Losing A Favorite Brand

Since the beginning of Covered Perfectly, I’ve been a loyal customer. I wear the Simple Comfort long sleeve tops almost every day in the colder months. For a few years, I even modeled for the brand.

Pauline Durban started the company after she struggled to find tops that were not overly revealing. Sadly, she must now close her company because of the issues surrounding the COVID-19 global pandemic.

That’s Pauline Durban on the left and the author, Mary Ann Simonetti, on the right. We were at a Covered Perfectly photo shoot in Los Angeles a few years ago.

Many of the items are now on sale, and she is offering a 50% discount sitewide. Use discount code PD50. It will only work on one or two items per order. If you put three or more items in your cart, the code won’t work as the buy 2 get a 3rd free kicks in.

The website will remain open until the end of the year so that she can sell as much of the inventory as possible. However, as of now, no new merchandise will be added. She continues to honor exchanges and refunds until there is no more product.

Click here to start shopping.

I have been an affiliate for the brand for many years, but I will not accept any sales commission from this post. I am sharing this information to help my friend and let you know about your last chance to stock up on these great products.

  1. Will miss your MWF posts, but look forward to seeing your posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Best to you always.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend’s business. Looked at her web site…her tops look so nice. I just purchased two of them. Thank you for the referral.

  3. Why are you changing your schedule? I will miss seeing a third post. Your blog is my favorite.

    I tried the covered perfectly but had to return because as a petite, the sleeves and body were too long for my frame. The quality was excellent.

    1. Thank you, Anna, but remember, we are also in quarantine here and can not do anything interesting to share. I’ve been blogging for nearly ten years, so there aren’t many subjects I haven’t already covered at least once. I will turn sixty-four next month, so I am looking forward to winding down from my six days a week work schedule.

      1. Good for you Susan! I was just thinking the other day how you difficult it must be for you to post about new topics during this time. You have done an excellent job. I will say that one positive development from the pandemic is that my friends and I are talking more about books and how to use technology, as well as discussing current events. We are saving money, too!

  4. So very sorry to hear about Covered Perfectly and the many similar situations it brings to mind that this must represent all over the world. We all have lost something I am sure during the pandemic, and I think many of us are now really looking for the things we have actually gained! To me, this was apparent early on but now that the real after effects are emerging things are sometimes a bit more difficult and also sad.
    I do thank you for your work on this blog as it has not only served me as an inspiration to work on getting healthy past the age of 50 but also lately to realize that I am not alone. I’m also just past 60 myself, and really isolated in my world, with my children already living far away and very few relatives anywhere close by. Having little to no contact with anyone else except store clerks and my professional online work, your blog has become an anchor for me. Believe it or not..it is the simple things like going for a walk in the park or dressing properly to go run some errands and stay ‘human’ that have impacted me the most…I realize that I am not alone, and you are the voice for the many others out there I know are there…but I cannot see! Thank you Susan, I understand your need for less work time and hopefully more for yourself but will deeply appreciate the future posts you will share. God bless you and all in your world! Olivia Leann

  5. I will miss your blogs on MWF but at least you aren’t going away! I will look forward to hearing from you on Tuesday and Thursday. I totally understand your position on this. Take care and have a great weekend. Sorry to hear about Covered Perfectly. I have several of their tops. Love them. Covid is taking its toll on all of us.

  6. Can your friend become a. vendor on Amazon? It is unfortunate that we are about to see many more closures. Things we took for granted will be no more. So many are losing jobs.

    Thank you for making your presence uplifting and informative, as we all head into the great unknown. You manage to stay positive as much as anyone can. There is always a new day, and new hope.

    1. The problem lies with the production of her products. Her fabrics are made in the USA, and then a production company makes her products. None of those people can work to produce either the textile or the finished clothing because of the virus.

  7. I have followed you for many years and as others have stated your blog is a favorite of mine. I have learned so much about shopping for clothing that makes more sense for my coloring and shape. When I try things on now I always think to myself What would Susan say? I appreciate the information on healthy eating and also the skincare advice. The backdrop of many of your posts featuring all the lovely and charming towns and restaurants with Mr Mickey were so much fun to read about. I look forward to your continuing blogs and I will be anxiously awaiting that book that I just know is in the future. I am also saddened by the business woes of your friend and all the other businesses that are faced with heartbreaking decisions. It seems that some states have not suffered as much with respect to being shut down completely and are able to give some businesses hope for the future. I live near The Villages FL. It’s America’s Hometown…the perfect place for you to retire with thousands of women who would love to hear you share all of your knowledge especially about fashion.

  8. I’m sorry to read of your slowing down on your posts but understand. Thank you for the code on the Perfecty Covered tops – I put in an order this morning and am amazed at the savings!! I’m over 70 and know that slowing down is something we all have to do but still being active is necessary! Take care Susan and Thank You for your wonderful blog , it’s so inspiring! Virginia

  9. That’s awful and I’m so sorry to hear about this company. You look so great in their tops. I’m ordering now before I can never get them.

  10. Dearest Susan, I am very sad to hear about “Covered Perfectly’. I had ordered a couple of blouses a few years back when you came to Los Angeles for the photo shoot. I am so thankful for you and your blog. It is such an inspiration to me and to so many other women. May God continue to bless you with health and happiness. I pray that your weekend is relaxed and that you enjoy it. Love, Kathy.

  11. Will surely miss my M-W-F morning routine that includes reading your post! I never bore of your topics so repeats are interesting. Thank you for not completely “signing off” so we can continue to connect with you to receive your positive vibes that are much needed in these stressful times.

  12. The pandemic is taking its toll on every aspect of our world. I am sad for your friend.
    I am glad that you are reducing your workload, but I will miss your third post…I look forward to each one!
    I have been reading Dr. Joel Fuhrman and trying to incorporate his recommendations into my my diet. Thanks for the recommendation!

  13. Do you have any of her tops in white? Are they sheer? I live in Texas and don’t like to have to wear a cami under.

  14. Thank you for letting me know about the closing of Covered Perfectly. I am so glad I can get a few more tops while they are still available.
    You were a beautiful model for them.

  15. Sad that Covered Perfectly can’t go on. I’ll be sure to order from them now.

    Sorry also to see you move to 2 days a week. We’ve been so lucky to have your insights 3 days a week! I, for one, have learned so much from you with regard to how to dress better! I’ve also been amazed at the beautiful surroundings in the area where you live. The places and the architecture in those places have been breathtaking.

    Thank you for sticking with your blog.

  16. There are many changes to adapt to during this time. I know you gave a great deal of thought to change to posting twice a week. I can imagine how difficult it is to come up with enough material to write about. I certainly appreciate any effort you make to add to my day. Just seeing you looking so put together helps me to do the same. Thank you!

  17. So sorry to hear about Covered Perfectly. Sounds like it is a “snowball effect” for Pauline. Darn Covid…

    I can understand your position on cutting back. I have 10 plus years on you and know all to well…we need to take care of ourselves. I so enjoy your posts and have learned much from you. Feel like I have a bit of a tie with you…in respect to your Navy days, here in our big Navy town!!
    Glad to hear you are not giving up. I would truly miss seeing your beautiful smile.
    Continued blessings to you and yours…

  18. I am sorry to hear about your friend’s company. You always look wonderful and in very good taste for women our age. I will miss you on MWF and look forward to your posts on TTH. How about a post on general grooming for older women and men! I really feel that good grooming is more important as we get older, clean hair, cut and styled, nails clean and shaped, skin moisturized, legs and underarms shaved, feet clean and toe nails groomed and polished if that is your style etc. Now men………clean shaven, good hair cut, clean hair, body, face etc, no fuzzy necks, no nose hair, nails feet and hand groomed, clean clothes that fit properly. I could go on and on. Thanks you are my favorite blogger.

  19. I first heard of Covered Perfectly from your blog. I am so sad that they are closing because 75% percent of my closet is from there. I absolutely love all the items that I have purchased. Also Susan after 60 is my all time favorite blog. I am from East Tennessee also (Knoxville). My husband and I have traveled to a lot of the places you have mentioned before through the years. In fact we just drove through Greenville and Erwin Hwy a few days ago, some of the prettiest places to take a drive. Thank you Susan Carla

  20. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear that. She was very customer service oriented and priced her products well (as did you , Susan). This darn pandemic is just playing havoc with us.

  21. Thanks to you I have bought from Covered Perfectly many times. They offered great tops and service and were one of the most ethical people I have ever had any dealings with ever. I am sorry to see them go.

  22. I’m sorry about your friend’s business. I hope a new and wonderful opportunity will come out of this for her!

  23. I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of Covered Perfectly! COVID has destroyed so much & so many this year. I’ve been a business owner for 19 years but I’m not sure that my business is going to survive either. I’m hanging by a thread right now, as my business depends on people traveling. Hoping I can survive until a vaccine or strong therapeutics are developed, and that the world will return to something closer to normal.
    I’m pleased that you are continuing with your blog, as it is a bright spot I look forward to. Stay well!

  24. I. am so sorry about your friend and her business. It is so very sad. Through your recommendation, I have purchased many of her tops and enjoy wearing them. These times are so difficult.

  25. Susan, you were one of the first bloggers I followed years ago. I guess it’s a sign of the times to see companies, retailers and great writers/bloggers such as yourself to be leaving the field. I was a fashion magazine writer in the seventies and I slowly saw that field dissolve. Your impact has been considerable for me as I’ve learned to do with less as I age. I look forward to your blogs because you are so relatable. Hearing that Lord & Taylor, an iconic NY store, declared bankruptcy practically brought me to tears but after venturing out to the San Diego zoo last week and seeing how most of America dresses I understand why.. I thank you for being an inspiration and I encourage all of us who like looking our best continue to be role models for our children and grandchildren.

    1. Thank you for your comment and for following my blog all these years. I felt a similar sense of loss when I heard that many of my favorite stores and restaurants are closing.

  26. I remember your post the last time you flew out to CA for the photo shoot. You showed us what you packed and how to pack it! We will cherish your posts even more but don’t quit on us!

  27. So saddened by both the news of the closing of Covered Perfectly but also your posts only twice a week. I do understand about both things. Susan, what size do you wear in the CO tops? Just for reference. Thanks for all you do. Sure would love to see more food pics from you again.

  28. Thank you Susan, for sharing this news with us. I love the Covered Perfectly tops and vests and own several styles and colors. I discovered this company because of your blog and am hopeful Pauline will somehow be able to recover and continue in business. I just placed another order and was surprised some items and colors are already unavailable. I am hoping this is a good sign, that business is picking up and sending a hope and a prayer things will work out for Pauline.
    Thank you for your blog, I truly appreciate the time and effort you put in to your posts. I have learned so much from you.

  29. I’ve enjoyed your blog for many years. I will look forward to seeing your smile and posts each Tuesday and Thursday!

  30. Thank you for keeping us informed. I’m so sorry to hear that Covered Perfectly will be closing. I have purchased several tops from them in the past, and just purchased two more. Their clothes are so soft and comfortable. Thanks again, Susan. Stay safe.

  31. I just placed an order with Covered Perfectly. Thank you for sharing the discount code. I’m so sorry to hear they’re closing. This virus is really giving us a run for our money! So many businesses closed and so many lost opportunities. I look forward to your blogs. They are a beacon of reason in this dark time.

  32. I like Covered Perfectly, sorry to hear they have to close. Thank you for info & discount. You look great!

  33. Love your curlier do in this photos.
    I’ll certainly give a look to your friend’s website. Sad that the pandemic is contributing to the demise of the business. I have been through this (seeing my business crumble) in the wake of 9/11, so I feel I can sympathize more fully. There are unfortunately countless businesses that can’t or won’t be able to survive this period, impacting millions in one way or another.
    After years of hindsight, I realize losing my business. while painful, was the beginnining of a new and different path my life took. I wish Pauline the best and thank her for her years of customer service and dedication.

  34. Hi Susan,

    I am so sorry to hear that Pauline is bringing her business to a close. It’s a very big deal to wind down a business. I was in wholesale most of my life selling to retailers and representing hundreds of vendors over 35 years. I have seen so many retailers and manufactures having to close their businesses. It’s such a sad and difficult time.

    What a beautiful picture of Pauline, you, and Mary Ann Simonetti. You have a lasting friendship with Pauline that is a special gift that will not be taken away.

    On a side note, that is so nice that you are giving everyone a “heads up” in your network. That’s what friends do.

    Be safe and continue to take care of yourself and all those that you dearly love. We have a long ways to go before we are out of the woods.

    Sending you a uplifting day,
    Katherine Allan in Arizona

  35. I am the lucky winner of the beautiful Beauty in Stone Jewelry “Chunky Big Link Bracelet” and the Face Mask Strap from last week. My gifts just arrived minutes ago and I am so delighted. Beautifully packaged and each item in its own drawstring bag. I have the bracelet on at this very moment, feeling a sharp increase in my chicness. 😉 Tomorrow I will dazzle the other folks at the grocery store with it and my face mask strap. Thanks again to you, Susan, to Suzanne of Beauty in Stone Jewelry (whose kind personality came through clearly in our brief message exchanges) — AND to all the thoughtful Susan After 60 readers who congratulated me on my exciting win! Ladies, if you haven’t looked, take a peek just for fun at beautyinstonejewelry.com. The short videos feel like a mini=spa vacation. While I’m sorry that the pandemic is hurting (or ending) so many businesses, I am so very grateful that you will continue blogging, Susan, even at reduced frequency. I keep telling myself that all things must pass and change is normal, but I hope to read Susan After 60 for many, many years to come. Not to mention your book. I’m so proud and happy to be a member of this fine circle of ladies. Best wishes to everyone as we get through these very difficult times!

  36. Susan, I will truly miss the frequency of your blogs . They are so like a visit with a friend. Your fashion sense is such an inspiration as I often think, what would Susan wear with this? Mr. Mickey makes me smile every time I see a picture of him. It is so good to have such a friend to spend time with. Well, I look forward to reading your next post. Be safe and be healthy.

  37. Oh this is heart breaking. And so many of our favorite stores closing as well. I hope one day she can recover.

    1. Your query brought back an old memory. I went to New York with some other ladies a few years back, and while we were out sightseeing I looked down and noticed the tops of one of my friends’ feet were orange! I am not sure why she thought it necessary to apply either self-tanner or makeup, but I would warn you to check your legs/feet in sunlight! The results might surprise you.

  38. What a great thought; it’s so so easy to focus on the loss and changes that seem really negative and difficult right now. But it’s time to start looking for the silver lining since there is always one! Maybe Covered Perfectly will be back and we will be back buying, and wondering why whatever improvement happens, didn’t happen earlier!

  39. I have thought a lot about the impact of clothing retail and manufacturing closures. Many style blogs are heavily reliant on income from these stores and manufacturers. How many blogs will disappear now, too?

    So many things are changing. It’s like quicksand.

  40. Susan, thank you for all your great work! Your new schedule will benefit many readers of blogs on Tuesdays and Thursdays when many bloggers do not post. I now have a good read to look forward to on relatively quiet blogging days. Although I’m “only” in my fifties, I sure do enjoy your blog and classy/classic style. Hope you enjoy some much deserved extra free time.

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