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Have you scrolled through Instagram, Pinterest, or your favorite blogs and had the thought that there was nothing there for you? I find it helpful to take inspiration from young women who also have a classic style personality.

Photo from Sincerely Jules.
This photo is from the blog Sincerely Jules.

I enjoy seeing how other women put classic basics together in a relaxed, updated way. It inspires me to use pieces already in my closet to create a new look appropriate for me.

My inspiration photo is from the blog Sincerely Jules.

My jeans are ankle length and slim-fitting but not frayed at the hem. My Levi’s jacket isn’t over-sized, nor is it heavily distressed. My white top is more fitted than the original photo, allowing me to layer a vest over it for warmth and color. My boots have lower heels, and my bag is more compact than those in the inspiration photo, but the neutral effect is comparable.

Inspiration is helpful, but if you aren’t comfortable with a result, it isn’t a success. It is crucial to narrow your search to your style personality since you will likely already have similar items in your closet. With inspiration, we can use what we own to create new combinations. My looks might be a nod to the originals, but they are never exact duplicates.

My accessories are also minimal, and my sunglasses are over-sized and current. My natural-looking lip color is “Little Black Dress” by Beautycounter here.

My navy vest is here (I also purchased the black one). My denim jacket is here. My winter white Everlane jeans are from last year. Similar here. My T is here. My Ralph Lauren bag is from last year. Similar here. The Ralph Lauren boots are from last year. Referral and affiliate links in my posts may generate a small commission for me at no cost to you.

Enjoy your weekend!

  1. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for all your good tips. Do you have any sources for the jeans in a longer length? I need a 32” inseam.

  2. wow, you nailed it! very interesting to know that i dont have to just shrug off modern trends as not for me anymore, i will be looking at them in a different light now.

  3. Fabulous comparison tips and pictures. What a difference! Thank you so much. I really look forward to your blog and your easy to follow advice.

  4. I love these posts where you show how to get inspiration and use it to get a look. More of these type of posts would be really helpful.
    Love your shorter hair – it’s a great cut and suits you so well.

  5. Hi Susan. Thanks for all the tips you provide on your blog. This is a look I wear and enjoy so much.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Susan, enjoyable post. Really like the jean jacket and your shorter hair looks great. I do have a couple pair of classic style jeans with frayed hems. It gives them a “bit of an edge”. However, I have not been brave enough to purchase white jeans yet. You look fabulous in them! Not so sure about me. BTW, thank you for the suggestions about hats and also about polishing our toes and fingernails in recent blogs. Very insightful. Would you please provide your thoughts about belts in a future blog or video. Never thought about placing a belt over my t-shirt or blouse until I saw you demonstrating different outfits in a video. You looked so cute. I want to do that too. More advise on belts, please.

  7. I love this; could you do more of these comparisons? After I looked at you in this post I saw that I had everything in my closet.


  8. I wish I could still wear white jeans. They are another one of those things that just don’t look right on me at 71.

  9. I have 3 grown daughters and they have inspired me to keep current but with a nod to dressing for my age. They would like me to dress like they do but I don’t want to look like carbon copies – just a better mature version. I can pick out clothes for them and they usually know what will look good on me.

    Thanks again for all your ideas. I live in the burbs of Chicago but I wear my white pants all year long. Just have to have dark pieces on top and boots so I don’t look out of season.

  10. I prefer your look much better. I am trying to the more Classic route or French Chic. However, my style personality is Romantic Theatrical. What advice would you give for a curvier style. I like to show case my waist, ha ha!

  11. Living in the South provides us with many opportunities for wearing a denim jacket. However, being short and petite, I prefer one with the French darts and without the horizontal bottom band, which adds width to my small frame…Ralph Lauren used to be the only brand that made these available, but I have worn mine totally out and would LOVE to find another that is NOT boxy!!!!!

    Could you please model one that is similar to what I desire?

    May you and Mr. Mickey have a wonderful weekend!!!

  12. I have been reading your blog for quite a while and appreciate that you are stylish and classy and do not try to look like a 30 year old. I am a little older than you and have noticed that one of your great attributes is your posture and the way you carry yourself. Although you are posing for pictures, you stand tall, head raised, never slouching or with arms crossed. As we age, I think this is so important and gives an air of dignity and confidence. I wonder if you might touch on this topic in your blog? I think you are a good example of how posture makes an impression on how we feel about ourselves and how others perceive us. Also, your new hairstyle is very flattering!

    1. Thank you, Joan. I am mindful of my posture at all times, but especially while working on the computer or sitting at my desk. It is so easy to slouch or round my shoulders forward if I’m tired, so I try hard not to let that become a habit.

  13. I love this blog post. It is very helpful to see the trendy photo and how you turn it into trendy and classic.

  14. Just discovered one of your pages on u tube. Enjoyed it and found your Web site it is great. Got to go now I am still watching you on u tube. Thanks for adding class you u tube. Nancy

  15. Susan,

    I enjoyed your suggestion using the inspiration photo and I wore smething similar recently going out for a casual dinner. I am requesting another article on your adaptation of looks you see in a blog.


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