Is the romance real?

After the Monday post, a few of the emails I received suggested that I should be flattered by all the attention I was getting from those men on Facebook. I am not, and neither should you be. Romance scammers rob men and women of millions of dollars each year.

Anyone can be a target. Here’s how it happens. You are on a dating or social media site (such as Facebook or Instagram) when an attractive person contacts you. They say all the right things and seem very genuine and perhaps hugely successful. The person may claim to be a busy model, a doctor, or a high ranking military official. Learn more about romance scams from the FBI here.

Pattern mixing can work when you use color and scale to play opposites against each other. My cotton blouse is a blue and white stripe, while my mask here is a blue and white polka dot.

The watch is here. My coin necklace is old. Similar here. Other similar items: EarringsBraceletRing

The shoes are here and on clearance now. My bag is more than five years old—a similar bag is here, here, and here. Similar sunglasses are here. My sunscreen is here, and my tinted moisturizer in the color Light is here. I’m wearing Sheer Genius Conditioning Lipstick in the color Lily here.

The seatbelt crumpled my neat ironing job during the drive. The cotton top is here. I am wearing a size medium. The white pants are here.

I was on my way to visit with my parents and then the grocery store when I stopped by Mr. Mickey’s office so that he could take a few photos for me. He works part-time for his daughter, who bought my company a couple of years ago. He isn’t ready to stop working, so he keeps busy every day.

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  1. I appreciate your thoughts on your post today. I also love blue and white together (especially in dishes!) and this looks so cool and refreshing. If I had the blue and white striped top, I’d wear it weekly I’m sure!

  2. I purchased quite a few things from Vintage Jewelry Supply a year or so ago and was very impressed with the items, the packaging and the service. Glad to hear the company is still “in the family “.
    Very crisp and pretty outfit today!

  3. I always enjoy your posts. Today’s information is important and timely and I appreciate your classic style.

  4. Thank you for sharing. I have a photography Insta account that is public (my personal one is private). I get all kinds of mess from men on there and find it very offensive, too. Love the blue and white!

  5. The scammers are horrible and as you said, dangerous. Every day I block scores of them off my Instagram account. Wish Instagram would do something about them—evidently they can’t. I report each one. Frustrating.

  6. Susan, good for you for alerting your readership to “romance” scams. It’s hard to believe that savvy women in our age group (old enough to know better) can be taken in by such scams, but evidently there are still some. It seems that certain truths need to be repeated over and over.

    1. I’ve heard from a few men who were taken in by someone using my photo for such a scam. Sadly, people who are alone for the first time in many years are the targets.

  7. Susan, thank you for speaking up about romance scams. I think it needs to be repeated often. Alot of older adults aren’t as up on scams as they should be. It’s a big new world of tech for some. I love your style. You have been my inspiration since shortly after you started your blog. Thank you for all you do for your readers.

  8. Thank you for speaking out about Facebook and the predators on other social media. When I first signed up for Instagram, I got all sorts of highly decorated military officers and other fellows who wanted to be “friends”. It would seem that anything goes on the internet. That’s spooky that someone would use your photo to entice a man to part with his money.

    You look fabulous in blue and white! So glad Mr Mickey is staying active and is doing so well after his fall.

  9. Susan,
    Thank you for getting off social media and letting your followers know what a truly dangerous place it is.
    Thank you,

  10. I can’t understand why people would suggest to you how you should react to male attention online. How rude. If the attention made you feel uncomfortable to the point of you blocking and/or deleting the message, they that is exactly what you should do. People who follow you are most likely of a certain age that I would expect them to be understanding and practice their own caution. No wonder so many people get scammed. Stay strong, Susan.

  11. Once again. . . stands and applauds. I couldn’t agree with you more about online romance scams.

    And if I were dating age again, I would NEVER meet anyone online. (I know. I know. Millions will disagree with me here, but its how I roll.)

    Thanks once again for an uplifting post.

  12. You look adorable in this well coordinated outfit. Simple and classic.

    I personally would never want to respond to a man on any computer site I didn’t know or hadn’t been instigated by a friends recommendation. What on earth were those women thinking to make such a thoughtless comment. I can’t imagine any “lady” would want someones attention that badly but then, perhaps I am not desperate!!!! Anyway, glad you came up with the FBI site for those women and ALL women to get some good advice about that kind of situation.

    Thank you for keeping us all up to date on so many things. You are special.

    Clara from Iowa

  13. Great post about romance scammers!!! It’s sad that grown adults need to be reminded of these dangers, but thank you for sharing these important facts.

    Love reading your posts each week. Thank you!

  14. Ugh ! I have a “private“ Facebook and Instagram account, and despite this I am getting constant spam messages as well. I have no idea why these individuals would be even remotely interested in me, they don’t have access to any of my pictures, interestingly they all seem to be doctors, engineers, or highly decorated military men LOL. I used to block them, now I just delete their friend request, since my accounts are private.

    I completely agree that it is not “flattering” to be sent comments by these men. It is a scam pure and simple. I follow other accounts that have to do with fashion and some of the women who have those accounts actually interact with these individuals. It surprises me to no end.
    Thank you for putting this out there.

  15. Wow! I hope they were kidding. No woman should ever be flattered by these criminals and predators – because that’s what they are. I’m completely opposed to meeting someone online. How can you develop a true relationship with someone you’ve never met or spent time with in person? Please stay safe ladies.

    I really love this outfit. Simple but sophisticated.

  16. Good to see you looking so well and so elegant in your blue and white top, Susan. I am sure that many of your followers are grateful for your information on romance scams. I hadn’t heard of them and tend not to use social media. Forewarned is forearmed.

  17. Susan, this is the PERFECT summer outfit for all but the most dressed up occasion, which we’re not having this summer. And so easy to tweek if needed such as a lower heel or small crossbody bag, etc. And if larger from waist to ankles as I am, I wear medium grey as my “white” twill pants and darker denim washes all summer long. Blue tops are soooo versatile.
    Important information you have posted today that cannot be repeated enough. And so good to hear Mr Mickey is doing well.
    I’ve started coordinating my masks also. Makes me feel better.
    Waiting for the book announcement and please don’t stop blogging!

  18. I really hate it when women gaslight other women about stalker-type behavior. When will we ever wake up? It reminds me of when we were told that cat-calling is a compliment. No, it is not. It is a form of intimidation.

    Enough’s enough. Women should not be sexual objects. Implying that harrassment is a compliment is society’s way of endorsing sexual violence against women. Be part of the solution. Stand up against abuse. Women should support other women, not toss them into the lion’s den.

  19. I couldn’t agree with you more Susan!! Great advice on the romance scammers. You look fabulous as usual!!

    Connie McC

  20. You look fantastic, Susan. Thank you for addressing these scammer men on social media. I have to block followers on Twitter when they begin saying strange and unwanted things to me. They cause the red flags to go up. More people need to be aware and keep their guard up.

    I love the blue and white striped top with white pants. Such a classic look! You wear it so well.

  21. Your comments about online predators is spot on! I wear linen a lot and after getting out of the car, I wonder why I ironed it so meticulously

  22. Thank you for the points you made regarding Facebook scamming. It might save someone some grief. I’m always amazed by how much personal information people share on social media.

  23. Susan, do you think we should seriously regard masks as an accessory? I am hoping this is a short term situation. I hadn’t thought about investing in colors. .

    1. I bought a few variations of washable cloth masks so that they would blend with whatever I am wearing. I will be wearing one in all public spaces until the virus has run its course.

  24. Hello Susan,
    I was sorry to read about your Facebook experience because your postings are so enjoyable. Social media is becoming the ‘Wild West’ in terms of impolite or inappropriate behavior, a sens of entitlement by some, and aggressive comments. I’m a community manager on LinkedIn and regularly report or block people who have no sense of boundary.

    If you are attracting unwanted male attention, may I suggest that you become a little more cautious in sharing location-specific and potentially identifiable photos such as the exterior of your home or your early morning walking route. Yes, it seems like a dampening effect on the cordial and fun approach you’ve used to sharing your life and ideas. But it’s the world we live in. You’ve already published photos like this, those postings could be tweaked with a different photo. Because of this security suggestion, you may not wish to publish my comment. I understand, I just want to share my thoughts. Thanks Susan!

    1. It isn’t that men are targeting me as a person; they just want me to send them money after they get me to fall in ‘love’ with them. The only thing they get from me is banned and blocked.

  25. You are so right about a lot of men on line. A lot of scammers on line. A lot just interested in sex! I have up on online dating a long time ago. Not worth the trouble. Have a great day!

  26. Again, thank you for pointing out the dangers on FB and, for those of you who commented re Instagram- they were bought by Facebook, so the same “anything goes” attitude applies. It is sad to see lonely or gullible people being so taken advantage of. Love the outfit! There is something so clean and cool about that blue and white. I got a top on sale with that motif, but I am considering giving it away, there is something about the fit that is not quite right for me- but I cannot figure it out! Hmm.

  27. Love your blog and your impeccable style. Thanks for the post about dating scams. I’m fortunate to still have my spouse but I have friends who are single and looking for companionship. Good to be wary!
    Stay well!

  28. Makes me sad to hear that some women thought those contacts were legitimate. I get them a lot on Instagram and the pattern is a guy with a few photos, usually doctor, military or bare chested, few or none followers but they’re following lots of people.

    Stay well! You’ve encouraged me to increase the length of my morning walks.

  29. Susan, thank you for speaking up and out about romance scams. I find it somewhat bewildering that individuals would feel flattered at getting this type of attention. My Father has been the victim of this type of abuse & harassment by two women. He was swindled for some cash, a few nice meals, almost bought them a new car, and the list goes on until we became wise to what was going on. Yes, for people who are lonely, naive, or just looking for attention, this happens daily to someone that you may know or love. For years, I’ve admired your fashion and daily life advice, but your wisdom, moral character & integrity have always shown brightly, too! I hope that you are beginning to feel more like yourself after your illness!

  30. Always enjoy a post from you. I have ordered a few pieces of jewelry from Vintage Jewelry Supplies. I made a cross necklace….one you showed sometime ago. Those disgusting notes from men just irritated me…I just deleted them! I already have THE BEST man in my life…..a doctor…..but not the kind that heals people…he teaches people❣️ You look lovely today, as usual.

  31. So glad you are recovering… that is a cute out fit and as always you make it look lovely. Good advice about the on-line romance. Enjoy your day and wash those hands !

    Ed L

  32. God bless Mr. Mickey! And I am so glad you brought up the scams. I keep getting them on Instagram. I’ve read and heard about so many women getting second mortgages just to help this man they’ve never seen in person and after going into much debt they find out he’s not who he said he was. Thank you!
    Stay well. Had to laugh my top today was Navy with whit polka dots &. My mask was navy & white stripes.

  33. I agree. You need to ignore all those scammers! You have a wonderful life without them. Good job.
    These are crazy times and some people are the craziest!
    You look wonderful. I hope that you feel much better! How wonderful that you still have your parents.

  34. Today’s outfit is so chic.

    I even get scammers on the WORDS with Friends game on line. Never women, only “good looking “ men and I know the scammer has robbed someone’s picture. Lots of “ military” guys in uniform and that is because my FB page has postings of my military family. Some of the uniforms are even foreign.

    I can imagine a lovely Lady like you had many scammers.
    So sorry for your bad experiences.
    Wilma Austin

  35. Glad to read your comments about the men that pursued you online. You are smart! I feel sad for those that seem determined to seek friendship that way. It can be so dangerous. Thank you for including the FBI link.

    Happy to read that your Mr Mickey is up and keeping busy helping his daughter. Men that live long lives must stay busy! God made them that way!

  36. You’re correct re online romance. It happened to a 50 year old nephew who doesn’t make good judgments — ever. It cost him $4000.00 and major disappointment and embarrassment . . .to say the least. We can only hope lesson learned.

  37. I believe you performed a public service by providing the information about what happened on Facebook and the click to the FBI resource. You are an inspiration.

    Thank you.

  38. I find it disturbing that other women think you should be flattered by men trying to reach you through FB. My daughter, who is divorced, used some dating sites for awhile, and all she found were men sending her pics of their genitalia or asking crude questions. She decided it wasn’t safe and left all of them for good. I have had men approach me on my FB page as well, and I find it disconcerting, to say the least. Once I figured out how to set my page to private, it stopped quickly. Thank you, Susan, for pointing out all the ways we can become a target through social media.

  39. Susan, you are exactly right regarding these scammers. I don’t know if it would solve your issue; however, you can delete the messenger app. I have someone trying to friend me about once a week. They are all the adjectives you described.
    Glad you are getting better. You look wonderful. Pat

  40. I, too, have gotten off FB, Instagram, and many, many blogs. I also received unwelcomed attention from men. FB and many of the blogs I subscribed to made me feel not very good about myself. I could never dress like that, decorate my small home like that, go on all the wonderful trips like some friends, or prepare all the recipes I “pinned.” And then I started getting notices about how much time I was spending on the computer. I was wasting time; time I’ll never get back. I could have done something productive — reached out to a friend, read a book, gardened, or cleaned a closet. However, your blog is one that I plan to follow forever. Today my Mail Box is mostly empty — very few emails enticing me to purchase items I really don’t need. You’ve reminded me to shop my closet — simple is better and this includes meal prep.. Keep up the good work; you’re an inspiration.

  41. Hi Susan. I have been following you since Fifty, Not Frumpy for a number of years now and I really enjoy your posts for us mature ladies. I couldn’t stop thinking about your earlier post of men contacting you and am horrified others think you should be flattered!!! Seriously, is this where we still are in 2020??? You’re always so diplomatic in your responses.

    No need to respond, just had to get this off my chest 🙂

    Kind regards

  42. YOU always are fantastic. YOU do not need help from any fools sending stupid messages. Your taste is perfect in words and clothing. Many thanks Susan

  43. Susan, today the radio News said online sexual predators in Charlotte had gone up 36% since the pandemic beginning. I am glad you closed down. I know you like your personal space, but I would feel better if Mr. Mickey did overnights for awhile. None of my business but that’s how I feel.

  44. I have a problem and hope you can help. You have commented several times on the half socks (thick and thin) that you like. I want to order same and thought I had saved the latest post with your mention of those socks but now can not find it in the many of your postings I have saaved. Would you be able to help me.

    I have commented several times how much I enjoy your postings and look forwad to each new one. I hope you you will continue to educate, inspire, and excite all of us for many more years.

  45. Hi Susan,
    So glad to see that you are on the mend. I agree 100% with you about the men on the internet. I am on LinkedIn a lot as well as Face Book as part of my job and it’s ridiculous what goes on. I fail to see what is flattering about being lined up as the next potential victim. I actually find it insulting that they would think I look like some feeble woman desperate for a compliment. Ladies, we are smarter than this! However, I so feel bad for the many women who get scammed in this way. They don’t deserve it. I think Covid has just given these creeps more time to fish and more victims.

  46. Absolutely agree with your assessment of the Facebook romance scam. Hopefully those who thought it was a compliment will get some thing out of your post today and keep them safe. Thank you for all you do. You’re a beautiful lady, in and out.

  47. Iso agree with all of the comments about being careful. I have a partner but if i were alone i would NEVER use a dating site. I would be VERY suspicious of anyone I don’t know. I was a child support collection officer- I had a caseload of a thousand cases , trying to collect the support owed children by their fathers. each case was a “shade of gray” and i soon leaned not to judge, but, boy howdy !! Thank you for standing up to those comments – you are a PRIZE, as are LOTS of women our age, and your whole mission is to support women in valuing their worth. SO many woman I know are so desperate to have male approval . Dont need it . I value my friends of both genders .

  48. So very grateful that you shared your reasons for closing your Facebook account. I wholly support your reasons. There are many people that are not only not trustworthy, they are down right dangerous. Keep yourself safe and thank you for the FBI link.

  49. Pretty in blue and white. Classic and crisp. It’s wonderful to see you smiling and out for a bit.

  50. Susan: Because I have a few photos on Facebook, I also receive friend requests from men, two or three every week. I just delete them, and I absolutely NEVER respond . . . EVER. And, in all honesty, some seem to “sound good and look good.”
    My husband died seven years ago, and while I miss him, I would NEVER respond to ANY of those men! Thanks for your warning to others. Cynthia in Michigan

  51. Susan you are so right about those smooth talking scammers. It is a shame how gullible and lonely people can be.

  52. I like coordinating masks with my outfits! I make masks so .i will decide .i need one to coordinate and look through my cotton fabric scraps and make me one! I have made different styles and love trying new ones! The latest ones ?I have made tat my family likes, even the grandchildren, is the Jesse face mask. It fits nice against the side of face and has a little more room to make breathing easy! It also doesn’t slip on you nose when talking!
    Love blue and white stripes with white! You continue to look more like yourself with each post!

  53. Can’t imagine why anyone would be flattered. Thanks for keeping true to your purpose and protecting your followers.

  54. Hi Susan, I’m glad you told your readers how bad scamming can be. I’m with you about being aware of all the BAD people out there. We must be alert and smart always! Judy

  55. Wise words regarding the scammers, Susan.

    You always look so elegant, but in a beautifully unforced, not a ‘stiff way’. An important part of the ‘package’ is not just the skillful way in which you put your outfits together but also the poise with which you hold and carry yourself. You exude an air of relaxed confidence that is very alluring!

  56. Your comments this week are very needed reminders of common sense. My elderly dad fell in with two women who needed gas money or groceries until it was $100 a day bleeding from his bank account. Thank-you!

  57. Dear Susan,
    I totally agree with you, I get really mad when I get private messages by strangers… I’m not on fb to look for a partner. And I don’t understand women who think this is genius, and think they have success, it’s fake, really,
    As I have a fb wall as a private person I only accept people as friends on fb who I’ve met in real life. I’m not on fb to collect friends even if this seems stupid to people, I’ve learned to respect people and I expect this from other people as well.
    I like your outfit and have similar shirt and trousers, white and blue looks always fresh and sunny.
    I’m not keen on ordering from overseas, I’m looking for your lovely jewelry here and I hope to find similar necklaces, they are wonderful. The last week you presented a longing dress in blackberry colour, I love that one as it’s not too tight around the belly… must look for a similar one, you just can wear it throughout the year with the right jacket and shoes it will also be lovely at winter time

    Have a lovely day dear Susan
    Greetings from Luxembourg

  58. You look wonderful — as always! Your palette is lighter than mine, but I get so much inspiration from you! 2 pair of espadrilles this year and two straw bags. I live in NW FL and it’s hot and humid for most of the year. Thank you again.

  59. Susan, thank you for your post about romance scams. I have a private Instagram account, and receive daily requests from fake men. One telltale sign is to look at who they are following; it’s usually just all women which is a red flag. Last week, I permanently deleted my FaceBook page, I’d just had enough. Some of my friends actually get their news on Facebook, which just makes me shake my head. Most things have a shelf life, and for me, Facebook is expired. Loneliness is a powerful emotion, but we should always remember one basic question: does this make sense? Be safe everyone! .

  60. I had a niece that was contacted by someone who said he was a high ranking military officer. The picture he sent was of a very handsome man in a uniform. The lingo he used to talk to her sounded legit and she was interested. So she reached out to ask me some questions. Being familiar with the military it didn’t take long to realize he was a fake. The scammer pinched a real photo of someone and then made up a story.

  61. Thank you for reminding your fans to be very conscious of scams. In this day and age, we can’t be too careful.
    I was thrilled to hear that Mr. Mickey’s daughter is the owner of your VintageJewelrySupplies. Their products are wonderful and I’ve enjoyed selling jewelry I made using those supplies. Thanks again – btw, you look awesome!

  62. Glad you added this update on not living for the approval of others. Realistically all women Have been raised within a cultural that overwhelms us with needing the approval of the men in our lives, friends, society at large. Women need to recognize these insults when they happen and work to educate others late to the realization that women are fully equal human beings.

  63. I totally agree with you regarding Facebook. You mentioned a discount on Shop my Fair Lady, is the code actually ” Aug 20″? I’m new to codes, lol.
    I look forward to your blogs in these Covid times. I just found your blog right around your bout with the stuff. Hope you are feeling better and see progress with energy. May I ask how tall you are? I have scoured the other blogs but can’t find if you mentioned it. You have encouraged me so much that I am pushing forward to get to 125lbs. I stopped at 140 from 160. Thank you the encouragement and all the looks you present. I’ve bought several things you’ve suggested.

    1. Please enter the code Aug20 to get 20% off. (No space) I’ve purchased many items from because they carry many of the brands I enjoy wearing.
      I am 5’6″ tall, and I weigh 138 pounds. Thank you, I still have some breathing issues, but I am feeling much stronger now.

  64. Thanks for using your voice on scammers and scam artists!
    I had the same thing happen while playing “words with Friends” on my phone. I do not play games with anyone I do not know. People should not accept relationships with people they do not know. Thanks. Cute outfit. I look forward to your posts.

  65. Hi Susan,
    I am so taken back that any person thinks you should be flattered with scary men like this. I was shocked to say the least.
    It makes you wonder. Good for you for speaking out and sharing scams from the FBI. You must feel very blessed that
    you have your Mickey. Good for him that he is helping in his daughters business, keeping active and busy is so good.

    Onto another much more up-lifting topic. It’s so nice to see your smiling face.


  66. I totally agree with you! Women shouldn’t be so desperate for male attention that they forget to use common sense!

  67. Thank ;you for your post. My mother-in-law was duped and it appeared to be so innocent in the beginning.
    Love the cool and refreshing outfit! I’m happy for Mr. Mickey. You both are inspirational.

  68. Hi Susan
    I’m enjoying your blog.
    One question, do you have a recommendation for good walking shoes that don’t look “old”? I wear custom orthotics and am most comfortable With my ASICS for long walks (like when we used to go shopping, BCV (before COVID)! But of course they are not very stylish. And we want to look stylish…as you do! Any suggestions?
    Susan also

      1. I too wear a New Balance walking shoe after foot surgery and a corrective arch insert.
        That said I am a moderate walker like you, I need to replace my shoes at least every six months. While the outside may still look good, the interior does break down. You can’t expect a walking shoe to last “years”. I walk a path in the state park that is paved. It takes a toll on the shoe.

  69. Kudos to you Susan for bringing this awful insidious scam to your readers attention. All women should be on guard for this on social media! For many who are lonely, they are more susceptible to these “romance” scams and should be even more on guard. You publicizing your experience, hopefully will help others……Thank you!!!

  70. Do you have any suggestions for shoes for those of us who cannot wear sandals or high heels due to needing orthotics? I also have both knees replaced and cannot be ‘on my toes’. Thanks!

    1. Wear shoes that continue the color of your legs or your pants. If you wear white pants with black shoes, the eye goes to the feet. If the shoes are nude and the pants are white, you don’t notice them so much. It is most important to wear what allows you to be comfortable and walk securely.

  71. There is a great true-crime docu-series available (on Netflix I think) called “Dirty John.” It is the true story of an attractive single Newport Beach interior designer who was gamed by a man pretending to be a doctor. I won’t ruin the ending by telling the story but suffice it to say it was terrifying and sobering. Every single woman should watch it IMHO.

  72. Susan, THANK YOU for your public service announcement re: romance scams! It is horrifying when people fall for these scams, but also it points out that isolation and loneliness can deceive people who normally are more aware. You have a very giving spirit, and your concern for others is evident. Thanks for all you do.

  73. I disabled my Facebook account for the very same reason. It’s stalking and made me very uncomfortable. I also felt I was wasting too much valuable time on the computer with people I did not know.

  74. Hi Susan, This is a great look for you. Thank you for discussing the scammers on Facebook. I am a busy person, and wasn’t paying much attention to the friend requests I was getting. One day I took a good look, and knew here was so something wrong. I had lots of friend requests from strange men, like you have mentioned. I turned down the requests, but didn’t know you could report them. Right after I turned down their friend requests, I was shocked to see they were now “following” me on Facebook. So then I turned off the option for them to follow my personal page. Then, the very next day, at 6:00 am, when I was in bed asleep, someone tried to hack into my Nextdoor forum account. I got am email that said someone had clicked on the “forgot password” link, and it was not me. I immediately changed my password. But I still didn’t fully understand what they hopped to gain by friending or following me. I am so glad you brought this up. I thought it was just me that was experiencing this weird stuff! It was a bit scary too.

  75. Very graciously said. Couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on scammers and unwanted attention from strangers. Thank you!

  76. Susan would you do a page or comment on how long we can wear our whites-slacks, capris, skirts , etc. I enjoy my summer whites so much. I’m a little overweight & for years I wouldn’t wear white because I thought it made my bottom & thighs look bigger. But when I turned 60 I realized how I had been missing out on so many beautiful summer outfits with white slacks & capris. So I got right back into wearing white again.
    Now tradition used to be that we started wearing white on the holiday weekend in May and then put the whites away after Labour Day weekend in September.
    But I find that there is still beautiful warm sunny fall days in September to mid October here in Canada where I live. So my question- is it still fashionable to wear white during those beautiful fall days?

    1. That rule about wearing white during only certain times of the year is no longer followed. I dress to please myself and for the weather, not the calendar. Enjoy wearing your white pants whenever there is dry weather.

  77. Good point to bring up to others, Susan. I would never fall for an internet scam, but so many will. My good friend, a 60 year old woman, who I might add was single and lonely, fell for one. A man wanting her to send him money and she believing his ridiculous story. I kept trying to tell her how ludicrous it was, she finally came to her senses. She actually fell for a couple of these scams. Another sent her a check for $1 million and told her to hold onto it until he arrived and they would deposit it in her bank account. He sent her pictures of his beautiful home and his grown daughter, to lure her and it worked! The gall of people just blows me away! The naivete of people also blows me away! The situation eventually fizzled and she is safe with a dear man she formerly worked with! It really upset me as her friend to see her being taken like this.

    1. You are a good friend. I am sure she is grateful that you helped to see the light before it was too late. Loneliness can cause us to make decisions we would never otherwise consider.

  78. I was sorry to see you leave Facebook as I had “collected” all the bloggers I like to follow on there instead of receiving individual emails. I was happy to see you pop up on Instagram this morning. I’ll continue to follow your blog thru there.
    I do get your frustration with the scammers. My FB page is totally private so I don’t have a lot of issues. I recently made my Instagram private although I had thought I might attract followers of my “artistic” photos I like to post. Instead I was constantly attracting men that would in turn try to private message me. Annoying but controllable. I know as a public figure you must attract many more of them than I.
    I enjoy following your blog, so I hope the changes you have made work out for you.

  79. Thank you for posting this. I, too, have been approached by so many “military generals” and “doctors” that my head spins. I ignore them all.
    My own boss, a very smart practical man, got scammed by a “woman” who was mining jewels in Africa and needed money to fly to Boston to meet him. The emails were graphic. I told him he was being scammed but he was caught up in the romance of it all. $8,000.00 dollars later, he agreed. I did some digging and determined “she” was a “he” and based in a Nigerian liquor store. Be very careful ladies.

  80. Thank you so much for your efforts to inform all of us about the scams in social media. We all need to be vigilant and careful. I applaud you for your decision to cancel your account in Facebook. I have followed you for years and noticed the change in posts.

  81. Susan I tried to send you a message but it said I had already sent the same message anyways love your video on Tennessee my husband and I hope to go soon. Loved the white with the pop of red. I always wanted to know about the Kudzu vines they have pretty blooms and I had no idea they could be eaten. Thank you for this blog I learned so much. Stay safe and blessed ❤️❤️

  82. I’m just now catching up on your last month of posts. Love this outfit!
    So glad to see u looking like u r feeling so much better!

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