Mountain Vistas

On Saturday, we took a drive to North Carolina’s mountains to visit the town of Beech Mountain. At an elevation of 5,506 feet, it’s the highest town in the eastern USA. Summers are cool with prime hiking and mountain biking. Brilliant fall colors last for weeks. Winters bring a wonderland for skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, snowshoeing, and sledding. There are a variety of restaurants in the village center and the much loved Fred’s General Store.

Jacket styles similar to the one I am wearing are discounted only for followers of my blog here, and the pants are also at a reduced price here below the jackets.

We snapped the next three photos on East Tennessee State University’s Quillen College of Medicine campus before leaving for the day.

The pants are incredibly comfortable, with a tummy-smoothing panel in the front. They have a contoured waistband and a not too skinny slim leg style. The smooth band at the waist means no button, zipper, or loops to show up as lumps under tops. The design is perfect for dressing up or down.

I ordered the black denim, but I plan to order the same pant style in other colors because they look and fit so great. They didn’t require alterations!

The Sheer Genius lip color ‘Plum’ here is perfect with this look. My lightweight fine-gauge sweater is here. The other items are from a couple of years ago. Similar shoes here and here – similar bag here – similar scarf here and here. The temperatures on the top of the mountain were in the low sixties, so that scarf helped keep me warm.

My handsome adventure partner is reading all about the hiking trails and upcoming local events. Mr. Mickey built a fabulous second home-chalet on the mountain in the 1970s, so he is very familiar with the town.

After exploring Beech Mountain, we stopped to enjoy a delightful lunch outside on the deck of Bodgas Kitchen and Wine Bar in Banner Elk. The image above shows our forest canopy view from our table, and below is the delicious dessert we shared after hearty bowls of soup.

I took these dahlia pictures in the parking lot of the restaurant.

We completed the fun-filled day with a scenic drive along part of the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway.

Shopping links in this post may generate a small commission for me at no additional cost to you. I no longer do collaborations or sponsored posts, but I try to get discounts for my readers when possible.

  1. Susan you look fabulous as always! I have been admiring that moto jacket for awhile now and might just order one thanks to your great discount. I too have broader shoulders so I normally size up in jackets. May I ask what size you are wearing ?

  2. Susan, love your outfit. Is the discount code just for the jacket. I tried to use it on the pants. Slimsation, right?

    1. You don’t need a discount code to buy the jacket and pants. Just click on the links I provided, and you will be taken to the page where the discounts have already been applied. The discount code applies to any of the other items on the site you purchase.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous fall pictures! What a treat for the eyes this morning. You are a great photographer.

    Thank you, also, for showing the back of your jacket. So often, I wish we had back views of jackets when deciding whether or not to purchase.

  4. Magnificent scenery, gorgeous view of the mountains. God’s creation!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing the beauty, the dahlias are breathtaking! I feel like I was carried there for my morning coffee.
    The moto jackets look so attractive on you.

  5. Your posts are inspirational! I always enjoy your photography, travels, fashion and food. So glad to see you and Mr. Mickey are doing well.

  6. The pants look like what I have been searching for! May I ask if the fit is true to size? I have some pants in size 6 and some in size 8. With not much of a rear, I need them to fit so they stay up…but I don’t want them too tight either.

  7. I guess you don’t add any color to your hair? I’ve been wondering about doing that for myself; my color is the same as yours as is my hair length. Having been light ash blond all my life this has been a simple transition over time, and my very knowledgable stylist doesn’t want to add color for me as he says this shade of silver gray is very beautiful and he recommends not touching it. But I find it SO white and in pictures it’s even worse and I feel ages me more. Do you have any experience with hair color ( blonde not dark) at all. I’m concerned over how to maintain it and if it would discolor.
    P.S.. Thanks for the great posts lately with lots of very usable ideas!

    1. I haven’t colored my hair since I turned fifty. I did get a glaze applied to it a few years ago, but my hair grabs a brassy tone no matter what, so I stopped that too. Natural is the only option I’m considering now.

  8. Love the color of your moto jacket ! Such beautiful scenery. A feast for the eyes. I am new to your blog & really enjoying it. Your hair is very becoming natural. Just curious, but what was your color before turning grey ?

  9. What a beautiful part of the world. We had planned a visit in Sept, but were unable to travel because of Covid restrictions.
    Hope to get there next fall. I may have to check out those pants!

  10. Are the pants actually denim? I read the description, but didn’t see the word denim. Also, do the pants have a sheen to them? Sorry for all the questions. I am trying to find pants that fit me and was hoping these might fit the bill. Denim is what I am really looking for.

  11. I love the jacket..I may have to do a splurge!!!! I was also interested in the pants, but was wondering if there is a petite option? My inseam is 29″

  12. Everything about today’s edition of your blog is beautiful! So glad to have the great clothing ideas to think about.

  13. Hi Susan, Love all the scenery pictures! I used to be a regular visitor of the Blue Ridge Parkway, but haven’t been there for years. Must go back! I love the color combination of today’s outfit. The jacket is a gorgeous color. I just bought some Talbots Essex Ankle Pants, and I think you would like them too. They also have a smooth waistband, and are on sale today. I got the ivory, and they are beautiful. I also got the ivory Stretch Corduroy Jeggings. I think you would like them too. The calf is generously cut, so they are not tight. I think they fit similar to the ankle jeans you like.

  14. Sounds like you & Mr Mickey had a lovely day outing & meal. I am so happy that you have each other’s companionship. What a blessing.

  15. Love the pictures in the blog today! Just ordered a jacket and pair of pants. Thank you for the discount. The dessert looked heavenly.

  16. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post!
    You and Mr. Mickey look very happy and
    I’m sure it is wonderful to get outside since
    you both had health challenges earlier this
    year. We hope to go to Highlands, NC soon.

  17. What a wonderful day you had along with good company, delicious food, and fabulous sights! Thank you for sharing this with so many of us who desire to travel but aren’t able to because of COVID.

  18. Beautiful photos! Isn’t fall a lovely season? That dessert looks like it would be worth driving to North Carolina for! I tried growing dahlia’s this year. I didn’t know how well they’d grow here in Alberta, but they did surprisingly well, so I’m going to plant more of them next year.

  19. Looking fabulous, love the colour of your jacket . . . Beautful day spent in the mountains! Thanks for sharing.
    Peggy Ann

  20. What a beautiful color combination. You look beautiful and Mr Mickey looks handsome. What a blessing to get away even if some things are still locked down. We haven’t been out to eat yet. I’m looking forward to that. Driving along our 26 miles of beach is our getaway. I would love to see Fall color. We have very little here on the coast. The photos are stunning!

  21. You look wonderful in your purple jacket.

    How envious I am that fall is with you because here in sunny, Southern California the temp today was 105 degrees and tomorrow 106 degrees is forecasted.

    No talk of crisp weather and pumpkins galore!

    I finally ate at a restaurant last night after quarantining since March. We wore masks to enter the outdoor restaurant then we could take them off when we sat but the server had to keep his on.

  22. Interesting post as usual and what beautiful scenery!
    I see combat boots are big again this year. If you still have yours, I would love it if you would do a post with several ways of styling them. Any possibility, Susan?
    Thanks for helping this 70+ year old to avoid frumpy. Oh, and I love the purple jacket.

    1. I have a few pairs of combat style boots, but I wear them mostly for lousy weather. I always wear them with leggings or skinny jeans and a long top and fingertip length jacket.

  23. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos of NC. I attended a family wedding near Beech Mountain a few years ago. I was fortunate to make my home for 30 years in Chapel Hill and miss the southern way of life every day. If the Lord blesses me with time enough (and health), one day I hope to return.
    Glad to see you looking so lovely and stylish.
    It’s good to be reminded that life can still be wonderful.
    Be well, stay safe.
    Carol Ragsdale
    Washington, DC

  24. It’s wonderful to see you and Mr. Mickey enjoying your day. We too love the blue ridge parkway. So beautiful. Love all your pictures.

  25. Lovely post. I adore the color of that jacket – may have to get one for myself. I also like your description of the details of the pants, and WHY they work so well.
    I lived in Roanoke for 7 years, and do miss the mountains. Lots more good restaurants around then when I was travelling that area – I hope they can all survive!

  26. Susan, thank you so much for all the beautiful pictures you post. You certainly live in a beautiful area of the country.

  27. Great outfit. Considering buying the pants, but I didn’t see a size chart listed to insure I would order correctly per their measurements and mine. I know they listed the leg opening and the inseam, but do they have a size chart and I just can’t find it? Thank you.

  28. Susan, you look gorgeous in this outfit! Thank you for the sale link. Is your jacket the purple or plum color?

  29. Thank you for sharing these lovely pics for those of us not “getting out” these days! Beautiful scenes!

  30. Susan – thanks for the specifics on how to achieve the dressy-casual, attractive looks you model. I really like the idea of the black denim pants, yet they are described as slim-fitting. I wear curvy fit jeans because of generous hips — are the black denim slacks likely to fit me, or no?

  31. Hi Susan, you look lovely but do you hike in what you are wearing in the photos? That’s a problem I have is I have to wear hiking gear, especially shoes for our hikes. Then if, when we could go to eat I’d have to change which was frustrating.

  32. Susan, I have recently begun following your blog, and I so enjoy your posts! In these most unusual times, one can feel so isolated, and reading of your adventures makes me feel like I’m having coffee with a friend. We have similar tastes in fashion and even own some of the same items.
    I really love your photos – you are a wonderful ambassador for your state! These dahlia pics today are so lovely.

    1. Thank you, Rebecca. I was afraid that my blog would become irrelevant during such troubled times. I’m glad that I can still share what we can safely do and the styling tips I’ve learned. I enjoy reading (most of the) comments from readers because I also spend a lot of time alone. It’s lovely that we can keep each other company.

  33. Thank you Susan for the lovely pictures. I am in California and we don’t have the colors this year due to our drought. The views were amazing.
    BTW, your grey shoes are beautiful.

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