Sunday Brunch

On our last day in Lewisburg, WV we explored more stores and the park, had coffee and shared a muffin, sat on a bench in the shade and watched people for a while.

Mr. Mickey had the Latte. The Cappuccino was for me. We declare them to be the best cups of coffee we ever had. The Wild Bean is an outstanding coffee shop.

Lewisburg, WV is a delightful town! We hope to visit again next spring.

Since the French Goat is one of our all-time favorite restaurants, we returned for brunch on Sunday afternoon.

Being the lover of bread that he is, the Bread Basket filled with freshly baked croissant, pastry, and chocolate croissant was Mr. Mickey’s favorite part of the trip. He enjoyed the Duck Confit Benedict with potato hash below very much.

I had the perfectly prepared Croque Forestier. It included griddled sourdough bread topped with mushrooms, gruyere cheese, mornay sauce, sunny side egg, and a salad. Delicious!

When I pack for a trip, I always include classic neutral pieces to mix and match, layer, or wear alone as the weather or event requires. My white linen jacket is similar to this one. (Scroll down to see the previous posts and more links for what I wore.) I included three pairs of comfortable shoes in very different styles. The pumps are here. The flats are here. The sandals are here.

I always take a smaller bag and a daytime handbag, sunglasses, some jewelry to mix and match, and a couple of scarves. The ecru Dooney & Bourke bag is here. A similar straw bag is here.

The large link bracelet is here. Similar sunglasses are here. Similar watch here. The small bracelet, rings, and earrings were gifts from Mr. M.

I hope you enjoyed the blog posts for this week and that we inspired you to get away for a restful, peaceful weekend doing all the things you enjoy.

  1. What a lovely looking town ! I love the way you Americans place flags amongst your flowers. Not something we see enough of in the UK.

  2. Your getaways are such a treat for your readers. Thank you so much. You two really know where superior food is served and appreciated.

  3. Packing now for an anniversary trip to Banff. Hope I remember some of your great tips and don’t overload my suitcase!

  4. I am considering purchasing the Cole Haan flats. They are on sale now, and the company has a “no return” policy on them. Did you find them to be true to size?

  5. Well, here we go again. Another set of basic wardrobe pieces for light packing of yours I’ve saved. Susan, you make looking smart and fashionable easy. I love your fashion looks, and I find them so inspiring to duplicate. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to your story picture-telling. Have a good weekend.

  6. First of all, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY WISHES to Mr. Mickey and a thank you for sharing your weekend celebration excursion. Also love, love the Ruana you purchased and appreciating all your shopping links.

  7. Thank you for sharing your visit and photos Susan. I love the way you accessorize and hope I can use some of your ideas in a similar fashion.

  8. Enjoyed sharing your visit. Those breads looked so yum – my fave too. Love your packing tips, I try to duplicate. Thank you

  9. Not sure how to ask this without being …..awkward but HOW do you keep your sandals so clean? No matter how perfectly clean my feet are my flat sandals always get marks showing i wore them, esp on the big toe and your sandals look brand new still.

  10. I’m so glad you and Mr. Mickey had a wonderful birthday weekend in Lewisburg, WV. We love our summers here. The restaurants and shops are all delightful, but it’s the friendly people who are the real stars. I hope to see you return to Lewisburg soon.

  11. Susan, I appreciate how you did a wardrobe recap at the end of this post. It is a perfect blend of planning that allowed a fun purchase. The color of the ruana is gorgeous. Thanks, as always, for your well-written snd delightful peek into your life.

  12. Susan, I so enjoy your travel photos! My husband & I enjoy short rejuvenating trips ourselves. We love the mountains very much, but lately we seem to be heading to the coast. We’re not “beach bums”, but prefer to explore small towns and visit local restaurants. You & Mr. Mickey should consider Charleston, Georgetown &/or Beaufort South Carolina for future destinations. Happy travels!

  13. I love following your blog. Everything you wear is classy and perfect for us older ladies. When you carry smaller handbags how do you not get your phone scratched from your sunglasses. Is your phone in a case or the sunglasses?

  14. Susan, I didn’t see a mention or link to the silver/grey metallic top you are wearing in the Sunday Brunch post. Can you please share? Thanks!

  15. Fabulous suggestions. I really like your style and appreciate your sharing it online. So grateful.

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