The French Goat

The highlight of our trips to Lewisburg has been dining at the French Goat. The food, the ambiance, and the service are superb.

Mr. Mickey captured me, pretending I was at a sidewalk café in Paris.

My look for this evening included the navy top and pants from Yon Design. The Chico’s Travelers’ pants here and top here are similar. The Raison D’entre Jacket is here. The shoes are by Rockport here. The ecru bag is by Dooney & Bourke here.

Original art is displayed for sale throughout the restaurant.

We often order an appetizer or two and a salad instead of an entree.

We shared olives and Spanish almonds as well as an artisan cheese board.

We each ordered a poached lobster salad as our entree.

Mr. Mickey’s dessert was on the house. Happy Birthday!

The darling young couple seated at the table nearest to us was there from Charleston, WV, to celebrate their first anniversary. She told me she had seen one of my previous blog posts about our delightful first experience at the French Goat, so they decided to eat there too. I hope they enjoyed their evening as much as we did. Happy Anniversary!

Friday’s post will wrap up our visit to Lewisburg and recap the looks and what I packed for the weekend trip.

  1. Hi Susan! Thank you for sharing your experiences. It’s kinda like being there!

    The link to the clothes and accessories you are wearing doesnt seem to be working. Each time it says it is going to send me there, but it never does. Help!

  2. I’m in Abingdon today and tomorrow bicycling with friends. Is that near you? It’s really pretty here.

  3. What a wonderful post. Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey & Happy Anniversary to the young couple. The young woman obviously has great taste if she follows your blog. Have a great day!

  4. I’ve not had any trouble going to your suggested sites before. I’m not sure why I am having trouble now. I really like the found “here” feature of your posts. I have bought clothes from those sites that I probably would not have found before.

  5. Susan, I tried it again just now and it seems to be going where it’s supposed to!! Thanks for all you do! I would be a fail without your posts.! I am a big fan of the clothes you choose! My taste in shoes and purses is different, but that’s a good thing, yes? Thanks again.

  6. Hi Susan, I love your travel posts as much as the fashion ones. They are both wonderful. Do you have a favorite scale? Mine just died. Thanks, love the looks at The French Goat.

  7. I’m so glad you enjoyed your meal at the French Goat. My son is the EX Chef and it’s always nice to hear good comments about The French Goat. You should try the Sunday Brunch!

  8. What a great travel along blog! Enjoyed all of the pictures of scenery and food.
    Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey!

  9. Thanks for all the tips on great places to visit and to eat. I keep them on my list of places to go.

  10. Looks like a fabulous weekend getaway – I so enjoy seeing your travel posts. And Happy Birthday wishes to Mr. Mickey!

  11. Thank you for your amazing posts. I have just recently found you, and it has made such a difference in my life. I turned 65 in February and are experiencing so many of the topics you discuss. I have always loved a classic style, and every time I try to go more trendy, it usually is not positive. Thank you for encouraging me to embrace what feels great and looks great on me! In addition, I have been carrying around an extra 20 pounds and your journey to get healthy inspired me to get moving and get these extra pounds off to live a healthier life. Your weekend trips have also inspired me to do this with my husband. We recently retired and moved to Colorado, and there would be many similar trips we could take. We love the east coast as I attended Duke and my husband Georgia Tech. So we hope to enjoy some of the places you have highlighted in your posts. All this to say, you may never know how many people learn and grow from your posts, but I wanted to express my appreciation and thanks.

  12. Susan,
    This looks like an amazing place for a weekend getaway. The pictures are lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Isn’t it cool that ages across the board are enjoying and benefiting from your posts Susan! I think it is wonderful!

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