Getaway Weekend

We took lots of pictures last weekend, so I’m sharing an extra post today. We started our Saturday with a cup of coffee and an apple pastry at Retro Donuts and More before exploring and shopping in Lewisburg, West Virginia.

As we were exploring the town, we saw a tiny white cottage with no shop sign, but the door was open, and it looked inviting, so in we went. Much to my delight, it turned out to be a newly opened shop featuring stunning handmade accessories by Sibel Mallory, the owner. Her sister and mother from Istanbul, Turkey, also made some of the items.

Cybele Boutique – 850 N Court Street – Lewisburg, WV 24901 Phone 213-245-6805

The stunning turquoise blue felted wool and silk ruana is one-of-a-kind, as are most of the items in her shop. She felted the wool to the silk and dyed the piece. I couldn’t leave without it! Wherever we went for the rest of the day, women stopped me to ask where I got it. The shop is so new; even the locals didn’t know about it yet.

The white tank is here. The white jeans are here. The sandals are here. The bag is from T.J.Maxx (similar here). The bracelet is here. (Get $15 off the purchase of the bracelet with Code SAS15)

We enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Stardust Cafe.

A street musician entertained us as we proceeded to a bookstore and galleries along the way.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more pictures of our weekend travels. Have a beautiful day!

  1. Susan, you look gorgeous in this. What a beautiful outfit. Thank you so much for sharing this and your trips.I look forward to all your blogs .

  2. Susan, for some reason, none of the sites will open for me. I am interested in looking at the sandals, but when I click here, it doesnt take me there! Not sure what’s wrong.

  3. Absolutely lovely! That shade of turquoise is perfect on you. Looks like such a fun weekend.

  4. That is an amazing ruana Susan. I foresee many happy wearings. It is so flattering on you. Haven’t heard a thing about Lewisburg West Virginia before. Thank you for sharing your trip story!

  5. Stunning Ruana, really upped your whites. Drove near here for years and years and never stopped, so sad now.

  6. Love the Ruana. I must draft a pattern and find some wonderful fabric that will drape as well as this one does. Shopping in NY in October and should be able to find just I need. What a wonderful find. You look marvelous! Thank you!

  7. What a statement piece. And because of its simple elegance, it becomes something people will anticipate you wearing often and look to see how you have accessorized it, not like some dramatic items that are too memorable and tiring. It is you!

  8. We love Lewisburg and stay there each year on our way to vacation in Virginia. Your wrap is amazing and I can’t wait to see the new shop. Such a charming town and we found out by talking to shop owners that it’s main source of income is tourism!

  9. The ruana is gorgeous. I understand why you couldn’t leave the shop without it. The turquoise is also your color. Looking fabulous Susan!!

  10. Like OHHMY, I sew and could easily copy that garment. Some time soon, will you show us a photo of you wearing it with your arms outstretched so we can see the construction more easily? (Maybe even front and back, but certainly the front.) Thanks!

  11. Susan,
    What a stunning ruana! It is in my absolute favorite color! And felted silk is amazing. You definitely need to put color in your wardrobe more often. That town looks wonderful, I’ll put it on our visit list. Dale

  12. I love your title. Somewhat ironic since every weekend it seems you find a way to get away.
    The ruana is lovely. Reminds me of a black and white one you had from My Fair Lady.

  13. We live in Charleston, WV, but really enjoy the Lewisburg area. Thank you for highlighting this beautiful little town. Your turquoise ruana is just gorgeous!

  14. Looks like you had a fun weekend and lovely weather, to boot. I love the ruana; the turquoise color looks pretty on you!

  15. Susan you are the complete package. The thing that stands out the most to me in your posts is your
    innate kindness, to your readers and also to the people that you meet on your travels. So nice to
    travel along with you.

  16. Oh, wow. The ruana’s color is a stunning look over the white. Of course, you wore the pieces so well. I never gave much thought to white-on-white until I saw some of your looks, so I wore a white tee and casual white pants for Easter, which I topped with a multi-colored kimona. My “outfit” looked great and I felt so good in it. Happy clothes make happy ladies, IMHO.

  17. Wow – the white outfit looked SO chic to start with, and then the ruana – fantastic! I’m driving to Lexington VA this weekend and will go right past Lewisburg – I may just have to make a little detour and check out this shop!

  18. As a Lewisburg summer resident, I’m thrilled to read about the new shop, Cybele’s Boutique! I’ll try to stop by today, and I have my fingers crossed that there will be another turquoise ruana waiting for me. I love it on you so much that I may need to steal your look!

  19. I just reread my comment, I meant to say that color (turquoise) more often. I love your usual color accents.

  20. Susan, you look absolutely stunning in your new ruana. Actually, you always look stunning and so put together!
    Glad you enjoyed your weekend get-away.

  21. The turquoise kimono is beautiful, and they are such a current style. It’s so versatile and would be useful several ways.

  22. The picture of you in front of the piano is probably the cutest picture I have ever seen of you. Your kindness is deep so your beauty is strong.

  23. Hi Susan! My name is Judy Smith from San Antonio and I’m a devout follower of your blog! I absolutely loved the hand-dyed ruana you had on yesterday! I’ve been looking for something to wear to an important reunion in September so I called the shop this morning. I love the color of yours but as you said it’s one of a kind , so I settled on one with tones of rust. Thank you so much for the name and number of the shop// Cybele is delightful! I’d like to send you a picture of it and get your opinion on what would look best with it— probably cream or black.

  24. I can’t seem to find those lovely black pants from 709 with side slit …Can you help?
    Love your put together style.

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