A New Giveaway!

We’ve learned to appreciate even the smallest outing and always strive to make it special. On Saturday, we took a long meandering drive through the mountains around Banner Elk, NC. Before we left town, we stopped on the Mountain Home VA campus to snap a few photos.

This year, I’ve been experimenting with different styles of jeans. I’ve discovered that a slim-fitting top tucked in, with jackets or sweaters that stop mid-bottom, provides the most flattering silhouette with flare leg pants. Longer, fuller shapes on top always make me appear to be shorter and wider.

I’ll be sharing more of what I’ve learned about jean cuts and the best styles for different body shapes on Thursday.

The high waist flare jeans are here. V-neck Tee here. Similar jacket here. Boots here. Similar belt here. Similar bag here.

We returned to Bodegas Wine Bar in Banner Elk for lunch. This time I ordered a portobello & poblano burger and thick-cut yuca fries served with creamy garlic-cilantro sauce.

Mr. Mickey ordered the crab & corn chowder, knowing that he would be eating half of my order as usual.

We also shared chocolate gelato after our delightful meal on the back deck of the restaurant.

The mountain views around Banner Elk are breathtaking!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a giveaway, so my friend and talented jewelry designer, Suzanne McKinney, is allowing me to offer one of her fabulous big link lariats. That’s the style I’m showing below.

My new favorite lip color is Plum (true berry) here. The denim shirt is a couple of years old, but the current offering is here.

You can view the whole collection of Beauty in Stone Jewelry here. (Use the code SAS10 For $10 off any one item.)

Leave a comment below this post to enter to win a Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat here. I’ll announce the randomly chosen winner on Thursday. Here is a video to show you a few of the many ways to tie a lariat necklace.

Shopping links in my posts may allow me to earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

  1. Hello Susan. I have been following you for several years and find your thoughts on style, health and beauty so helpful during this pandemic. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Susan, I love the silhouette of those jeans! As always, I enjoy your posts. Always a new perspective that help me on my journey to be effortlessly stylish after 60. My closet is so organized now due to you suggestions from previous posts. Getting dressed is an adventure not a chore. Thank you!

  3. I can’t wait to see your comments about the various types of jeans. I struggle with buying jeans of any type!

  4. Thank you for bringing your lovely adventures to us. Learning so much from your posts. You look stunning!

  5. You look amazing!! I’m trying to learn how to use accessories to look tasteful, and not to depend on the same thing! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on how to look stylish at 60!! I appreciate your help!! ❤️

  6. I so look forward to reading your blog. You are elegant and classy. No fads or gimmicks. You’re not trying to sell me anything, just offer sound advice. Thank you.

  7. Love your advise on styling!!! I have struggled for years on how I look, am I buying the right clothes, etc.
    Thank you!!

  8. Hello Susan, your look for your drive out is lovely. I’m always amazed how mild your weather seems to be. Its fairly mild in the UK but has been quite damp. The lariat necklace makes a statement and would give a simple outfit a boost.

  9. Thanks, Susan, for the beautiful photos! They are breathtaking.
    It looks like flares are here to stay for a while! Haven’t worn those since the bell bottoms of the 70s,, looking forward to reading your Thursday post.

  10. That lariat is fabulous! I just finished watching the video on the styling tips, what a creative design.
    Your wardrobe tips for women who are entering retirement time that want to have a quality not quantity, versatile wardrobe have been invaluable. Simple elegance!
    Thank you, Susan!

  11. Thank you for sharing your style. In a youth oriented culture, it is wonderful to celebrate ourselves at this chapter of life. Much needed and appreciated.

  12. Thank you for your lovely and helpful posts. You look amazing. I have had my eye on these lariats for some time and appreciate the opportunity to enter the giveaway.

  13. Good morning Susan, I’ve been thinking about getting some boot cut jeans so your post is coming at a perfect time. I have one of Suzannes necklaces and love it. It would be nice to add to my collection.

  14. Good Morning Susan—I’m looking forward to your blog post later this week on various jean styles. How have you been feeling since your bout with the virus?

  15. I have appreciated the fall colors so much more this year. I look forward to your post on jeans. Beauty in Stone jewelry has so many beautiful pieces, anything would be an asset to a wardrobe. Thank you PJ

  16. I love the lariat and all of Suzanne’s jewelry. It’s so good to see you enjoying your drives through the countryside!

  17. Love all your looks, Susan! Very comfortable but sophisticated style! This line of jewelry is right up my alley, too!

  18. Looking forward to your upcoming post on jeans — after T-shirts, it’s the item I seem to have the most difficulty finding in the perfect style for my body.

    Love the jewelry and accessories you wear, so winning the giveaway would be a real treat!

  19. Your outfit looks very classy but casual. Love it! I am 5’2” and petite. Finding the right jean look can be quite a task. Thanks for sharing the beautiful scenery. There are no “Mountain Views” in South Georgia.

  20. I love all the different ways to wear that lariat. Bought some pearl earrings from here before. The lariat would go well with them 🙂

  21. Noooo! Say is isn’t so! I just got used to wearing slim fit jeans. (Couldn’t even do jeggings.) And now we are back to flares? They say fashion cycles. I think I’m going to recycle this trend!

  22. This is a great look on you. I will have to revisit my thoughts on wide leg pants. Looking forward to your post on Thursday!!!!

  23. Susan,

    I enjoy seeing all the beautiful scenery in your blogs, especially this time of year. The jeans and jacket looked great on you and I can’t wait until Thursday to see more!

    Thank you for all you do and have a great day!


  24. As usual inspired by your choices…now using best skin care in my life. Also less items in closet…many more comfortable outfits to wear.

  25. I have only recently found you, and I’m so glad I did! Classic, non-fussy style is my goal. Thank you for sharing.

  26. Your style always looks so well put together. You’re my inspiration since I recently retired! Can’t wait for your jeans post in a few days. I just bought my first pair of Chico’s jeans – why did I wait so long??!!

  27. I love seeing the scenery from your drives. There aren’t any mountains near here. I live in the middle of corn country in central Illinois. We struggle to find a small hill. It’s so beautiful where you live. I love the beauty in stone piece you are wearing. I could never pull off wearing flares but they look great on you.

  28. Even though our body types are quite different, I’ve gained many ideas about what is flattering from reading your posts. You are lucky to have so many beautiful places to visit on your drives.

  29. Hi Susan – I so eagerly look forward to your twice weekly posts! They are my “style fix”. I also love your detailed articles and pictures about your road trips and dinners. I feel like I’m enjoying them with you.

  30. I really enjoy your blog and the beautiful pictures that you post.I only wish you posted a little more frequently.

  31. In this unprecedented time, I especially look forward to reading your posts. The opportunity to win a piece of Suzanne’s jewelry is so welcome. I have several of her pieces and would love to have another one.

  32. Susan, not only does your fashion style inspire me, but your food choices are always on point and reinforce my resolve to eat more healthily! I look forward each Tuesday and Thursday to waking up to your blog posts! And thank you for offering a giveaway of this beautiful lariat! Love it!

  33. Dear Susan,

    I look forward to your blog on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. I’ve learned a lot from you about proportion and I’ve always leaned towards classic style clothing with accessories adding some personality so I really appreciate your style. Hope you are well.

  34. Susan, Thanks for all the wonderful advice. I’ve admired the beautiful Beauty in Stone necklaces. I love that they are handmade in the United States.

  35. Buongiorno Susan
    Il mio commento e….. Sarrebbe bello vincere
    Tu carina come sempre elegante classica, ma modern. Buona settimana.

  36. Always, always…I learn something or connect dots to what I already have that allow me to see them in a new light. Thank you for all the time you invest in this!
    Deana Kennedy

  37. Love the look of the lariat! I look forward to your posts and am slowly making changes in my wardrobe. Still struggle with accessories though so such a versatile piece of jewelry would be wonderful.

  38. I admire your classic style. Living not far from the Canadian Border, I tend to have to live in layers that undoubtedly adds to making me look bulky. Do you have any kind of winter where you live? With the continuing issues that COVID presents and the upcoming flu season, I hope you will talk again about diet and staying healthy. I’m glad you are doing so much better Susan since your episode with COVID. You look lovely.

  39. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for sharing your fashion/lifestyle advice with us. I’ve been following your blog for a few years now and so much appreciate the way your insights have helped me to transition into my 60s. Most especially, I enjoy when you show us how one style choice can make such a difference over another by displaying two pictures. The visuals make it easier for me to see what works and what doesn’t.

    Please put my name in the hat for your giveaway! Beauty in Stone Jewelry is very nice– keeping my fingers crossed. I have a collection of my Grandpa’s bolo ties, which I sometimes wear for fun, and this lariat necklace is a great update for my western-ish whims.

    Just a quick aside– my husband and I travel fairly often down to Hendersonville, NC, so when we drive past Johnson City, I always send a wave hello to you!

    –Lesa Willison

  40. Beautiful necklace, very versatile addition to our wardrobe! I enjoy your blog posts, and even gone back and read many of the older articles. The pictures are glorious views of GOD’s glory!

  41. What can I say? Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are my favorite days of the week The fashion, food, travel and inspiration enhance my daily life. I am most grateful.

  42. Can’t wait to see your post about jeans! I have struggled to find the right type for me. I love Talbots slim ankle jean. Thank you so much for sharing all of your tips.

  43. Hello Susan,
    I have wanted to order the lariat necklace for a long time. Earlier in your posts, I noticed that you wore the necklace with the light tan leather. This necklace has the grey leather. If someone would only be able to purchase one necklace, how would we choose the correct color for most of our outfits ? Would this decision be based on our hair color, skin tone, or outfit color. Thank you for your answer and your blog.

    1. If I only had one of these lariats, I would pick one with contrast. The silver and gray combination is perfect against the white, navy, gray, or black colors I often wear on top.

  44. Susan, I would love to add the lariat to my modest collection of jewelry. Now it looks as though I will have to get used to flare leg jeans, just as I had recently abandoned my boot-cuts in favor of slim. By the time I adopt flare legs, they will be on their way out! I am always behind the trend. You have such an interesting way of absorbing trends into your wardrobe of classics while avoiding exaggerated trendiness and avoiding the dreaded frumpiness.

  45. Your flared jeans outfit is a great silhouette for you. I love the Beauty in Stone pieces. I have the freshwater pearl and link bracelet and love it. I never would have known about this company without you! Thanks for all you do.

  46. I so enjoy your posts, especially when you share different places to explore. My husband and I do that too but you’re giving me great ideas.

    Have a great week, and looking forward to the next blog!
    Barb McWethy

  47. I always look forward to your posts. Your style is very elegant. And I like that before making a new purchase you think about how ir will fit in with what you have.

  48. I always look forward to your blog.And that every outfit is not a new one, but something from your closet.

  49. That lariat is a stunner! You are a terrific model – literally and figuratively. Looking forward to your jeans post. I so look enjoy checking in with you on T and Th.

    Love getting menu ideas from your outings too. I appreciate that you provide restaurant info. I was able to look up the ingredients and hope to recreate a similar portobello/poblano combo sans bun. Hope to visit your beautiful area some day to take in the beautiful sites and fabulous dining experiences.

  50. Another great post today. The Lariat. Is very versatile. You have many options to wear it, like one of your beautiful scarfs….around you neck, waist or even your wrist. Love it!

  51. Dear Susan, Thank you for another informative post. I especially want to tell you how much I appreciate your previous tip about turning a sweater inside out prior to hanging it up. I’ve done it for all my similar sweaters and I thank you every time I put one of them on.
    Warm regards,
    Mary Ann

  52. Susan, your blog has given me the confidence to take my classic style from boring to, well, classic … slowly but surely. You’ve definitely found your style and always look impeccable. I spent way too much money on way too many purchases and had a closet stuffed with “nothing to wear”. I was discouraged and not at all confident. After a major closet purge, I ended up with mostly black and white, which I didn’t even realize until my husband asked me if I realized my closet had no color. Even my shoes and handbags were black or cream. I had few accessories… No jewelry, no small handbags or scarves. I had a closet that was safe, unimaginative, easy, and dull. Your blog has encouraged me (and instructed me how) to add color, jewelry and scarves, casual outfits, even handbags and I am so appreciative. I continue to refine my wardrobe and am careful now with my purchases, have fewer clothes than I did before and am spending much less than I have in the past. Thank you! And my husband thanks you for the additional space in my closet. I look forward to reading your blog each week and love your photos of trips with Mr. Mickey. You are clearly happy and an inspiration to many. With Best regards, Susan B

  53. I love the lariat, it’s beautiful and so versatile. I always look forward to the fashion tips that you give.

  54. Thank you for your helpful and inspiring styling tips. Jeans are becoming a challenge for me, so I am looking forward to your post on Thursday. I love the lariat necklace!

  55. I enjoy reading your blog and “coming along” on your weekend drives. You always find excellent choices for lunch. If you could also include jean recommendations for women over sixty who are tall (5’9”) and pear shaped. It can be hard to find jeans when you are tall with this body shape. Thank you and thank you for the giveaway!

  56. Always enjoy your posts about living well. Will Mr. Mickey once again take on the role of Santa Claus this holiday season? Wishing you both good health.

  57. That burger sounds delicious. Since I won’t be anywhere nearBanner Elk soon, I may have to try to make it—and serve It with yucca fries!
    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the giveaway.

  58. Another great post Susan. The Lariat seems to be a versatile piece of jewelry. So many options to wear it, like one of your beautiful scarfs. Around your neck, waist or even your wrist as a bracelet. Thank you for showing us how one piece can be worn various ways.

  59. Love your blog, you have a wonderful style, From your bio I learned you have lost 50 lbs, which is absolutely a great accomplishment, I would love to read a blog about your weight loss journey ,as I need to lose as much weight myself. Being older makes it more challenging for sure. Have you considered sharing your ups and downs and what you found helpful, inspirational and even meal ideas that keep you energized throughout your day. Thanks

  60. Hi Susan,
    I love reading your blog for styling information but I also love seeing the many beautiful areas that are just a day-drive away from your home. I am originally from Georgia and always loved visiting the north Georgia mountains. I want to get my New England husband down to drive through the many areas you have visited and introduced to us. I am wondering what color your v-neck top and belt are in this outfit. I see that the jacket is blue/indigo.

  61. Susan, I’m so glad we can offer this together to your dedicated readers! I love this jacket. I can say that I am always on the hunt now for blazer type jackets because of your classy style!

  62. Susan, I’ve been following you for several years now. I love the back view of the short jacket with the flare jeans. I look forward to your posts, and they give me ideas of places to visit when I’m in your area.

  63. Beautiful pictures. Your style is so age appropriate. I am learning from you. The Suzanne McKinney necklace would be a great addition to my accessories.

  64. I discovered your blog during the pandemic; I’ve learned so much! In fact, I often share posts with my 40-something daughter in law as we lament over dressing appropriately for our age but still have some style and flair.

  65. I love the fact that black top, black jeans and a well styled denim shirt are always in style! I’d like to enter the drawing for the pretty lariat necklace.

  66. I have been wanting a lariat necklace since you started showing it on your blog which I truly enjoy. I wait for each new post with anticipation, stay safe and healthy, Susan. Sending peace and love from IOWA!

  67. Thank you for the link to the high waisted jeans from Talbot! It would be an honor to be selected to win this beautiful piece of jewelry. I have been spending the last 3 months assisting my granddaughter with her online distance learning. It has been a joy spending time with her. I appreciate you, Susan! ❤

  68. Good afternoon, Susan.
    I am writing to you to ask for help, please.
    My daughter told us in October that she is getting married on 10th December this year. Such lovely news ( they don’t have to get married!). We couldn’t be more pleased for her because she is marrying a lovely young man. The wedding will be lower key because of Covid and also Louisa & Steve are frugal minimalists.
    However this has given me a headache in that I don’t know what to wear. I am UK size 22 and only 5ft 4ins tall. No time to lose weight. (Although this is something I need to address, a better, non-crash diet, healthy way of eating.) I’m definitely an apple shape. I remember reading on your blog that it is possible to be dressed for a wedding in a top, trousers & blazer. I have bought a green velvet blazer that I’m thinking of wearing over navy trousers and a navy top. The jacket is plain, as are the trousers. the top is plain navy with a floaty feel to it to disguise my stomach.
    Are there any tips you could give me please? I want to look feminine, but I think the outfit looks a bit stark. I’ve been looking for more attractive blazers, but living in the UK, I can’t access the sort of beautiful blazers that I’ve seen on your blog in the past.
    Would a pretty brooch help? I do have a choice of some lovely brooches. And what style/ colour bag would you recommend/
    Susan, I very much admire your style and when I was thinking who could help me, your image came to mind.
    I have thick, very wavy, highlighted hair and won’t be wearing a hat.
    If you have time, I would appreciate any advice/tips you could give me.
    Btw, I do want to wear a Christmassy colour, so should I change my green jacket for a red velvet one?
    Kindest regards,

    1. Consider wearing shoes, a small bag, and a scarf in the same metallic neutral color to elevate the combination, for example, bronze. Wear a soft flowing scarf long and lean to give you vertical lines.

      1. Oh, bless you Anna. You have a very generous heart. ❤️ It would be lovely to win this.
        We’re praying that Louisa & Steve’s wedding will be able to take place in December and that we’ll be able to attend. One set of COVID rules for us here in England and a different set for our daughter and her fiancé in Wales!

  69. Please enter me into the drawing for this versatile necklace. Would you please address best body types and height with your Thursday denim post? Thank you. Looking forward to!

  70. The lariat is beautiful. I would be thrilled to own such a beautiful piece. Certainly brighten my world to win!
    Thank you for the possibility of winning the giveaway.

  71. I love this lariat! Susan, I love the way you accessorize with it !
    It really adds to an outfit. Hope I win!

  72. This jewelry is stunning. It would be fun to wear something so beautiful around this house this winter as I stay in place.

  73. Love the lariat. I so enjoy your twice weekly posts, and look forward to seeing new ways to wear classic items. I am short (5’1”) but find many of your tips work for me. Keep those tips coming!

  74. I’ve recently discovered your blog and love the way you but your out fits together. Your use of necklaces to finish off an outfit is inspiring and I would love to start my collection with the Lariate Necklace.

  75. Thank you for helping me hone down my wardrobe to essentials and not fads. I love the lariat necklace. I watched the video on how to wear it, and each way is super cute!

  76. Susan, been following your advice for years, and it’s totally changed my style and made me very aware of the choices I make.

  77. I love Beauty in the stone Jewelry. I have a couple of pieces and always get compliments when I wear them. This year Santa bought me 2 necklaces….can’t wait for Christmas!!!

  78. Hi Susan: The photos of your trips are something I look forward to. Sharp outfit as always and love the lariat necklace. Thank you for your great blog.


  79. Hi Susan…what beautiful scenery! I have to tell you that I am having a closet makeover in January and am looking forward to only having clothes I love in my new closet. You have inspired me to make better choices!

  80. Looks like you can think of it like a scarf for tying. Fun to also use as belt and bracelet. Love the blue color to go with so many things…and my eyes!

  81. You are looking fabulous, as usual.
    So good to see you out and doing well!
    I could give that necklace a great home!
    Take care.

  82. Looking forward to your post, they always brighten my day. Last week I cleaned out my closet and feel so much better. I used the advice you have shared with us over the years, Thank you, tell Mr. Mickey hello.

  83. I love your style of clothes and how you show to put them together. I also love all your jewelry. I have been reading your blog for years.

  84. Thanks again for sharing your road trips. The scenery is beautiful. Always look forward to your posts.
    The necklace is lovely.


  85. I love the versatility of a lariat. The Big LInk Silver Beaded Lariat is beautiful! Thanks for posting a give-a-way!

  86. I love your jeans & jacket today. That is my favorite go to look for so many things. So looking forward to the post on Thursday. The lariat necklace is beautiful! Thanks

  87. Susan,
    I enjoy your blog, especially during this time when it is sometimes difficult to find positive posts that leave you feeling upbeat. Thank you for bringing smiles to your followers. .

  88. Your necklace is striking. I really appreciate you continuing to share your ideas with us during this pandemic. I look forward to learning more with each post. Thanks!

  89. Dear Susan,
    I have grown to await your wonderful articles and often share them with my daughter. She has great taste but we don’t live together any more and I don’t get to see her run off to work. She always looks great but sometimes I think she could use some of your wisdom to make things easier for her on a daily basis. I finally got my husband to get me a lariat for my birthday and and I bought a similar one with pearls for my daughter for Christmas. I know she’ll be thrilled. I would love to have the silver one you are offering. I get a lot of use out of my pearl one and the silver one would be well loved if it came to live at my house. I am so happy that you shared the Beauty in Stone site with your readers – it’s not something that I would have stumbled over on my own. I hope they stay in business for many generations. Their products and their customer service are simply wonderful.
    thank you for all you do.
    Alexandra Mills

  90. My seasonal home is in the mountains of North Carolina (Lake James) and I’m keeping a list of the wonderful restaurants and sites you visit. We love Blowing Rock and Banner Elk and are ready to add to our adventures. I’m really looking forward to your jeans post because my build is opposite yours…slim on top, small waist but larger bottom and thighs with short legs (5’1″). I’ll be 69 this Friday and still trying to refine my look. Thanks! Would love the lariat necklace to add some casual bling and draw the eye up!

  91. Susan,
    I always enjoy reading your blog, and fashion tips. Thank you for bringing a smile and a feeling of contentment with your posts, which is much appreciated, especially as we weave our way through this pandemic. Wishing you an abundance of happiness, today and always!!!

  92. During this challenging time, I’ve adopted your practices of dressing with intention each day and doing makeup . It gives me a nice boost for Tracy online. Thank you. #teacherofteavhers

  93. Susan, Love your new look…Love the lariat!…Isn’t it fun revisiting flare leg pants!…So glad you are feeling good enough to travel again…Stay safe…

  94. The song “Anticipation” by Carly Simon is running through my head! Thank you for the opportunity of another great giveaway. Good luck everyone!

  95. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I especially appreciate the Beautycounter products…..still working on the body but my skin looks fantastic!

  96. You always look so put together. I’m trying to use my clothes in more ways with different results. Love the lariat necklace!!

  97. Very polished way to wear a denim shirt. Love the look. Waiting for cooler weather here in the south. Thank you for your lovely style.

  98. You look amazing in that flared jean combo; even more svelte than usual. And what a great idea to share half your meal with Mr. Mickey.
    I had a double mastectomy two weeks ago for breast cancer. They got it all thankfully but I have a long road of reconstruction ahead of me. This necklace would be a beautiful reminder that brighter days are ahead.
    Bless you for all that you do for us!

  99. You always look elegant and classy, Susan! And the lariat gives a nice finishing touch. Thank you for the giveaway!

  100. Although we have different issues styling our body types I learn so much from you when you explain what works for you.

  101. I turned 60 in August. Now trying to refine my style and stop buying unflattering clothes. This necklace would be perfect addition. I recently purchased the black pants that you recommended. I am loving your blog!

  102. Hi Susan. You look amazingly lovely and elegant as always. I’ve been following you since your blog was Fifty Not Frumpy. I have learned so much from you. I love the look of your blazer. We live in SW Florida now so there’s no reason to own such a beautiful garment but I admire the look nonetheless. Clothing here is very casual and at times looks careless and sloppy. (Not judging, just statement of fact.) Thank you for generously sharing what you’ve learned.

  103. Being a care giver for my husband (who is a stroke survivor and in June fell and broke his hip on his stroke impacted side) I seldom treat myself so winning this would be a nice treat for me.

  104. I would love to win the beautiful lariat necklace you are giving away. I enjoy your posts and have learned so much from you. THANK YOU

  105. Hi again Susan, I love the gray purse in the last photo with the lariat necklace…Is that available somewhere?…Thanks.

  106. Your posts are lovely – a treat for the eye and soul
    The Lariat necklace would work with most of my necklines and would be a welcome addition to my collection.
    Thank you for arranging a gift for your readers.

  107. It’s almost lunchtime and I wish I had that yummy Portabello Burger and Yucca Fries sitting in front of me! I think I also spy some Prosecco too! You always look so nicely dressed. Thanks for sharing with us!

  108. I’m not one for high waist flare jeans but you look fabulous in them! You look tall and slender and very modern. Between your outfit, the food, and the mountains, it was wonderful reading this morning with my coffee! The lariat necklace is very unique and I’ve thought about purchasing it before when you showcased it. Thanks for a great blog.

  109. Hi Susan, the lariat necklace you posted is indeed fabulous! With Thanksgiving around the corner, I find it a very good time to let family, friends, and neighbors know how much they are appreciated. When finally all of this blows over, I think people will realize how important we all are to each other, at least I certainly will! I do appreciate you! I can see by the other comments how much you have gifted so many others with good advice, links to purchases, and beautiful photos of your excursions. My own personal wardrobe has changed so much for the better. My way of thinking about clothes has changed, too. I especially love purchasing pieces that I know will last many seasons. Stay safe and I always look forward to your posts. ❤️

  110. Years ago when I lived in Atlanta, we would ski at Banner Elk, lovely area. Enjoy your blogs, especially during this difficult time. The necklace is lovely

  111. Since I always wear a v-neck, it’s lovely to see a style of necklace that works well with that! Love the autumn photos, too!

  112. Since my hair is now completely salt and pepper I am replacing most of my gold tone jewelry. This lariat would be lovely.

  113. Can’t wait for Thursday’s post about jeans. I was just thinking I needed to ask you for some advice about finding jeans that fit well. You look lovely as always! Thanks for all of your inspiration.

  114. Susan, you continue to be the bright spot of 2020, and when your posts appear in my inbox I know a boost is coming in the reading of it. Blessings!

  115. Hi Susan….I agree that the high waist boot leg jeans really are a great look for you! I am also looking for new Jean silhouette. I think the skinny look I have been wearing grab my calves and extenuate them.
    Sure wish we lived closer…I’ve always wanted to meet you in person.

    Have a great day

  116. I am a 72 year old who appreciates your not dressing like an old lady We can dress stylishly and appropriately for our age
    thank you for showing us that

  117. Hi Susan, Your lunch looked delicious! You find such wonderful restaurants. And love the jeans. Looking forward to your jeans article. Thank you!

  118. Please throw my name into the give away. Thank you, Susan.

    Your comment that you and Mr. Mickey always try to make your outings special was delightful. I love you do that!

  119. Your area of the country is gorgeous. My husband and I are moving to Tennessee to take care of his aging parents. We’re living in the Vegas valley at the moment. It will be sad to leave here, but we know it’s what we need to do. Tennessee looks beautiful.

    Thank you for showing us how to style flared leg jeans. It’s funny, I was alive when they were fashionable in the ’70s. lol I guess it’s true. Everything old is new again.

    Have a fantastic day, Susan.

  120. Hello, Susan! I agree with the many other comments – love the flare Jean silhouette with the pointy-toed boots – so much that I just placed an order at Talbot’s in a petite size. I hope the fit works for me as well as it is working for you. The leaves here in Maryville are beautiful right now at the Foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains.

  121. I too like to wear my boot cut jeans in the Fall and Winter. Your outfit looks great. Love my Beauty in Stone lariat and would love another one. Looking forward to your wisdom regarding jeans.

  122. Always look forward to your posts. I think that boot cut or slightly flared jeans are very flattering, when wearing the right type of footwear and top that is not too long. The fall scenery in your post looks beautiful. Here in Canada we just received 15 inches of snow in one day! Lots of show shoveling yesterday. I guess winter is here to stay.

  123. Hi Susan, I really enjoy your blogs, I have learned a lot from you and have gained much confidence in my choice of style and accessories. Thank you for all you do to help us in our beauty and fashion know how. Warm Regards, Linda

  124. Susan, you look classically chic, as always.
    I purchased a necklace from Beauty in Stone, and I have enjoyed it immensely.

  125. Hope I remember some of the ways to wear that gorgeous necklace! Can alway go back to the video! Thanks for sharing what would be a fantastic pre-Christmas surprise!!

  126. Love your blog and how you demonstrate how we can wear the clothes we have different ways. I am retired and like comfortable, casual clothing. Also love your photos of the mountains and tourist attractions in your State. Enjoy this beautiful weather!

  127. As always, I look forward to reading your new posts. I’ve gained so many helpful style tips from you, thank you! And, being from the west coast, the scenery and local pictures are so fun to see.

  128. Being a nurse wearing scrubs everyday (plus the mask 40 hours a week) I look forward to dressing nicely on the weekends. It makes me feel refreshed and eager to get out for dinner where we can social distance safely and enjoy some sense of normalcy. I get so many compliments from the tips I received from your blog Susan and I would treasure the lariat! Blessings

  129. The lariat is beautiful, but I wanted to say you look great in the flared jeans! I am 65, and so happy to see this trend is coming back. For women like me with a small waist and generous hips, the flare is so much more flattering than recent straight or ankle-length styles. I will be ordering those from Talbots! Thank you Susan for yet another inspiration!

  130. I like Beauty in Stone jewelry, even though I’ve had trouble with the clasp on a bracelet I ordered. Since the lariat ties on, there’s no chance of it falling off, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  131. The flare on your jeans today is very flattering. With your top tucked in & the length of your jacket, it makes your legs look long & lean. Love how you “celebrate” the older woman. We don’t have to try to look younger to look better. We just need to look for what works best for our body type & also choose those colors that most flatter our skin tone. Your blog shows us how to do just that. Thank you !! Love that lariat & the versatility of that style.

  132. Hi Susan!
    Your adventures with Mr. Mickey have inspire my husband of 53 years and me to do the same in our area. Thanks for the inspiration!
    I’ve always admired the look of the Lariat necklaces you share with all of us. Please enter my email in the raffle.
    Be safe.
    Becky King

  133. Thank you for showing us all the ways to navigate fashion tastefully as we age!
    I love your blog!
    Please enter me in the drawing

  134. Hi Susan, your style tips have made shopping so much easier for me. Took a long time to find out what suits me but I think that I’m getting there!

    Thanks for the offer to win the lariat. Good luck to all who enter.

    Thanks from Vicki in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

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    Keep up the good work and I so enjoy the adventures of Mr. Mickey and you!


    Diane McDaniel

  137. I would never have thought the wide legged pants would look flattering, but how cute they are on you! You look so tall, lean and long legged! Wow! I will be waiting to hear why that works so well and about your other discoveries on pants. I have very little idea why some pants look good on me and others don’t. Thank you for your insights and travel journal. I really would like to visit your area to see some of the beautiful sites you have visited. Have a lovely week and be safe!

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  140. Hi Susan. I have been following you for several years. Your style matches perfectly with my own although not always with my pocketbook!

    I would love to be entered into the lariat giveaway especially since I have not been able to find anything similar in stores or online.

    I appreciate how you continued to blog during your covid experience and Mr. Mickey’s health issue.

    Cindy L. Massachusetts

  141. What can I say? Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are my favorite days of the week The fashion, food, travel and inspiration enhance my daily life. I am most grateful.

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  145. I so look forward to your emails….especially during this time of sticking close to home. The photos included are always so beautiful and a wealth of information. Thank you so very much for sharing your vast knowledge and experiences! Yours truly, Mary

  146. Susan,
    How fun that you decided to do a lariat giveaway this week! Because of seeing how creative you have been wearing a lariat over the past months, I began my search for a lariat necklace at shops in our area, thinking that I, too, would enjoy wearing something different.

    Thanks for all you do to help we gals over 60 to look our best. Your fashion sense and guidance have helped me to refine my “look” as well, and now I find I feel much more confident when I get dressed to go out and about.
    Debbie in Crossville
    P.S. And because of you I am now enjoying my beauty routine due to Beauty Counter products. Thanks!!!

  147. Love the flaired jeans on you! I have followed so many of your tricks and advice. Thank you for the great information!

  148. You inspire me. My mother was such a smart dresser her entire life. I envy the ability to “get” style. Thank you for sharing your pictures. It is such a help.

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  151. Dear Susan, Here’s wishing you and “Mr. Mickey” a delightful Thanksgiving. I love reading your uplifting blog — a great reminder to seek beauty and grace in everything we do! Blessings to all! Peggy in Arizona

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    Thank you!

  154. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for offering the chance to win a beautiful necklace! As always the accessories you choose complement your outfit perfectly and take it from the ordinary to the memorable!
    Mary Ann

  155. Susan — I am a follower of many year’s standing. We are around the same age & you never fail to inspire me. I am always looking to up my style & healthy-living games. This lariat necklace would definitely elevate my look!

  156. I have been so upset about all the things i cant do to be safe during covid, i lost sight of all the things i can! You changed my outlook today! One question…do you go to public restrooms when youre out? 2 questions i guess..how do ypu find these beautiful places and restaurants

    1. We wear a mask unless seated at our table, stay far away from other guests, and always look for dining outside. You can look up the places near you that offer take out or outdoor seating. I use TripAdvisor and the Maps app on my phone to find restaurants as I am traveling.

  157. I love seeing the way you put outfits together. Usually moderately priced and not just trendy. I’m only 5’4” so these flares jeans don’t so real well for me but they sure look nice as part of this outfit. Love following you!!

  158. What a fun idea! I never knew about a necklace like this and all the different ways to wear it. I’m 64 and very petite 5 feet standing tall 115 lbs. I thought I would be too short for necklaces such as this. I sure would love to have this and give it a try. Thank You so much for your blog, I try almost all of your looks. I have many pins!

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    I would love to win the lariat necklace.

  161. Hi, Susan, you make all of us feel like old friends. So many reasons to anticipate our ‘letters’ from you : beautiful pictures, travel, great recipes, shopping, and life advice. Thank you.
    Your friend,

  162. Susan, this has become one of my very favorite life quotes & it SO reminds me of you. I am happily sharing, along with surrounding love!!

    “I don’t know what the future holds

    but I’m stepping forward with grit anchored in grace.”

  163. Love your posts…. I’m 64, serving a mission for my church in Albania until January…. always welcome your style tips!

  164. Thank you for such lovely photos recently showing beautiful autumn colours and wonderful scenery. Wish we could get out and about more over here in the UK, but now into lockdown two until December. So your blog is helping me feel that there is beauty out there and it won’t be too long before we can enjoy it.
    Your outfit is perfect and it sounded a great trip. Love the necklace and I’ve never owned one like it, so enjoyed the video on many ways to wear it.
    Even during lockdown I like to wear make up and a little jewellery, for myself, as it makes me feel ready for the day. Thanks for all your advice.

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    You have styled these flare leg jeans in a beautiful way that is very flattering. Thank ou for sharing the beauty of autumn with us.

  166. Susan – I always look forward to reading your posts and especially learning from your countless tips. The lariat necklace you are wearing in the final photo looks spectacular paired with the denim shirt. I love the casual elegance!

  167. HI Susan,
    As usual, you have a fabulous look for the weekend. I always wondered why flare/boot cut jeans looked silly on me, I think it’s because I don’t normally tuck tops in. My belly is my worst feature, so I rarely to that. Maybe i need some thinner tops to give this a try. I love your black column of color with the denim shirt, that’s perfect and classy. Amy

  168. Susan, not only are you so classic and sophisticated in your look, everything looks like it fits you perfectly! Do you have your things altered? I’ve not been a fan of flare leg jeans but these pictures make me want to run out and buy a pair:)

    Keep blogging……


  169. I haven’t bought myself new jewelry in a long time. I would love this necklace! It goes with so many things!

  170. Susan, please say a few things about us petite 5’2 gals and these flared jeans. I can’t wear boots right now because of an injury so I might not be able to wear them at all. I need guidance. Thanks.

    1. I think the key is to keep the top of your look in proportion. If you wear a shorter jacket or cardigan, you might be able to wear them even with flats. The key is to show as much of the length of your leg as possible, and don’t let your waistline disappear.

  171. Your posts are one of the first things I look for when I get online. Thanks for motivating me to try to look my best!

  172. Susan I like the denim shirt you have on in the last pic. Looks great on you. Do you know where you bought it? Thanks. And thank you for sharing great ideas. Just love the lariat!!!!

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  174. Your explaining the flare jeans/pants makes so much sense. I have been debating and, thanks to you
    I feel I now know just that I need to look my best.

    Thank you for taking so much time explaining and photographing each detail. It is appreciate

  175. I love your silhouette with the flare leg pants. I’ve struggled with the idea of wearing those again. But you make it look beautiful and doable.

  176. I am so thankful I found you about five years ago. You are built like me…a little smaller version. You tips, tricks, style, information about color and fabric combos has helped me start my sixties looking fab. I look forward to your posts and they always work for me. Thank you for sharing.

  177. A fabulous lariat! I love the many ways this piece can be worn. I would be very happy to have this in my collection.

  178. I have ordered several mask holders recently from this company and I must say, the quality and service are the best yet. Love EVERYTHING they make.

  179. Susan,
    This is such a great piece to add to any outfit to make it pop! Love your blog.

    Thank you,
    Kelly Shoffeitt

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  183. I am waiting with bated breath for the post on jeans. I have no clue about them and what kind I should wear. As to the “Beauty in Stone” collection, I have a few items and am always impressed with the easy ordering, fast ship, and the sweet notes Suzanne sends with her beautiful packaging. And yes, the items are beautiful pieces too. Even if you don’t win the lariat, you should check her out.

  184. Great look today, Susan! The flares are very flattering on you. The lariat video was very informative and I would love to win it! Glad to hear you are feeling fine after such a scare.

  185. Would love to win the Lariat to spruce up my winter wardrobe, since I haven’t been able to get out and shop since Spring.

  186. What a creative and fun piece! Being so versatile, you can wear it with all kinds of outfits- from playful to formal. I’m ready to give it a try. I just love your blog and the way you showcase all the lovely mountain towns. It inspired me to spend some time in Asheville- just a few weeks ago! It was my first time and I will be returning to the area to explore each of the places your highlighted!

  187. Susan, I am living vicariously through you and Mr. Mickey right now. Your drives and trips look so inspiring and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  188. You look great in your outfit! I must say I am envious of your Mountain viewing. We are not traveling this year because of covid. My husband and I plan to make up for this year once vaccines are available. Thank you for sharing your style I put.

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    Please register me for the lariat necklace too – it’s beautiful!

  190. Susan,

    One of the many things I love about your blog is the introduction to new products, brands and especially, small women owned businesses. I have learned so much from your research and insight. If you recommend it I feel confident to try it.

  191. I always enjoy your traveling pictures, especially with the limited trips we make these days.
    Thank you for sharing your dressing tips…I’ve learned alot from you.
    The lariat is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it!


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  193. Your lunch looks simply wonderful! It’s so nice to live vicariously through you and your travels! Love the lariat also!

  194. Hi Susan, I really love her lariat necklaces and would love to own one. I recently received her face mask strap and it is so handy. Now my mask is always at the ready. Thanks for your great photos. We just got 6+” of new snow and it makes me feel good to see your beautiful area with all the colourful leaves.

  195. Love your blog, Susan! I have learned so much from you. I love the jackets you wear from Clara Sun Woo and Shapeez. Thanks so much!

  196. Hello Susan,
    You don’t know it but you have become my new best friend. I have watched your videos and read your blogs over and over and learn something new each time. As a senior, I realize that I have wasted lots of effort and money on trying to follow the newest trends and it has never worked so I am grateful to you for steering me in the right direction.
    It is so fun to go along on the fabulous outings that you and Mr. Mickey go on. I know it is no small feat to do a blog and videos and take such wonderful pictures of your life and I truly appreciate all you do.

    Thank you for the opportunity to receive this gorgeous lariat.

  197. What a beautiful day trip! Love how you styled your all black outfit by adding a denim shirt and fun/beautiful jewelry.

  198. Hi Susan. Home from the hospital, hysterectomy due to cancer. It was low grade & they got it all!! Would love to wear that lovely ladies style necklace when I’m recuperated! Jan Stevens

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  200. Would love to own the Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat necklace. I’ve been struggling for quite a while, to no avail, to find a long necklace that I like and that works for me. This could do it. And, boy was that lariat styling video helpful. Others that I purchased have become gifts to friends. :o)

  201. Many thanks to you two (Mr Mickey, too) for serving our country and keeping her safe and great. I’m sure both of you served in different ways, but you both were needed to keep our military strong. I’m so glad you both have been able to continue to live such interesting lives. My husband (Roger) was (is) a Marine and served in Viet Nam.
    Thank you so much, Connie Briggs

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  203. I always enjoy your travels pictures and your style! Looking forward to the post on jeans….really questioning “bell bottoms” !!!
    Love your friends jewelry.

  204. Tennessee is such a beautiful state. I’ve always thought I would love to live there. I really likes today’s outfit. It makes you look so tall. The necklace would be a great treat! Thanks!!

  205. Because of your blog I have become a huge fan of Suzanne’s exquisite handmade jewelry. I’d be thrilled to have another lariat in a new color.
    Also, I always look forward to your Tuesday and Thursday posts. You inspire me!

  206. I really enjoy your posts as I have the same body type as you. I’ve learned a lot over the years. These days are quieter. I’m looking forward to having some “less casual” outing in the future. Stay safe and have a happy holiday.

  207. Hi Susan. I have followed your blog for several years. I have received much inspiration from your fashion tips, health information, and even recently started using the Beautycounter skincare thanks to your recommendation. I received a compliment on my complexion just last week which is nice at 72!
    The necklace is lovely and versatile. It is nice to know about this line of jewelry. Thanks for all your tips and recommendations.

  208. It seems like the necklace is a very versatile piece. It can be worn in so many different ways. Jacqueline Jagerson

  209. I have a high waist so I really can’t tuck anything in, sadly. I never knew how funny (at least to me) a tucked-in shirt looked on me until I saw picture. I really encourage everyone to take a few full- body selfies – or get someone to take them – when in doubt. Anyway, you look great in those outfits.

    The big link lariat is gorgeous. I would love to add it to my go-to jewelry choices. Thank you for offering such a beautiful give-a-way!

  210. I’m looking forward to your next post! I’m noticing that my Jean style isn’t looking so good anymore – my shape is changing. At 70 I just want to start anew! I’ve always worn longer tunic style tops – I’m going to follow your lead and try tucking it in!

  211. Susan, you look so tall and lean and beautiful with those dark washed jeans.
    I’m glad you had a nice lunch with Mr. Mickey.

  212. Love reading your posts. My closet has never looked better…nor have I! I’m passing on flare leg jeans (no need to revisit the 70’s) but can’t wait to see what else is around the corner.

  213. I have a question I don’t recall seeing you address. What do you do to get/keep your teeth white? I have noticed that some lipsticks help my teeth look whiter but not like I want. Thank you.

  214. Love your driving videos, brings back warm memories of visiting my relatives in Johnson City and how beautiful the area is. I also love the high waisted flair jeans and as always you style everything beautifully.

  215. I’ve always dressed in a classic way, and blazers are my go-to piece. Because I work in an elementary school, COVID 19 has forced me to change to something I can easily wash and tumble dry. We can wear jeans, so the bottoms are easy, but I’d love to hear your suggestions on tops. Thanks for always providing inspiration and positivity! And I’d love to be the lucky winner!

  216. I love the Beauty in Stone items you wear, and this one is gorgeous .. the beading is my favorite part. Thank you for offering this wonderful prize. Todays photos are very enjoyable, a gorgeous Fall you are enjoying.
    Ann Lee S

  217. I really like how you change your style. We can tend to get in a rut if not careful, especially as we get older. Thank you for showing how we can make small changes to make a dramatic look.

  218. The necklace is really pretty but I have never worn one like that…Ps….Love your glasses…
    Nola Frisbee…..

  219. Love your new flare jeans, Susan! Really adds a lot of height. I’m going to have to give them a try as well. Love the lariat necklace as well!

  220. The jeans remind me of my teenage years. I would try those again. Some items like the clogs and body suits will live only in my memories.

  221. Thank you so much for the helpful posts. I have learned so much from them! I would love to have a lariat necklace!

  222. I would love to win the jewelry. Your posts are always so enlightening. Of course, I really believe you could wear a “toe sack” and look great!

    Cathy Belew

  223. I LOVE the Lariat necklace! I would be able to wear it with many outfits; dressy, casual, and classic.
    I share your style in clothing and I am always interested in reading your blog and seeing your fashion suggestions!
    Thanks for doing what you do! Very enjoyable!

  224. Another great blog! So nice to travel through your lens! Keep the pictures coming. Fun to see different places..


  225. You look so beautiful in this outfit. The jacket and jeans are so becoming to you and your slim figure. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

  226. Oh Susan, I keep wanting to get that necklace. I love it. So versatile and pretty. Thanks for the giveaway. You are so sweet. Take care.

  227. Hello Susan – I really like this outfit on you! The stylish jacket is on sale too!
    LOVE Suzanne McKinney’s lariat necklaces! I’ve viewed them a few times. I hope I win!
    Thank you for sharing!

  228. Love that necklace! As well as all your outfits! Would love to be the lucky winner.!
    Having turned 65 and trying not to look old and frumpy as I am still working full time. So appreciate your looks that I can wear to our semi-casual office that is of course filled with 30 somethings!

  229. I’m excited about your Thursday post. I have several styles of jeans in my closet, and I need to learn what style of tops I should wear with each.
    I love the blue jacket you’re wearing, but Saks is out of my size. I’ll try to find it somewhere else.
    Thanks for continuing to blog. Hopefully you’ve slowed down enough to be able to enjoy your friends and family more.

  230. I love the new lipstick for fall. It’s perfect. Thank you for the clothing tips. They definitely work with my size and proportions.

  231. I enjoy your posts so much! Your style tips, trips,with the wonderful scenery and meals….your closet tours motivate me to organize my closet and plan my clothing purchases! Thank you so much! Would love to win the necklace! I have three scarves that I got from you love them!!!

  232. Thank you for offering the beautiful lariat as a giveaway. I really enjoy your advice on clothes and accessories. You are a beautiful lady!

  233. Susan, thank you so much for posting the video on ways to wear the lariat necklace! I actually bought this necklace some time ago (after seeing it here) but I didn’t really know what to do with it. Now I have so many ways to wear it with confidence!

  234. As always your blog comes at the right time…jeans! There are so many it’s difficult to choose the right one for my body type. I look forward to Thursday’s blog.

    Maybe I’ll be the lucky winner this time. I love the necklace!

  235. Looking forward to your post about denim jeans!
    Always a pleasure reading & practicing your posts!

  236. You take wonderful trips and always look so classy all of the time – thank you for the inspiration. I am disabled and cannot get out like I used to – so I live thru you!!

  237. Hi Susan, I would love to be the recipient of this giveaway, however I am not sure it would be suitable as I am in Australia. However, here’s hoping 🙂

    Love all your ideas, I think I am becoming a mini-you! Following you has changed my look – for the better!

  238. I’m looking forward to your post about different jean styles. I always find it is hit or miss because I’m not sure what “da rules” are. Love those jeans you are wearing.

  239. I love the gray-ish jacket with the elbow patches. Please tell me: is it lined? I also share your feelings about wearing the longer jackets. I am short waisted, and the longer jackets look entirely too bulky around my middle section. I wear your same sizes, and I’ve also experimented with the flare leg jeans and shorter jackets, and it’s a good look for me. Although I now live in Michigan, I grew up in Tennessee and I love your photos!

  240. My Husband traveled for business 30 years, and I got to go with him several times to your area. We love East Tennessee. I would love the necklace, silver is my jewelry of choice for my coloring. Have been reading your blog in my 60’s now I turned 70. And the same advise still works, no frumpy for me.

  241. The Big Link Lariat is beautiful. I’ve always been partial to pearls. Hoping you’ll pick my name for the win! Dee Homes

  242. Your style is what I am working on for my closet. The lariat is beautiful and I would to add it to my wardrobe than I am building. Thank you for a chance to enter.

  243. Susan, how does the jacket fit? Is there a little give in the arms or constricting? I’m trying to decide what size, it’s absolutely eye catching! Love that look of the lariat necklace, such a unique look!

  244. Oh my goodness!! I never realized how versatile a lariat can be. And this one is a beauty! I’d love to have this to perk up my no fuss style tops. Thanks for the many lessons that you share!

  245. Your dedication to healthy eating has been such an inspiration to me! Thank you for the video and the chance to add a stunning piece of jewelry too my wardrobe!

  246. So nice of you to do another giveaway! The lariat necklace looks intriguing! I love all your fashions and travels. God bless! Leslie Steffes

  247. I just love that Lariat necklace and all the style it would add to so many basic outfits. Your local travels highlight such a beautiful part of our country! Thank you for taking us along.

  248. ❤❤❤Susan you make 60 beautiful! I look forward to each and every one of your posts. Love your style and wisdom❤❤❤

  249. So glad that flare leg jeans are back in style..they are very slimming. Would love to know where you purchased the denim shirt. I really enjoy reading about your trips and seeing your cool outfits.

  250. Susan, you are the first woman of a certain age I have seen on whom wide leg jeans look really good! And the high waist makes you legs look loooong. Great outfit. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  251. Hi Susan,
    I stumbled across your blog a few months ago and am so glad I did! I’ve recently retired, lost 49 lbs and am working to build a new wardrobe. I love your taste in clothing, you’ve really helped me choose basics that work together with fun jewelery and scarves. Thank you so much!!

  252. Hi Susan – loved the photos of the Banner Elk area. Nature scenes help when one is stuck in the house for too long. Glad to see you and Mr. Mickey are able to get out and around again. WE hope to get up to the area ourselves at Thanksgiving.

  253. Love the flare leg jeans! Suzanne’s jewelry is fab, thank you for the opportunity to win the big link silver beaded lariat!

  254. Hi Susan – I would love to be considered for the Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat giveaway. It’s beautiful and would work well for me with so many outfits. Thanks and love the flare leg jeans on you!

  255. Susan, I have learned so much from following you and appreciate your classy fashion! I also love your nutritional advice.

  256. Susan I love your style ! And I love the lariat necklace. I have been admiring the pearl one from beauty in stone as well. Thanks for sharing so many great tips. I have learned so much !

  257. You look so polished in this jacket outfit, Susan. Your travelogues have prompted us to do a weekly day trip here in Ontario. We pack a lunch or do take-out because we don’t feel comfortable eating in restaurants right now.
    Just bought my first 2 Shapeez, Ultimate & Silky non-foam. Seem to prefer the Silky.
    Thank you for offering such a lovely lariat give-away.

  258. I enjoy reading your blog. The pictures of the places you visit have given me many vacation ideas. I also enjoy your outfits which also give me ideas on how to wear create outfits with clothes I already own. Thank you for taking the time to share your life with us.

  259. As I look out on a snowy, white world, I can’t help envying you the gorgeous fall weather. So glad you’re getting out and enjoying it!

    I love the versatility of the lariat necklace! Thanks for including the video.

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