The Daily Routine

For almost thirty years, I’ve been working from home. I get up at about 4 am, have coffee, then a couple of hours later, breakfast. I go for a walk, putter around in my flower gardens, then take my shower and get dressed for the day. I learned very early on that self-discipline and structure are necessary when you work from home.

I put on comfortable street clothes and a bit of makeup after my skincare routine. I am much more productive when I dress for work, rather than wearing a tee and yoga pants all day.

That’s my only pair of skinny style jeans, and they were a gift. They fit great in the waist, but I am no longer comfortable wearing this style, so they are now in the to-go bag. The jeans are here. The shirt is from the previous year. A similar one is here.

When garments or shoes are no longer comfortable, I donate them. Sometimes the garments still fit but no longer seem appropriate, so I let those items go to someone who will use them and enjoy them.

I pat the Counter+ All Bright C Serum here on before the Dew Skin tinted moisturizer here. I always return to the natural-looking lipsticks. The new formula is here. This color is Plum: True Berry. Natural-looking lashes are also my style, so I love this Volumizing Mascara here.

I’ve always enjoyed wearing at least a ring, a watch, and earrings. I don’t feel dressed without them. The Infinity watch is here.

The earrings are here. Use the code SAS10 For $10 off any item at Beauty In Stone Jewelry. A similar link bracelet is here, a similar bangle bracelet is here, and a similar ring is here.

When I wear flats with slim-fitting summer ankle pants, they need to have a visible arch and a low vamp to offset my thick calves and ankles. I also like to wear a pointed toe since that visually lengthens the legs by two inches.

The shoes pictured are by Franco Sarto and they are at least two years old. Similar here.

My breakfast once again includes oatmeal, but I don’t cook it. Here’s the recipe. Add a half cup of rolled oats to a dish with a cover. (This one is by Glasslock.) Add a tablespoon of molasses and a couple of ounces of raw pecans and walnuts. Add 1/4 teaspoon of your favorite spices such as cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, allspice, or nutmeg. I add a teaspoon of Red Star Nutritional Yeast Flakes to almost every meal for B-12 vitamins since I don’t eat meat. You will also need one cup of almond milk. Stir all these ingredients together and cover. Put it in the fridge tonight, and tomorrow morning you will have breakfast waiting for you. Add fresh berries if you have them.

Oh how I love summer! There is nothing better than fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers to make a kitchen feel inviting.

I used my Sony Alpha a5100 camera’s timer and a tripod to take my photo on Thursday. Links in my posts may provide a small commission to me at no additional cost to you. I do not do advertising, sponsored posts, or accept gifts in exchange for reviews.

  1. I have a similar breakfast, but I add Greek yoghurt to my overnight oats. It’s winter here in Australia. Looking forward to the warmer weather.

  2. I have the same Blue Willow plates as you! Aren’t they great! Please show some tablesettings in future pix.

  3. Can you share some information on the Jean’s that you are going to be wearing. You mentioned no longer wearing skinny jeans. Thanks so much!

    1. Straight leg slim fit jeans that skim over the legs are classic and timeless. I am only going to buy those jeans in ankle-length for summer and to the top of the foot for winter to wear with short boots and loafers. Slim fit means they are cut for us ladies with flat behinds and no hips. Curvy fit is for those of you who are not so straight.

  4. You look awesome in this coordinated outfit. From the tip of your hair to your shoes. Love this look on you. Another one for my picture scrapbook…..

    Hey, the breakfast recipe is wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Most appreciated.

    Clara from Iowa

  5. Thank you Susan, I cannot tolerate the tight feel of skinny jeans. I much prefer a straight leg or in some cases a slim fit. But not tight!

    I so appreciate your tips all things to enhance my self image.

    I have gone through a great turmoil this passed month when my committed partner left our relationship of 8 years without warning. I had been a widow 8 years when we met. So I am gaining equilibrium in my life as the days go by. Reading your posts always make me feel like I am connecting with a friend.
    Treasure your Mr Mickey. (As I know you do)
    I pray your are feeling stronger each day

  6. You mention you are not going to wear skinny jeans anymore. Why are you no longer comfortable in them? Also, would you not wear leggings with a long/tunic top?

    1. My legs are too thick to wear white leggings or skinny jeans. I don’t mind black leggings and boots with a long tunic, but that is a much more flattering color combo for me.

  7. Oh my goodness! Looking at your breakfast ingredients reminded me of our daily breakfast! I showed your pic to my husband and he said those are the brands we like too!
    I so enjoy your posts and hoping with each day you are physically feeling more like yourself.

  8. Do you warm up your oatmeal in the morning? I really enjoy your posts. They are what I read first when I see them in my mailbox.

  9. Hello Susan,
    You’re looking as healthy and beautiful as always 😀

    I was just having the conversation with a friend about working from home and how it requires such discipline in order to avoid burnout, stress or failure. I saw a news report last night about how nannies and housekeepers are in high demand due to people working from home.
    I’ve been working from home for 20 years and like you, get up at 4am. I really love mornings. Personally, I think it’s easier to work from home but I am also fastidious about staying organized and keeping my house clean. I’m not a neat-freak but I don’t like clutter and I absolutely hate looking for things. I wasn’t always this way until I started my business. I don’t have a housekeeper because I actually enjoy doing my own housework- it helps clear my mind, gives me an immediate reward of accomplishment and it’s actually relaxing.

    You’re non-cooked oat breakfast looks yummy and reminds me of the Familia Swiss Meuseli cereal that I eat every morning. I add chia seed to mine ( doesn’t need to be ground like flax), fresh fruit and I usually use plain or strawberry Kefir milk vs almond or I water down some greek yogurt and pour that over the meuseli for the probiotics. I don’t normally consume any dairy except for kefir or yogurt. I also don’t eat meat except for wild salmon or halibut that I order from Vital Choice. I won’t eat any fish unless it’s from them.

    Take care and enjoy the weekend. It’s raining cats and dogs here in eastern VA but I can feel autumn in the air and that makes me smile. It’s been a very hot summer.

  10. I have 3 bags of clothes going to Goodwill this morning. Feels good to purge the closet every once in awhile. So many online sales this year, I’m bursting at the seams with new items to wear. Always evolving my base wardrobe from your suggestions. We are having unusually humid hot weather today here in the SF Bay Area due to remnants of a tropical storm coming up from Mexico. I feel for you ladies that experience this weather all summer. We are quite spoiled out here on the west coast. Take care everyone!

  11. Hi Susan, it’s good to see you looking so vibrant…you must be feeling more like yourself again. I noticed that you no longer eat meat, have you switched to a ‘whole food plant based’ way of eating? I hope you have a wonderful day! Maura

  12. In regards to your oatmeal, the next morning do you eat this cold or heat in the microwave? It looks delicious & I am anxious to try!

  13. Susan, you are truly an inspiration to many women. You are a great lady sharing your tips about so many things such as when a garment still fits, but no longer seems appropriate. I feel that way about some of my wardrobe items and it seems a good thing to donate to someone who will love the piece like I did when I purchased it! A sad note – I worked for Steinmart for 11 years and retired last Thursday only to find out that the company has filed bankruptcy and is closing all its stores nationwide. A very sad sign of the times we are now living in…

    1. Aww,so sad, I love Steinmart! We have three here in Cincinnati, that store will be missed. All the best!

  14. Does the nutritional yeast alter the flavour of the overnight oatmeal? I have a package sitting in the pantry I would like to use up. We do make overnight oatmeal on the days we don’t cook oatmeal or quinoa for breakfast.

      1. Thank you so much for your response. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. Blessings. ❤️

  15. You always look so wonderful. I love your shoe tips. I have been buying the wrong shoes all along. Enjoy your weekend and thanks for your informative posts.

  16. Do you mind me asking what brand the shoes are? I know you usually post the info on your items, but I didn’t see it for the shoes.
    Glad you are recovering from your illness.

  17. I love overnight oatmeal but can no longer have it on keto. I’m fasting today and will break fast at about 1:00pm tomorrow with overnight chia “pudding” which is in the fridge waiting for me. I’ll add just a few blueberries to complete. It is such a shame that you were so accosted by idiots online that you had to leave FB.

  18. Do you feel safe walking early in the morning by yourself ? I would like to walk in the morning but I don’t feel safe and the heat in the afternoon is awful. How do you cope with this awful heat? I am looking forward to Fall. You look lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  19. I love the china in the last photo!
    My husband and I were married 6 mos, when his grandmother died. Her only child was my FIL. She was a keeper and had a house full of antiques that no one else in the family wanted, so we took them.
    Some I kept for his brothers and their families, as I was sure they’d want some as they got older. (My husband was the oldst, there were 2 still in high school) She had 2 sets of china, one very old, and a set identical to what you used in the last photo.
    I’m so glad to see you use them. Our children all moved out and I’m thinking of getting out ‘the good plates’ for special meals. Hey, if I cook it, it’s special!
    Your photo gives me incentive to dig them out, clean them up, and USE them!

  20. I am an early morning person but its hard to get up at that hour and eat the way you do when you are married! Glad you are feeling better after your Covid 19 battle. Your story was the first I had read of someone with the illness but since then we have had stories from sufferers here in Australia.

  21. Hi Susan,
    I feel the same about skinny jeans.Please give examp;es of the type of pant you favor now.
    Thank You

  22. Routine is so valuable. It has really been a benefit during this time with Covid19. I had to change my routine but when I quickly saw what my new day needed I stuck to it relentlessly. I always enjoy reading your blog, Susan. Thank you for sharing.

  23. Breakfast sounds delicious! I’ll have to try it sometime. What type of Jean’s or slacks are your go to now since you aren’t wearing the skinny leg? You look very sharp!

  24. Another great post Susan. As soon as the products I am currently using, I plan to order the Beauty Counter Vit C serum and the tinted moisturizer.I am wondering if you apply an additional sunscreen over the tinted moisturizer and what color you use. It is so good to see you getting better and better each day.

  25. Good morning I’ve followed you for awhile on Facebook and do realize you decided to go a different route with your blog..There seems to be a different tone in your writing. It’s very matter of fact. I hope you have a good day.

  26. I totally relate to you about giving clothes away to benefit others when they are still in good condition but no longer wanted or needed in my life! I’ve fallen in love with Chico’s So Slimming Girlfriend jeans. I’ve a dark blue wash and a black pair. So comfy and look fantastic all day. Some of my other jeans are now going in my donation bag because when I buy something new, I get rid of something I already have so not to clutter my closet. I also enjoy being an early riser! And, I am also so very sad that Stein Mart is closing. I’ve shopped there for years!!

  27. Susan: Thanks, as always for your postings. (I keep studying your hair cut as I’m pretty sick of mine and need a change)
    I was SO glad you addressed the potential perils of online unwanted masculine attention. I’m always a bit surprised that people aren’t aware of that, but apparently, given the responses you received, they aren’t. Good for you.

    I’m going to try your “breakfast” I’ve been taking Blackstrap molasses for years but never have thought of using it this way..worth a try. I recently stopped because I wondered if was affecting my hair color which is more or less white like yours and I want it to be as white as possible as long as I’m going that way and not coloring it. Need to do a bit of research on that.

    In any case, I always look forward to your contributions. I dress pretty much like you all the time and the pandemic has forced me to take a hard look at my wardrobe and “shop my closet” I’m a Talbots/Pendleton kind of person and haven’t changed size…(only shape alas) in years. Most my clothes still fit and I only keep what I love..problem is that I still love lots of the pieces. I’m starting to wear some of my travel clothes these days since I’m not traveling…at least for the time being. Might as well get some use out of them, if only to go to the grocery store 🙁 . Fortunately, I have a dear husband who appreciates the way I look even if I only dress for the two of us.

    May you continue to heal from the effects of this nasty virus. Because of my age, I’m high risk but otherwise very healthy…still being careful and diligently wearing my mask, which in Virginia, is mandated in public places anyway. It’s a process. Many thanks, Nancy

  28. Good morning,Susan!
    I’m happy to see you looking so healthy, and happy!
    Thank you for sharing your overnight oats recipe. I love oats, hot or cold, and this sounds delicious. I get tired of some of the healthy foods I eat, and since you posted this I’m going to be indoor to make it.

    I think your skinny jeans look great on you, but if you’re not happy in them, donating is super. You know how to be stylish, and classic, and you keep me informed as to looking great after 60! I’m my case, after 70! It snuck up on me very quickly! I’m my head I’m still at the bus stop waiting to go to high school! Lol!

    Looking forward to your next post!

  29. I tried ordering from Beauty Counter but it’s only for USA …I live in Canada …bummer
    I liked your lipstick and mascara …ju

  30. Great post. Glad to see you’re feeling better. I’ve really been struggling with my morning routine lately so this is encouraging.

  31. Would you please explain the comment about the white jeans you have on? You wear white pants often and I know that jeans seem to be a favorite fabric. The pants looked nice on you. I could not tell the difference in the leg shape from other pants you wear. I learn a lot from the descriptions about your clothing but
    I’m somewhat confused about this outfit. You did say these were skinny jeans. What am I not seeing about the fit?

    Thanks for any further details you might provide.

    You seem to be recovered from the COVID-19. Are you still experiencing some of the lingering side effects that I understand many have had to cope with?

    1. The skinny jeans fit snugly down to the ankle. Even though my straight leg white jeans may look similar, the fit is more relaxed in the legs.

      I still have breathing issues and cough like a heavy smoker (I’m NOT!) in the morning. I am easily fatigued and have to go to bed by 7 pm.

  32. I bought a beautiful blue blazer in my size recently but soon realized that it just wasn’t going to work–no matter what I tried. I think it may have been the knit material but, for whatever reason, I knew I would never be happy with it. So even though it killed me, I donated a brand new blazer to a clothes pantry for someone else to enjoy. Note to myself–leave those tags on until 100% sure. An expensive lesson. . .

  33. I’m so glad you feel dressed with jewelry on. Sometimes think I was a gypsy in my earlier life. So glad my best friend, Sharon Rabe, shared your blog with me.

  34. Susan
    Curious on how much Protein you eat and the sources?
    I am very carb conscious myself, so eat very little, but as an RN of 52 years know Protein is very important.
    I just cannot eat enough food to get 80-100 grams of recommended Protein every day.
    Maybe you can shed some light on this.

    1. Complex carbs are never a problem, but highly refined carbs, animal products, and dairy are off the menu for me. Many vegetables, beans, nuts, and legumes have protein. I do not need to take any medications, and my test results are much better now than they were twelve years ago when I was eating the standard American diet.

  35. Well, the jeans look great on you but you do have to feel comfortable in them. As I get older I feel that way too.
    .Sometimes its hard to donate if they are still in good shape. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m on a declutter mission this week.

  36. Hello Susan,

    I always enjoy your blogs and have learned heaps. Unfortunately, living in Australia often makes the purchase of items very expensive once the exchange rate and postage are built in. However, I endeavour to buy similar items here but I must admit I think your selection in the States is far better, especially the range of sizes one can choose from. I did purchase a lovely jacket you wore in one of your blogs and it was too tight but sending it back to the States was prohibitive due to the postage. Am hanging on to it hoping to lose a few kilos! The reason for this note is that I made your breakfast last night and ate it this morning and loved it. Will be making it again tonight. Thank you for all your tips, they are much appreciated.

    Kind regards,

  37. Hello Susan. A few years back I was putting together a vacation wardrobe. Everything was laid out, including the kitchen sink and that’s when I came across your blog. You make sense! I like your style, your approach to living and life. I appreciate how you let the readers know what brand you have and even the fact that you’ve had some of the items for a long time. A classic is a classic. When talking about your outfits, I would also like to know the brand and colors of your makeup. I have grey/silver hair and it is a bit tricky to find a makeup color that looks flattering. Some sites say to get a pinky, peachy, warm cool…that does me no good. Your article about facebook was interesting. Another thing, and I say this out of respect, I do like how you refer to your friend as “Mr. Mickey”. Thanks for a great blog.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Sharon. I can’t imagine warm makeup and eyeshadow colors ever looking anything but dirty on my cool skin tone. My hair color is a cool silver-gray, so a warm peach tone will certainly not work for me. I look for cool gray or plum tones of eyeshadow, never anything with a yellow or golden cast to it.

      I refer to my gentleman friend as Mr. Mickey out of respect for all he has accomplished in life and because he is twenty-two years my senior. He is charmed by that reference, and many people here in town have also started to call him Mr. Mickey.

  38. Susan,

    I love your blog and have followed it for many years. Thank you for what you do. Your tips are so helpful.

    Susan, it appears that your left leg is swollen in this picture. Perhaps it is because that leg is forward a bit, but it does look swollen. Hope everything is ok.


  39. I really enjoy the blog but I speak french and my english is …!**””!!
    Is it possible to have a translation?
    Thank you very much.

  40. Miss you on fb, but I found you here first! I teach nursing students and I try to dress professional as an example. I love your ideas. Although I am not 60 quite yet, I love your conservative style. Thank you for keeping it going.

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