Happy 16th!

The only “baby” in our Tennessee family turned sweet sixteen yesterday.

Elizabeth has appeared on the blog several times, most recently here. She is the daughter of my dear cousin, Rhonda. My family is camera shy, so I have standing orders that there not be any pictures of them on my blog. I do have permission to share a few images from the big celebration that lasted all afternoon.

That’s her boyfriend, Caleb, above. He is such a delightful young man!

A most creative way to gift money! My cousins are very artistic.

It was such a pleasure to meet Caleb’s beautiful grandmother, Margaret. She is a long time follower of the blog, so we had several terrific conversations about fashion, nutrition, and living a full and happy life.

My top is the same one I wore here and here with the pants here. The top and the pants were gifts from my friends who own My Fair Lady.

  1. Your family is blessed to have such a lovely and talented young woman in the family. Congratulations on such a happy celebration. May there be many more in her future.

  2. Elizabeth definitely favors you–she could easily be a grandniece or grandaughter! Same shaped face, smile and sparkle in her eyes. I saw your face immediately!

  3. She is such a beautiful girl!! Wishing her many, many more blessed birthdays!
    Thanks for sharing the creative way to give money. Have a great week!

  4. What a lovely young lady. She resembles Ashley Judd. The money bouquet is almost too pretty to take apart. Thank you for sharing the photos. I also like your shorter hair. God bless.

  5. Beautiful young lady with a beautiful smile! (Now that’s a cake I wouldn’t mind sharing with you ) Best wishes.

  6. What pretty ladies, all of you. And you’re looking beautiful in blue again, Susan, more inspo perhaps?! Hugs, x

  7. Thanks for the info on how to get your picture taken. Works great. Now I like the photos (well most of the) that my husband takes. Thanks for all the information you share. Enjoy, Lorraine

  8. Dear Susan, thank you for sharing photos of your delightful moments with family and friends! I am fairly new to your site and enjoy all of it!

  9. I agree. Sweet 16 is quite pretty on Elizabeth! She looks so much like you. Adorable. It looks like a fun celebration complete with sparkler fun!

  10. Pretty girl, Elizabeth! And I love the money “hat”. How creative! Like your blue top, also. I will check out My Fair Lady.

  11. I went to the My Fair Lady Website to look at the:
    Lior Paris “Lize” pants and see that they are:

    Recommended for 5’6″ or Taller.

    Would you have any recommendations for shorter ladies?

    Thanking you in advance, Susan from Michigan

    1. The Lize style is recommended for taller ladies because the inseam measures 29.5 inches. There are other styles that have 28-inch inseams and also Capri lengths.

    1. The less I do to my hair, the better it looks. I sometimes blow dry the roots at the crown and in front to lift them a bit. Then I arrange my hair with a pick and let it dry naturally. I don’t use any styling products.

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