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Wednesday, was a typical workday for me. Wake up before 4 am, write the content, publish a blog post, respond to emails, pack some orders, and stop talking to visitors (twice) during the day. Then pack more orders, help a customer complete her order by phone, finish just as my assistant shows up to help me for fifteen minutes, no time to look in the mirror, go outside to take pictures for the next blog post. Take signed forms to the accountant. Go to the Post Office to drop off packages. Go to the bank. Go to the grocery store. Now get back to work! Edit the photos for the next blog post and do the research to locate similar products.

These photos show a typical work at home look for me. I dress in comfortable layers so that I can add to or remove items as needed. I am also appropriately dressed to greet visitors and not frighten delivery drivers or the mail carrier.

The vest is one of the best purchases I’ve made in years. It is here from Chico’s. (I bought the Tonga Navy one too!) I especially like that I can wear this vest opened or closed over a tee that might hug a little too tightly or a shirt that is just a wee bit too sheer in the warmer months. I can easily layer a sweater or jacket over the vest and another top when the weather is colder. The key to successful layering is to start with body-hugging items and add the looser fitting items as you build.

The Hush Puppies driving mocks make great house shoes. They are at least five years old. Similar here.

The gray long sleeve scoop neck tee is from White House|Black Market. The Chico’s jeggings are very soft and comfortable. The gray cashmere cardigan came from J.Jill about three years ago. Similar here. Similar sunglasses are here. Similar wide hoop silver earrings are here.

My favorite skincare products and makeup are here. Referral and affiliate links may generate a small commission for me at no cost to you.

  1. Hmmmm…you are up early, Susan! And I’m up late here on the Oregon coast. I love how the red shoes punctuate your outfit. Enjoy your day!

  2. I love this casual look. But I really love your hair style! Could you show us the sides and back? It really suits you well.

  3. Susan, thank you for speaking with me regarding sizing this morning. I found your site just recently, but have enjoyed your posts and shop. You are an inspiration to women of our age!

  4. I wonder how many ladies have gone to their hairstylists since your Up Up and Away post armed with pics of yourself and Charlize? After almost sixty years of straightening my long bob, you gave me the courage to give my stylist the go ahead. I don’t know who was more thrilled with the result, her or me! Thank you again for all your wisdom and for brightening our days.

  5. Susan you are adorable and I enjoy your blog so much. I do beleive I’ve even learned quite a bit from you. I’m not a shopper, but when I’ve gone I’ve looked for basics and am thinking different when I do shop. Thank you.
    Sounds like you need to delegate more chores to your assistant!!

    1. My “assistant” is my young cousin who stops in after school one day a week to take photos and help me for a few minutes. She is a junior in high school and a freshman in college. Her plate is full too, and I am so very proud of her.

  6. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too we have a long weekend this week and here in Western Australia the sun is shinning on us . Thanks for all your blog info i take all you write and make it suit me with my clothes . I don’t have many clothes so watching you I am learning to mix and match and look smart with just a few clothes so a deepful thanks.

  7. Susan, would you describe all the different styles of pants? Leggings, jeggings, capris, straight, skinny, boot cut, yoga, ankle. A blog on this would be helpful. I have no idea what the difference is between leggings and jeggings. Are they the same? Thank you.

  8. The vest does a good job of giving you a lengthened silhouette without the puff that a heavier sweater or jacket with sleeves.

  9. I loved your comment about being dressed so as not to “scare the delivery person or mail carrier” …lol
    I live in the middle of nowhere and can honestly say that if I ever get up and do not immediately get showered and dressed someone will unexpectedly show up at my door…I am not a bathrobe lounger person!!

  10. This vest looks like it is slimline, so presume you look for this feature in a third piece.
    Been looking at wardrobe items and what to choose – so are padded jackets and gilets /vests to be avoided if you are busty .
    Would you do an update on third pieces, as seeing your choices now you wear mostly flat shoes this would be a great help..

    1. I always look for slim fitting garments to wear on the top half. I am bulky enough already. Low heels and almost flat shoes are much more comfortable for me now. I still have some heels but wear them only when there will be minimal standing and walking.

  11. This is a lovely article. Discovered you today. What do you pack and ship? Are you a natural early bird?

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