Dinner on the Mountain

The celebration of Mr. Mickey’s eighty-fourth birthday continues. I reserved our favorite table in the sunroom at Rowland’s in Westglow on Sunday evening.

We snapped the photos above in front of the bank near my home. The photo below was taken along the way to Blowing Rock. That is Grandfather Mountain in the background.

The rain was falling for much of the evening, but we were snug inside the mansion before it began in earnest.

Gary Brown manages the restaurant and expertly pairs wines with our dinner choices. He always makes sure every moment of our visit is top-notch. Mr. Mickey thoroughly enjoys having champagne and an hors-d’oeuvre while we unwind for a while in the living room after our long drive.

The adorable evening bag is the Sade Mini, created with a handwoven fabric made for FW Style in Nigeria. The Bag has been featured in everything from Vogue to Shark Tank. It also comes in different colors (black, stripe, purple). I appreciate the quality and details put into each of these bags. This one was a gift from Alexandria, whom I met for the first time at the Wine, Women & Shoes event a couple of years ago. She is the designer of FW Style bags. You can find the small size here and a larger scale, Sade “Midi” here.

The tweed pumps are by J. Reneé from last year. The necklace is old from Chico’s.

I hope your path leads to a garden that brings you joy.

    1. When we go away, I carry a large top handle bag or maybe a tote bag, so that I have more space to take the small items I may need during the journey. I always pack a small evening bag to carry when we go out to dinner.

  1. Hello from the U.K. love your posts and you look amazing. I’m 60 as well and know how important it is to keep a sense of style and also dress age appropriate without being frumpy. Look forward to reading more. Thanks .

  2. Susan – love your blog and your generous, kind tips. Re your crepe pants and tops – are they something I could use for business meetings? I work for a large software firm and while mostly work at home, occasionally have to be in meetings or conferences. Although i don’t need to wear a suit, I do need the right type of fabrics – do you think these would work? Thank you for your inputs – I wish Mr. Mickey the best of birthdays!

    1. Thank you, Martha. I have worn these pieces with a blazer, and they look very professional. The crepe material is a knit, but it reflects the light and has a slight texture to it. It is nothing like T-shirt knit. I wash all of my pieces together and hang them to dry on the hanger. The wrinkles fall right out, and the colors always match. (I have not noticed any fading because I never put them in the dryer.)

      1. Sounds like that will work – thank you for your response. You give us so much of your time and care; thank you.

  3. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for the great virtual trip. Just wanted to tell you and anyone else interested that the Chicos necklace you are wearing is on sale and last I saw, still available. I remember seeing it on you another time and thought for sure it would be gone.
    It looks nice.

  4. You looked so gorgeous wearing the Sade Mini Bag. I love how it added a pop of color to your look

  5. Looks like a wonderful weekend. It’s not quite mid way through the month; many more times to take the opportunity to celebrate. Can’t wait to see your charming outfits. These are my favourite shoes as well as the gorgeous turquoise ones. Hold on tight to both pair. Hugs!

  6. You planned some very special events for Mr. Mickey’s birthday. I’m sure he enjoyed your thoughtfulness. It is so nice to see how you dressed for these events. You look elegant, understated and very appropriate. I love the little pop of color from the Sade bag. It individualizes your basics well. Thank you for your continued tips and examples.

  7. Happy Birthday to Mr Mickey! You two are doing a wonderful job celebrating. This is something my husband & I need to get better at!

  8. I couldn’t resist the Chicos necklace you are wearing; especially since its on sale! Hope you and Mr. Mickey continue to enjoy his Birthday Month!

  9. This looks like a beautiful location & a wonderful meal! I love your simple, classic look and the bag is a fabulous pop of color. Very happy birthday wishes to Mr Mickey!

  10. Susan you are a breath of relaxation as I go to your website late, before bed.

    It calms me down and leaves my mind just thinking …You are a true example of

    the way we love and lived our 54 years! So I look forward to all that you share.

    Thank you…
    Lorraine Lorenzo

  11. You look fabulous and the setting makes me want to travel. It also was great to see the many courses brought out. The sizes of those are so in keeping with healthy portions. Amazing lovely place. Thanks for sharing

  12. Oh Susan, I love Pikes wines!! I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Australia in ‘97, and fell in love with Pikes Riesling. It’s not sweet like a German Riesling. I’ve not been able to find Pikes wines in my area. I’m thinking of ssheduling a road trip with my husband to Rowland’s, (from MA). Is that wrong?!!! You, Mr Mickey, and your willingness to share your knowledge and adventures on this blog are a treasure! Thank you!

  13. Happy Birthday to Mr Mickey. Thank you for sharing, I particularly love looking at your food photos, you two have such elegant meals.

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