outfit. Thank you for yet another tip – be safe all. Blessings – Nancy

  153. I love the bag, I enjoy your posts and appreciate your fashion sense and style, it is a great inspiration.

  154. Love your blog. I’ve been looking for a fashion minded blog that I can relate to. Recently retired and not sure of how to accessorize. Love the Patriotic handbag. Would be great to take to my genealogy group meetings. Keep bringing us the latest and greatest fashion advice in a sensible and enlightening way.

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