Holiday Outfit Ideas

What to wear during the holidays continues to be a question I often receive. So today, I’m sharing some classic looks that I have worn and would wear again for fall and winter holiday gatherings. Of course, shopping our closets may provide appropriate options, but I will share links to similar items if you need to find your own.

Gathering with friends on a very casual playing with dogs and kids Sunday afternoon. SneakersNo-Show SocksAnkle JeansTankShirtVest or Vest Crossbody Bag.

Waking up with kids in the house on Christmas morning. Teeth and hair brushed, a little lipstick, pretty house slippers, fabulous pajamas, and the best bra ever.

Dinner at a friend’s house. Soft turtleneck, slightly bootcut jeans, short boots, colorful scarf.

Entertaining at home or as a dinner guest of others. Red cardigan, black tank, black slacks, velvet loafers, No-Show Socks – dynamic necklace. (Use the code SAS10 for $10 off any one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.)

Casual meal with family. Red turtleneck sweater, straight leg jeans, loafersno-show socks.

Going out to dinner with a special someone. Blazer – Red Top – Black Slacks – Short Boots – Great Necklace. (Use the code SAS10 for $10 off any one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.)

Mr. Mickey and I wish you a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.

Similar if not identical items are linked. Shopping links may allow me to earn a small commission at no additional cost to you

  1. You look SO trim, Susan! Do you mind telling us what you weigh these days? It gives me something to aim for, since our bodies are very similar.
    Red sweaters and camis really flatter your coloring – you look gorgeous and festive.

  2. Brilliant – so many different looks, for every occasion. Red is definitely the colour for the season.
    And look at you and Mr Mickey, all dressed up and even co-ordinated!
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Thank you so much for all the time you put in writing this blog! The outfit ideas are great. I love the first one . Have a Happy Thanksgiving with Mr. Mickey and your family.

  4. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you. Thank you so much for your hard work to help other women like me figure out how to build a wardrobe; take care of myself.

  5. My favorite picture in this series was the red sweater and jeans. I thought it made you look softer and younger but you looked incredibly great in all that you wore.
    Your various “put together” outfits are a real help at least for me in coordinating what I have in my closet or what and where to find items similar to yours. Thank you for advice we can all use for updated fashion from your perspective and improve our wardrobes. May you have a blessed Thanksgiving.
    Clara from Iowa

  6. Great Blogs. Appreciate the more casual dress approach to entertaining and being entertained. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mr. Mickey.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mr. Mickey. You two look marvelous. I’m grateful to all the wonderful advice you’ve given us over the years.

  8. Enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends! Thank you for continuing the blog. We love it and appreciate it!

  9. You look just wonderful. Healthy and classy. Do you have any tips for me since I am cooking on Thanksgiving and Christmas and I want to be cleaned up but I don’t want to wear my really good clothes. Grease, oils, etc get on my clothes. I often wear and apron but I almost need a long sleeved apron!!!! Have a blessed Thanksgiving with Mr. Mickey and your family.

    1. I often wear a sweatshirt, denim shirt, or thick tee when I am cooking. I don’t particularly like wearing an apron. So I take off what I wore to cook and slip on something more appropriate when the work is done.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving to both of you! I appreciate all of the effort you put into writing your helpful blog! Thank you- Mary Lou

  11. Brilliant, using the clothing you have!
    Out of all the “holiday outfit roundups” on the web, yours is the most polished, classy and appropriate of all of them!
    Thank you & Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. One fabulous outfit after another. I like those Talbots slightly boot-cut jeans. Since you blogged about them making your legs look longer, I’ve been looking for some.

    You wear red so well!

    Wishing you and Mr. Mickey a blessed Thanksgiving. What a gorgeous couple you are–he always looks so dapper.

  13. You always look fabulous, classy, and under-stated in elegance.
    Mr Mickey looks put together also.
    Thanks for all you do!
    Happy Holidays!

  14. At Thanksgiving I am truly thankful for your faithfulness in continuing your informative blog throughout the unsettling times we’ve been through. The lack of constant flashing ads is a breath of fresh air and your down to earth chic outfits using what you have in your closet (with a few updates here and there) are a reminder that we can do with less and still look well dressed. You help us to see our clothing in a new refreshing light instead of pushing what we have aside and buying new. You’ve taught us how to put together nicely coordinated outfits for every occasion. I especially enjoy the way you have transitioned to a more casual look as we navigate out of the days of isolation and into cautious small get togethers. You look lovely in every photo and your slightly longer hair is such a pretty soft look. Enjoy the holidays. Your readers consider you one of our sweet blessings!

  15. Oh I love the no show sock so I ordered some. Thanks to you I’ve gotten hooked on some beautiful booties. Love following you as I’m way older but very tall, but still like to dress nicely. I’m in Michigan, so I like wearing coats sweaters and boots. Have a marvelous Thanksgiving.

  16. A blessed Thanksgiving to you and Mr. Mickey. Love the pops of red in your outfits and his last look Thanks for giving me ideas for the holidays – I asked for them and received them!

  17. Happy Thanksgiving, Susan! May I ask what size you ordered in the pajamas, and would that be your ordinary size? I am ordering them now. In their sizing I am a Small DD (I am 5’6″, 140#, and curvy (pear), Thank you!

  18. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Mr. Mickey and your families! Enjoy! Thank you for your wonderful posts Susan.

  19. Appreciate evry picture! You look great in every outfit and I appreciate you encouraging us to shop our closet. Every picture a winner! Happy Thanksgiving. We are blessed!

  20. I rememberwhen you made the comment that you would not wear a black top because it did not look good close to your face. Am I seeing a lot of black?

    Black looks rich and smart, and so do you when you wear it!!!! My favorites on you, however, are the pink jacket and the white jacket. They end at the waist. Below the waist for a shorter person does not cut it. The red sweater over the black looks great–again, ends at the waist. The longer red top in the last picture, belted, looks okay.

    Just an old lady’s comments. but you asked for them.

    Mr. Mickey, as always, is a cutie!

  21. As a continuation from 2020, it will still be just the two of us throughout the entire holiday season, without outside socializing or any visitors to our home.

    So no traditional holiday get togethers. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t dress nicely for each other!

    I’ve learned so much from you about simplicity & classic styling and incorporating the same into my daily choices. My closet is a better & easier place since reading your blog!

    To both of you & the other readers (and, your extended families), have a safe & healthy Thanksgiving & beyond.

  22. Love all of the the well thought out yet simply doable outfits on today’s post.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mr Mickey. I’m thinking the picture of you both at the end is one if your best!

  23. Hi Susan,
    Sending you and Mr. Mickey a blessed and joyful Thanksgiving day. We made a six hour drive from Arizona to LA. The driving on the freeway was fast with LOTS of truckers, weaving in and out of traffic made me feel anxious. Thank goodness my husband was driving, Enjoying my family, the young men are truly exceptional human beings. We plan to drive back on Friday.

  24. Thank you for responding so quickly, Susan, I placed my order! May you and yours experience many blessings this Holiday Season!

  25. I really look forward to seeing your posts each week and trying to imitate many of your looks! I’ve been wanting a French Kandle necklace for quite a while. This year I am requesting one from my special guy for Christmas! One day while exploring a small town Shop, I saw one and couldn’t believe how classy and beautiful it was! You are such a down to earth person and very generous in your effort to help others. So appreciated! Happy Thanksgiving to you Susan, and Mr. Mickey too!

    1. Step into it as you would pantyhose. Pull it up by the body (never the straps). Slip your arms in at the end. I wear my Soma Vanishing Edge panties over the hemline. Everything stays put and is comfortable all day.

  26. I love how stylish you and Mr Mickey both are. Always coordinating colors of your outfits. Truly enjoyable to visit your site. Thanksgiving blessings to you both.

  27. I hope you and your family and friends had a good Thanksgiving. We just came home from our family celebration.

    I wore my new SAS red mini wedge shoes. The first thing I did when I got home was get on the Internet and order a set of no show socks. No more half measures. Thanks for giving me the idea.

  28. Love your holiday outfits. So classy. Also love the way your hair frames your face. Such lovely pictures and you and Mr. Mickey.

  29. Let’s pretend you’re going to New York now. You want your feet to stay warm and dry, and you’ll be walking a lot. Footwear suggestions?

  30. Always, always enjoy your blog…you are always so beautifully and gracefully put together. You inspire me!
    Thank you.

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