The Best Birthday Ever!

Mr. Mickey took me out for an elegant dinner date on the evening of my birthday. When we arrived at our favorite restaurant in town, Gourmet & Company, the lovely owner, Von, showed us to our usual table where cards, a bouquet of roses, and a gift from the best jewelry store in town.

Elegant jackets always capture my attention.

I admit I have a weakness for jackets and scarves. A jacket can set the tone for the appropriate look for any event. A scarf can pull together a look, keep you warm, and add a touch of elegance.

This jacket is one I recently bought from Finley House Couture, located in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. Mark always takes such good care of us when we shop there.

Wearing the classic tank and basic pants from my collection.

The black tank top and slim-leg pants are classic pieces. The suede heels are old from Saks. The clutch is also old. The link bracelet was another special birthday gift from Mr. Mickey’s daughter, Regina.

Mr. Mickey spoils me everyday. Look at that fabulous new bangle bracelet!
Mr. Mickey spoils me every day. Look at that fabulous new bangle bracelet!

We toasted with champagne and recalled the many excellent meals and special occasions we have enjoyed at this table. The elegant bouquet included one perfect red rose for every decade of my life and one stunning white rose for the fabulous decade that Mr. Mickey has been my date.

The beautiful gift was a stunning Thistle & Bee hinged bangle bracelet from Gregory Isbell in Johnson City.

Fresh caught fish is an option for us occasionally.

Fish for a special evening!

Dessert with a heart shaped sparkler!
Dessert with a heart-shaped sparkler!

We Love Gourmet & Company!

Von, the owner of our favorite restaurant, gave me this fabulous crystal votive holder.

Welcoming my 60th year with joy.
I am welcoming my 60th year with joy.

    1. Happy Belated 60th, Susan! As usual, your dinner ensemble hit it out of the park! Love the new website and looking forward to following your next decade which I’m sure will be your best yet.

  1. love the new site. although I’ve seen the “before” picture several times before in previous blogs I have to say looking at it again it is AMAZING how YOUNG you look NOW compared to the before picture. WOW! Here’s to a super duper new era…..I’m following closely behind ya!

  2. Thank you for all the wonderful stylish ideas. I follow your blog and enjoy all your fashion tips. I have learned so much from you and am still learning. I have just entered my 7th decade, still work in the legal field and need to keep up with fashion. Your blog and websites are very helpful


  3. Susan,
    You are truly an inspiration for all ages. I share your site with my mom, I am 55 and my mom is 77. Your beauty is contagious. Please keep up the great site you created. ( I hope this is not a duplicate posting, I forgot to hit post, lol). Happy Birthday! Both my mom and I sew, your fashion style is timeless and right on point. Thanks again!
    You may have inspired me to also begin a blog. Which platform do you use?
    Jennifer Carmody

  4. I love reading your blog. As I approach my 67th, I find it harder and harder to find age appropriate clothes. I admire your look and style. Unfortunately I’ve broken my right leg twice in the last four years and once before that, so no more heels for me. Yoga keeps me active and I know it helps my balance. Happy Birthday and keep the wonderful tips and pictures coming…I look forward to the end of my 60’s and onward…

  5. Happy 60th, Susan ! I look forward to following your NEW exciting website. I have to admit as I was reading your Birthday entry and you said it was going to be your last “Fifty Not Frumpy ” my heart fell in disappointment. Silly me…of course, you would need a new title ! Thank you for sharing all your many helpful guidelines and adventures. I look forward to seeing many more !
    You are ” One Classy Dame ” as they say !!!

  6. You new website is fabulous! You look exquisite and so happy in these photos. Again, Happy Birthday to a beautiful lady.

  7. Beautiful outfit, elegant dinner, and Mr. Mickey, couldn’t ask for more! Live every moment, Laugh every day, Live beyond words!

  8. Hi Susan,

    Just wanted to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday and thank you for sharing your health and fashion tips with us. I hope your sixties continue to find you fit and fashionable!


  9. Hi Susan,
    A very Happy 60th Birthday to you! You certainly know how to make aging look classy and fun. Thank you so much for producing your column. I look forward to reading it every day for inspiration. All the very best to you! Kind regards, Chris

  10. Susan your new blog is beautiful! Happy birthday and congratulations! Hoping the old blog, fiftynotfrumpy, will still be around or accessible, because I refer people to it all the time (usually when they’re complimenting me on an outfit that was inspired by you). So much wisdom there. But I’m excited to see what’s in store for us in this new blog!

  11. Was it your 60th birthday yesterday, (14th)? Mine too!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The 60’s are going to be fabulous! Enjoy!

  12. Congratulations Susan! Welcome to the ranks of us 60 year olds. Having you as inspiration has uped my game and I appreciate it. You are the epitome of elegance, and that is my style! Hope this year brings much health, happiness, and Prosperity! Fondly, Jackie

  13. Susan, congratulations on your new blog~site. I like it and the new moniker is perfect. The birthday dinner and gifts were perfect tributes to a lovely lady. Your helpful fashion tips, graceful manner and generosity is very much appreciated. Enjoy the rest of your birthday week!


  14. Happiest of Birthdays, Susan! And congratulations on the new website, it looks fantastic. All my best to you and Mr. Mickey. Claudia

  15. Love your blog! Happy birthday month to you
    Thank you for all your wonderful advice and showing women of our age that we can be beautiful and sexy! I also enjoy your travels…love the Blowing Rock area!
    Best wishes always!!

  16. Thank you for sharing your elegant life with us. Mr. Mickey is a special person for sure. Many, many, more celebrations to come for you and I wish you all the best with the next decade. It was an interesting one for me!

  17. Happy Birthday Susan!!
    You look amazing. I just had my 3/4 century birthday in August and my husband gave me a wonderful surprise party. I know what you mean about ‘best birthday ever’. Keep writing and giving us mature women tips and hints.


  18. So glad you had such a special day and were spoiled as you deserve, you give so much to so many of us. Again happy birthday. I am looking forward to following your fabulous new blog. Best wish and have a wonderful time.

  19. Susan, congratulations on your new blog. I look forward to seeing each post. You are an inspiration to so many. Keep up the good work.

  20. Congratulations on your new sleek blog.
    Mr Mickey looked after you well on your birthday and was so thoughtful with the roses.
    And finally you are in my decade, welcome!

  21. Susan, again Happy Birthday wishes and welcome to your 60’s. I love your new format for your blog and pictures. (Just a side note, does Mr Mickey have an single older brother? I could use a man to spoil me like Mr. Mickey does you. I’m sure he is one of a kind-.) I have said before, you could wear a sheet and look great with your accessories. Keep up the great looks and thank you for helping us with your ideas.

  22. Wow! Happy birthday and happy new blog site! It looks elegant and lovely as befits the subject/tour guide. Congratulations!

  23. Love the new design and name for your blog. Thank you for the time you put in to share helpful ideas and pictures with us. I appreciate your good taste and modesty, gracious style.

    Over the past couple of years since I discovered your blog I have learned many things that were helpful to me in defining an attractive personal style, and trimming out things that were not working well. I now buy new things only if they fit in with my basics, and it has helped me shop more carefully and more confidently. I owe you a huge Thank You!

  24. So glad I was able to track you down. I resubscribed to your new blog so I won’t miss any more posts. A belated happy birthday, Susan.

  25. I know I’m late to this- but I can see you had a wonderful birthday and just wanted to say Thank You! for all the inspiration you and Mr. Mickey have given me. I turn 60 next month and, while the 40’s and 50’s were difficult, I know that this decade might just hold my best time ever (I have a plan!) And that hope is there because of you!

  26. I also just began the second 50 years! I enjoy your blog. In my humble opinion, you made a good choice to go with your authentic style!
    Happy Birthday!

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