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On Sunday, we wore masks to attend socially distant church services and then visit with my parents. Mr. Mickey and I agreed that it felt so good to get dressed up for a change. We miss our ritual of getting dressed to go out for our weekend dates.

My dress is from the previous spring season, and I found the mask just before they sold out online. I couldn’t resist wearing them together since they are so similar.

I bought the Kurt Geiger bag at Saks Off 5th last year, and I found the Katherine Kelly shoes on sale this year at Dillard’s. I don’t always try to match my shoes and bag, but since the dress is so busy, I wanted to downplay all accessories.

Since none of my items are new, I’ll share links to similar items. Dress – here, here, and here. Bag – here, here, and here. Shoes – here, here, and here. Masks – here. Wristwatch – here, here, and here. Earrings – here, here and here. Bracelet – here, here, and here. Crystal stone ring – here, here, and here. Sapphire birthstone ring – here, here, and here.

After the rain stopped, the sun came out, and it was a beautiful day. In the afternoon, we visited the VA in Johnson City to take a few photos. I am always drawn to the ornate details of the old buildings. Below are a couple of my favorites.

For the previous decade, I rarely wore a dress. When I visited Florida earlier this year, I realized my dear readers were right. Dresses are so much more comfortable on a summer day.

The lip color is Girls’ Night – Classic Red here. My skincare routine is here.

A few readers wrote to ask what I meant when I mention the vamp and visible arches of shoes in the previous post. In the picture below – arrow number one points to the vamp. If this area fits low on the top of the foot, it makes the leg look longer. Don’t wear these shoes with socks. They are designed to show the foot.

Arrow number two points to the arch. If there is a space between the heel and the front, it makes the ankles and calves look more slender than if the full sole is flat to the ground.

The shoes are by Franco Sarto from a couple of years ago. Similar shoes here, here, and here.

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  1. I am still old school and always wear a dress to church. And they are great on a warm day if you choose linen or cotton. You look wonderful. Have a great day.

  2. Love the blue color on you. So fresh, crisp and pretty.
    Thanks for the info on the arch of shoes. It is always nice to be informed on those little details that make a big difference to the look we wear.

    Clara from IA

  3. One of the reasons I got away from dresses/skirts was the need to wear pantyhose in the summertime. However, at the midi length shown, I believe I could get away with it. What is your personal preference when it comes to wearing pantyhose?

  4. I did the same thing Sunday! Got dressed up in a skirt & nice blouse for church. It really did feel nice.
    Love the dress, it’s in my color range.

  5. I really like your dress. That color and style really suit you. I always struggle with the proper dress length. I too have heavier calves. I never know if I should wear a dress just below my knees or below my calves. Probably why I always wear pants. I am still hunting for the perfect shoe with the space between the heel and the front. I have often wondered what you carry in your purse and how much do you transfer when you switch bags. I carry far too much in my bag and switching bags is a huge pain.

    1. I organize all the items in small zippered pouches. When I switch out bags, I can take what I need for the time I will be gone. When I am gone for most of the day, I take a tote bag because I have to keep up with a lot of items. I will always have a smaller handbag inside with just the essentials for when I go inside a store.

  6. You look so pretty in this dress. I haven’t worn a dress in years as felt I would have to wear tights, especially with the shorter styles. I am 71 with an hour glass figure but am only 5ft. tall. Could I get away with the same length? It looks so elegant.

  7. I have been following you for quite some time and have been shocked that you have been wearing dresses lately! You look great. I guess it shows us to always keep an opened mind for change. Some of my favorite current outfits were the results of stepping out of my comfort zone. But I have also made some choices that weren’t perfect for me as well. Evolving style is not without some risk taking.

    1. You are so correct, Anne. I avoided dresses until I started experimenting with midi and maxi lengths. I am still not a fan of shorter dresses because of my calves.

  8. Looking good. You nailed this look. I too have thick calves and ankles but of course love ankle strap sandals. You can wear them with midi length dresses and look good. I like your sandals because they don’t have buckles on the ankle straps. Really hard to bend over to buckle them for me with my Apple body shape. Lol.

  9. I love this dress – my colours! I think though you would have to wear heels with the longer style dress otherwise it may look a little frumpy? Which makes it really out for me. I can’t wear heels.

  10. Sally Hansen makes an Airbrush For Your Legs Product, that works nicely when you wear a dress. It’s not a self tanning product, more of a very slight camouflage of sorts for those of us who have not so young skin anymore. It takes just a small amount; I apply it on my feet and up to about mid-calf when I wear a midi dress without stockings. Allow it to dry before you get dressed. It washes off easily afterwards, and washes off your hands. Takes a couple of times to get the hang of blending it, and I get the lightest shade, so it doesn’t look fake. It doesn’t turn orange either. You can’t really tell you’ve used it.

  11. Thank you for sharing , Susan, and for your blog. It has been so helpful for me transitioning into my 60’s – Cali-grown-girl, casual jeans and T-shirts , sun dress when not dressed for work, trying and wanting to change to more mature classic style 🙂 And I LOVE your classic style: sensible, yet pretty and fun. I’m so glad to see that you and Mr. Mickey are well enough to enjoy sometime out and about.

  12. Can I ask your opinion on wearing slips with a dress? Is that even done anymore? I don’t feel comfortable in a dress that might be light enough that someone could see through it. So I feel the need for a slip but don’t like adding that layer in these hot summer months.
    I’d really appreciate your opinion – to slip or not to slip?
    Thank you!!

    1. I haven’t worn a slip in fifty years, but then I don’t wear dresses in sheer materials. I suppose if I wore a white cotton or linen dress, I would be more conscious of the see-through factor. I almost always wear nude undies and bra so that they blend with my skin instead of showing through clothing.

  13. does your lipstick rub off onto your mask? I love lipstick! But haven’t been wearing it because of my mask.

    1. I blot it before I put on the mask. I also start with a lip liner and then fill in the whole lip before putting on the lipstick. The liner can be close to the color of your lips so that you still have color when the lipstick wears off. Here is the liner I use. The lipstick helps keep the lips moisturized and supple.

  14. You look absolutely wonderful in a dress of that length! And yes you are right, in the heat of summer a dress really is cooler. I hope to see you post more dresses, you look very stylish. Doesn’t it feel good to at least once a week, like Sunday’s, to put on a dress and change up your wardrobe from all the other days of your week when you wear pants?

  15. I’m really pleased you have shown dresses a couple of times. It is much too hot to wear pants all the time in summer in Western Australia. Dresses are much cooler. Love your blogs, thank you.

  16. Notice that you always carry a small handbag. I’m wondering what you carry in your bag. I Carry a larger bag and it is stuffed.

    1. I usually carry a small bag when I am going out for an event such as dinner, church, or some other function where I don’t need to take everything with me. On the days when I will be out running errands, I carry a tote bag, including everything I will need for the day, including a crossbody bag, so that I don’t have to lug the whole thing into stores.

  17. Love your dress choice. Glad you amd Mr. Mickey had the opportunity to do something you enjoy so much. My husband and I got dressed up and had dinner on the patio of a favorite restaurant last weekend and it was such a treat.

  18. You look beautiful! Blue is stunning on you! I have a similar dress I purchased this summer. Very feminine!

  19. I always wear a dress to church and because of that, I not only miss the services (on line is fine but just not the same), the closeness of friends in the congregation, but the act of getting dressed up to honor our Lord. Here in N.C. it’s going to be a while before we get to church again.

  20. It is so nice to see you in a dress. I am so glad that you continue to inspire and encourage us. We need that so much. Thank you

  21. Love wearing dresses in the summer now, too! My mother (and probably all our mothers) wore a dress every day. Rarely saw her in pants, come to think of it! Good to see you looking healthy and happy, Susan. You had us all worried for a bit. I am thinking that your healthy diet and lifestyle really helped you recover and return to health. It’s a warning for all of us — take good care of yourself because that is our best defense from whatever is out there.

  22. Thank you for the tips, always enlightening. Love the dress on you, but I feel busy prints on 5’4″ asked me look bigger. And then there’s the length. I’m 140 and trying to lose another 10. Not sure if I should look for petite sized dress. I agree with you about mid-length, so as to not wear hose Maybe I will look at petite sized dresses?? I lost 2 inches somewhere over the years. But you look great in a dress. Print or not. Glad you were able to get out Sunday. Loved the pictures of the architecture too! Have a blessed week.

  23. Love dresses! Began wearing them again a few years back. Everyone thinks you’re so dressed up, but in reality, they are super easy to wear. Yours is lovely.

  24. Hi Susan,
    I have noticed that the footbed of your sandals always look “new” even when the shoes are described as several years old. Do you have a method of keeping them looking new?
    Thank you for posting such great ideas and lovely outfits.

  25. Susan you surely do rock a dress. I was one of the people that wrote quite a while ago and thought the one dress you wore looked so pretty on you and suggested that you wear more. I own many dresses and love to wear them as I did last night for an anniversary dinner outside. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine by you and thanks for brightening my day.

  26. Hello Susan,
    Thank you for all the great tips and techniques. May I ask on your purse selections, do you have a favorite slim wallet you just switch daily? I admire your new ones each time, Thank you.

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