Dinner At The Blackthorn

The Blackthorn Club has a lodge environment with upscale casual dining and a lively grill and bar area. We enjoyed dinner in the dining room on Saturday evening.

The Everlane cashmere sweater is here.

The jacket and the pants are from Chico’s. The pants are old, similar here. The shoes are from Tommy Hilfiger a couple of years ago. Similar here. A similar bag is here. Referral and affiliate links may generate a small commission for me at no cost to you.

Mr. Mickey’s shrimp and grits was delicious!

I had the chicken with vegetables, which were so good. I love Brussels sprouts!

The plum lip color is from Beautycounter here, and the eyeshadows are from the palette here. I am wearing Skin Dew Moisturizing Coverage – Light here.

  1. I always love your food photos. But that final photo of you is just wow! Elegant beauty personified.

  2. Loved this blog with style suggestions taken. Your new haircut shows off the great bone structure you were given making your pretty face shine. The restaurants you find for date night are so exciting to a foodie like me. Lol

  3. I was lucky enough to get this jacket too! It is beautiful on and such nice fabric. Love your posts.

  4. Hi Susan! Your haircut is looking good! Your outfit looks very stylish and very comfortable – winner! I’m seriously considering purchasing the jacket in the green shade! – The restaurant looks like a fabulous place to visit! Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a lovely setting for a special evening out. You’re wearing my favorite color, sorry to hear it’s sold out. You look amazing as always. Your hairstyle is very flattering, frames your face beautifully.

  6. You look absolutely lovely in these photos. Especially like your shorter
    hair style.

    Take care. Wonderful to see you and Mr
    Mickey fully enjoying life together.

    Jean Holmes

  7. You live such an elegant, love-and-light filled life! You look gorgeous in the lilac, and I like how you layered it over your cashmere sweater. My hubby and I will definitely have to try The Blackthorn.

  8. Love the plum lip color on you! Is much softer than red but still has that deep, rich color. The color really makes your eyes pop!

  9. I would love it if you would focus on footwear once in a while now that you have forsaken high heels. How to look pulled together for date night and special events without wearing 3″ plus heels is really tough. I always enjoyed my Rock n roll high heels with everything…I feel so blah without them…not to mention somewhat dumpier without the height . You have a great eye…please pass on every great shoe option you come across.

  10. The outfit is so beautiful and so classic. Each time I see your posts I realize I do need a stylist to keep me from unnecessary shopping and follow up returns. Part of this problem is that I am trying to figure out the proper overall silhouette ( I am 5’3″. and busty). If I wear a tank type top with a shirttail hem, with a jean jacket or sweater, can I wear chino pants that roll at the bottom? (chinos are talbots – slim fit not bulky). I love all your scarves – I almost always wear a scarf.

    Sharon Burkhardt

    1. Proper fit is critical for all of us but especially when you are petite. Full-length pants that touch the top of your foot, pointed toe shoes, shorter more fitted jackets and tops, shoulder seams that match your shoulders exactly and cuffs that stop at the wristbone work wonders for you. A V-neckline will also give you some visual length. Shoes the same color of your pants or your skin will help to elongate as well.

  11. Lovely as usual! I love seeing your outfits and how you coordinate for each occasion. I have been looking for a pair of flats similar to those. Can you share what brand they are?

  12. You have to live where it’s warm. We are freezing up here (Ohio) and are still wearing several, heavy layers. Hope it gets warm enough soon to wear a light jacket like yours!

    1. We are still having snow and cold weather, which makes taking photos a real challenge. We got a tiny break in the bad weather on the day we took these photos. I’ll be so happy when spring arrives!

  13. Susan, this is a very flattering look. I love your style points and how you don’t try to look cutesy or girly but like a grown-up woman. Such classic looks, always.

    1. You look beautiful in Lilac! The Brussels sprouts make me hungry just looking at them. They are among my favorites. I learned to love them a few years ago. My son had been to an office Christmas party where Brussels sprouts were the hit of the party. He cooked them for us for Christmas and they have been a Christmas treat every year since. Please say “Hello” to Mr. Mickey. We always like to hear about him.

  14. Susan, would you please share your “plum” lipstick shade name. The link goes to the lipsticks, but not the plum.
    Thank you!

      1. Thank you Susan. I have placed an order through your link so you should get the credit. Looking forward to the order being delivered!

  15. I found you on You Tube. So happy to find a stylish woman who is *not* under 35! Thank you.


    Grace After 70

  16. I stumbled onto your site while looking for purging ideas for retired, age 65, wardrobe. Surprised by my similarities with Susan. I am 5’4 , 165# ((currently working to drop 20 more ), have white platinum hair, very light ivory skin , hourglass body shape with my excess weight accumulated around stomach. I have always worn solids in the jewel tone colors. With all this , I’ve made a few new purchases of Susan ‘s suggestions. My local community care center is about to receive a lot of donations resulting from my emotional freeing wardrobe purging. So happy I found Susan’s site.

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