The Matinee

When the rain is falling, or it gets too hot to enjoy outdoor activities, we like to go to a matinee movie or play. On Saturday, we attended the afternoon performance of Steel Magnolias at the Barter Theatre.

Since childhood, I have been attending the Barter, so I know that wearing a jacket or cardigan, even in summer, may be necessary. Air conditioning always feels too cold for me. I wore a white linen Calvin Klein jacket that I found on sale at Stein Mart a couple of years ago. The light gray tank top is by A’Nue Ligne. (Their sizes run very small!) I am wearing a size extra large. I buy what fits and ignore the size tags. The necklace was a gift from Mr. Mickey. The bag is a couple of years old. The tweed pumps are by J. Reneé from last year. I also wore them here.

Since we always try to cram too much into every date, we ran very short on time. I had less than five minutes to get dressed. I am grateful that I have learned how to throw on separates that I know and trust when there is no time to get creative with my look. I hope the examples help you put your basics to good use as well.

After the play, we had a delightful evening meal at Sister’s American Grill in the Martha. We always valet park at the Martha and then walk across the street to see the play. Our life together includes doing fun things as often as we can. We celebrate even small events and try to enjoy every day instead of living for vacation time. A good life is a journey, not a destination.

Did you see that the July Vogue (USA) shows a ten-page spread on adding scarves to your look? I am thrilled to see that women of all ages are once again embracing my favorite accessory.

  1. One does have to ignore the size tag–too much variation–but it is a start. When you share your size in a particular item that is still available for purchase, I can “guesstimate” my size from that info.

    You look lovely in this outfit.

  2. That is so smart to ignore the size label, Susan. In fact, my mom and I were just talking about that, because one of the pieces she has is from a company out of China and their items run small. So she was wearing a XXL. Yet no one sees the label, and it shouldn’t define us. Just like the numbers of our birthdays shouldn’t define us, right?
    I always laugh that I have to take a jacket or sweater for the inside not the outside in the summers…..but at least I’ve gotten smart about it and take them!

  3. I love what you wrote, “Our life together includes doing fun things as often as we can. We celebrate even small events and try to enjoy every day instead of just working to pay bills and living for vacation time. A good life is a journey, not a destination.” This is such an important idea.

    I will check out the Vogue scarf pages.

    Thank you.

  4. Love it…we had a boat once and my hubby put “it’s all about the journey” on the side of it…

  5. You make every day an adventure. Great lesson and a great flexible look for an unplanned date.

  6. Navy and cream suit you well! The Barter is part of my childhood too. I fondly remember Robert Porterfield throwing his voice as he welcomed each audience to the show and then giving away a pair of ‘hose’ to the guest who came from the most distant place.

    1. Inspiring me to live my best life! Everyday should be treated special. You and Mr. Mickey always look amazing. I am aspiring to look this this great with only five minutes lead time. Wow! I live in Nashville and I am heading to my hometown Morristown (neighboring your lovely town) this weekend. Love that such a fashion inspiring woman hails from my “neck of the woods”. Keep the fashion inspiration coming!

  7. Lovely outfits, as always. I discovered the magic of scarves on a trip to Paris 30 years ago and began my scarf collection then. People began giving me scarves. A man once asked my husband why I tied my scarf “that way” — was it symbolic of some hidden meaning? Scarves are still magic: for less than the price of an actual garment (usually) a scarf can change your look entirely. I will look up the scarf article in the July Vogue. Thanks, Susan!

  8. I love the second outfit on you and also your hair. And your remark about living — so true. Thank you.

  9. After having no vacations for years at a time due to family caregiving, I can vouch for the absolute sanctity of getting away from it all. Take vacations! Leave town! Break with routine! Have uninterrupted time when you can enjoy your loved ones. Precious memories, especially when children are still at home, can carry you through tough times. The holidays do not need to be exotic or long, but they do need to be away from distractions and soul-crushing responsibilities. Play isn’t just for children. We all need that certain lightness of being that only getting away can provide.

  10. Hi Susan – I really enjoy your blog –
    I have a question about permanent makeup -I am 61 years old and happily retired – my husband and I live in south Florida – we play golf – love the outdoors – I have a friend that is strongly suggesting I look into permanent makeup- I wear as little as possible – as you say at our age – less is more – I am blond have been since birth
    So my eye brows – eyelashes – all blond –
    So I was thinking of eyelashes eyebrows and some eyeliner –
    What is your thoughts ?

  11. Dearest Susan, your post did really make me think. Hubby and I are not kind to ourselves. I’ve read him the second half of your fourth para. We have resolved to be kinder to ourselves when our lives get back on an even keel. Thanks for the inspo! Hugs, x

    1. I would say don’t wait until life gets back on that even keel before you try to be kinder and spoil yourselves -do it now and you might be delighted with the results.

  12. Hi Susan, Love the blues on you…my favorite also. What is your take on the wide leg jeans? I am 5’4″ tall and they are about ankle length on me. They also have the frayed hem. Thank you.

    1. I tried the wide leg jeans, but because I carry most of my weight on my top half, I just felt large all over with the addition of wide-leg pants. I can’t embrace anything released, frayed or torn.

  13. “A good life is a journey, not a destination.” What a great mantra to live by!

  14. Hi Susan
    Did you enjoy the show? I remember watching Steel Magnolias the movie many years ago with my daughter, it’s still our all time favourite movie. We had it on VHS and now DVD and every so often we drag it out again, we’d love to see the stage show. I can’t recall it being done in Australia, I’ll have to keep an eye open for it.
    Thanks for all your tips and sharing your life with us, you look great as usual as does Mr Mickey, he’s lucky to have such a good style ‘collaborator’ to keep him looking so dapper (well done to you).

  15. I am 70- & scarves along with other accessories have been a part of my way of dressing since I was a teenager. My mother taught me well. I miss her.

  16. I just love scarves! I’ve been wearing them since my mid-20’s (am now in my late 40’s), long before they became “cool” and “stylish” to the rest of the world. Part of my signature look.

  17. Hi Susan I have been following your blog for about four months. I love how you know how to put everything together so eloquently. I have a question where do you get your bra camis? Thank you Kathy Roberts

  18. We have enjoyed the Barter Theatre many times over the past years and then on over to the Martha Washington for dinner. We used to live in the Linville, NC area. Makes for such a lovely outing. You look beautiful and comfortable at the same time!

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